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July 10, 2017 4:19 pm

Award-Winning Journalist Who Broke Story of Jewish Women Barred From Chicago ‘Dyke March’ Removed From Reporting Duties

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Chicago reporter Gretchen Rachel Hammond (left) pictured after donating her kidney to reader Elvie Jordan (right). Photo: Gretchen Rachel Hammond.

An award-winning journalist who broke the story of the group of Jewish women ejected from an LGBTQ march in Chicago last month has been reassigned to non-journalistic duties at the paper which ran the original report, the Windy City Times.

Gretchen Rachel Hammond — whose June 24 story caused a national storm after she detailed how three women flying Jewish Pride flags embossed with the Star of David were instructed to leave the gathering by organizers from the Dyke March Collective — confirmed to The Algemeiner on Monday that while she was still employed by the paper, she was not presently engaged in its reporting and writing operations.

“At this time, I have not been fired from Windy City Times, but I have been transferred to working full time for the sales department,” Hammond explained in an emailed statement. “The reasoning is an internal matter and I have been instructed not to comment about it even to close friends. Given my present situation, I must comply with this instruction.”

The Windy City Times — whose masthead featured Hammond as a senior writer until a week ago — now describes her as  “senior account executive.”

The Algemeiner approached Hammond after a reader pointed out that her role at the Windy City Times had been abruptly switched. The reader said in an email that Hammond’s reporting had been blamed by the march organizers for the ensuing controversy, and went on to express “disgust” and “outrage” that Hammond had “been bullied and attacked” by individuals associated with the march, sometimes in an “antisemitic” manner.

Tracy Baim — the publisher and executive editor of the Windy City Times — told The Algemeiner she could not discuss the specific charges around Hammond.

“I cannot comment on our people, but know that we stand by our reporting on our stories,” Baim said by telephone from Chicago.

Pressed on whether she stood by Hammond’s reporting of the Dyke March controversy specifically, Baim answered affirmatively. “I was the one who edited the story,” she added. Asked why Hammond had not filed a byline for the paper since June 28, Baim had no comment.

Hammond joined the Windy City Times as a reporter in 2013 and won the 2016 National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association Award for Excellence in News Writing. This year, Hammond was a finalist for the second time for the Lisagor Award, which honors journalists in Chicago.

Hammond came to national attention in 2016 when she saved the life of one of her readers by donating a kidney. “This current and particularly ugly electoral cycle has been fueled by the politics of conceit,” Hammond later reflected in a column for the paper. “So it is easy to forget that, even if you don’t have the resources of a wealthy philanthropist, it is more important than ever to help someone in need and, in so doing, change their world and, as a consequence of that action, the world as a whole for the better.”

In her initial report on the march, Hammond quoted a member of the Dyke March Collective explaining that the Jewish women had been removed because their flags “made people feel unsafe” and that the event was “anti-Zionist” and “pro-Palestinian.” On June 28 — in her last article for the paper — Hammond conducted an extensive interview with Dyke March Collective activist Alexis Martinez, who was given ample space to present her argument that the march was “anti-Zionist,” and not “antisemitic.”

During the interview, Martinez accused the Windy City Times of having “failed in its journalistic mission” for allegedly not contacting her before the paper revealed the removal of the Jewish women marchers.

Asked by Hammond whether the march organizers would apologize, Martinez said: “We did nothing wrong. Those people who are asking us to apologize need to come up with facts. They need to have been there, on the ground and involved in the situation to have some validity.”

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  • That appears to be excellent however i am still not too sure that I like it. At any rate will look far more into it and decide personally! July 2018 Calendar

  • Matthew

    Israel never had slavery so that analogy doesn’t hold up.

  • Matthew
  • Matthew

    National Socialism was more than just a name. It is a form of socialism, just like Communism is another form of socialism. There are no good kinds.

  • Matthew

    Any court of law would call that self-defense.

  • Completely agreed.

  • Marianca

    Activists are ironically often very lazy.

  • Marianca



    I’ve read through the comments and I can break it down into two of the more common variants:

    Some (not all) who identify as conservatives accusing everyone who holds progressive views as neo liberal fascist anti Christian, anti sematic pro ISIS ideologues. Clearly everything progressives stand for must be a conspiracy to destroy Isreal and America and usher in a Soviet style socialist totalitarian state

    Some (not all) who identify as progressives accusing everyone who holds conservative views as as Zionist homophobic islamaphobes who wish to usher in a Christian Corporate Theocracy(tm) where Trump reins as president for life and deports all the brown people to Siberia.

    To be sure I’m using a touch of hyperbole for emphasis, but have I captured the basic sentiments/feelings of these forum posters well enough to have a discussion? Yes? Good, can we have a little chat now? Well, ok I’ll be honest I’m about to challenge you and it will probably anger you. Good. At least you will be thinking critically instead of sitting in your comfortablely safe bias bubbles.

    Holding up Isreal’s right to exist as a nation for both political , religious and historical reasons doesn’t mean the label Zionist should apply a label intended to imply that anyone who supports Isreal at all must somehow not be capable of having any moral judgements about actions/policies the nation may have implemented in its recent history that may be emotionally understandable but are disastrous to the middle east peace process. This notion that if you support Isreal at all you automatically must support Isreal’s occupation in the west bank, or are opposed to the two state solution borders on absurdity. But who has time for nuanced discussion when its so much intellectually easier to decry that flying the flag of Israel must make you a wholesale “Zionist” and that moderate or even liberal voices within support of Isreal certainly must not exist. Which is of indeed very easily falsifiable. That is the trouble with labels and generalizations, they are based on assumptions, and you know what they say about assumptions. (they make an ass out of you and me).

    On the other side, calling people who express concerns about Isreal’s foreign policy, particularly where it comes to its dealings with Palestine, it does not automatically follow that they are anti sematic. You can be ok with Jewish people and not be ok with Isreal’s attempts to suppress a Palestinian state.

    Both sides of this debate would do well to assume people are not 100% one way or the other and do well to avoid labels like Zionist or Anti-semetic unless you have actual proof. Guess what folks. Despite the ease of making comments on the internet. The burden of proof required to make either of those labels stick on someone, is much higher then you can possibly do on a internet forum where human beings are people you know personally, not just anonymous pseudonyms in ASCI text.

    So refrain from it wherever possible. If you want to have a serious nuanced discussion instead of your typical internet/reddit style flame war. Perhaps I’m expecting too much from people. Again its so much easier to just post angry tirades.

    I should know.. this post has a flavor of tirade of its own. It certainly comes off a touch smug. I admit that. But someone had to be the 800 lb gorilla in the room telling people to knock it off and play nice.

  • Jens Philip Höhmann

    Jew-haters use to project their own characters on Jews.

  • Free Thought

    Windy City Times outed as anti-semites.

  • Sman88

    Guess she should of gone with the “fake news” then.

  • A.S.F.

    Any Left-wing Media source that proudly deems itself to be more “progressive” than God deserves to be publicly called out when they are caught with their pants down aiding the forces of bigotry, whatever the sexual orientation of the bigots might happen to be. Articles like the one above are important because they unmask the perpetrators and purveyors of intolerance and injustice who hide behind the political Halloween masks of their own bemoaned victimhood. I wish Gretchen Hammond good luck in her future endeavors. .

  • She failed to clear her story with the Politburo first…

  • Keith Cameron

    This is an outrage!

  • Rick Caird

    All the news (that liberals like),

  • Anonymous Is A Woman

    The Windy City Times is an embarrassment to journalism if they caved that easily. And they are all anti-Semites. Here is a suggestion for Alexis Martinez, one of the march organizers, if you are so pro-Palestinian, why don’t you go there. Try to live under Hamas as an out dyke. Go on. You support them. See if they support you.

  • CA Grandma

    whatever happened to freedom of speech – not to mention freedom of the press? Every person has a right to express his or her opinion freely unless he is preaching treason or sedition.

  • WalterBannon

    What this odious paper has done to this employee is called constructive dismissal.

    They are clearly not a very ethical employer

  • tommy mc donnell

    these people know when they go to work for a media organization they have one job and one job only, to advance the political agenda. she broke cardinal rule of journalism.

  • sffoghorn

    Cuckservatives are stuck on this one, to side with Israel under the hopes that the restoration of the Temple will bring Jeebus back, or to stand with the reporter against censorship.

    Situational ethics at their finest!

  • 57nomad

    The infiltration and takeover of social action groups is long standing leftist and communist tactics. This is why ‘feminists’ abandoned the women molested by Bill Clinton.

    • Matthew

      Something really bad happened between the second and third waves of feminism.

  • Jens Philip Höhmann

    Man kann gar nicht so viel essen, wie man kotzen möchte.
    (You cannot eat as much as you want to puke).

    Max Liebermann, 1933

  • Bandit


  • Sara Hill

    I do not understand why so many of the comments here exhibit schadenfreude (pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune) at the fact Ms. Hammond is being attacked by the left. I do not know whether she is gay or not and it does not matter to me but those who claim she is and therefore express pleasure at her fate are the lowest of the lowest.

  • Strelnikov

    Sure, I agree this reeks of Leftist pique.

    On the other hand, anyone who has worked in media knows that for all but an elite few in the “talent” area, the real money is in sales.

  • Pete Cook

    Is the paper owned by Qatari interests? Follow the money!

  • Censoring all posts I see, not really a surprise coming from a leftist site.

  • Hilarious! The left once again, eats their own.
    To think, most of us thought the DNC had finally hit bottom when they elected a Fabianist, yet here they are, still digging into solid bedrock in search of an even deeper hole than the bottom.

  • four11posse


  • UncRemus

    Dyke…All you need to know…

  • ata777

    Leftists bestowing another Winston Smith Award on one of their own.

  • Denton Salle

    Ah facts: The march was antisemitic*. That’s a fact. The reporter trampled liberal orthodoxy and the paper caved. Another fact. Finally, one more fact: Jews are gonna have to accept the left hates them.

    I’ve heard the anti-Zionist lie since college. It’s an excuse to hide one’s antisemitism.

    • bipplebop

      LOL, i love that idiotic statement. Just say. “if you don’t agree with Israel you must be nazi”

      • Jens Philip Höhmann

        The ‘n’-word is what YOU introduced into the de debate. Not all
        ‘anti-Semites’ or, more precisely speakiung, Jew-haters, are National Socialist.

    • Obazervazi

      What can we do? The right hates us even more. (See the “alt-right” neo-nazi movement and the right’s fear of “Globalists” i.e. Jews)

      I’d love to vote for a nice Jew like Bernie Sanders, but third parties in America are a joke.

    • Matthew

      Goyism is antisemitism and heterosexuality is perversion.

  • DaTechGuy on DaRadio

    If you dare embarrass our cultural betters you will be silenced

    • CA Grandma

      what cultural betters are you referring to? I was not aware that anything like “cultural betters” exists in a free society.

  • alboalt

    “Hi. We’re just transferring our award-winning reporter to a non-writing position. Nothing to see here. Go away now.”

  • A-Train

    WOW! Not all that surprising though. It IS the leftist media after all.

  • robertbluejacket

    PARTY discipline must be maintained at all costs.

    Once the PARTY line is established, all good Democrats will tow the line.

    Renounce bourgeois liberalism today!

    Forward under the PARTY banner.

    • Matthew

      The Slaveocrat Party should have been banned after they started the Civil War.

  • Marky mark

    The phrase “hoisted on their own petard” comes to mind here.

    • Centurion13

      The Left ALWAYS eats its own.

  • 1twothree4

    I love it when Dykes eat their own….oh,wait…

  • Truthavenger

    Wrong thinking (and wrong reporting) must be punished!

    Down the memory hole!

  • amongoose

    “The reasoning is an internal matter and I have been instructed not to comment about it even to close friends. Given my present situation, I must comply with this instruction.”
    Or what, lose your job? Seems that negative stories are only allowed if they fit the agenda, and not show how mean, nasty, and petty left wing fascists are.

    • Melvin Gaines

      This sounds like coercion to me. That is actionable, but if HR at the paper is a joke, she is wise to keep her head down. Also, if she is in a sales position, they can use poor sales as an excuse to let her go in the future. Not good.

    • CA Grandma

      who has the power to censor your thoughts or opinions. If that is what a job means, lose it as fast as you can. Then sue.

  • oney

    Freedom of the press commie style. Regulate, intimidate, remove…….

    And wonder why we do not trust you. But on the other hand she may have done something
    that has caused this. But i am to jaded to see it in favor of the paper..

  • Her journalistic integrity runs deep…right up to the point of keeping her job and her mouth shut. The modern press at its finest.

  • Dayna Hamilton

    I hope this is a wake up call for Hammond and others like her. The left, in any country eventually turns fascist, and if you don’t march to their tune, they will silence you, one way or another.

    • Matthew

      Leftism IS fascism. They didn’t “turn” fascist. Exerting as much control over other people’s lives as possible is a core principle of the left.

  • prettyinpink

    1 billion per year spent by Palistine to pay off terrorist and families.
    There is a fact she won’t recognize- but true.

  • Ranger Rick

    “During the interview, Martinez accused the Windy City Times of having “failed in its journalistic mission” for allegedly not contacting her before the paper revealed the removal of the Jewish women marchers.”

    There’s the reason, Gretchen Hammond revealed the truth.

  • Sam Faivus

    The tyranny of the mob.

  • jksu2

    Pretty scary when the Liberal MSM eats it’s own. So much for Freedom of the Press if you don’t hold the proper Politically Left Wing tilt.

  • Zeds

    This site censors your comment for no reason. One and done.

  • Dutch_Boy

    Kaltgestellt, as the Germans say. For reporting the truth. What a disgrace.

  • Rob D

    Typical left-wing radical activists….if you don’t agree, then you get shut down. Amazing how those who were oppressed most by Nazism or Socialism take upon the same tactics for those who disagree.

  • Prelusive007

    Leftwingnuts are loyal to each other because they all support the other’s cause and needs. The lezbos support the gueers … the gueers support the trannys… the trannys support the bi…. the bi support the murdering abortionists…. the abortionists support the would-be ‘mothers’ who instead, want to kill their unborn … and those mothers support the lezbos…. and it goes round and round like a leftwingnut circle jerk with politicians like Barack, Biden, Hillary, Pelosi, Reid, et al right in the middle of it and giving them the means to accomplish whatever their particular perverted thing is du jour.

    In this particular story above, we read of how they turn against each other. The “sub set” if you will. It’s not enough to be a “woman” to participate in the dyke run. You must be further ‘qualified’. You must not be a certain “religion” or background as is the case here with the supposed Jewish woman. It’s a great example of how the liberal left eventually eats itself and continues Barack’s “divide America” mission.

  • Zeds

    She challenged the Media’s FALSE NARRATIVE on Racism and their Anti-White male bias. She is being punished.

  • BaronMonsterRodVonhugenstein

    Angry dykes eating their own

  • theGOONIES

    How dare she let the truth out . Not sure why y’all censured my first comment

  • UK1981

    When libbies eat there own. Hilarious

  • Everett Brunson

    If there is more to this story somebody needs to come clean. Otherwise it appears to be retaliation for writing the truth about another progressivist agenda.

  • jfgalt

    Reporter removed for telling the truth which went against the prevailing dogma of the virtue signalling class of today. She pointed out that the Emperor Had No Clothes, i.e. the LGBTQRSPVNGTSF crowd is really just another collection of liberal hypocrites and as we can see, so are her employers.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Wow they don’t even hide their Jew hatred anymore. Let’s hope the Windy City Times rips the mask off and goes full Nazi soon – firing all Jews, etc.

  • Boxhawk ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    Obedience to the progressive manifesto above all else.

  • KeenIncite

    She made the fatal error of reporting the truth instead of upholding the Narrative.

  • BubblePuppy7

    Well, nothing suspicious about that. Move along…nothing to see here.

  • patrick1984

    The Left has been anti-semitic for a very long time, and all of the radical feminist/LGBTXYZ/blah-blah movements are politically leftist before anything else they may purport to be. None of this should therefore be a surprise; it’s just business as usual in Hateland.

  • JoeCubano

    No surprise. She must be made to fall in line and only report stories approved by the left.

  • BDnSC

    Ah yes…..again we witness those tolerant libs and gays.
    Maybe Ms. Hammond should pull a page from the gay handbook and sue the Organizers and her employer. After all, if they can get a quarter mill for someone not baking a cake, she ought to be able to really rack up!

  • itsy_bitsy

    So now fascism rules in the United States? Apparently!

  • Bunky

    Love it!
    Lefties eating lefties … precious.

  • Yisrael Shmuel

    Why is it that minority communities connect themselves with the BDS? Or student groups? The “Palestinians” were Jordanians. They left for purely financial reasons and to foment the destruction of Israel, the only Jewish state in a region of Muslim states. The entire concept is the elimination of the Jewish state and therefore anyone or anything in support of so-called Palestinians are, by definition, anti-Jewish. Case closed.

  • roner

    “gretchen” looks a little bit manly…

  • Weather3014

    An important piece of information is missing here to make a judgment. Was her transfer related to the LGBT story or not?

  • G2

    Sounds like she got a promotion. Good for her.

  • admin user

    political correctness claims another victim

  • Schlomo Goldstein

    Oy vey!

  • emersonushc13

    marxism cares about people like pedophiles care about the welfare of children. Nuance is when a marxist makes peace with the hypocritical applications of their most deeply held beliefs.

  • Wyrdless

    The left has a big problem with anti-semitism

    • bipplebop

      Yeah, they really don’t approve of it.

  • DWIN

    It’s something that you see on the Left more and more, overt anti-Semitism. I’m not surprised at all. This is one of the things that drove me from MY Democratic party. The Congressional Black Caucus is another left wing group that has shown it’s antiquated racist attitudes toward, not just Israel, Jews in general. This goes back a long way, Jesse Jackson’s hymie town comment, and has almost become mainstream and acceptable within the party as a whole.

    • Rick Fitz

      Ron Paul is the only sensible politician on the national stage.

    • bipplebop

      anti-zionist is not antisemetic, no matter how many times you people say it.

      • Jens Philip Höhmann

        Not necessarily. It also can be utterly ignorant. But one of them it is consistently.

      • Matthew

        “You people” is also a common refrain of bigots.

  • subo

    Why was she transferred? She told the truth about LGBT racism, which prompted them to threaten the newspaper with racism, homophobia and misogyny. Freedom of speech threatened by the left once again under the guise of tolerance.

  • marie antoinette

    It’s called “tolerance,” let’s all say it together, “You’ve been censored & silenced with tolerance.” Don’t you feel better now? Are they really barring “women?” Or is this actually intolerance towards trans people too?

  • Is she really a he? Looks like a man. Why do gays discriminate so much?

  • John Bball

    Left eating the left. fools

  • codfilet

    Oh look! The left is eating their own!

  • Chris Sinclair

    The left is starting to eat their own. In the immortal words of Emperor Palpatine….”Goood, Goood!! Let the hate flow through you young Jedi.”

  • Visualverbs

    The only word to describe liberal people’s hypocrisy is fascism. The liberal left is revealing themselves – in all their many flavors and fashions – to be the most fascist people on earth. Do as I say, not as I do.

    When tyranny is kicking in you door at 3:00am, it will NOT be a conservative Christian doing it. It will be the fascist thought police dragging your family into the darkness for the infraction of what used to be called “freedom of speech.”

    • Bill Diaz

      Dream on you deluded, right wing, willfully ignorant stooge.

      Have a great day!

    • Karen

      The liberal left is not the same as the “progressive” left, which you are trying to lump together for your own nefarious purposes. On the other hand, Republicans in Congress universally lack the courage to impeach #45, who is a racist, a pedophile, a misogynist, a corrupt businessman and a megalomaniac whose campaign (and, maybe, he himself) colluded with the Russians to steal the presidency for mutual financial benefit. Stephen Bannon is part of his government and influences US policy, while the far left is part of a fringe.

    • Mary Contrary

      Oddly enough, the guys calling at 3AM in this story are conservative Christians…

      • triplicate3

        I didn’t see any mention of “conservative Christians” in your link. I’ll grant you that they may be “conservatives,” but…Christian, they are NOT. I can call myself a Martian–doesn’t mean I am one!

        • Matthew

          There is nothing conservative about Christianity. Ayn Rand called it a gateway drug to Communism and I don’t believe she was wrong about that.

    • Obazervazi

      Let’s go over the definition of Fascism, shall we?

      Radical Authoritarian Nationalism

      Nationalism: the most common form of nationalism among Fascists is called ultranationalistic palingenesis. It is the idea that one’s country used to be the best in the world, but has fallen on hard times of corruption and moral decay, and must be saved through a return to the old ways. In short, “Make America great again.”

      Authoritarianism has three parts:

      Emphasis on strength and submission: Tell me, in the previous election, which party’s candidate frequently called their opponents weak? Who was put up as a strong leader who was willing to do what must be done to put our country back on the right track?

      Aggression toward the out-group: This one’s a bit of a toss up. Liberals are aggressive toward bigots, particularly conservative Christians. Conservatives are aggressive toward women, gays, blacks, immigrants, Muslims, transgender people, the poor, etc. Both are aggressive toward Jews.

      Conventionalism: Appealing to Tradition to define morality. Good luck pinning this on Liberals.

      So all in all, even with the most generous of concessions, Liberals only meet 3/5 of the criteria of Fascism, while the modern Republican Party meets all five.

      Also, just ask your local KKK member if he is a conservative Christian; the answer might surprise you.

      Finally, if you were really in any danger from liberal thought police, you would have received much harsher consequences than a strongly worded reply by now.

  • jw

    I think they want more than a kidney from her…

  • Jack Crabb

    Typical intolerant leftists.

  • Iamthenumber7

    Been following this story. The distinction between anti-Zionist and anti-Semitism is undoubtedly the most telling and disturbing aspect of this story. Imagine if an opposing faction made the distinction between anti-Islamic and anti-Palestinian. Arguably, most muslims are pro-Palestinian as most Jews are Zionist. So, it’s wrong for a Jew to support their generational homeland but appropriate for a Palestinian to support theirs?

    One word: PROPAGANDA

    • bipplebop

      except anti-zionists has to do the the Israel not individuals

  • Are you Crazy

    Just more proof that real investigative reporting is dead. Since their story didn’t fit the modern day narrative, they had to be terminated.

  • Yemach Shemo Martinez.

    • Sara Hill

      Why not Yemach Shemo ( ימך שמו ) Windy City Times? They are more culpable than Martinez. They gave in to her.

  • chauncey briggins

    behold the clipped-hair dyke mafia

  • werewife

    Wow. May I suggest that Ms. Hammond shake the antisemitic dust of Chicago from her shoes and place her indubitable talent at the service of the public. I suggest signing on with Project Veritas, the last of the investigative journalists.

  • Sicilian Papa

    Preferred special interest group meet preferred special interest group.Notice how supposed tolerant lefties handle accusations of bigotry. Oh the irony..

  • Col. Harrumph

    Seems to me she “must comply” for as long as it takes to get another job. And then….

  • practicalpete

    It would appear that the Windy City Times is as Anti-Semitic as the march organizers.

  • Griefner

    Wow…. is everything scrutinized ????

  • Griefner

    I’ll get back to see who is working here.

  • Griefner

    LBGTQ lives matter…… unless your Jewish.
    Wow that sounds familiar.

  • Patrick Cieslak

    Sounds like a Pulitzer to me .

  • Dave Hunter

    This situation seems fairly straightforward, Ms. Hammond was removed from her reporting job because the “Collective” complained to the paper. My guess is they made an accusation the paper is “investigating” and she’s not going back to reporting until that action is complete, if ever.

  • Sam Huston

    Hello from Canada.

    If you want to make it in the”journalism” game, you have to suppress anything that sheds a glimmer of light on the psychosis of liberalism.

    If you make anti Trump hysteria crap up, you will become a super star.

    Trump: Making America and the Free World, great, safe, and sane again. Learn it, Live it, Love it.

    MAGA! Because the survival of Western Civilization depends on it.

  • gonzotx

    The “Left ” stops at nothing to silence the voice of freedom.

    We must never give into these bullies.


  • lordpeckerwoodfive

    the clash of the victims

  • rebelrouser

    Keep your mouth shut or the gay mafia will assassinate you

  • K Smith

    Huh…wonder why no one has any confidence in the media these days?

  • Scott

    Vengeful, aren’t they?

  • MidwestNorsk

    Hei1ll hath no fury like a bunch of dikkkez scorned.

  • MidwestNorsk

    He11 hath no fury like a bunch of dykkez scorned.

  • MidwestNorsk

    Hell hath no fury like a bunch of dykkkkes scorned.

  • Seerightthere!

    How dare she question the Matriarchy! She should be stripped of her womanhood!

  • bubba1984

    Where to start? LGBTs are soooo much better off in Muslim countries than in “Zionist” Israel. (Except for the occasional stoning, being thrown off roofs, long prison terms for sodomy, etc.)

    First they came for those who wrote criticially of the Pride Parade March fascist leadership. Then when they came for me there was no one left to protest…

  • Mike Gilmer

    Sounds like plain old fashioned antisemetic censorship and punishment.

  • Albert8184

    Fascism strikes again.

  • Moshe Ben Avram

    When are the Jews on the left going to wake up and realize that the left hates them with a passion? Sadly the answer is never as too many Jews on the left have sold their birthright to the left, and no matter how anti-semitic the left gets, they will never wake up and see it until it is too late.

  • Dude

    Obviously the left is anti Jewish now. Come join us on the right wing.

  • Bob Burns

    Jews vs Lesbos. Gotta love it.Identity politics at its finest

  • Mikey Likey

    This will be a Lifetime movie before you know it. If this had been a NYT story, I’m sure the new “three unnamed sources” rule would have put into effect.

  • Speedtriple

    Jews run the USA for Israels benefit…Ms Hammond didnt get the memo.

  • Chris Renegar

    It is hard to find a group more vicious than a dyke clan. Perhaps the ugliest bunch as well.

  • sweetsie

    Yep. Just checking.

  • sweetsie

    Hello world. Are you censoring every word written.

  • sweetsie

    This is how journalism works in today’s world. It is totally dishonest.

  • slick willie

    I thought the slang word “Dyke” was like many of the other slang words—“fag- ni@#&r–queer” which were out of bounds because they were not “politically correct”? What a confusing world it has gotten to be.

  • Doc Farmer✔ᶜᵒᵛᶠᵉᶠᵉ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    Somebody needs to hire this reporter. Then she can spill the beans on her “double-secret probation” from her employer.

    Frankly, if this is how they back their reporters, they don’t sound like much of an organization…

    • Jadzia

      I used to work for that organization, and you’re right. It’s not much of an organization.

    • Matthew

      I’m gay and I’m a writer and I don’t work for center-left el-jibbity rags like this for reasons like this.

      • Angelina Marie

        You’re a humongous bigot, Matthew. Stop hitting people with your social justice warrior club, when you treat trans people like a *cult*. BIgtoted POS.

  • Mara Massey

    More hypocrisy from the Left. if you don’t agree with them or have anything negative to say about them, everything will be done to silence you. No straying from the reservation allowed.

  • megajess

    If you’ve ever wondered how fascism was allowed to flourish in 1930’s in Europe, this article gives you insight. N Azi Germany is alive & well in the world!

  • AO1ret

    The left does not like it when they are outed for their bigotry. yes they will eat their own.

  • Noodle

    So they kicked them out for being Jewish…

    And somehow that can be spun as anything other than antisemitic?

    To bad the paper caved to the gay lobby…

  • The Demon Slick

    Truth to lefties is like sunlight to vampires.

  • Josh Pactor

    No good deed goes unpunished. 🙁

  • jayjay

    Not supposed to report the truth, I guess.

  • @disqus_ITA9sxRMSjwDereCHO

    Some are more equal than others.

  • Melissa Howe Pomeranz

    I am a Chicagoan. If they continue to sideline this reporter for factual representation of events simply because it rightfully shined a spotlight on the growing issue of antisemitism on the left, they’ll demonstrate that they, too, uphold antisemitism in the anti-racism movement.

  • Nov-cubed

    A smooth, smart move by the paper.

  • Miranda Pierpont

    This story is incomplete.

  • Joy Daniels Brower

    In a police state – as well as in a world dictated by PC and other anti-freedom pressure movements – the Truth is the first to suffer. And Ms. Hammond, rather than even THINKING “PC,” just wrote the truth about that very UGLY & BIASED “Dyke Parade,” thus shedding light on a very disgusting Truth about far leftists and the so-called “Gay Agenda.” It’s nothing more than a symbol of subversive communism – and NOTHING GOOD WHATSOEVER comes from THAT!!

  • paul riggall

    My sympathies to the reporter and to those that were rejected from the March.

  • The Walrus

    Hello everyone. i hope all is well in your lives.

    btw: 1st

  • Systemic Necrosis

    A star and crescent rainbow(Muslim Gay Pride) flag would have led to an IS(or ISIS) inspired attack. A Star of David rainbow flag, therefore, could not be allowed or the parade would be perceived as pro-Israel. We cannot have that. Thus, NO JEW FLAGS!

  • theflanman420420 .

    What a joke this country has become. How dare someone draw attention to the total hypocrisy of these so called “equality” groups who seek to propel their groups above all others, never to be “equals” with the non homo world

  • foxblue

    What a strange double standard upside down world we are living in
    where TRUTH is the first victim.

  • MCLowe

    It’s time to become Conservative, kid! Libs are liars and fakers.

  • Noodles123

    No one is more splintered than the homosexual community.

    They’re pro this anti that and if you don’t fit their cookie cutter standard just like how they say WASPs are then they become rude and abusive.

    “Oh you’re a lesbian but Jewish then you’re less valuable then the muslim lesbians.”


  • Deanimator

    Maybe they ought to change the name of the paper to “Die Volkischer Beobachter”, or may “Der Sturmer”…

  • DJ9r

    It’s always entertaining, but still somewhat sad, when lefties/progs start to eat their own…

  • rergerger

    Wow, they literally ousted for reporting on their misdeeds, if this were 1930’s Germany what would they be called?

  • Very strange and evil bedfellows the “Dykes” have embraced. The LGBT community will quickly exhaust all their political and sympathy capital having embraced anti Semitism and don’t give me any of that rubbish about anti-Zionism, trying to sugar coat their extremism. Palestinians embrace terrorism , pay bounties for killing Jews and happily target children and the elderly. They are also Islamic and gays are of course, treated so well by that political ideology. Marxist fellow travelers sure are a lot like dogs , transferring fleas when they get up.

  • adcarney

    hey I can think of a number of people who have lost their jobs because these group of freaks get upset over what they think or say.

  • john.fairplay

    More Liberal tolerance. What an embarrassment Chicago is to the United States. When California secedes, can they take Chicago with them?

  • Lucille Munro

    The reporter is Gretchen Rachel Hammond. immmm doesn’t look like her to me.

  • Dante Poe

    typical bs… she is a good writer and even better person.

  • Magnus Magnanimous

    Dykes apologize? Ha!

  • ooddballz

    Her crime?
    Showing the preferred victim group in a bad light.
    Or, in other words, telling the truth.

  • Pancho

    The Left eating its own…..they are the thought police.

  • Mystery Babylonian

    Just another story about the prog-fascists. As Churchill said, the next fascists we will fight, will call themselves anti-fascist.

  • AZ Patriot

    Still the Jews don’t get that the left hates them; the same for African Americans.

  • Derek Marlowe

    dont irritate the Muslims who are such proponents of gay rights. Like the right to get thrown off a building…

    • Matthew

      Muslims hate gays and love transcultists. In Iran, Pakistan, Syria, and the UAE they ban homosexuality but allow sex changes.

  • asfafsasdf

    Jewish people and gay men are no longer part of the social justice warrior bottom stack. Jewish people and gay men are now on par (in the minds of social justice warriors) with straight white cisgender men. Gay women, however, are further up the stack. Therefore, it is not allowed for gay meh or jewish people to criticize or report negatively in any way whtsoever on gay women (the same way straight white cisgender men would not be allowed).

  • Blinknone

    I see victim blaming is alive and strong in Chicago. How sad and pathetic.

  • Citizenstat

    It reflects badly on the Windy City Times that it’s management, rather than supporting Ms. Hammond’s sharp-eyed, intelligent reportage, chose to cavil to whatever might be politically correct in Chicago. There must be many publications with sufficient integrity (i.e., spine) to accommodate an honorable journalist like her.

    • Matthew

      PC is just a front for antisemitism, antifeminism, and homophobia

  • theGOONIES

    cant be causing no trouble for the lib masters now

  • Perrin


  • Perrin


  • Perrin

    no facts .

  • Perrin

    censor much ?

  • Bird_Dog

    Write an article that goes against The Narrative and you too could get demoted.

  • dzhugashvili

    Gretchen Rachel Hammond is a rare soul and one of G*d’s unique gifts to mankind. Anyone who gives a critical part of their body to an almost a complete stranger is closer to G*d’s love of mankind than almost all living mortals. As a point of comparison, Mother Theresa was buried with both of her kidneys. The fact that the Windy City Times would take this rare soul and talented journalist and bury her in the sales department speaks volumes about the complete depravity of what passes for Main Stream Media in the US.

  • Bill Jefferson

    Just leftists being leftists – nothing to see here, right?

  • Down Lowbama

    “We don’t do news in the journalism business, just propaganda.”

  • Scott Corwin

    She has principles, which is rare on the Left these days. She crossed the thick yellow line, burgeoning with cowardice, but full of rage and contempt for trespassers. As for the Dyke March, I’m sure the lot of them couldn’t point out which sand dune any of their tears are being wailed out in support of. On the other hand, they might be pointed out should they choose to March there. In one country they’d leave with their life. Those idiots.

  • Deplorable

    oy vey

  • Red-Pilled Conservative

    The cognitive dissonance of the LGBTQWERTY militants never ceases to amaze me. Theme your march as “anti-Zionist”, when Israel is the only state in the Middle East that protects the rights of homosexuals. The also theme it “pro-Palestinian”, while Islamic states like Palestine are tossing your kind off of tall buildings.

    You can have an LGBTQWERTY march in Tel Aviv. Good luck trying to have one in Ramahalah.

    • Centurion13

      You’re kidding yourself if you think mere facts are going to disrupt their devotion to their ideology. Denial is a powerful thing. Too bad it can’t give wings to those poor beggars getting tossed off of high buildings… but the Left is all about someone else’s sacrifice for The Cause. So it’s not really surprising.

    • bipplebop

      you do understand they are 2 separate issues? yes?

      • Matthew

        No they are not. No one who is against Judaism or against homosexuality deserves to live. No one.

    • Matthew

      Iran is following the same template as Dr. Mengele. So is Pakistan.

  • Mac-101

    So Gay Jews are barred so they don’t offend Muslim Palestinians who WILL kill ALL gays when they git a chance? LOL!
    And you too moderator can take a flyin leap also. No LOL

  • Craig S Joksch

    So a truthful story that doesn’t fit the paper’s narrative can get you in trouble?

  • Chapman

    The Authoritarian Left is strangling itself to death.

  • The man’s black

    I laughed til I stopped

  • DavidPeoria

    The left eating the left.


    Tyranny of the left: Freedom of speech for all…well for those who agree with me.

  • DinkumThinkum

    My first thought was that’s a man in the photo. I read a little and sure enough, it’s a man pretending to be a woman.

  • lilyred

    Oh, the trials and tribulations of LibLand. They can’t even get along with each other. Funny.

  • dieter

    geez, you deutschers are in such a censorship frenzy…everything against your ideology is “hate speech”

  • Paladin13

    More of the same suppression and repression of free speech and freedom of the press because the anti-Semitic organizers of a lesbian march are exposed. This is a message to others – expose the Left’s dirty laundry, beliefs and behavior, and you will pay.

  • J West Hardin

    Truth cannot fit the narrative of an increasingly false left agenda.

  • dieter

    what’s the banned word, algemeiner?

  • John27

    The purpose of “journalists” these days is to promote the Narrative,™ not to report the truth. She forgot that and was punished for it.

  • Lonesome Whistle

    Gays and jew-killing jihadis eating each other. Get some popcorn!

  • Irving

    I will never understand how even one Jew could associate themselves with Liberalism.

  • dieter

    Because it’s really all geared toward establishing the Global Totalitarian State and these fringe groups are tools the powers behind the closed doors use to break down society to then rebuild it under communism/socialism.

  • dieter

    Because it’s really all geared toward establishing the Global Totalitarian State and these fringe wacko groups are tools the powers behind the closed doors use to break down society to then rebuild it under communism/socialism.

  • War_Machine2

    I bet someone took a lickin’ for that and it wasn’t him!

  • pineconeK

    Stop Liberal Intolerance!

  • Rogue Cheddar

    That’ll teach you for having journalistic integrity. You are a strong and giving woman, you will endure, and may you find better opportunity with an employer that actually cares about the truth.

  • ExposeThem511

    This is nauseating.

  • bourgeoist

    Dang those Ju agitators…. Always sneaking in.

  • parum imperium

    Ain’t no tolerance like “Liberal” “tolerance”.

  • Ilya Makarov

    The reason that one may be “the first to post” is because the liberal moderator ain’t letting anything intelligently critical of their insane ideology past their narrow, little mind lol. Maybe consider changing your “let your voice be heard” to “let your voice be heard–but only if we agree with you” lol. Typical.

  • Indiana Mike

    Dykes for the Palestinians. The dykes better pray the Palestinians never get power over them. Or ANY muslims for that matter.

  • Political correctness trumps good journalism. Get used to it!

  • Worry

    There was no denial from Martinez about what happened. It is really just air.

  • ArmyAviator

    Liberal Socialists are anti-Semitic, just like their big brothers, the National Socialists were anti-Semitic. It runs with SOCIALISM, of all varieties.

  • get2djnow

    The Left is ubiquitously a bunch of Jew-hating thugs. It’s not surprising at all that there’s been retaliation on a journalist who outed the Dykes Collective for their disgusting behavior.

    • Matthew

      Hitler was a leftist, but the Left talks about him as if he and Ronald Reagan were interchangeable.

  • SouthernFried

    The left is eating other members of the left, no pun intended. I think.

  • rightyb

    gotta luv the jew hating left!

  • HalleG

    More news organizations manipulating what people read. The public wants the real news, truth. Truth can be ugly at times but that’s what real news is.

  • Sailordude

    3rd world.

  • John27

    The purpose of “journalists” these days is to promote the Narrative,™ not to report the truth. She forgot that and was punished for it.

  • cdw

    She should have stuck with reporting fake news. That’s what News Directors want these days.

  • Andylit

    I have yet to meet an anti-Zionist who upon the mildest questioning does not turn out to be an anti-Semite. I’m not saying such a creature does not exist, but I have yet to encounter one.

  • Andrew Joiner

    I think they would have been fine if they just told these women they could not fly their flags in the march. The fact that they had them removed is disturbing. The LGBT community faces enough bigotry from people outside the community. It is unfortunate that there are divisive elements inside it like this Martinez character.

  • “The Dyke March Collective”
    Or, as some prefer to call it: “The Walking of the Bulls.”

  • Zachary Reed

    Funny. The people demanding tolerance show none themselves. Hypocrites.

  • concerndcitizen

    If this story is true, that paper should be sued into oblivion. Ditto for the anti-semetic marchers. Wow!

  • Larrymcbride

    Isn’t interesting that some groups say accept me but won’t except others
    Be careful the measure use it will be used against you

  • Tim

    Don’t kid yourselves – nobody loves censorship more than liberals.

  • PittsburghTiger

    Can’t allow the truth about who has taken over the Left get out there for public consumption, right?

  • Pinchas Baram

    i guess i can be told that if i don’t like this kind of news i shouldn’t read it. but frankly, this whole business of making frontpage news about a dykes march, and the poor little jewish lesbos who weren’t allowed to march, is pathetic, laughable, puke-inducing. and who the f— cares one way or the other! all these so-called women, jew or non-jew, deserve each other, so let them fight and crap on each other– but let’s not make this a jewish story or a a case of grave discrimination that jews must be worked up about!

  • Thoughtful

    Why is anyone surprised the Facist Leftists only want their agenda, and propaganda reported being anti Jew is just the tip of the leftist facist iceberg. Get rid of facts by any means, stop and opposite voice and facts.

  • gbp

    Shameful. On so many levels.

  • dan

    expose antisemitism and she is demoted. seems that her employee is antisemitic. shame shame. so much for tolerance by the gays. maybe the parade should have been stopped, made someone feel not safe!

  • Lyman_Sweetwater


  • George Soros

    Hilarious! The left turning on its own!

  • Lyman_Sweetwater


  • Lyman_Sweetwater


  • Lyman_Sweetwater


  • CrabtownUSA

    So I guess you can say that the LGBTQ movement is anti-Semitic. Sounds about right. Rights for them….no rights for others. So much for inclusivity.

  • Al_Gemeinisch

    With great interest and some amusement, we see yet again the “oh so tolerant” Left consuming itself.

    It’s not just that the world view of these extremists is alien and incompatible with the values of average Americans … they are, in fact, surprisingly incompatible with even their “fellow travelers”.

  • telman

    Those pesky Jews always show up.

  • jopiper

    Mr. Himmler would be proud.

  • Mark the engineer

    I wonder how many “Dyke Marches” the Palestinians would allow in their “state”?

  • BeansNRice

    There you have it folks. Liberalism is completely arbitrary, they pick and choose winners. There is no guarantee they will pick you this time, or next time. Equality is bull $hip. Clearly here the Jews are “ahead” and the LGBT community is “behind” therefore they scrubbed the anti-Jewish behavior. The only rights philosophy that works is one that seeks equal opportunity. Not an arbitrary system where one day whites are favored, then blacks, then gays, then trans….

  • BraveNewWhirled

    So apparently there’s a “National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association”, and an award for promoting the agenda. I think most folks would prefer real journalism regardless of the journalist’s bent.

  • Joe

    Typical radical libturds… nothing is new. How are those jobs coming at the NYSlime?


    real news is the Democrats’ worst enemy.

  • Kathy Seblius

    Uh huh. Yeah the LGBTKQERTIK crowd can’t handle dissent. They are the modern day fascists.

  • Roger Reed

    Right. Because the group that acts to exclude (see stance on so-called tolerance and inclusion) is the one that gets to approve and dissaprove the validity of any criticism against them, right? We all (or some special classes) get to say, “No, your criticism of me is just not valid, because I say it is not. Nuh-UH-uh!” Makes sense, huh?

  • rayg

    See what happens. A journalist reports the truth, and she gets punished. No wonder it is so easy and fulfilling for them to lie instead.

  • Hubie337

    So the LBGTQ community sides with the “Palestinians”. Meanwhile, “Palestinian” gays are fleeing to Israel to escape persecution. Simply can’t make this stuff up.

  • Veritasycandor

    This is your brain
    This is your brain on leftist identity politics
    Any questions?

    Seriously- it’s delicious irony to see the left eat it’s own.

  • domdavid

    Expect no less from media outlets that support the identity politics agenda advanced by Intersectionalists. Here, I define Intersectionalists as members of a heterogenous collection of agitated and paranoid individuals who bond together in the shared belief that they have failed to thrive in life through no fault of their own, but because they are victims of an establishment that has disenfranchised and discriminated against them. Intersectionalists generally are vague about the precise composition of the establishment. Typically, any person or any group that challenges the self-serving claims of an Intersectionalists is either a member and/or tool of the establishment. Oddly, however, Jews and Israelis, regardless of their individual political and social views, are held by the Intersectionalists to be part and parcel of the establishment. This certainly seems odd. Indeed, considering the lachrymose history of the Jews and the current day geopolitical isolation of Israel, it would appear, on face, to be both irrational and illogical to classify Jews or Israelis as part of any establishment. Notwithstanding the illogicality of the Intersectionalist take on Jews, their adoption of anti-Semitic tropes is not unexpected. Intersectionalists are rabble-rousers, no more no less. Since scapegoating Jews has proved over the centuries to be a highly effective tool in the hands of demagogues, why wouldn’t the Intersectionalists make use of it today? Offending Jews or putting some of them at risk is not a consideration. Indeed, anti-Semitism is of no concern for Intersectionalists. To the contrary, they’re all for it although they do prefer to describe it as anti-Zionsim.

  • The Oatmeal Savage

    Did she learn anything?

  • Two If By Sea✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈAᴹᵉʳᶦ©ᵃᶰ

    I love to watch the progs eat their own.

  • Buck Naked

    More tolerance from the radical left…

  • libsrnazi

    Thou shalt not expose liberal hypocrisy…

  • rjm2238

    Once again we see hate and bigotry associated with the left. Seems that the truth is getting out a lot more often than it used to which, of course, is a good thing except for those on the left who are used to blaming all hate on the right. Now we can see the truth and the left for what we always knew them to be, intolerant and hateful.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  • JamesDrouin

    Yawn, slow news day … liberals engaging in bigotry and discrimination.

  • MCB0B

    Journalism has surrendered to Political Correctness. Wisdom weeps.

  • p3orion

    Hammond’s reporting didn’t cause the controversy. The controversy was caused by the INTOLERANCE of the Leftists who wouldn’t allow Jewish women to join their march for tolerance.

    Liberals have absolutely NO sense of irony (nor, usually, of decency.)

  • Joseph Kim

    The militant left eats their own. Truth is silenced by groupthink.

  • Major

    It’s good to know our American rights and freedoms are intact, as long as they don’t involve the Jews….what a bunch of hypocrits… there is no real tolerance among liberals. Whether they be gay or straight, all ideas are valid as long as they match the right(left) agenda… being a Hebrew does not match that agenda

  • d marino

    So, you can’t report the facts if it mentions Jews at LBGTQ? Only every other race and creed but the kosher klan?

  • PainInMyASS

    Eating their own. Maybe this reporter will become a new convert outside of the
    progressive system of hate.

  • Personmed Ansikte

    You do NOT cast women in a negative light in this country.

  • Just don’t call any of the womyn involved in the “Dyke March”, a Dyke. 2 hate crimes don’t equal a love crime.

  • Human Man

    So, they stand by her story as she reported it, but have essentially fired her as a reporter and are making her work as a phone sales person for newspaper advertising sales. An absolute sham.

  • Stone Wallz

    Repeat what we say and you will be hired.
    Report the truth and you will be fired

  • pyramid_003

    When you are on the Left you get slapped down when you step out of line. The Left can’t stand anyone who doesn’t toe the line. This is also a lesson to others at the newspaper who may try to think for themselves.

  • Efram Paul

    Politically-coerced censorship strikes again.

  • The newspaper should explain why they transfer Hammond and shut her voice. Is very logical to think that she had been target for supporting Israel. Very pour and unmoral action. Solution, I hope she will get reinstate or found another place to give her voice.

  • Hey there

    Scary times.

  • Rod M

    Sue the paper out of existence

  • Misuteri

    The left has become so deranged that now factions of identity politics are now fighting for supremacy on who is the most aggrieved, overlooked, victimized and stigmatized.

    So in this instance the Jews are the oppressors. Now wait, what other left wing party in history with socialists in their party name identified Jews as the oppressors.


    I feel badly for this writer. I may not identify with her personally or politically but from a professional standpoint anyone that has been intentionally sidelined from their career for speaking the truth has lessened us all as a society and nation.

    What happened to classic liberalism being defined as, “‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,’ ?

  • jekyllisle

    Apparently dykes don’t like Jews…who would have guessed?

  • Eviatar

    Gays who support Sharia law states that murder gays prove that leftism is a form of mental illness.

  • Tif

    The ALT-LEFT has become as big a problem as the ALT-RIGHT. This is infuriating.
    “Hammond’s reporting had been blamed by the march organizers for the ensuing controversy.”
    So, this award winning journalist has been demoted to a sales position at the paper because….drum roll please….she REPORTED WHAT SHE SAW. This needs to be exposed and broken WIDE open.

  • Damon McCright

    Well she should have known the LGBT community gets to do what they want and if you disagree you’re a racist.

  • MaroonVee

    Wow, so called progressives are showing their true color, anti semitic, and with their antifa thugs and violent protests (pepper spray, beating up, and shooting Republicans) they are a group of people not fit for a 1st world democracy.

  • jonez63

    Quickest way to lose your job if you work for a lib media outlet, tell the truth.

  • Crazycatkid

    Anti-Zionist = Anti-Semitic at all times

  • Cliff Hanger

    You really have to approve my comment, once again the ( in) tolerant left in action playing the almighty sensor as usual.

  • plastic_jeezus

    “In her initial report on the march, Hammond quoted a member of the Dyke
    March Collective explaining that the Jewish women had been removed
    because their flags “made people feel unsafe” and that the event was
    “anti-Zionist” and “pro-Palestinian.”

    ….now which culture is the one that kills LGBQTXYZ people?….i have a hard time remembering…


  • Thank God for the IDF

    Thank God for the IDF.

  • Jason

    LGBTQ does not include Jewish.

  • Just A Clot Away

    Wow, talk about bigotry.

  • grey

    Truth to Power. You exposed the Truth and Now you know the type of people you work for..
    They want you to QUIT, so they don’t have to fire you and be sued.
    The LGBT Community knows how that Game works

  • Harold Callahan

    Wow. Just wow. LGBTQLMNOP Fascists

  • jnsesq

    Gotta admire these lefty hypocrites. Stray from the orthodoxy and they’ll rain hell down on you.

  • M Aurelius

    The left can’t keep track of their victim status groups anymore because there are so many of them. So they all turn on one another groping for who is more deserving of weepy sympathy for their laughable first world “suffering.”…..
    Ladies, there are about a billion of your sisters confined to their homes, wearing whole body black bags, with no rights whatsoever, and they can’t do anything in their lives without asking men first. And if you are lesbian, you WILL be killed the minute you are found out.

    The lot of you coddled fools are no longer sane.

  • Aerotete

    Where is the ACLU when you need them? This situation is pregnant with civil rights abuses.

  • Anthony Krutis

    Wow the war on the press from the left….who would have thought about that.

  • Lloyd Smith

    Windy City Times, I would say shame on you, however, you are beyond redemption and you will not be missed or remembered.

  • Dindoo Nuffin

    There is nothing more racist, sexist, and homophobic much less violent, anti-semitic and anti-social than a liberal. I’m sorry, I forgot to include closed minded and anti-first amendment unless it’s their mouth that’s open. Bet this doesn’t see the light of day.

  • Don Miller

    How odd that liberal homosexuals would hate Jews but defend the barbaric Palestinians and the rest of the Middle Eastern jihadists, despite the fact that their book of hate — the Koran — demands the murder of homosexuals.

  • kimdi01

    Were the reporters telling the truth or just victims of political correctness?

  • wldtrv

    I guess, the Windy city news does not support its own staff when it gets rough. I personally hope that newspaper gets its own medicine and gets boycotted right out of existence.

  • Publius

    Bigotry has no party. Seems hate is endemic all around.

  • Surak

    Before rushing to any reactions, I recommend the reader read the linked column above by Hammond. This thoroughly political screed reveals that Hammond is actually a man, overflowing with loathing for conservatives. All I would say to Hammond is that you chose an interesting lifestyle and an interesting set of friends. They have behaved as I would expect them to behave. There is nothing shocking in the Algemeiner’s story.

  • Just A Clot Away

    They’re Democrats. They hate Jews, even if the Jews are lesbians.

  • BdubIndy

    A lot missing but it doesnt pass the smell test.

  • reasonnotfeelings

    Inclusiveness and tolerance

  • MekongDelta69

    The left always eats its own…

    Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by algemeiner.


  • Grumpy Cat

    Wow. An article about freedom of speech and the comments are being monitored.

  • fumblepigskin

    And here I expected more from *The Windy City Times*

  • Grumpy Cat

    It’s always the Joooooooooos who are to blame according to the fascists liberal left. But anything that portrays them as victims is to be swept under the rug.

  • Robert Browning

    Why do people hate the Jews? Is it the way they conduct themselves that rub people the wrong way??

  • Cliff Hanger

    Ah yes the (in) tolerant left doing what they do best, discriminating once again.

  • blacknblue2

    Thought it was an LGBTQ march ut I read ““made people feel unsafe” and that the event was “anti-Zionist” and “pro-Palestinian.”

    Media big shots have an agenda and it isn’t telling the truth.

  • MekongDelta69

    The left always eats its own…

  • rghndhuwtytytyt

    she went against the collective and now she has to pay…..

  • Safe Space Invader ™

    The snake is eating its own tail.

  • me, myself and I

    Moments such as this remind me why I left the Left. Simply grotesque behavior by supposedly tolerant people.

  • Unapologetic America

    Muslims Jihadis, Liberal Jewess’, and Rainbow degenerates eating their own. Delicious!


  • Bill Charles

    Liberal writer writes the truth, other liberals get triggered, try to destroy career of liberal writer. Shorter by-line “Sometimes you just aren’t liberal enough”.

  • Gorba

    Windy City Times – Nice way to shut down free speech. Also now we know that the LGBTQ community is no different than ISIS. This is not the first group they have “banned” from their activities. Just recently the Conservative LGBTQ groups were also banned by these radicals.

  • Unapologetic America

    Moslems, Liberal Jewesses, and Rainbow degenerates eating their own. Delicious!


  • Americans Only

    Gays are only friends to the lovable muslim community.

  • Unapologetic America

    Moslems, Liberal Jewesses, and queers eating their own. Delicious!

  • Jef Costello

    Any Jew that marches with muslims is a dope.

  • ChemicalDeath

    Leftist PC policing to the rescue!!

  • Dr. RightWing

    What a difficult time to choose which card to play: gay, gender, race, etc.

  • rillito

    Just another case of rampant yellow journalism. The plague continues to spread.

  • DEVOlutionary

    Ahh tolerance.

  • allah_speaking

    Truth is treason in an empire of lies.

  • Jen

    Thats Facism for ya!

  • Justin Tyme

    So, it’s OK to be anti-semitic if you’re gay? The lefty dem’s need to publish a rule book. It’s fun watching the PC culture eat itself.

  • cbusa

    The Windy City Times bills itself as “the Voice of Chicago’s Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans, and Queer Community Since 1985.” Do they include the voice of all LGBT Jews as part of their community, or do they also mandate a political litmus test that excludes supporters of Israel? Or are they simply capitulating after the fact to the browbeating tactics of the terror-supporting, anti-Israel activists?

  • Chia2015

    There has been a long told lie , told over and over again by the progressive left: “We of the progressive movement are all inclusive” …….as long as you agree with them and tow the party line

  • jimintexas

    This is funny… I a few years the jihadis will be throwing the dykes off the roof tops wherever the Democrats have surrendered neighborhoods to Sharia.
    The Irony of it all!

  • Wrabble

    Leftists are intolerant of divergent opinions.

  • Lawfully Abiding

    and 5000+ years of jewish hatred marches along …

  • Black Hole Sun

    The left……..Eating it’s own. Again.

  • Alpha Deplorable

    Proving yet again the only way to fight intolerance is ……..with intolerance.

  • robert franklin stroud

    Liberalism is a mental disorder, example 1,000,0001+

    Imagine the lunacy, corruption, and decay that would be taking place now if the corrupt Establishment’s candidate, Hillary, had won.

  • cowboybob

    To some, the Israeli flag is offensive, just like in some schools, students can’t have American flags because it is considered to be racist. Some say to even complain about this is racist. I am not complaining, only reporting.

  • joe

    The left eating itself alive

  • David North

    Tolerant much? Hypocrisy thy name is progressivism.

  • Yes it is perfectly OK to be antisemitic now
    Just call it Anti-Zionism

  • owenmagoo

    How many lesbians are tooling around in Subarus with the coexist bumper sticker? The one with the star of David as the x.

  • Trey Von Dinkis

    Lawsuit – all day.
    Make it happen. Push the oppressive Leftists to the wall – with every legal avenue at your disposal.

  • buddyhinton

    She was punished for speaking the truth in typical left-wing fashion.

  • wmsteoopaaffwc

    Let’s see… 3 jewish supremacists, a dyke march, and a liberal trash reporter.
    What a shame this once-proud nation has become.

  • Trey Von Dinkis

    Lawsuit – all day.
    Make it happen. Push the oppressive Leftists to the wall – with every legal avenue at your disposal.

  • Harold Janson

    Oy vey. The goyim know

  • loulai

    I hope Ms Hammond has a take-no-prisoners lawyer who will sue the Windy City Times for punishing her with “re-assignment”. Good for her for telling the truth-a rarity in the media- especially when it comes to the bigotry of “protected” groups such as LGBTQ.

  • enufizenuf

    For G-d’s sake, someone in Chicago give this woman a real job so she can quit the sexual identity politics at that so-called paper.

  • Art V

    WOW … just wow …

  • JeanneD

    Jewish gay women are not allowed to march in Gay Pride marches ?
    What an absurdity. !!!!! Gay women are prejudiced !!!! When will this end ????

  • Obviously they don’t stand by her reporting, if they have removed her from her duties like this.

  • Dean Winchester

    More of the neoDyke community intimidation – doesn’t sound much like equality to me.

  • Philbert McNutt

    Hard for progs to decide which victim group to side with, is that what I’m reading?

  • Stonewall’s Horse

    Which group are we supposed to feel sorry for?

  • Michael Green

    Good on you, Hammond! Don’t be deterred by (((them))) and their cronies! God bless you!

  • CheeseEatingSurrenderMonkey

    Reporting the truth will get you fired.

  • Albert

    Call The Windy City times and let them know how you feel. I am.

  • Sword of Honor

    Proof that craven ideological conformity, not truth, is the touchstone for the Media’s pseudo-liberal fantasists, who hope to appease the forces of bullying and prejudice, sacrificing integrity to buy an illusory peace.

    Europe tried it in the 1930s. It didn’t work. It never will. If we run, we will never stop running. We have to stand and resolve to face this. The one good thing about this sad incident is that the mask of moral rectitude is finally slipping off the hostile face of a familiar and ancient enemy, to the extent that the underlying hypocrisy will eventually be clear to all.

  • Lancelot Blackeburne

    Sounds like pure retaliation to me. The reporter went outside the party line and now the party is biting back.

  • That has GOT to be a dude.

  • Killing Independent George

    Gives the appearance that someone affiliated with the dyke march pulled some strings to retaliate against Hammond.

    • The Windy City Times — whose masthead featured Hammond as a senior writer until a week ago — now describes her as “senior account executive.”