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March 12, 2017 3:45 pm

Report: 24 Palestinian Authority Schools Funded by UK, EU Ignore Aid Conditions, Continue to Indoctrinate Students to Commit Violence Against Israelis

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A monument in a Ramallah square dedicated to the terrorist Dalal Mughrabi. Photo: Palestinian Media Watch.

A monument in a Ramallah square dedicated to the terrorist Dalal Mughrabi. Photo: Palestinian Media Watch.

As part of an ongoing investigation, a British daily revealed on Sunday that 24 Palestinian Authority schools are openly ignoring Western demands to cease encouraging violence against Israelis — or else forfeit foreign aid.

According to the Daily Mail, despite public outrage over the UK government’s payments to the PA as part of a commitment to spend £12 billion on foreign aid – following an expose by the paper last year about how taxpayers’ money was going toward paying salaries to convicted terrorists and families of suicide bombers — the schools in question have been continuing to incite students to terrorism through text books and classroom indoctrination.

The Mail on Sunday said that MP Joan Ryan, chair of Labour Friends of Israel – for which a report was prepared by Jerusalem-based research organization Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) — said that though she supports sending aid to the Palestinians, “We cannot stand idly by while the Palestinian Authority sanctions antisemitic incitement which poisons young minds and makes a two-state solution ever more difficult to achieve.”

According to the report, the EU, which gets one-tenth of its aid budget from Britain, is donating £272 million to the PA this year. Both claim that the process of earmarking and monitoring the money is carefully vetted.

One spokesperson claimed: “All funds the EU allocates to the PA for salaries, pensions and social allocations go through an elaborate system of rigorous verification procedures.”

But the new PMW report shows otherwise, the Daily Mail said.

Among the 24 schools in question, all dedicated to prominent Palestinian terrorists, are four named after the mastermind of the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, one after the founder of Hamas and one after Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who backed Hitler during WWII and helped recruit for the SS.

Another of the schools on the list, in Hebron, is one of three named after Dalal Mughrabi, the woman behind the deadliest terrorist attack in Israel’s history — the 1978 Coastal Road Massacre, which left 37 people dead, among them 12 children.

“Britain and the European Union bear responsibility for this terror when they are funding a school system that is actively promoting, and thereby creating, terrorism,” PMW head Itamar Marcus told the Daily Mail. “This is simply child abuse, encouraging kids to die in armed struggle. It is a terrible message for the next generation. Children are the key to peace, but look at what they are being exposed to from a young age, growing up in an environment of terror and told the killing of Israelis is a heroic action.”

An education official in Hebron told the Daily Mail, “We do not consider [Mughrabi] a child killer,” because of the Israeli occupation. “Where is the problem in calling schools after such martyrs?”

Teachers told the publication that PA leaders agree to British and EU demands to cease incitement in order to pass the vetting process, knowing that any restrictions they agree to will be ignored by school principals and teachers.

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  • As long as world countries and leaders contribute money and support to the Arabs who promote hate and commit terror and violence, the terror hate and violence will continue.
    As long as you treat Mahmmoud Abbas as a leader and not as a terrorist criminal (who has a murder conviction and an escapee from justice) who promotes and incites hate, violence and terror, the violence and terror will continue. Stop deluding yourselves that these Arabs are anything but terrorists who seek to destroy Israel and anyone who is not like them.

    Mahmmoud Abbas and his Arab Palestinian authority are a terrorist entity and anyone who condones them is supporting terror and violence. Mahmmoud Abbas is a convicted murderer who is an escaped convict and belongs in Jail. Stop patronizing Abbas and start applying what he deserves, to be put in jail. He gladly admitted for sponsoring the Munich massacre and other terror acts. Abbas is playing the peace game as long as he can milk the nations of the world for billions of dollars and running a dictatorial terrorist entity.
    The Arab PA is no different than Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

    There never was and will never be a second Arab-Palestinian State West of the Jordan River; they have Jordan which is Jewish territory.

    Anyone who thinks about putting another terrorist entity in Judea and Samaria aka West Bank, needs to have his head examined, and any government considering such a proposal must be replaced. Such a move is suicidal to Israel especially in view of the results from Gaza, with thousands of rockets attacking Israel. Judea and Samaria is Jewish territory no concession of this territory is permitted. Israel is a sovereign country and Israel does not need anybody’s consent to apply its sovereignty to Judea and Samaria. Israel must expedite building housing, industry and roads in Judea and Samaria. No country has the right to interfere and or dictate to Israel how to conduct its internal affairs and or its safety and security.
    Let the Arab-Palestinians in Judea and Samaria relocate to Jordan or the homes and territory of over 120,000 sq. km the Arab countries confiscated from the over a million Jewish families they terrorized and expelled from the Arab countries.
    The Arab-Palestinian Authority with its leader Mahmmoud Abbas the convicted murderer is a terrorist organization, just like Hamas and Hezbollah.
    YJ Draiman

  • Naming Arab public schools after Dalal Mughrabi, a murderess proves the PLO is the real occupier. PLO terrorists are never martyrs, only evil murderers. Indeed, a two-state solution will never work because of ongoing incitement by PLO terrorists.

  • Zvi Gross

    stop the money spigot, and then maybe things will improve!!

  • Phil Lesh Fan

    Why should the PA, or Hamas for that matter, concern themselves with doing what anyone else requires of them? They know full-well that no meaningful consequences will be meted out to them. These people are evil, but they are not stupid.