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August 3, 2017 12:41 pm

Jared Kushner Is Right: There’s No Solution for Mideast Peace

avatar by Stephen M. Flatow /

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US officials Jason Greenblatt, David Friedman and Jared Kushner at a June 2017 meeting in Jerusalem with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Jewish state’s Washington envoy Ron Dermer. Photo: Amos Ben Gershom / GPO via Netanyahu’s Twitter account. – When presidential adviser Jared Kushner said in a recent private discussion that “there may be no solution” to the conflict between the Palestinian Arabs and Israel, he was just stating the obvious.

For nearly a century, self-appointed wise men have been claiming to have the solution — but every such proposal has proved to be a mirage.

The British thought that they had the solution in 1922, when they sectioned off the eastern part of Mandatory Palestine — 78 percent of the original mandate territory — and set up an Arab kingdom there, which came to be known as “Jordan.” You’d think that giving the Palestinian Arabs 78 percent of the country would be enough to convince them to let the Jews have the remaining 22 percent. No such luck.

England tried again 15 years later. The Peel Partition Plan of 1937 proposed to divide up the remaining 22 percent of the country. The Arabs would get three-fourths of it. The British would keep Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The Jews’ dwarf-state would consist of the Galilee and a thin strip of land running down the coast. Jewish leaders, desperate for a few grains of sand, were willing to negotiate on that basis. The Arabs, however, refused.

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In 1947, the United Nations came up with its own “solution.” Once again, the Arabs were offered the majority of the remaining territory. The Jews would be given a piece of the Galilee, part of the coast and a portion of the Negev. Such a Jewish state would have been militarily indefensible, not to mention incapable of absorbing large number of immigrants. But Jewish leaders, now desperate for anything in the wake of the Holocaust, accepted it. The Arabs, of course, rejected it. A bloody war followed.

US State Department officials Daniel Kurtzer and Dennis Ross came up with a new “solution” in 1989. They convinced outgoing president Ronald Reagan and incoming president George H.W. Bush that the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was for the US to pretend that Yasser Arafat and the PLO wanted peace, and to negotiate with them. Yet Bush had to withdraw US recognition of Arafat 18 months later, when PLO terrorists were caught on their way to slaughter Israelis on the Tel Aviv beachfront and take hostages at the nearby American embassy.

But Kurtzer and Ross revived their “solution” 12 years later — and managed to embarrass the next President Bush in the same way. They persuaded George W. Bush that Arafat, having signed the Oslo Accords, really wanted peace this time. But in January 2002, Arafat was caught trying to smuggle in 50 tons of weapons on a ship called the Karine A. Now it was the other Bush’s turn to declare that “the Palestinians must develop a new leadership, not tainted by support for terror.” Like father, like son.

The Palestinians didn’t heed Bush’s advice. Instead of developing a non-terrorist leadership, they made Arafat’s number-two man, veteran terrorist Abu Mazen — whom we know as Mahmoud Abbas — their new leader. And — was this so hard to predict — Abbas promptly continued Arafat’s policies of glorifying terrorism, paying salaries to terrorists and encouraging terrorist attacks. So much for the Kurtzer-Ross “solution.”

Two desperate Israeli leaders, Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert, came up with “solutions,” too. Prodded and pressured by the State Department, Barak (in 2000) and Olmert (in 2008) offered the Palestinian Authority (PA) massive concessions. The Palestinians still wouldn’t accept.

Does anybody remember Dennis Ross’ “solution” in 2010? He claimed that more Palestinian housing would lead to peace. He pressured Israel to let Hamas import cement. “I argued with Israeli leaders and security officials, telling them they needed to allow more construction materials, including cement, into Gaza so that housing, schools and basic infrastructure could be built,” he later wrote in the Washington Post. “They countered that Hamas would misuse it, and they were right,” Ross admitted. Hamas used the cement to build “a labyrinth of underground tunnels, bunkers, command posts and shelters for its leaders, fighters and rockets,” he said.

But the State Department just wouldn’t give up. Martin Indyk and his assistant David Makovsky came up with a “solution” of their own which, as usual, would have involved Israel making sweeping territorial concessions and the Palestinians getting an armed, sovereign state that would be jammed against Israel’s throat. Israel needed to release 104 terrorists (who had killed 70 Israelis) just for the “privilege” of negotiating with the PA. But then right in the middle of the 2013-2014 Indyk talks, the PA’s Abbas suddenly announced the creation of a PA-Hamas unity government. The Indyk-Makovsky “solution” was left in tatters.

Does anybody notice a pattern here? Isn’t it obvious by now that any “solution” involving the permanent existence of a Jewish state of any size will never be sincerely accepted by the Palestinians?

All of the professional peace processors and self-appointed Middle East “experts” still don’t seem to grasp a simple fact that an unassuming real estate developer-turned-presidential son-in-law evidently understands: the conflict between Palestinian Arabs and Israel has no solution. A century of bitter and bloody experience has made that painfully clear.

Stephen M. Flatow, a vice president of the Religious Zionists of America, is an attorney in New Jersey. He is the father of Alisa Flatow, who was murdered in an Iranian-sponsored Palestinian terrorist attack in 1995.

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  • J B

    Establishing Jordan had nothing whatsoever to do with “Palestinians”. The so-called-Palestinian Arab identity was not even a glimmer in Arafat’s mother’s eye in 1922.
    Rather, the British had an ally, who had been ousted from his original home territory (today part of Saudi Arabia, the House of Saud being the ones who ousted him and took control), and they wanted to reward him with something. He was first rewarded part of Iraq and lost that too, if I recall correctly. So then he was given “Trans-Jordan” – a biblical name, mind you – to be his own kingdom. He had no historical business being there, but nobody in power cared.
    And of course, after invading newly-declared Israel and stealing territory on the cis-Jordan in 1948, they changed the country’s name to Jordan on account of it straddling the famous river and no longer being only on one side of it.
    How these historical misconceptions manage to creep into everybody’s mind is worrying. The truth can’t possibly win out if its champions can’t manage to remember the facts.
    Yet ironically, the author’s point still has validity, because in those days everybody talked about the Arabs as one collective (including they themselves, being the heyday of pan-Arab identity), so one could indeed have spoken about how “the Arabs” ought to have been content with that large territory that was gifted to them in violation of the Palestine Mandate.

  • Jess S.

    The writer is only half right. While there’s been no solution to date, there certainly is a solution just not the will to implement it. The writer, an astute observer of the conflict, certainly knows what a real solution will require. Maybe he’ll share those ideas with us in a future column.

  • Peter

    Since the PA and Hamas have only one thing on their agenda and that is from the Jordan to the Sea, which they teach their children right from kindergarten, Jered has it right, as until and unless the Arabs recognize Israel as the Jewish state, peace will never be posible!!!!!

  • Actually, there is one solution…

    Only one…

    But it needs courage…

    To do with every terrorists and every of their supports what Trump has told.

    The only thing really good he did since he has been elected.

    He told in Saudi Arabia a thing about terrorists we should understand for us too :

    “Drive them out of your Holy Land !”

    1) We have to expel the terrorists and their supports for good and irrevocably.

    2) To retake the territories we gave up to our ennemis in Judea & Samaria and the Gaza strip

    3) To propose an oath of allegiance to the other Arabs, as a kind of contract, making them swear in exchange of non expellation, to never act to destroy the Jewish and democratic State of Israel, to raise their children in culture of peace, to never support any terrorists plans. That allegiance goes with Israeli citizenship the State of Israel give to them as soon as they swear fidelity to the Jewish and democratic State of Israel, with all their rights, just like for the other Israeli citizens. The Arabs who don’t want to swear fidelity to Israel and to make oath of allegiance, would be expelled as well (because it is a sign of their will to destroy and kill sooner or later).

    4) To act to create meeting organizations and initiatives between Jews and Arabs to learn coexistence.

    5) To create the environnement of diversity

    We shall never ever forget to NEVER let any region, place, city, village Judenrein anymore ! That is the factor of terrorism and antisemitism propaganda since Arabs are little children. We see that today everywhere in our land where there is no Jew !

    When I say “We have to expel the terrorists and their supports for good and irrevocably” I mean those from the Knesset too, like A’hmad Tibi and ‘Haneen Zu’abi, and others, and the PLO, the P.A., with Ma’hmud Abbas and Saeb Erekat !

    I meant ALL terrorists and ALL their supports !

    ‘Ami Artsi עמי ארצי

  • garry pollack

    Why bother…They’ll just put it on hold???

  • There will be no end of the Arab-Israeli conflict until Arabs genuinely accept Israel’s right to exist.

  • YoshiNakamura

    The reason that there is no solution to the “Palestinian-Israeli” conflict has nothing at all to do with the Palestinian leadership. The reason goes much deeper than that. First of all, we need to understand that the conflict is NOT a “Palestinian-Israeli” conflict. It is not even an “Arab-Israeli” conflict as it used to be called. The greatest proof is that Israel’s deadliest enemy is The Islamic Republic of Iran which is not Arab, let alone Palestinian. We are dealing with an Islamic holy war — jihad — against the Jews, just like the Hamas Charter says. In Islam’s sacred texts, their god commands Moslems to make war on the Jews and subjugate them to Islamic law, and their prophet commands Moslems to make war on the Jews and kill them. ANY Moslem leader who wanted to make peace with Israel would have to flagrantly violate the sacred commands of his god and his prophet. It is not going to happen. They take their religion seriously, even if we don’t.

    • KristenJ

      Exactly. I said the same above to a dreamer. They will not give up. Arafat laid it out in a 1973 interview I have and Hamas continues those same thoughts. See my post above and what Jamaat-e-Islamic says: it’s not about conquering for land and resources but for Islam. They spread this idea. Amazing that this religion continues to think in centuries old terms, I guess we can figure out why, but it’s definitely a pathological culture and one where reformers are lucky to stay alive. It’s definitely a cult mentality. Now Turkish politicians and Erdogan threaten holy war on Europe so they can say, “Yay, Islam won!” and proceed to ruin more countries. No matter how many times you try to explain how they have hurt themselves, their pride and denial of aspects of their religion is compensated by jihad. It’s not just about making war on Jews, but the whole world. When they invaded Persia they used the Qur’an as a reason, and jihad (spreading Islam) is always a reason. Iran’s mullahs too have been quite clear about that since their 1979 Revolution.

      People ought to take their religion seriously, and many do, but powers that be pretend they don’t know that for their own machinations. I listen to more and more young Muslims with this attitude of ‘winning’ for the sake of winning.

  • Bear Klein

    If you want peace it is time to forget being politically correct and proportional in fighting Palestinian
    terrorism. It is time to be determined to win the conflict and not just say the conflict will continue forever. It is not acceptable that every few months or years that Palestinians shoot rockets at Israelis, blow up bombs, kidnap children, set fires or resort to other forms of violence against Jews in Israel.

    Israel needs to deport and or Jail all terrorists and their supporters. This is a long term war which must be won. Those Arabs that would like to emigrate (polls say up to 80% in East Jerusalem and Judah/Samaria) would like to emigrate, Israel should assist them, including financially. Those
    Arabs who demonstrate loyalty to the State of Israel (e.g. Druze) are welcome to stay with full civil rights. This will take a long time but the conflict is already 100 years old and Israel needs to be determined to win it. Co-existence with those who deny you any right to exist and raise their children to kill you is not possible.

  • Mr_Cohen

    If you want to understand why there is no solution for
    Mideast peace, then carefully study this YouTube video:

    Jews Are the Eternal Enemies of Muslims
    Regardless of the Occupation of Palestine

    From MEMRI TV dot org * 2011 June 12

  • David Borhani

    Truer words have never been spoken. Thank you.