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April 4, 2017 1:45 pm

Netanyahu After Suspected Gas Attack in Idlib: World Must Completely Rid Syria of ‘Cruel, Outlawed’ Chemical Weapons

avatar by Barney Breen-Portnoy

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: Screenshot.

The world must completely rid Syria of all chemical weapons, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday following the suspected gas attack in the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun in the Idlib Province in which at least 58 people were killed and dozens of others were wounded.

“When I saw pictures of babies suffocating from a chemical attack in Syria, I was shocked and outraged,” Netanyahu said at a state memorial ceremony for the late Israeli President Chaim Herzog at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. “There’s no, none, no excuse whatsoever for the deliberate attacks on civilians and on children, especially with cruel and outlawed chemical weapons.”

“I call on the international community to fulfill its obligation from 2013 to fully and finally remove these horrible weapons from Syria,” he continued.

Also on Tuesday, Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon stated, “The world cannot be silent in the face of the horrific massacre in Syria and allow this devastation to repeat itself. The UN must act immediately to put an end to the use of any chemical weapons and ensure their removal from Syrian territory. This is the UN’s true purpose and it must fulfill this fundamental responsibility.”

Israeli Education Minister and HaBayit HaYehudi leader Naftali Bennett tweeted, “Children are choking to death. The world must act against the chemical massacre in Syria. I call upon President Trump to lead this effort.”

Zionist Union chief Isaac Herzog — the head of Israel’s opposition — tweeted, “What is taking place in Syria is a crime against humanity. The United States and the world must lead an aggressive policy to protect the innocent. Legitimizing the Assad regime means supporting a murderous regime.”

Israel has largely tried to stay out of the war that has raged in Syria for more than six years now, with the exception of direct responses to cross-border fire in the Golan Heights region in a number of instances and reported occasional air strikes targeting Hezbollah-bound shipments of advanced weaponry.

Watch Netanyahu deliver his remarks below:

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  • JC Court


  • JC Court

    This chemical attack appears to be a false flag event in any case if you remove Assad you get ISIS, how can this be good for Israel or for the People of Syria? Thanks.

  • Remember the genocides of Herero in Africa and Armenians in Turkey?

    The world did not pay attention and many states have problems to recognize the
    genocides against Herero by Germany and Armenians by Turkey.

    It was a prelude of genocides to come. Moreover, it did. The Shoah.

    Chemicals weapons are the poor man’s WMD. Expertise is available or rogue states are
    providing it or the weapons. Countries like North Korea and the Iran.

    Arab states and the Islamic Republic Iran have used these weapons already.
    Unbelievably, against their own people, against people of the Umma. Usually it
    was standard practice to use those terrible chemical weapons against civilians,
    women and children.

    It happened again, not for the first time. One of the war parties in Syria did it. I believe it was the Syrian army. Assad knows in meantime, that he is untouchable.

    My question is, if Arab or Islamic countries are unscrupulous to use those weapons
    against their own people, what might stop them to use chemical weapons against
    the Jewish State Israel or Jews outside of Israel?

  • rene reychler


  • De Flahute

    Assad, a trained opthamologist, knows quite well of the effects of chlorine gas on the eyes & mucous membranes.