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March 8, 2017 3:07 pm

Leading US Jewish Feminist: Anti-Israel Messaging of International Women’s Strike Part of Ongoing ‘Poisoned Propaganda Effort’

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Author Phyllis Chesler. Photo: Facebook.

Author Phyllis Chesler. Photo: Facebook.

The anti-Israel messaging promoted by organizers of Wednesday’s International Women’s Strike marks a continuation of a “poisoned propaganda effort” that began after the young nation won the 1967 Six-Day War in self-defense, a leading American Jewish feminist told The Algemeiner.

The goal of that campaign, which was initiated by the Soviet Union, Arab League and the Palestinians, was to “infiltrate an already receptive Left with the view that Israel was an imperialist, colonialist enterprise,” Dr. Phyllis Chesler — an emerita professor of psychology at City University of New York and a best-selling author — said.

“In the academic world, it became very trendy and politically correct to champion the purity of tyrants, terrorists and barbarians and women’s rights and women’s issues started being used to inflame hatred of one state only, the Jewish state,” Chesler noted.

“With this fake focus on Palestinian rights, what’s being completely forgotten are the honor killings, forced face-veilings, child marriages, female genital mutilation and polygamy — not to mention the arrests, torture and murders of feminist and gay rights activists, both male and female — in the Islamic world,” Chesler went on to say. “America and Israel are far from perfect on women’s rights. But compared to countries where women live under sharia law, they are shining cities on a hill.”

Furthermore, Chesler said, “To have a strike with leaders like [anti-Israel activist] Linda Sarsour and [convicted Palestinian terrorist] Rasmea Odeh, it is beyond the pale.”

“There are real issues that are women’s rights issues,” Chesler stated. “And many of the women who marched as grassroots soldiers in Washington after [President Donald] Trump’s inauguration were genuinely concerned about reproductive freedom, economic parity, gay rights, a whole host of issues. But liberal feminist Jewish women are being driven out of progressive movements, and this is very dangerous.”

In a New York Times op-ed published on Monday, Emily Shire — the politics editor at the Bustle online women’s magazine — wrote, “Increasingly, I worry that my support for Israel will bar me from the feminist movement that has come to insist that feminism is connected to a wide variety of political causes…More and more frequently, my identity as a Zionist places me in conflict with the feminist movement of 2017. I will remain a proud feminist, but I see no reason I should have to sacrifice my Zionism for the sake of my feminism.”

As reported by The Algemeiner on Monday, the platform written by organizers of Wednesday’s International Women’s Strike says, “Against the open white supremacists in the current government and the far right and anti-Semites they have given confidence to, we stand for an uncompromising anti-racist and anti-colonial feminism. This means that movements such as Black Lives Matter, the struggle against police brutality and mass incarceration, the demand for open borders and for immigrant rights and for the decolonization of Palestine are for us the beating heart of this new feminist movement. We want to dismantle all walls, from prison walls to border walls, from Mexico to Palestine.”

Odeh — who served time in Israeli prison for her involvement, as a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, in a pair of 1969 terrorist bombings in Jerusalem — was a co-author of a Guardian op-ed published last month that called on American women to join the strike.

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  • Dvirah Talbi

    You are ignoring the threats by then Egyptian president Nasser to “push Israel into the sea” and the equal threats from Syria, Lebanon, Iraq…go learn some history before you make pronouncements!

  • Robennetto

    Pathetic, brain-stunned, hypocrites- they accomplish nothing!

  • cbusa

    These women are either entirely uneducated, horribly naive and gullible, or they support that age-old hatred of Jews. A true feminist would stand up for tortured and oppressed women throughout the Muslim world instead of attacking the one country in the mid-east where women, LGBT and other minorities have full rights and equality. Take a principled stand, ladies, for hundreds of millions of women trying to survive under the iron fist of brutal Islamism. Israel should be a model and your partner, not a target.

  • Cornville

    Wasn’t Odeh involved with the killing of two Israelis in these bombings? Any Jewish person who marched with their killer also has blood on their hands. We are looking at the end of Judaism in the USA as long as Jewish People flock to these anti semitic organizations.

    • Dvirah Talbi

      Yes, she was.

    • Sifter

      1000℅ correct!

    • Amanda Rokhel Scheerer

      Yes killer of two and injury to many more. However while i completely agree with most of what you and the OP say, i dont see that it makes feminism anti-semetic. I do think that each feminist has their own beliefs and their own causes. I dont understand how the title “feminist” has come to mean that we must support every cause that is ‘dictated’ by… Who????

  • Joseph Feld

    How many in the International Women’s Strike are aware that the Pals turned down four two-state proposals? In 1937 the British Mandatory offered a two-state solution but the Arabs rejected it. In 1947 the UN offered a two-state solution but the Arabs rejected it. In 2000 P M Ehud Barak and President Clinton offered a two-state solution but Arafat rejected it. In 2007-8 P M Ehud Olmert and President Bush offered a two-state solution but Arafat rejected it. Contrary to Arafat, the Saudis and others were prepared to accept a genuine proposal.

  • henrytobias

    Palestinian women who work in Israel, mainly as domestics, have more rights in Israel than they do in the area ruled by the Palestinian Authority. Palestinians from Gaza do not work in Israel.

  • A.S.F.

    The Left has sold its soul to Anti-Semites and Jihadists posing as champions for the oppressed–when the ones who are exploiting their passions are, in fact, the most violent oppressors of all. The world seems poised and ready to repeat all the same mistakes it made globally just prior to the rise of Nazi Germany. That women would be leading the way for this to happen again is tragic beyond measure.

  • aj nitzberg

    Phyllis Chesler has established herself as an heroic figure and a role model.

    I have a daughter and live in the NYC region and would love to have an opportunity to introduce my daughter to Phyllis Chesler.

  • This article proves that pro-Israel Jews are increasingly marginalized. The “regressive” movement is turning against Jews who stand for Israel. And Jewish feminists must never sacrifice their Zionism on the altar of amoral pragmatism.