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April 16, 2017 11:34 am

Hamas-Ruled Gaza Strip Braces for Severe Electricity Crisis as Qatari and Turkish Donor Funds Dry Up

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The skyline of Gaza City. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. – The Gaza Strip is bracing for a severe energy crisis after donor funds from Qatar and Turkey — used to purchase diesel fuel for the coastal enclave’s lone power plant — have run out.

The Hamas-controlled energy authority in Gaza said it no longer has the funds to buy more diesel fuel and pay the requisite taxes, which are levied by the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Ramallah.

IDF Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai, head of Israel’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories unit, warned that fuel for the power station in Gaza would likely run out very soon. The Hamas-run health ministry said Gaza residents’ lives were in danger due to rolling power cuts in an attempt to conserve fuel.

In January 2017, Turkey pledged to send 15,000 tons of diesel fuel to Gaza to operate the power station. Qatar’s head of state (known as the emir), Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, met with Hamas’s then-political bureau deputy chief Ismail Haniyeh and promised to transfer $12 million to the Palestinian Energy Authority in Ramallah to purchase the large quantities of diesel fuel needed to run the Gaza power station.

In the past, extended power outages have sparked public outcry in Gaza. Much of the blame for the energy crisis has been aimed at the PA, but Hamas has also been criticized, despite that demonstrations in Gaza against Hamas have been outlawed by the terrorist organization.

Beyond the one power plant, Gaza’s 2 million residents also rely on electricity imports from Israel and Egypt.

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  • mjazzguitar

    The money spent on building terror tunnels certainly could have been put to better use.

  • Keebler

    Wait. Just wait. The sworn enemy of Israel, who will stop at nothing short than complete and total destruction of Israel, has to rely on electricity imports from …. ISRAEL??? Have they never heard the saying ‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds you’? Whether Israel gets paid or not doesn’t matter. Israel could just say ‘You want WHAT from us?? Bwaaahhaaahaaa!’

  • dba_deplorable_trader

    If only Israel didn’t exist.


  • John Bball

    They didn’t have electricity 1400 years ago. No loss.

  • Clark Kent

    It’s just tough to feel sorry for Muslim arabs even though just a few with guns rule the nice ones. Still, are there nice ones? Years of school books telling children that it’s okay to kill Jews have poisoned so many minds, most of them are crazy and it’s just tough to care about their feelings.

  • IDoKnowThis

    We are all supposed to cry over this? Maybe Hamas should hit up Hollywood bleeding hearts for the money.

  • Jake Pannell

    BWAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Terrorists are Socialists just like the Democrats….Things go well until you run out of other peoples money.

  • Taber McLaurin

    Who cares, let em rot! They elected HAMAS, let them deal with the consequences of their stupidity and hate.

  • Blacksheep The Deplorable

    No electric power would shut down Hamas as surely as if there was no water, so I hope their donors stop donating. The reality here is that the Gaza Strip is in no way self-supporting, it’s been supported all along by Islamic nations and is there only to harass Israel and for no other reason.

  • Divine Friend

    “Let your voice be heard!”
    “Join the algemeiner” and get censored.

  • Divine Friend

    Is every word moderated on algemeiner?
    What is the purpose of having a comments section?

  • Divine Friend

    Apparently algemeiner is censored and refuses to print opinions and common words. WTH

  • Divine Friend

    Please tell me that Dromedary is not a banned word.

  • Divine Friend

    Camel on a tread mill?

  • MoralityandSense

    Let them live without electricity maybe the heat will bake some reasoning into their brains that these terror organizations are bad for them.

  • jdg614

    It’s Bush’s fault…

  • Sense Offender

    Nice to see that the Palestinian’s are fully capable for statehood!

  • Denis

    making rockets by candle light is just sooo pislamic!

  • Dotcoman

    If Islamofascist Arab Muslims posing as faux Palestinians produced anything other than hatred, death, war, rockets and the next generation of Jew hating Jihadis; perhaps they might be able to grow crops, produce goods of value to trade in order to feed themselves and pay their own taxes and power bills.

    Christianity is the solution. Accept Jesus Christ and change your fate.


  • Sammy4231

    They could sell 50,000 rockets for money to buy diesel.

  • Abelardy

    Why should Israel allow any electricity while Hamas threatens war? Israel should demand the end of Hamas rule as a condition for any contact between Gaza and the outside world.

  • Reb_Yaakov

    The only good I can see coming from it is that maybe it would spur unification and bring Gaza back under control of the PA, as it was before the Hamas “coup.” At least Israel is not being blamed, not primarily, anyway. I don’t want to see people suffer, but it would probably be good for everyone to try to live occasionally without electricity or modern technology (roughing it, in other words), at least for a short time.