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May 8, 2017 10:16 am

How Can Rabbis Defend Linda Sarsour and Rasmea Odeh?

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Leon Kaner and Edward Joffe, the Jewish students murdered by Rasmea Odeh. Photo: Facebook.

The New York Daily News has an op-ed by rabbis Ellen Lippman and Barat Ellman, in which they fully endorse Linda Sarsour’s activities, and defend her from accusations of antisemitism and supporting terror.

How they treat and downplay the most damning piece of evidence about Sarsour’s support for terrorism shows how intellectually dishonest Sarsour’s supporters are:

Still others point to her friendship with and support of Rasmea Odeh, who was convicted of involvement in a 1970 supermarket bombing in Israel that killed two people. They ignore Odeh’s claim that she was tortured and coerced into confessing guilt, a contention worth exploring.

This is simply disgusting.

There is overwhelming evidence of Odeh’s guilt, not the least of which is her friend bragging about Odeh’s role in killing Israelis in a film that is sympathetic to Palestinian terrorists..

There is also overwhelming evidence that Odeh was not tortured; in fact, she confessed to the murders only one day after her arrest, not after “25 days of torture” as she claims.

The Legal Insurrection blog tells the entire Odeh story in great detail; no one can credibly claim that she is not a terrorist after reading it. Odeh herself admits to plotting to attack the British Consulate in Israel.

Clearly, Lippman and Ellman care more about supporting those who want to destroy Israel than telling the truth. More sickeningly, they give credibility to convicted terrorists, and cast aspersions on Israel’s justice system, even though Odeh’s trial was transparent and fair (even according to the ICRC).

Lippman and Ellman are also spitting on the memories of Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner, the two students that Odeh murdered. Instead, they choose to endorse someone who supports terrorism, Sharia law, the destruction of Israel, and who claims that feminists cannot be Zionists.

These “rabbis” don’t give a damn about the facts of the case. They will support their anti-Israel friends no matter what.

They are beneath contempt.

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  • Bud Abbott

    In a word: Reform.

  • StanleyTee

    Can you imagine if Ivanka Trump, say, had named two women and said “they should have their vaginas taken away”? These two Rabbis and everyone else who supports Sarsour would be screaming for her head. Yet that’s what Sarsour said about Brigitte Gabriel and Ayan Hirsi Ali. The hypocrisy!

  • Paul

    There is nothing new here. Jewish history is filled with Jews who either turned their backs on Judiasm and converted to Christianity to become stalwart anti-semites, or jews who “knew better” than their fellow jews and tried to force their views on all their jews – often to the detriment of the main body of jews. Today we have the example of “breaking the silence” – a group of well-meaning IDF reservists who encountered immoral behaviour by the IDF. Protesting immoral behaviour is extremely important and justified. choosing to do this by attacking Israel from ABROAD is totally destructive: it is grist for the mill of anti-zionists or anti-semites (Look !, even jews are against them), or else it forces the wrongdoers onto a position of self defense, denying the problem rather than recognizing and correcting it.
    The second temple fell because jews who “knew better what was right” opened the city gates to the foreign conquerers. This is what these Rabbis are doing.

  • herbcaen

    these “rabbis” were hired by Soros at a steep discount

  • ricardo

    The answer to the question in the title is quite simple … anti-Semitic Rabbis … oh well, there are all kinds of Rabbis, most of them good, like all human beings, they can also go astray …

  • watsa46

    Will liberalism become the 21st century new Antisemite?

  • Thought is Free

    They are scum, as Odeh and Rasmeah are scum. They are, in effect, making themselves accessories to terrorism and murder.

  • This American leftwing support of Anti-Zionists further proves there is a widening chasm between Jewish Zionists and Jewish Anti-Zionists. This trend will continue until American Jews wakeup.

  • zvi gross

    Rabbis ? Rifraff, and so are their congregants if they have any. I hope they will never be allowed to set foot in Israel, being BDS disgusting supporters.

  • Fred

    If they belong to the Satmarer Rebbe group everything is possible…

  • B.G.Steinberg

    “Useful Idiots” are not new in our history.