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April 26, 2017 4:59 pm

Recent Distribution at Australian Universities of Holocaust Denial Literature and Fliers Calling for Murder of Jews Linked to Neo-Nazi and Environmental Groups

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Holocaust denial fliers recently found at Australian universities. Photo: Screenshot.

Two groups have been connected to Holocaust denial literature and fliers calling for the murder of Jews found at five Australian universities in recent weeks, The Australian reported on Tuesday.

A neo-Nazi group called Antipodean ­Resistance claimed it put up such fliers and swastikas at Melbourne’s La Trobe University and Sydney University, while similar posters at Melbourne, Monash and Australian National Universities referenced a supposed environmental group called Chemtrails Geelong, according to the report.

“The perpetrators of this disgraceful racist propaganda should be prosecuted under the Commonwealth Criminal Code for inciting violence on the basis of race, and not for some lesser offense,” said Peter Wertheim, executive director of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry.

A Sydney University spokesperson said expulsion and police involvement would both be considered in the event that they do track down those responsible, while other universities have said they are still examining security footage, according to the report.

Ariel Zohar, of the Austral­asian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS), said Jews on Australian campuses have been feeling “increasingly marginalized and vilified on campus by various groups.” Earlier this month, a left-wing political youth group announced it would boycott the AUJS, citing support of Palestinians in the face of the Israeli “occupation.”

“It is up to the ­sensible majority to condemn and dismiss these extremist views,” Zohar told The Australian.

As the Australian Jewish News reported, the Monash and Melbourne campuses were hit with two rounds of fliers claiming the movie “Denial” — a film newly released in Australia depicting Holocaust denier David Irving’s failed libel case against scholar Deborah Lipstadt — was guilty of fabricating history.

Dvir Abramovich — chairman of the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission — said he was “shocked and disgusted that such revolting brochures have once again invaded university space, not only belittling the horrific murder of six million Jews, but exploiting vulnerable students who may have limited knowledge about the Holocaust and sowing a message of hate and intolerance in the hearts of young people.”

Thousand of fliers calling the Holocaust “The Greatest Swindle of All Time” were found across Australian campuses last year, and similar posters have appeared on campuses around the world, including at Cambridge University, University College London, and the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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  • boyse

    Its a horrible thing happening at Universities in the United Kingdom and in some American Universities and now i see in some Australian Universities namely the a false narrative has and is taking hold on the Israel Palestine debate and the despicable BDS movements and hyper charged accusation of Aparteid against Israel how rediculous when there is a vibrant 120 thousand strong Ethiopean community in Israel and i feel bad for the Jewish students at these Universities, they must feel that they are really up against it. Israel is a decent honorable country and her Armed forces are honorable soldiers and their values are commendable and certainly better and more civilized then those they battle against. And when i hear or you hear “from the river to the sea palestine will be free” you sometimes hear groups singing or chanting that, well they are talking about from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean Sea, and that means they are talking about every single inch of Israel, so take heart and be brave i say to the Jewish students and other supporters of Israel, because Truth is on our side and Zionism is the self determination of the Jewish people to be free in their own land the land given to them in Biblical times and reclaimed and restored in 1948 in spite of 5 Arab nations attempt to destroy the fledgling Jewish state. So Zionist and Zionism are honorable words and it is an honorable movement and its supporters i.e Zionists are oindeed honorable.

  • MaryTherese333

    High time for the revival of the Nuremberg War Crimes tribunal, methinks. Ant putting all liberals and pro-“palestinians” on trial. And while we’re at it, lets include Yassmin in the dock.