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August 8, 2017 1:40 pm

Following Chairman’s Antisemitic Speech, UK Government Confirms It Does Not Support British University in Egypt

avatar by Benjamin Kerstein

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Mohamed Farid Fouad Khamis. Photo: Screenshot.

The UK government has confirmed to the Campaign Against Antisemitism — a local Jewish watchdog group — that it does not give assistance to the British University in Egypt (BUE), after the chairman of the school’s Board of Trustees was caught endorsing the antisemitic forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Mohamed Farid Fouad Khamis told a conference in Cairo earlier this year, “The Protocols of Zion: one hundred of the most important Zionist leaders of the world assembled, got together, so that they agree on how to control the world. This event is definitely true and documented. …So they discussed: how can we control the world? And it is written: ‘We will control the world with the media, then with money.’”

“The protocols talk in a very clear way on how to carry out control of the media and whoever consumes it,” Khamis added, saying anyone who read the text would “discover a very strange thing,”

“He will understand the meaning of the ‘Arab Spring’ or the ‘Arab Autumn,'” Khamis continued. “He will understand [former US Secretary of State] Condoleezza Rice when she described ‘creative [destruction and] chaos [in the Middle East].’”

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In a statement, the CAA stated that it had contacted the British government to clarify its position on Khamis’ comments. Alistair Burt, the minister of state for international development, replied that the government does not support the British University in Egypt.

“I share your commitment to tackle antisemitism in all its forms, including in the perpetuation of the slanders within The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” Burt wrote in a letter. “I note your concerns about BUE very carefully. Thank you.”

The CAA concluded, “The only association with Britain that the BUE now has is its name.”

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  • Joseph Feld

    A 19th Century Russian forgery long dismissed as a hoax and the head of an Arab university talks as if the Protocols were new and original ! With educational leaders like this is it a wonder that the Arab world sems to lag behind ? Some Muslims have picked up Mediaeval blood libels based on Christianity, libels that were dropped 500 years ago and with no relevance to Islam. The real power that controled things for generations was Arab oil, still an important factor. The need for Arab oil in the 1930’s was a major factor in Britain locking the gates to Palestine and the Jewish national home just when Europe’s Jews needed asylum. The Holocaust proved how powerless we Jews were, unable to save ourselves.

  • Citizenstat

    The British Government should insist that Mohamed Farid Fouad Khamis’s university should excise word “British” from its name.

  • robert Davis

    It should be evident by now to all Israeli stupid “leaders” that arab leaders and other trash leftwing people cannot believe in the trash they spread such as fake news, fake History, the protokols of Zion etc and all this is nothing but pressures on Israel so that it does NOT expel its arab jordanian population. Doing exactly the contrary will logically stop the pressures and end the conflict. They tried appeasement for 70 yeard and that naturally did not work, why the heckle do they not try its OPPOSITE POLICY? in order not to be blamed? but they are blamed anyway on a perpetual basis better be blamed for a few weeks than for ever.

  • Efram Paul

    I always love when the scum talk about Jews running the media. If Jews ran the media, the media would not be the antisemitic cesspool it is.

  • Sword of Honor

    Education – real education – is the only answer to the darkness in the surrounding nations, which is why their leading figures peddle some enduring myths. This example is deeply disturbing, because only the most ignorant or mendacious could use the expression “…definitely true…” in even the remotest connection with the infamous Protocols.

    It is shameful and shocking to find dangerous affirmations emanating from any institution describing itself as a university. Still, it is good to know that such sham scholarship, which presents as crowd-pleasing, will not be supported by the British Government, because base and malevolent propaganda-mongering merits no encouragement at all.

  • cbusa

    Kind of ironic. The ones actually trying to dominate the world and reestablish their caliphate is…. Muslims! And they are doing it by buying influence in the media and academia with oil money to frame themselves as victims, Jews/Israelis as evil, and to create a new history. Sadly the mthodology of the Protocols is working, but not FOR the Jews – AGAINST.

  • Reb_Yaakov

    The UK should ask the university to change its name.