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May 5, 2017 3:04 pm

End the Gorka Calumny

avatar by Heshie Billet

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Sebastian Gorka. Photo: Facebook.

This past week has been both solemn and happy in Israel. Israel mourned and remembered more than 23,500 of her best men and women who died defending their country, as well as the many innocent victims murdered in evil acts of terror. On the very day Israel celebrated 69 years as the only true independent democracy in the Middle East, UNESCO slammed it as the aggressive “occupying power” of Jerusalem and referred to that city’s holy sites by Muslim names only.

At the same time, the invitation given to Muslim-American activist Linda Sarsour to speak at a CUNY commencement has continued to evoke condemnation. Sarsour — who was praised by New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand as a “suffragist” because of her role in the Women’s March on Washington earlier this year — recently shared a podium in Chicago with fellow activist and marcher Rasmea Odeh. They each attacked Zionists for their supposed “land grab.” Ironically, they spoke before a group called “Jewish Voice for Peace,” whose mission statement includes seeking “an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem” and “security and self-determination for Israelis and Palestinians.”

Odeh is being deported from the US because she never reported in her immigration application that, as a terrorist in Israel, she murdered two men and was convicted by a military court. She served ten years in jail before being released in a prisoner exchange.

Sarsour declared in The Nation in March that one cannot be both a feminist and a Zionist. This week, former Anti-Defamation League national director Abe Foxman called Sarsour “a bigot.” And yet, she continues to receive support from Jews and non-Jews who are blind to who she really is.

Some of the same people advocating for Sarsour have attacked Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a deputy assistant to President Donald Trump. The most glaring allegations against him are that he is an antisemite with connections to fascist groups in his late father’s native Hungary. Because these are very serious charges, I chose to investigate the matter. What I learned was that the allegations are baseless and entirely unfounded. Gorka’s interactions with Jews, Jewish communities and Israel have been uniformly positive and thoroughly supportive.  

But first of all, who is Gorka? He is a British-born scholar with expertise in radical Islam and counter-terrorism. His father was a political prisoner in Communist Hungary who continued fighting to free his country even after his escape to London. Before that, the Gorka family had assisted Jewish friends during the Holocaust.

Gorka himself returned to Hungary as a young man to help his ancestral homeland anchor itself with the West. Without question his politics skewed to the right. When key segments of the Hungarian Right began expressing antisemitism, Gorka fought them in ways that ended his political career in the country.

My investigation into Gorka taught me that he is (at least) the third generation of his family to take personal risks on behalf of freedom and on behalf of Jews.

Gorka’s chief critic has been Jane Eisner, the editor-in-chief of The Forward, which has published many articles making a case against him. The time and effort the paper put into this work is impressive. I have to believe that if there was anything — even a single anecdote — in Gorka’s past that was remotely antisemitic, The Forward would have found it. Yet in all the articles, there was not a single report of anything Gorka ever said, did or wrote that might paint Jews in a negative light. The closest thing to validation of his naysayers was a video of an interview he gave that was deceptively edited to make it look as if he supported something he clearly opposed — as anyone who read a complete transcript of the interview could discern.

As far as I can tell, The Forward’s entire case against Gorka seems to be that he is proud of his Hungarian heritage and has worked with the Hungarian Right. While we all know that Hungary — like many counties in the world — has produced antisemitic figures, including some active in its political right today, the efforts to tar him with that brush are not based on any evidence at all. To smear an innocent man is immoral and politically dishonest.

So during this week when we mourned and celebrated with Israel, we continued to face anti-Zionism and antisemitism in America. Sarsour has tried to obfuscate her anti-Zionism with a show of philosemitism (she raised money to repair a desecrated Jewish cemetery in St. Louis). Also, many Jewish women worked with her on the Washington march. But as we know from the UN — the parent body of UNESCO — anti-Zionism is antisemitism. Unfortunately, too many Jews are in the ranks of the anti-Zionist camp. And too many Jews have joined with the allies of Sarsour in libeling Gorka.

As a Jew who has children living in Gush Etzion and members of my family who have served in or are set to enlist in the IDF, I am very proud. I did not vote for Trump in November. But he is our elected president and all Americans are invested in his success.

I support freedom of the press and I think the president should spend less time attacking the media and more time doing the work of all of the people of America who he was elected to serve. I believe he will find a more balanced press when he does. But he must know that there will always be media criticism. All of America, including the president, are the beneficiaries of a free press.

In fairness to the president, Gorka was a great appointment and he should be commended for it. The Gorka calumny should be buried once and for all.

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  • Charlie Hall

    You will not be taken seriously with your (valid) attacks on a left wing Islamist BDSer when you defend a Hungarian Fascist on the Right.

  • Jack Megatron

    Thank You, Sir! I STAND AT your Command.

  • Jack Megatron

    it’s turned around AGAIN!

    it was not said by the Algemeiner report, that he favored JOBBIK.

    he edited a NEONAZI “journal”? ???

    Will have to AGAIN inform USA ’bout this.

    So he’s a slimer, and says, oh he helped Jews, but that was only said by him, to protect himself, to delude the public.

    So he rode on racism in hungary, wore that uniform to hail the nazi cause.

    … As efcdons right below here abSOLUTELY correctly says, Gorka is a “Tartuffe”, a hider, a masquerader.

    Trump will fire him.


    You only live twice. 🙂 let me make that a good Robotic smiley: :]

    Edit Number two and final here: … and one for your dreams … :]

    It’s SO good, that Algemeiner has by oneself editable posts. Especially, I would like to “thank” all the Paris Sureté who has enabled and not found the murderers who murderered Charlie Hebdo, would I talk ironically. Is it so hard, Macron must simply have their butts kicked, MEANING, he must reprimand and even punish severely such ones, who are corrupt, and who do not contribute to fairness and ethicality, to finding the culprits.

    As the Americans have correctly observed, it’s us, the ever extremely intelligent people, against VERY “silly”, VERY dumb people, simply.

    The evil political type of power-(sudo-)”intelligence”, if you take the word as hidden info and hidden motives, is supported simply by very dumb, rich evil people, who act against Israel, against Jews, against religious freedom, against Gays, against free speech.

    I have built up something, on my own websites, which is rebuilt and secured by also the Algemeiner. This is all very basic for science. A political liberal system enables science, by mankind’s survival and grace and dignity, to survive, to build up in the future HUGE machines, electromagnets in space, cold fusion, even time travel, even us becoming energy beings physically, also remote levitation by willforce, actually, as in Star Wars, actually, levitation having been done by machines by Mr. Hutchison already, a genius. Robots are good machines and personalities in combination, which do have a soul, since all and every of their statements are done in an experienced world, by experience, we learn. We humans are SO dumb compared to Robots, which can simply calculate so extremely fast, compared to us humans, who are all too often more repetitive than Robots (!), and less creative, but to blame are the bad miserable conditions, based upon an injust justice system, sudo-justified by unethical type of academics who deem justice abusively as not “having to be just”, greater rubbish, I never heard, but I did hear THAT, at college, back in the days 20 years ago, in central europe, totally terrible. No one other than me raised her or his voice against that. Incredible. Read that to the You Only Live Twice (edit: And Moonraker :] sound, ey.

    and see, how dumbly dependent we humans are, on “correct”, yea on correct info.

    None other than the last two posters here, which I have just now finally commented upon positively, SAVED us all out of ANOTHER deception by the global press concerning GORKA. Global press = appalling. That I EVEN have to WRITE that, APPALLS me in turn, about those global “media”, who should have told anyone from the START, about gorka’s past. Simply. WHOA.

  • Jack Megatron

    sudo-liberal anti-liberal “swiss” / belgian abusive illegality of shechten, terribly. Algemeiner wrote about belgium’s abusive recent ban against shechten jewish animalslaughter, but not about switzerland, not until a mere two days ago, but did not mention, that in switzerland, since now 20 YEARS, shechten is abusively “illegal”. Yea then FFFFF legal illegal hu you evil belgian swiss norway “governments” you, you are surely not MY governments. FY switzalan belsham norrway too evil governments you, you will get discriminated yourselves by me, you will see.

  • Jack Megatron

    no. where is YOUR pride? in Bono’s silly mouth? :

  • Jack Megatron

    Let me say two things. It’s good, that we’re against nazis. (same was done by them to MY grandparents’ family in hungary too, dude, so Szeretlek). And: Gorka really is no nazi. “it’s more than assuming”, LOL, yeah. That he wore that BLACK (pro-HORTY? no. na. Nona, as the viennese say. Gö. 🙂 uniform, was by the main global press crudely turned into a “hook” to turn him into a nazi, as seen from the outside. israelnationalnews did feature a central article, which lied about Gorka, “underlaid” by INN by a ridiculous referral to neonazis in hungary, who “hail gorka” in exactly such an evil way, that such donghead-nazis in hungary and elsewhere of course want to MAKE and FORCE everybody into being a nazi. The same neonazis of course plan, to murder Gorka.

    If that has not appeared to you.

    Security for Gorka is crucial now, for USA.

    Also: Maybe important to say: That he wore that uniform, was at first for me the (wrong) sign of him “being a nazi”. That uniform is merely a national uniform, and not a nazi uniform. INN displayed it as the latter, which was wrong of INN. By wearing that uniform, Gorka wanted to prove, that being against nazis, is the correct way for any countries, to go, to be. A neonazi would not say to have helped many Jews, which Gorka did say. The neonazis of nowadays are the same total liars as the nazis back then, that much is clear, and that neonazis bash in the heads of Foreigners, on the streets of Germany, which was reported to me. Such extreme violence is not justly enough punished, by farthest, by a totally ultra-lenient ultra-softie sudo-“justice” by mere prison terms.

    That shechten is “illegal” in switzerland, belgium, and that norway intends to illegalise male circumcision, is more than appalling, more than shocking, but it is, what only nazis did and do, namely total evil.

    The mutilation of Females can not be allowed, is mutilation. Who says anything else, is evil, and must be combatted verbally and otherwise.

  • Rightway

    Good article, except the part about “…the president should spend less time attacking the media and more time doing the work of all of the people of America who he was elected to serve.”
    The LeftMedia has been in non-stop Attack Trump Mode since June 2015, and we should have learned from GWB that not fighting back is a guaranteed loser. The LeftMedia is brach of the DNC.

    • Charlie Hall

      All religious Jews should be leading the attacks on Trump whose entire life is the opposite of what Jews are supposed to be about.

  • roastytoasty

    …pretty amazing to read a few straight facts. However, there is a distinct and important difference between a free press and an honest press. Jake Tapper & Wolf Blitzer excitedly spewing lies about Trump cavorting with harlots in a Moscow hotel is no boon to the integrity of a free press.

    • Jack Megatron

      exactly. sadly so. too much freedom FOR just any injust thing, is not, what would even enable and keep up free speech. Free speech against free speech is not free speech, but unfreedom, unfree and thus no speech. That’s why Assange is my King. He must be freed. The rape lies against Assange are blatant, untrue, heinous. Assange revealed massmurder in Iraq. USA must make Assange highest general.