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February 20, 2017 7:36 am

The Associated Press Smear of David Friedman

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David Friedman, President Donald Trump's pick to serve as the next US envoy to Israel. Photo: Screenshot.

David Friedman, President Donald Trump’s pick to serve as the next US envoy to Israel. Photo: Screenshot.

The AP is attempting to smear David Friedman with this incredibly biased “fact check” article:

David Friedman, President Donald Trump’s pick to be U.S. ambassador to Israel, displayed an exhaustive knowledge of Israeli-Palestinian affairs during his Senate confirmation hearing on Thursday, but at times glossed over intricacies of the famously complex region. A look at some of his statements before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee:

FRIEDMAN: Asked about the Trump administration’s position on a two-state solution, he said he would be delighted to see a peace deal giving Palestinians an independent state. But he acknowledged skepticism “solely on the basis of what I’ve perceived as an unwillingness on the part of the Palestinians to renounce terror and accept Israel as a Jewish state.”

He said Palestinians had failed to “end incitement” of violence, and terrorism had increased since the Oslo Accords in the 1990s, intended to be a stepping stone toward Palestinian statehood.

THE FACTS: Not all Palestinians are the same.

The Palestinian Liberation Organization, the group that formally represents all Palestinians, officially denounced terrorism decades ago, although attacks have continued to be a problem for Israel in the years since. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, in office since 2005 and in charge of autonomous enclaves in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, has spoken out against violence, saying it undermines Palestinian statehood aspirations.

Hamas refuses to renounce violence or recognize Israel. Hamas controls the Gaza Strip after seizing it in 2007 in a violent takeover and setting up a government there to rival Abbas’ West Bank-based Palestinian Authority.

As far as Israel being a Jewish state, Abbas, current head of the PLO, says the Palestinians met their peace requirements by recognizing Israel, and it’s not up to them to determine the religious nature of the state of Israel.

Friedman’s statement was 100% correct. The Palestinians have failed to end incitement; the PLO still praises (and pays) terrorists, despite pretending to renounce terror; the Palestinians still regard terrorists as heroes; and Fatah still views terrorism as a legitimate and justified tactic.

And the reason that the Palestinians refuse to accept a Jewish state is because they want to ensure that they have a “right to return,” and can demographically destroy it.

Friedman is right; the AP is wrong.

The story goes on:

 FRIEDMAN: Asked whether under Palestinian law the Palestinians were “rewarding terrorists” and whether there was an “increasing incentive” based on the number of people a terrorist murdered, said, “Exactly true.”

THE FACTS: It’s complicated.

Israel has long scoffed at the Palestinian fund for “martyrs,” set up in 1967 by the PLO, arguing that the payments it makes are an incentive to kill Israelis. The fund makes monthly payments to roughly 35,000 families of Palestinians killed or wounded in the conflict with Israel and had a budget last year of $170 million, Palestinian figures show. Recipients include relatives of Palestinian suicide bombers.

But the fund doesn’t pay people in advance to carry out attacks. The Palestinians argue the fund helps support Palestinian victims of Israel’s occupation, including families of those driven to attack by the dire conditions of occupation or by a desire to avenge others killed by Israelis.

Once again, Friedman is 100% right. The PLO pays the families of terrorists, and terrorists know that their families will be taken care of when they are in prison (and that the terrorists will be handed jobs when they leave prison).

Friedman is right; the AP is wrong.

Here’s a final except:

FRIEDMAN: Asked about his connections to Beit El, a settlement of religious nationalists near Ramallah in the West Bank, Friedman said his affiliation had been as the president of a group called American Friends of Beit El Yeshiva, the U.S. fundraising arm of the settlement’s Jewish seminary and affiliated institutions. He said the money he’d helped raise had gone toward educational facilities like dormitories, gymnasiums and classrooms.

“It primarily derives from my commitment to Jewish education,” Friedman said of his involvement with Beit El. “The quality of those schools is excellent.”

THE FACTS: It’s true that the funds Friedman’s group raises help support the settlement’s educational activities. But Friedman appears to be playing down his family’s long association with Beit El.

In addition to supporting Beit El’s institutions, which include high schools and an Israeli military academy, Friedman has written numerous columns for Arutz Sheva, a right-wing news site affiliated with Beit El. It was in some of those columns that Friedman made controversial comments that have attracted attention since his nomination.

In Beit El, his and his wife’s names are on the facade of the Friedman Faculty House, which the anti-settlement watchdog Kerem Navot says is built on private Palestinian land without permission from its Palestinian landowners.

In the above passage, the AP did not contradict a single thing that Friedman said. Writing for Arutz Sheva is not a violation of any law or US regulation. And blindly trusting an anti-settlement group is irresponsible.

This is a travesty of a “fact check.” The AP has nothing to contradict Friedman, so instead, it throws a bunch of mud at the wall, and hopes that some will stick. Shame on them.

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  • Paul Lesle

    There is no question that on some matters to do with Israel – a tendency not to submit to the proper scrutiny all too many of the anti-Israel claims made by bogus “human rights” NGOs, an inability to question some of the claims made in the name of Palestinian Arabs – the editorial standards of the AP leave something to be desired. This has been conclusively demonstrated by Matti Friedman. That said, the AP has many good journalists like Matt Lee whose coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict is more than satisfactory. The AP certainly superior to Reuters and the AFP. In this case, is it the AP as a whole or rather the somewhat dishonest unnamed journalists who should be criticised?

  • The AP isn’t actually “wrong” in anything that they said. Rather, they are against Friedman, and launched a very nuanced attack on him which also downplays many of the nuances Friedman himself used in his statements. It’s not that the AP is wrong, it’s that they only tell part of the story. Yet, nothing they said is any reason to oppose Friedman, and the sooner he gets confirmation the better.

  • In all the Arab/Muslim countries there are maybe 500 Jews left with the exception of Morocco. But Israel has over one and one quarter of a million Arabs who live there in peace with all the benefits all Israelis receive. The Arabs have a Supreme court Justice in Israel and many Arab members of the Israeli Parliament, there are also Arab mayors and Arab Political parties. Can you show me any of this type of treatment of Jews in the Arab/Muslim countries? On the contrary, the Arab Muslim countries terrorized and expelled over a million Jewish families who lived there for over 2,800 years and confiscated all their assets, including personal valuables property, businesses, homes and over 120,000 sq. km. of Jewish owned Real Estate for over 2,500 years (which is 6 times the size of Israel and valued in the trillions of dollars, they also took Jewish territory east of the Jordan River which is Jordan). Most of the million expelled Jewish families were resettled in Israel, and today comprise over half the population. The Arabs received over 12 million sq. km. after WWI with a wealth of oil reserves. The Arabs/Muslims controlled and occupied Spain for over 700 years, how come they do not demand Spain as Arab/Muslim territories.
    The U.S. is fairly a new country in the past 250 years. All that occurred after Americans killed most of the American Indians who are the indigenous people of the Americas. The Americans fought numerous wars against Mexico and its occupiers and now claim Texas, California, etc. as their country. The same applies to numerous European countries and other countries throughout the world that have taken territories from other nations and now claim it as theirs. The Jews have a history with The Land of Israel going back over 3,000 years, two Jewish Temples with continuous habitation.
    It is time for a population transfer of the Arabs just like after WWII millions were relocated. Stop deluding yourself about peace and coexistence. Past 70 years have proven that the Arabs are not interested.

    YJ Draiman

  • tiki

    And then they start crying when they are called by their real name: Alternative (fake) Press!

  • Shlomo liberman

    Typo in an excellent article
    …Here’s a final except (sic):

  • Obviously, the left-wing media is undermining David Friedman’s opportunity to become the next U.S. Ambassador to Israel. The neo-libs adamantly oppose Mr. Friedman because they desire a two-state solution. Hopefully, David Friedman, Esq. will become the first ambassador to reside in the new American embassy .