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April 21, 2017 4:57 pm

New York Times Finds Gaza Cancer-Patient Terror Attempt Unfit to Print

avatar by Ira Stoll

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The Erez crossing on the Israel-Gaza Strip border. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

An attempt by the Hamas terrorist group to use cancer patients to sneak explosives into Israel was thwarted this week, and the New York Times hasn’t considered it news fit to print.

The Times, which has a bureau chief in Jerusalem and an extensive network of local stringers in Israel and the Gaza Strip, handled the story instead by picking up an Associated Press dispatch, for which it apparently couldn’t find space in its print edition.

From the AP article:

Two Palestinian sisters from Gaza were caught trying to smuggle explosives hidden in medicine containers into Israel as they were headed for cancer treatment at a Jerusalem hospital, authorities said, accusing Hamas militants of trying to use the women to carry out an attack.

Here are some other stories for which the New York Times did somehow manage to find room in its print edition this week:

A full page (and more) about “a small subculture of surfers” who ride the waves at night.

A nearly 2000-word profile of a Los Angeles dermatologist who treats a lot of people in the movie and television business.

An article claiming, inaccurately, that “elevated drug paraphernalia and New Age-inflected styles have emerged as unlikely must-have items of the season.”

If the Times can find room in the newspaper for the fluff, why can’t it find room for its own, staff-written version of a compelling and newsworthy story that underscores the depravity of Hamas and helps explain why Israel carefully scrutinizes even apparently innocuous traffic from Gaza? Given the vast resources and print space of the Times, there is no good reason.

More of Ira Stoll’s media critique, a regular Algemeiner feature, can be found here. 

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  • ricardo

    We all know the NYT is beyond repair. Now CNN is going the same route. In their main page ‘six Israelis arrested for hate crimes ‘ – without minimizing their crimes, all they did was threaten people. Now you go to the article – which most people don’t – they actually mention a Palestinian wounded several people trying to kill them with a knife. There is a huge gap between threatening and actually murdering people – while Israel does the right thing and arrests some criminals for a smaller crime, Palestinian Authority cheers and hails as an hero a murderer. And CNN emphasizes only the smaller crime.

  • Nina

    Ira, thank you for fighting the good fight against the NY slimes

  • tom

    Why does Israel allow Gazans into Israeli Hospitals ?

  • Hard Little Machine

    The NYT is a terrorist front operation

  • hoptoit27

    Because the NYT is not a newspaper, it is a propaganda machine.

  • zvi gross

    Anything places Israel in even a remotely positive light, is forbidden at that yellow rug!!!

  • Toby

    The NYT is gone. It should be renamed the NY Garbage Disposer.

  • Efram Paul

    Why? Because the Times is antisemitic to the bone, as the US branch of Der Stormer.

  • Joseph Feld

    Perhaps this columnist Ira Stoll should exand his output to cover the BBC, The Guardian and Haaretz..

  • cat mando

    I am disgusted with this horrible stuff. Why doesn’t Algemeiner go to another respected media source and report this. Surely, there has got to be someone who cares about this other than us!!

  • watsa46

    US Pravda Times at war with Israel.

  • The New York Times must be control by the left wing sympathetic of Hillary and Obama the champion of genocide of the innocent with they giving and receiving support to Planned Parenthood disgraceful abortion business. Such people work in al direction to support al evil possible scam that help their owner the devil that hate Jesus Christ and God creation with Jews first on list.

  • cbusa

    Of course there’s a reason for not printing such stories. That would fly in the face of the mandatory “good Palestinian, bad Israeli” narrative required of all left-of-center organizations.