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February 2, 2017 3:59 pm

Cambridge University Student Newspaper Slammed by Jewish Groups for Publishing ‘Antisemitic’ Profile of Jared Kushner

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Jared Kushner. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Jared Kushner. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Jewish groups have sharply rebuked Cambridge University’s independent student newspaper for publishing an opinion piece about Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s Jewish son-in-law and senior adviser, which “explicitly contains antisemitic rhetoric,” UK news website The Tab reported.

Alex Szlezinger, president of the university’s Jewish Society, told The Tab that his group had “deep concern” about Varsity‘s publication of an article titled, “Jared Kushner: the most powerful man you’ve never heard of.”

In the article, Kushner is identified as “an Orthodox Jew with strong ties to Israel,” whose “conflicts of interest” include “nepotism, financial matters and religion.” His Jewish observance, his supposed support for settlement-building and his “strong financial ties to Israel” are all suggested as reasons that Kushner would be resistant to or incapable of bringing peace in the Middle East.

The piece also described Kushner as buying his position and power throughout his life, as well as having a “social network” that is “contaminating the White House.”

In the comments section, the author was criticized for conclusions that “verge on the antisemitic.”

Gideon Falter, chairman of advocacy group Campaign Against Antisemitism, told The Algemeiner, “Cambridge University is supposed to be home to some of the most progressive and innovative thinking, yet recently we have seen antisemitism coming out of the university that belongs in the darker years of the last century.”

Responding to the criticism, Varsity reportedly issued a direct apology to the Cambridge Jewish Society, in which they said the matter is being discussed with the “team responsible for commissioning and editing the article…[and] the author herself, too.”

Days after the original article was published, the paper offered a rebuttal piece, which criticized Kushner as a “heinous person” and “horrifyingly right-wing,” but insisted that one can “talk about [him] without being antisemitic.”

“The notion that anybody’s religion creates a conflict of interest when they serve their country is a direct attack on that religion,” wrote the author of the rebuttal.

The editor, Millie Brierley, subsequently issued this statement:

The article in question was a Comment piece, and as such, represents nothing more than the opinion of the writer. The Comment section of our newspaper gives the wider student body, including students who are not on the Varsity editorial team, the opportunity to express their views on issues which concern them. Indeed, in this case a rebuttal Comment article has already been published online. The views expressed in Comment pieces published by Varsity do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editorial team that publishes them.

The Varsity Comment section has a long tradition of reflecting many differing views from many different students. Most newspapers have Comment sections for a reason, and that is to try to give (however briefly) voices to all areas of its readership. Sometimes these views are challenging and controversial, and it is the case that sometimes, too, some of these views may offend.

Falter “welcomed” Varsity‘s apology, but suggested it “might have been a little more careful.”

Last year, as The Algemeiner reported, three kippah-wearing Cambridge students said they were physically and verbally assaulted by their peers, and accused the school of covering up the incident.

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  • William

    Dont’ worry about what others think of you. Progressives are attacked all the time by the far-right, but that is their problem.. they fear us.

  • William

    It is kind of funny how a white supremacist president has Jews in his family. I doubt that will change his heart about Semitic people though.

  • Bernhard Rosenberg
  • lizwagner2

    Recently, I’ve been reading a bit of history concerning antisemitism in Europe. I can’t help seeing a parallel between European hatred of Jews and white supremacist hatred of blacks, in America. This opinion piece certainly fits the bill for hate posing as political insight and analysis.
    As I think about it, Europeans’ hatred of Jews goes far to explain why they feel so free to pile on accusations of racism against Americans. The old story of pointing fingers at others to keep attention off yourself.

  • Shoahshana GoldbergShekelstein

    Don’t you know? The truth is “anti-semitic” lol.

  • Shoahshana GoldbergShekelstein

    There’s no such thing anti-semitsm. The truth isn’t anti-semitic either.

  • sarai

    hmmm, article has strangely disappeared

  • Marcia (Freemer) Kar

    If a similar article about a Muslim had been written, you can be sure it would not have been published. The world is filling with hate like it did 100 years ago, and as always, the hate is directed at the Jews. Only now they call it progressive rather than anti-semitism. As has happened in the past, when it reaches it’s crest, these people will receive their “just desserts” as always happens to those who curse the Children of Israel, even when those persons are Jews (by birth).

  • Peter Joffe

    Once upon a time Cambridge University was a respected and sought after University. Now it is a bed of Islam and hatred to all free men. Please close them down as they serve no further purpose in a Great America. History has show again and again that if you hate and fight the Jews you will be eliminated. Look at history and you will not find even one Antisemitic nation still exists. Many more are due for the pages of history.

  • Moe Zuchmir

    The left today is every bit anti-Semitic as the extreme right, the difference being the latter is a marginalized group with absolutely now power the former is considered progressive and cool making it an existential threat to our existence.

    Those Jews who support this kind of bigotry are just insane.

    • walter77777

      The Left is not antisemitic. Many on the Left have a knee-jerk reaction which makes them support underdogs and losers, and this makes many of us support the Arabs in Judea and Samaria, in Gaza, and in Israel. This is not antisemitism.