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April 6, 2017 6:36 am

BBC’s Mideast Editor Suggests Syria Chemical Attack Tied to Israel

avatar by Hadar Sela

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Victims of the suspected gas attack in Idlib, Syria. Photo: Twitter.

The day after a chemical weapons attack in Syria that shocked the world, a BBC official charged with making news from the Middle East “more comprehensive or comprehensible for the audience” went on Twitter to promote his own conjectures concerning the incident in Khan Sheikhoun.

Yes, the BBC’s Middle East editor really is promoting the “theory” that the Assad regime slaughtered children in Idlib province because Israel has allegedly carried out strikes in Syria against Iranian/Syrian weapons shipments to the Hezbollah terror organization.

It is worth remembering that the man publicly promoting that bizarre “rationale” is the gatekeeper of all of the “accurate and impartial” BBC reporting concerning the war in Syria — as well as coverage of Israel.

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  • olegrin

    What?! So you can hate Irish man in Ireland and to say that there is a massive distinction between Irish in Ireland and Irish in other country? Keep your Goebbels propaganda for someone else

  • Austin

    Sorry, but what is wrong with this? He didn’t say Israel did it, he said Assad may have done it to try to screw with Israel. That isn’t a bad theory, it’s not anti-Israel, and it sure as heck isn’t anti-Semitic

  • Stacey Horcher

    BBC is so full of feces I can smell it from Chicago!

  • danehrlich

    People don’t get prostate problems from this story…Bowen is not blaming Israel…he’s saying Assad is so brutal that he will sacrifice his own people to keep Israel off his back…and seeing what Assad has done why is this a far fetched story? It’s only a theory…but a possible one.

  • Dani

    The guy may think what he wants. The true is that nothing that Bashar al Assad would do can work as deterrence towards Israel. More so, with such demonstrated bestiallity against his own people, the Syrian President is gaining many new foes that will compete with each other to crush his head off.

  • henrytobias

    Jeremy Bowen is known for his anti-Israel attitude. He doesn’t like Israel and always tries to involve Israel in his conspiracy theories. Don’t bother complaining to the BBC, they never do anything wrong and NEVER apologise.

  • Steve Kohn

    BBC has been and remains out of control with regard go Israel and Jews. Is there no control a? all for this mendacious pseudo-news organization.

    • Neil C

      It is an insult to other news organisations to even suggest the BBC are pseudo-news organisation, when it comes to Israel and Jews.

  • Janet Holland

    I agree with the writer below (Hard Little Machine): Israel, please ban BBC and all its staff. I love knowing what is happening in Israel, but I want to know the truth, not some anti-Israeli lies!!!!!!!!

  • Machaon

    By now, Jeremy Bowen has reached his apex;he is a poisonous demented, old miserable man.

  • watsa46

    Idiotic and senlie BBC!

  • RE: “Theory: Would Assad regime use chemical weapons again to try to recreate some deterrence with Israel after recent tension?”

    Reality: No, the Assad regime would use chemical weapons again because it’s desperately trying to hold on to power no matter the cost. Israel is creating deterrence to stop the Assad regime from transferring its weapons to Hezbollah terrorist entity.

  • garry pollack

    A very great many of Brittain’s pre WWII’s (pseudo) “intellectuals” were pro-Nazi.

  • Hillel

    How much more anti-Semitic can the UK and Europe get? Nothing has changed in 2000 years. Next thing the York massacre might be repeated in colour on the BBC and hailed by the BBC as nothing more than an expression of grievance for what the Jews are doing to their world. Yes they should be ousted from Israel entirely and any other body who has done and deems to continue demonizing the one and only Jewish national homeland since Abraham; and there have been many come and gone. The Jews are still here, perhaps that is what s**ts them and for lack of trying.

  • Efram Paul

    The B(ritish) B(bigotry) C(orp) keeps getting further and further away from anything approximating rational broadcasting, even by the Nazi standards of the lame stream press.

  • SteveC1

    Why is it that so-called “news reporters” lately seem to feel so free to verbalize their (apparently quite rich) fantasy lives with the rest of the world? Perhaps because they have come to believe that their crazy public utterances made via online “social media” venues are “protected” speech and therefor they believe that they cannot be fired over them?

  • ricardo

    Quite frankly, the timing of this heinous gas attack on civilians seems to indicate that Putin gave a ‘green light’ for Assad to use the gas as a retaliation for the terrorist attack on St Petersburg. Since Russia is the guarantor of the deal that supposedly took all the chemical weapons out of Syria, I do not believe that Assad would dare to use chemical weapons without personal approval from Putin.

  • johngilbert

    It has more to do with the fact that Iran is producing chemical weapons in Syria at Fort Behuth. These weapons have just been tested in Idlib but they are being made to be used against Israel.

    • Neil C

      I hope you are wrong John but you are probably not

  • Hard Little Machine

    If the BBC isn’t thrown out of Israel entirely and 100% of its staff barred from entry for life then Israel tacitly permits this hate speech. Freedom is not the freedom to stick your family’s head in a noose.

    • SteveC1


    • Kris Kristian

      agree 100%
      BBC is a disgrace to the news of the world.
      They pervert all the news to suit the Arab enemy.
      Kick them all out, and never allow them to enter Israel again.
      Close BBC down.
      BBC is known as Beirut Broadcasting corporation/
      I recall the news anchor showing Gaza being smashed by Israel after Gaza attacked Israel.
      he said IN A FURIOUS VOICE.
      ‘is this what the children in Gaza have to endure?

    • Lloyd Kennedy

      Strange how all these Zionist supporters of “the only democracy in the Middle East” are not big fans of freedom of speech, thought or expression. Legitimate criticism of Israel is no more “hate speech” than anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are the same thing.

      • Neil C

        Firstly why does everyone that comment in support of Israel have to be a zionist? There are 1.8 million Arabs and 250,000 others that live in israel and support Israel you obviously like comparmentalizing with labels. Your comments are out of context Lloyd, only Bowen could point the finger at Israel because he is the biggest anti-Semite in the BBC and yet as ME editor he is supposed to be impartial, however to infer that it is his right to tell lies under the veil of ‘freedom of speech’ is just stupid especially without so much as a grain of proof.

      • danehrlich

        hey, schmuck, he is not criticizing Israel. Read the f ingf story.

      • proctologsOfZion

        Can’t tell the difference between criticism of what’s been said and the right to say it, eh? Not very bright of you….

      • ted weiss

        LLLLLLLL0yd Kenedy
        or israel basher like you .I call you what u are a face antisemite

      • olegrin

        One more evidence that so called “Israel critics” are nothing more than Jew hater propaganda.