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August 30, 2017 10:29 am

J Street Rewrites History to Create ‘Palestine’

avatar by Stephen M. Flatow /

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J Street Executive Director Jeremy Ben-Ami. Photo: J Street Facebook page. – The US government’s reluctance to demand the immediate creation of a Palestinian state has sent J Street into a panic. With its candidates having been defeated in elections on both sides of the ocean, and its proposals crumbling in the face of reality, J Street is trying one last desperate strategy: rewriting history to claim that Palestinian statehood has been supported by everybody, everywhere, for as long as anyone can remember.

Asked by reporters on August 24 about the Palestinian state issue, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said: “We are not going to state what the outcome has to be. It has to be workable to both sides. That’s the best view as to not really bias one side over the other, to make sure that they can work through it.”

Nauert’s statement was simple, logical and reasonable. But her failure to pledge a full-throated endorsement of the Palestinian agenda sent J Street into a tizzy. The J Street leaders fired off an overheated press release that declared: “For more than two decades, responsible Israeli and Palestinian leaders, US presidents of both parties and virtually the entire international community have understood that a two-state solution is the only viable way to end the conflict.”

Literally everything in J Street’s declaration is erroneous.

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American presidents have not supported Palestinian statehood “for more than two decades.” George W. Bush was the first president to publicly support a Palestinian state while in office. That was in 2002, i.e. 15 years ago, not “more than two decades.” Can’t anybody at J Street do basic math?

Not only that, but Bush’s support was conditional. In his June 25, 2002, speech about a Palestinian state, Bush said that such a state could come about only if the Palestinian people elected “new leaders not compromised by terror.” The Palestinians, of course, did exactly the opposite.

The only president who has unconditionally and publicly supported Palestinian statehood while in office was Barack Obama. Suddenly J Street’s tally of “more than two decades” is down to eight years.

And anyway, since when is there a rule that every future president is obligated to take the same position as President Obama?

J Street is equally mistaken in its absurd claim that “virtually the entire international community” supports creating a Palestinian state. How could J Street possibly know what “virtually the entire international community” thinks?

There are 7.44 billion people in the world. Did J Street ask them all? How many farmers in Thailand or truck drivers in Nebraska care whether the Palestinian Arabs have a state or not?

There have been two major arguments in favor of Palestinian statehood. Neither of those arguments have stood the test of time.

The first was that Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Arabs had given up their goal of destroying Israel, and had forsaken terrorism. Presumably, if they changed their ways, they could be trusted with their own state in Israel’s backyard. That was the basis for the Oslo Accords in 1993. But that argument fell apart when Arafat tried to smuggle 50 tons of weapons into Gaza on the motor vessel Karine A in 2002. It turned out that the old terrorist had never changed his ways, after all.

For the past 22 years, these Palestinians have been residents of the Palestinian Authority — and they vote in Palestinian elections. They will never be Israeli citizens, will never vote in Israeli elections and will never threaten Israel’s Jewish demographic majority.

The old arguments for Palestinian statehood lie in tatters. The US government’s position simply reflects that reality. J Street, unable to face reality, is trying to change history to suit its agenda. Friends of Israel need to act swiftly to counter such dangerous revisionism.

Stephen M. Flatow, a vice president of the Religious Zionists of America, is an attorney in New Jersey. He is the father of Alisa Flatow, who was murdered in an Iranian-sponsored Palestinian terrorist attack in 1995.

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  • Matt McLaughlin

    we all know of W Churchill calling Jews Bolshiviks.He was wrong. Crypto-Jew anyway, Leo Amery, too.

  • Matt McLaughlin

    well see. the heredim and mulluhs say Zionism will pass. Its all about educating Protestants .

  • Matt McLaughlin

    ask all the Muslims….? Nobody asked the world’s Jews, 1917.

  • Metatrona

    J Street is a repulsive group of Jews!

  • aj nitzberg

    “They will never be Israeli citizens, will never vote in Israeli elections and will never threaten Israel’s Jewish demographic majority.” – ‘Never’ is a long time. Especially when one’s foe is as passionate and implacable as the Muslims.

    The Israeli Left has short memories and a tremendous capacity for self-delusion.

  • mikep1738

    Another two-state solution for whose problem? Israel’s problem of fulfilling end-of-conflict goals of peace and reconciliation as expressed in their foundation document, their Declaration of Independence; or the Arabs’ problem as expressed in their foundation documents – destruction of the world’s only Jewish state and the slaughter of every Jewish man, woman, and child?

  • J Street has espoused from the very beginning of its existence the
    invented Palestinian narrative and the utterly anti-democratic position
    that no matter whom the Israeli electorate itself chose to elect, they
    had to be ignored in favor of the utterly absurd J Street position of
    ignoring the results of this democratic process, in other words, suicide
    for Israel. As such, they should have been shunned, rejected, denounced
    and opposed at every turn for the little left-wing fascists that they
    are, but between the support of an astonishing number of incredibly
    stupid Jewish supporters and the wink-wink nods of approval from the
    equally left-wing fascist president named Obama we suffered for eight
    years, J Street really thought they could ram through and impose on
    Israel their demented prescription to solve the Middle East conflict…
    and never suffer the consequences. Now reality once again bite them in
    the ass, and their time is up. Like all previous solutions prescribed by
    the left, J Street’s solutions are now dead, deservedly ridiculed for
    the insanity they were, as the US president who supported them has
    already disappeared into the trash bin of history. May he rest there
    forever. J Street has no other option now than to admit defeat, close
    shop and disband in shame. No one should show them any mercy. They don’t
    deserve it. PS: If you ever make the mistake of signing up to the J
    Street newsleter, be advised that they don’t include an unsubscribe link
    as every other decent group does (and incidentally is required by law).
    The result is that they keep you prisoner and keep sending you their
    drivel every day. Another sign of a deeply anti-democratic group. Anyone
    in his/her right mind would be well advised to stay away from these

  • John McDonagh

    If only JStreet cared half as much about the State of Israel as it does about the failed idea of an Arab state called Palestine ever living at peace with its neighbour, the Jewish State of Israel. They should change their name to PStreet and be honest about their allegiances.

    • A.S.F.

      I would hazard a guess that many of the individual members of J Street are more dedicated to the glorification of their egos than they are to anything else. They infantilize Palestinians as much as they arrogantly knock other Jews (“Zionists”), who they feel are morally inferior and beneath them. That does not indicate that they have any more real respect, caring and concern for Palestinians as human beings than they do for Jews. I think they should call themselves NStreet–The “N” referencing their Narcissistic qualities.

  • If you read the 1917 Balfour Declaration (Which emulated Napoleons 1799 letter to the Jewish community in Palestine promising that The National Home for The Jewish people will be reestablished in Palestine, as the Jews are the rightful owners). Nowhere does it state an Arab entity west of The Jordan River. The San Remo Conference of 1920 does not state an Arab entity west of The Jordan River. The Mandate for Palestine terms does not state an Arab entity west of the Jordan River. It specifically states a Jewish National Home in Palestine without limiting the Jewish territory in Palestine. It also states that the British should work with the Jewish Agency as the official representative of the Jews in Palestine to implement the National Home of the Jewish people in Palestine. I stress again; nowhere does it state that an Arab entity should be implemented west of the Jordan River.
    As a matter of historical record, The British reallocated over 77% of Jewish Palestine to the Arab-Palestinians in 1922 with specific borders and Jordan took over additional territory like the Gulf of Aqaba which was not part of the allocation to Jordan.

    No where in any of the above stated agreements does it provides for an Arab entity west of the Jordan River. The U.N. resolutions are non-binding with no legal standing.
    YJ Draiman

    • The Mugged Liberal

      Besides, Arabs come from Arabia. They are not indeginous anywhere else.

      • Matt McLaughlin

        right. and how many Jews from Palestine at Basel, 1897? A: 4
        Dont chu think you should hv lived there first? Zionism not popular among Jews, 1917

    • Matt McLaughlin

      Did Cromwell mention an Irish Free State when driving Irish west of the Shannon, 1660?
      Same dance.