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April 21, 2017 3:02 pm

French Jewish Leader Says Paris Terror Attack ‘Unfortunately’ Ensures Far-Right Candidate Le Pen Will Advance to Second Round of Presidential Election

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Armed French police officers in Paris. Photo: Mstyslav Chernov via Wikimedia Commons.

Thursday’s terrorist attack in central Paris — in which one police officer was killed and two others were seriously wounded — will bolster far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in the first round of France’s presidential election this weekend, a prominent French Jew told the Hebrew news site nrg on Friday.

Rabbi Moshe Levin — CEO of the Conference of European Rabbis and an adviser to Chief Rabbi of France Haim Korsia — was quoted by nrg as saying, “There is no doubt that last night’s attack will influence the election on Sunday. It will, unfortunately, unequivocally help Marine Le Pen. If until now it was not certain she would advance to the second round, now there is no question at all.”

The shooting, which ISIS claimed responsibility for, appeared to have been aimed at delivering a “blow to French nationalism,” Levin went on to say.

“The Champs-Élysées (where Thursday’s attack took place) is a French symbol,” he noted. “There is no doubt that the goal was to harm all French citizens.”

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French Jewish journalist Daniel Hayek told nrg he was not surprised by the timing of the attack, just days before the start of the election. “The attack will definitely affect voters and strengthen the right-wing candidates. I think people in France will start to vote like people in Israel — that is for candidates who give us the biggest feeling of security, especially after the era of President Francois Hollande, which was full of attacks. If security is a consideration, the right will only get stronger.”

Earlier this week, a number of community figures told The Algemeiner that French Jews were apprehensive and had no favorite candidate among the 11 running in the election’s first round.

“French Jews in their vast majority reject the extremes,” Robert Ejnes — the executive director of the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions — said.

Philippe Karsenty — deputy mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine and a candidate of the center-right Republican party in June’s parliamentary elections — noted, “One of the only scenarios in which Le Pen could win [the presidency] is if there is a huge terrorist incident.”

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  • svetistephen

    Le Pen’s recent piece of despicable mendacity — denying the French Milice of the Vichy Regime collaborated with the Nazis in rounding up French Jews for at the Vel’dH’v on July 16, 1942, in a roundup of some 13,152 Jews, over half children, to transport to Drancy transit/concentration camp as the way-station to Auschwitz has revealed her “overtures” to France’s Jews as an empty political ploy. This is unfortunate. It looked as if she might have truly shifted her views when she expelled her fascist Nazi-supporter father, previously head of the National Front. This means the Jews of France cannot in conscience support her. I call it unfortunate because the Muslim presence in France — and especially the alliance between the Muslims and French radical leftists represents the most dangerous contemporary threat to French Jewry. But one cannot tread upon the corpses of the victims of the Holocaust on the way to the polling station.

  • Aleteia

    Go Le Pen!

  • arthur M. alex

    Progressive Jews, a blight on our ancestry, and contra to all this religious, as well as Jews concerned with the preservation of our faith, are concerned with the possible, and the hopeful assent of Marine Le Pen to the Presidency of France.

    Historically France has in its structure an intrinsic hate of, and for Jews! Whatever its source, Jews in France are under assault from its leftist government, exacerbated by the rise of radical islam!

    Thousands of Jews have already left France for Israel, and parts unknown.

    This is a good thing for Jews, as well as France since France looks at the jewish population as somewhat of a threat to their culture, safety, and the Jewish genetic predisposition of bringing other foreign political entities such as communisn to its shores.

    The rhetorical question of the ages is-When will Jews in the diaspora
    come to understand that they can only be accepted in the country the are physical a part, work with the framework of that nation, and stop their endless need to import alien anti-social, radical entities such as progressivism, socialism , and communism to sovereign states that do not want them?

    To date, that lesson has not been learned, and may some day cause the extension of the once vibrant changes brought about by a people’s comprising less than one-tenth of one percent of this planets’ population.

  • robert Davis

    So far no one can claim french politicians were a treat for jews or Israel so why should “extremsts” not be the righjt solution for jews. Not leftwing extremists of course who are antisémites but Marine Le Pen is not really an extremist.On top of that she is pro Israel and wants to cut off arabs’ allowances which is why they invade France and europe. Why not? this is not extremism it’s patriotism.

  • Just what is so damned unfortunate for the Jews if LePen becomes president? What is the matter with these rabbis?

  • ealha3

    I remember a time when Jews belived the election of an anti-Semite was merely a remote political oddity. I wonder now how we will define this new challenge to our existence. Because I am a Jew. I am a Jew.

  • Lancelot Blackeburne

    I don’t see Marine Le Pen as the “far-right” threat that this Rabbi considers her to be.

    So I’m curious to hear which candidate the Rabbi supports in the upcoming French election. Surely Le Pen could not do any more damage to France than the current crop of French politicians have done.

  • watsa46

    Jews are much more comfortable with communists and socialists! Both are as antisemitic as the far rt!

  • garry pollack

    Hey, guys U better put a hold on this pending approval!!!

  • Kwitcherbellyakin

    Why are some French Jews afraid of progress? Is Marine LePen the only hope for France? Well, there are French-Jewish Nationalists, just as there are conservative Jews in the U.S. LePen’s father was notorius, as was his party. Now, however, their ideas are pushed aside for practical reasons. They all face the Islamic invasion.
    Jews never harmed France. They built it, and the economy there. They also financed France during wars from previous times. The people know this, but they are French, leftists, and blind. LePen seems to see this, while other politicians don’t. Or else they have not risen to prominence and have thir words expressed in public.

  • Human Man

    What’s wrong with some of us? LePen is not extreme. She is in reality.

  • Ron Jeffry

    true, but Le Pen is still far better than Melenchon or Hamon.