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February 26, 2017 8:45 am

Members of U of Georgia Students for Justice in Palestine Removed From Talk Given by IDF Soldiers for Disruption, Dropping Photos of Dead Children at Speakers’ Feet

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A keffiyah-clad protester seen dropping photos of Palestinian children in front of an IDF soldier speaking at the University of Georgia. Photo: Video Screenshot.

A keffiyeh-clad protester seen dropping photos of Palestinian children in front of an IDF soldier speaking at the University of Georgia. Photo: Screenshot.

Activists at the University of Georgia (UGA) were forcibly removed from a lecture hall where they were disrupting a talk by two Israeli soldiers, footage of the event obtained by The Algemeiner revealed.

Some 20 members of the school’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) were escorted out of the room by an armed guard for causing the commotion, which began mere minutes into the event, when one protester yelled, “In 2014, Israel killed more than 500 Palestinian children. The occupation is terrorism.” At this point, he and others – some wearing keffiyehs — dropped photos of dead children at the speakers’ feet.

Neta Kanny — senior adviser of Dawgs for Israel and a StandWithUs Emerson Fellow, who helped organize the hosting of the soldiers, described the atmosphere in the room during the protests as “tense, yet calm.”

“Many of the students in the crowd have attended this event in the past, which has been previously protested, and were expecting some level of disruption,” she told The Algemeiner. “So this year, I ensured we would have security in the room.”

“Our reserve and respect attested to our unity as pro-Israel students at UGA, and that even under such circumstances, we welcome everyone to attend such events in hopes of engaging in discussion,” she said.

Benjamin Larrabee, Southern Region Campus Coordinator for StandWithUs, said he found it “disappointing that these students didn’t take us up on our invitation to stay and participate in the discussion.”

“The reason the conflict is one-sided is because they don’t want to talk to the other side. We want to learn about each other’s narratives,” he told The Algemeiner.

He said that the soldiers already knew what to expect, and “took it very well, but were disheartened to see students not willing to engage in discussion with them,” he said. At one point the soldiers asked the demonstrators to place their fliers on the table as they walked out, rather than throwing them on the floor, which the protesters agreed to do.

Earlier this month, protesters at Columbia University in New York called for the elimination of the Jewish state during a speech by Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon. The following day, at the University of Vienna, Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked was heckled by BDS activists while delivering a speech.

Last week, a talk by Israeli Ambassador to Ireland Ze’ev Boker at Trinity College Dublin was cancelled at the last minute, due to a protest by the school’s SJP chapter.

Watch the disruption of the UGA event in the two clips below:



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  • Shelley Sherman

    No end to the twisted lies spread by the SJP and their ilk. Most telling is their refusal to engage in conversation; they look only to disseminate their hateful rhetoric

  • Hartmut Rottweiler

    The number of killed children is a propaganda lie of the hamas. A survey
    showed that almost all dead palestinians in the 2014 conflict between
    Israel and Hamas were young men…hamas fighters. Sure some civilians
    died, but a lot of them died because they have followed the demand of
    the hamas leaders to protect the missile installations and arms depots
    in hospitals, civilst houses, schools and kindergartens with their
    bodies. Often these activist like in the video show pictures of dead
    children from syria and the global stupid and anti-israel media believe
    this pallywood propaganda..

  • mikep1738

    The cowards are terrified to hear the truth about the Reclamation Jihad being waged against the Jewish state.

  • herbcaen

    Hope these faux photos are recycled appropriately

  • Leslie Benjamini

    They don’t have a rational argument therefore they don’t want a dialogue.

  • Students for Justice in Palestine proved they were not interested in listening to the speakers, but spreading their propaganda. Groups like SJP and BDS are narrow-minded, and have no interest hearing other viewpoints. It’s really a battle between good (Israel) and evil (PLO). And in the end, good triumphs over evil.

  • Messianic Fuzz

    Israel did not kill those children. The Palestinians who used them as human shields killed them

    • D. Gyosu

      Took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Mike AU

    The most tragic of conflicts, the death of children.
    The most criminal of conflicts, using children as
    human shields while firing rockets from schools !
    When you vote terrorist organisations to rule you,
    you reap what you sow.

  • Reb_Yaakov

    The take-home lesson here is that people who adopt a reasoned position are always willing to discuss and hear the other side. Ideologues are not. The most important message delivered by the organizers of this event and the speakers had to do with the way they responded to the disrupters rather than the actual words of their presentation. Being open and willing to engage in no way means that one must allow the disruption to continue, however.

  • ita

    How did they even get within 3 meters of the speaker. You call that security. He is lucky that they did not have a weapon.

    • richard stark

      No, they are the lucky ones. Did you ever hear about Krav Maga?

    • Michael

      Had they tried anything, those brats would have been at his feet along with the fake photos.

  • Joseph Feld

    This is always a problem — protesters don’t want a conversation or dialogue because they don’t want to hear another view. Even Oxford has had a speaker walk out once because he ‘doesn’t speak to Israelis’ and the British student mentioned that he had been born in Israel.