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July 9, 2017 4:48 pm

South African Muslim Preacher Who Compared Jews to Fleas Allowed Entry Into UK, Speaks at ‘Palestine Expo 2017’ in London

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South African Muslim preacher Ibrahim Bham. Photo: Campaign Against Antisemitism.

A South African Muslim preacher who once compared Jews to fleas was a featured speaker this weekend at a Palestinian culture festival in London.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism — a UK-based NGO — criticized the British government for permitting Sheikh Ebrahim Bham to enter the country to attend “Palestine Expo 2017” — which, as reported by The Algemeiner, had faced a cancellation threat due to its organizers’s support for Hamas, but was ultimately allowed to go ahead as planned at the Queen Elizabeth II Center.

“If Britain is to protect its Jewish citizens and indeed all of society, then its government cannot continue to be outwitted by extremists and terrorist sympathizers,” the CAA said in a statement.

In a past sermon, which is available online, Bham said, “People tell me that Jews are human beings. Yes, I know they are human beings. Just as fleas are also animals. Just as fleas are also animals, they are also part of human beings like that.”

In a different sermon, he accused Jews and Christians of being “agents of Satan.”

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  • Philip Wild

    Our politicians chase votes. There are only around 300k Jews in the UK against 3 million Muslims therein lies the problem

  • Someone might tell this ignorant idiot that fleas are not animals. They’re insects. It’s astonishing what drivel these bigots produce, but even more so that the UK lets them in. After all, they incite violence against all British people. And they’re racist bigots – we’re supposed to have a Race Relations Act to prevent racism and racist harassment. Is anyone ever going to charge a Muslim preacher under the terms of this act when he (and it’s always a ‘he’) makes racist comments about Jews and incites his audience to attack us?

  • David Bradshaw

    the brits are SOOOOOO hosed

  • TodayIsMyFavoriteDay

    rather a flea than microparasite

  • Not that I needed an excuse to never set foot in the UK in general and Britain in particular after they banned Michael Savage from entry while allowing these zealots in but the list of reasons to never go there just grows by the week lately.

  • Quester59

    This Muslim is to stupid to choose an insect less deadly than a flea. The dummy must not know that something as small as a flea, can bring down an Elephant, let an crazy Muslim.
    HOW you ask ?, I’m not telling !!

  • Monty Pogoda

    ibrahimbam is a fool as well.

  • Monty Pogoda

    Relative to a f-rt a flea is very strong.

  • mr215

    it’s a pity that so many stupid people believe this man’s rubbish. a disease that infects others because the site (brain) is receptive to infection. pity.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Of course they did. It’s Britain.

  • rashibenanshul

    There is only one possible comment to him: “Tick, tick, tick . . .”

  • Paul

    What is happening to Britain ?
    In the name of free speech, equal rights etc the British leadership is giving a platform to those who call Jews and Christians “agents of Satan” ? Allowing them to preach hatred, bigotry, inequality – everything that goes AGAINST British values ?
    Is incitement to hatred not against any British law ?
    In Rotterham, 1400 young girls were gang-raped for years by local Pakistani’s while police ignored the situation – so as not to be accused of Islamophobia. Perhaps murder should be excused for the same reason ? Is there no red line ?
    The human body protects itself by its immune system fighting off foreign detrimental bodies. Britain’s immune system appears to have been neutralized. What happens when the immune system fails ?

    • Quester59

      Have they gone mad ? ” YES,” and as always, They don’t see their mistake until after Their Citizens start DYING OFF !!

    • Hundreds of young British girls have been gang-raped for years, in our northern cities. The police and social workers engaged in an unbelievable level of nasty victim-blaming. It is depressing to see how the establishment in the UK is accepting Islamic views of women and sexuality in the name of ‘multiculturalism’. And it angers me – British women fought for equal rights for years. Why are they being thrown away to suit a Muslim minority?

  • dante

    the govt of the UK thinks that there is no need to discommode Britain “for the sake of the Jews,” that this is really the Jews’ problem and that Jews are, after all, expendable. while it is a problem for the Jews, it is, more a problem for Britain: to betray the Jews, Britain must, as well, betray itself. this repudiation of Britain, by Britain, is not something that is immediately and dramatically noticeable…the betrayal is admitted, seeps in, and, at first, does its corrosive damage, little by little, until Britain has been irreversibly disfigured and can no longer be recognized as the heir to traditions set by Magna Carta, Glorious Revolution, Waterloo, Great Reform Acts, Slave Trade Act, Disraeli, Gladstone, Churchill, etc.

    • Quester59


      Remember; Those nations that forget their Past, will be Damned to repeat it !! “

  • Noah Rosenblum

    Sheikh Ebrahim Bham is a FAT rodden, an insult to the human race for having a human like form.
    He’s yet another fine example of an Neanderthal muslim !!!

  • Fred

    Every Muslim mobster seems to get a platform in Britain to disseminate the most viral vile anti Semitic hatred, it is like getting back to Hitlers good old day with Moseley in the wings cheering on. Is this political correctness left-wing hatred for Jews or multiculturalism that points out that Islamic culture (whatever it may be ) is far more superior to any other culture. Britain is tilting the wrong way in unison with the rest of Europe by bringing in more of the hate preachers. The only education is hatred…

  • Irwin Graulich

    The British have always been antisemites and a nation of lowlives. No wonder our Founding Fathers couldn’t wait to get the hell out of that despicable country. Don’t let that pseudo-sophisticated accent fool you.

    The British did not allow emaciated, starving, tortured, Jewish Holocaust survivors to enter Palestine after WWII.

    • Quester59

      So True , In fact they where prepared to Sink their Transport ship, if the Jews approached the British Ports.

    • Philip Wild

      You founding fathers were of British ancestry. You insulting all Britsh people is no better than the Muslim guy insulting all Jews. Many of us non Jewish Brits stand with Israel,

  • Thought is Free

    Hey, Bham, we aren’t fleas, we are descendants of apes and pigs, don’t ya know? Get your insults right!! But then, it takes one to know one, so it must be you who is the flea, or maybe a louse, nesting with the other bugs at the PA Expo.

  • That the UK would admit such a person is no surprise. They apparently have never gotten over the loss of the Mandate and intervened in the peacemaking efforts of Ralph Bunche on behalf of the UN: https://clarespark.com/2014/06/18/how-ralph-bunche-sold-out-and-failed-in-palestine/. Retitled Feminized and Jewified modernity…. This material has not been published except on my website, but no one has faulted me on the facts that I gleaned from Bunche’s biographer Sir Brian Urquhart (at UCLA Special Collections)..

  • Efram Paul

    Yet more proof, if any was needed, that the UK is a hotbed of antisemitism, especially in the government. Allowing such a slimy rodent entry, they continue to prove that their words about combating antisemitism are form only, with no genuine effort being expended to combat it. Their efforts to slander Jews, however, is alive and well.