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August 6, 2017 11:40 am

Netanyahu Praises Communications Minister’s Decision to Close Al Jazeera’s Israel Office

avatar by Benjamin Kerstein

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Al Jazeera’s English newsroom in Doha, Qatar. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has praised Communications Minister Ayoob Kara’s recent decision to close the Qatari-based news channel Al Jazeera’s Israel office.

“I congratulate Minister of Communications Ayoob Kara,” Netanyahu tweeted on Sunday, “who, in accordance with my instructions, took practical steps today to stop Al-Jazeera‘s incitement in Israel.”

Earlier on Sunday, Reuters reported that Kara decided to close the station for “supporting terrorism” and that he will “revoke press credentials of Al-Jazeera TV journalists, close their Jerusalem bureau and pull the Qatar-based station’s broadcasts from local cable and satellite providers.”

Haaretz World News Editor Asaf Ronel, however, tweeted that Kara only “wants” to close the channel but has not yet taken action. Indeed, Reuters notes that “further legislation” will be necessary in order to do so.

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Al Jazeera has met with accusations of anti-Israel bias and antisemitism for years. However, it is also controversial within the Arab world. In particular, it has been accused of serving as a mouthpiece for the government of Qatar and a supporter of Islamist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

Al Jazeera journalists have been arrested in Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan have shut down its offices in their respective countries. Saudi Arabia and a coalition of Arab states issued a series of demands to Qatar in February that included the station’s immediate and permanent closure.

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  • Hope that the Qatar propaganda will stop not only in Israel but also in Australia, I remember well during the Egypt Muslim Brotherhood brutality and imposition of sharia that had take 30 million Egyptian to protest how they manipulate and show Morsi as the good gay instead of the devil and terrorist that is with his Muslim Brotherhood that was supporter also by Barack Obama e Clinton family that are corrupted up to the bone.

  • Citizenstat

    I understand that Al Jazeera frequently (if not always) reports unfavorably about Israel. However, this article implies that they are unfavorable to most everyone. If so, I think we have an opportunity to bring them ’round. Give it a try, please. Thanks.

  • Jewish Unity is a key to our survival
    From the dawn of our liberation from Egypt to our current times, unity, mutual responsibility, self-reliability, and accountability have been paramount to our success and survival. Throughout the ages, we have developed scientific and academic skills above and beyond all other nations; which include numerous life-saving inventions and eye-opening discoveries which benefit all nations. We have presented the world with monotheism, humanitarianism, socialism, But while developing these things, we overlooked the one tenet that the world needs most today, and which is altogether absent on our planet: unity.
    When I say unity, I do not mean unity based upon any type of bias or to defeat an adversary. This type of alliance has brought us to where we are today; two world wars behind us and possibly en route to a third. The unity I am referring to is unity among all of mankind; unity for the sake of peaceful co-existence, human and worldwide evolution.
    Our Jewish people are fractured and divided beyond recognition. If we did not know better, we would probably never assume that Orthodox Jews and the Secular Party Liberals, for example, belong to the same faith; or that Jewish settlers and Ultra liberal left wing party voters share the same origin. Even relations between Israel and the Diaspora are fraught with discord to the point Israel itself is viewed by many as a dividing element among Diaspora Jews, which is not true.
    It seems somehow we have forgotten we are all still descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whose legacy of mercy is embodied in the immortal words of Rabbi Akiva: “love your neighbor as yourself.” This tenet, part of the foundation of our faith, is where our strength lies – in unity above and beyond all our differences.

    However, let me reiterate, our unity must not be based on the common cause to defeat an adversary. Rather, our unity must be founded in our faith and understanding in order to overcome our ego-driven singular agendas so as to create a viable, sustainable social fabric; a society where Jews can live side-by-side in peace and harmony among themselves and with their neighbors. Subsequently, our goal must be to share our unity with anyone who is interested in embracing it. Said goal to unify and effort to share our unity in itself, will help dissolve the global campaign to unjustly demonize Israel in the eyes of the world.

    Upon examination of the history of the Jewish people, and Israel itself, one cannot deny the empirical evidence both have somehow overcome and managed to survive obstacles no other singular people have historically survived. The common factor forming the very foundation of this Jewish survival has been and will always be “faith and unity”. As such, perhaps our motto, our mission should be: “Unity in Faith – Unity in Mankind”.
    YJ Draiman

  • Reb_Yaakov

    Someone like Kara should be given more of an international role, serving an an example of Israel’s diversity.

  • Mr_Cohen

    I thank and praise the G_D OF ISRAEL for this long-overdue step in the correct
    direction. May He decree many more steps in the correct direction, and very soon.

  • Jon Shaw

    Al Bra-zeera is size AAA- very flat.