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March 24, 2017 6:23 pm

President of Ireland’s Only On-Campus Israel Society Assaulted at ‘Peace Week’ Bake Sale

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Maynooth University. Photo: Wikipedia.

The president of Ireland’s only on-campus Israel student group was assaulted on Thursday while manning a kosher bake sale booth for charity, The Algemeiner has learned.

Alan Lyne — founder of the Israel Society at the almost entirely non-Jewish Maynooth University — said Friday, “I’m still in shock,” after an individual believed to be a student pushed and shoved him during the pro-Israel “Peace Week” event.

The bake sale table was set up in the middle of a major student hub, when the attacker “came up and started hurling abuses at me, yelling at us to ‘get out of here,'” Lyne said.

“At first it was just the usual stuff — he was shouting, ‘F*** Israel,’ ‘Free Palestine’ — but then he got very close to me. He didn’t listen when I told his to step away, so I took out my phone to start recording. Then, suddenly, he was on me,” Lyne said.

“I was stunned. My face and hands went numb,” he continued. “I can’t remember exactly what happened next, but it seems a couple of bystanders pulled him off me and pinned him against the wall. Somehow, he got away, grabbed my phone out of my hands and smashed it against the wall.”

Lyne said he and many others recognized the individual responsible from around the campus, but his name remains unknown. He called on any of the dozens of students in the vicinity during the incident to come forward and speak with campus or local police.

Though Lyne said his group has faced substantial online harassment by anti-Israel activists in the past, this was the first time any of the society’s members had been physically threatened.

“All this does is encourage us to spread our peaceful message even more, and it shows that the other side stands for hate and negativity,” Lyne said, noting that he has received “great support” from the university, police and the local Jewish and pro-Israel communities.

National advocacy group Irish4Israel posted footage of the incident on their Facebook page, as well as a statement “utterly condemn[ing]” the attack.

Watch footage of the incident below:

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  • Keego

    Tell the truth

  • herbcaen

    It looks like the snakes have returned to Ireland. St Patrick is needed again to remove the anti-Semitic snakes from Ireland

  • oceanstater

    Tolerating extreme anti-Israel rhetoric inevitably will lead to anti-Jewish violence. Having a strong defense available as others have said is one step, but insisting on civil discourse is another. F*** to anything is not acceptable.

  • Erica Ling

    ? 9 universities, only one on- campus Israel student group. Frankly surprised it exists, or that there are Israeli students in Ireland. Are there many Israeli students in Middle East, Arab universities ?

  • Eliot Schickler

    The guy who assaulted him is a dirty-fighting PUNK and needs to be in a public square where he gets pummeled non-stop! We must make examples out of this PUNK! He thinks he tough but he’s not!

  • dear Alan, stop whining, defend yourself. OMG.

  • Mike AU

    Another SJP thug ? ‘F*** Israel,’ ‘Free Palestine’?
    Oh no,no,no,no, NOOOOO !!….On the contrary,
    F*** Palestine, “Free Israel” !! I suppose when he
    gets caught he will be saying.. “that was last week
    when I was a teenager, this does not reflect my views
    now”. The usual B.S ! He should be assaulted, sorry,
    I mean arrested, and expelled !


    College is for earning not Muslim violence.

  • robert Davis

    irish are barbarian antisemites and should be on the top part of the list of nations to be vitrified as soon as possible.

  • tuffjewislivejews

    Jews, students and otherwise, had better be prepared for incidents much worse than this. If they insist on hosting events where they are sitting ducks they’d best arrange for several strategically placed tough guys, and pinning attackers down isn’t good enough, they need their faces kicked in so the message gets out not to mess with the Jews. You’re not Ghandi, and it isn’t 1947, these Jew-hating thugs take non-violence as weakness. If you haven’t got your own tough guys go hire some.

  • SAWolf

    OK algemeiner, I accept you are akin ghetto jews,who complacently went to the gas chambers, instead of being like The Maccabees, who took an alternative approach to those who would harm Us.Censor me all you want, but take down your claim that you will let all be heard. That is fallacious.