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September 11, 2017 12:54 pm

Donald Trump, Jr.’s Mafia-Style Defense

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Donald Trump Jr. Photo: Facebook.

When it first came to light, Donald Trump, Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer in 2016 was called a harmless conversation about adoptions. Trump’s supporters said that the discussion was solely about the program for American adoptions of Russian orphans that Vladimir Putin ended in 2012 in retaliation for US punitive action against Russia.

How touching to learn that Donald Trump, Jr., and the Trump administration held such deep concern and compassion for American families who wished to bring immigrant children to America.

But alas, this explanation wasn’t true.

Later, fearing that contrary evidence would surface, Donald Trump, Jr. came somewhat clean — and admitted that the rendezvous was about obtaining dirt on Hillary Clinton that the Russian lawyer was dangling. What choice, Trump asked, did he have but to pursue this “political opposition research?”

Eventually the dazzling, changing number of Trump staffers and Russians at the meeting grew to reach a total of eight.

At a Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on the meeting last week, Donald Trump, Jr. issued a statement confirming his revamped story, while casually dismissing the seriousness of the meeting: “I believed that I should at least hear them out.”

This eyebrow raising account is reminiscent of classic parodies of Mafia-style defenses.

In one case, a Mafia lawyer defending his client explains: “My client was standing innocently on a street corner in Brooklyn eating an apple — with an ice pick — when this jerk comes running around the corner and runs into the ice pick — four times, backwards.”

Another example:

Mafia lawyer: My client couldn’t have committed the murder. He wasn’t even there.

District Attorney: We have five witnesses who saw him there.

Mafia Lawyer: If he was there, he was an innocent bystander.

District Attorney: The witnesses saw him pointing a gun and pulling the trigger.

Mafia Lawyer: If he did shoot, it was in self-defense.

Now an example featuring Donald Trump, Jr. and Russia:

Trump, Jr.: I didn’t meet with the Russians.

Interviewer: But we have witnesses who saw you in a room with Russian operatives.

Trump, Jr.: If I was in a room with them, it was coincidental –but I had nothing to do with them.

Interviewer: The witnesses say they saw you talking to the Russians.

Trump, Jr.: If I was talking to them, I was just being courteous and cordial.

Interviewer: But the witnesses overheard you talking about Russia/US relations.

Trump, Jr.: If I was talking about Russia/US relations, it must have been about the high price of caviar.

If Trump, Jr. had said that, at least it would have been an admission that something fishy was going on.

Otherwise, welcome to the Trump world of “alternative facts” and “opposition research.”

Will the next Trump family building project be a high-rise luxury prison — the greatest prison ever?

Bernard Starr holds a PhD in psychology from Yeshiva University in NYC and is a professor emeritus at the City University of New York, Brooklyn College. He is also a past president of the Brooklyn Psychological Association and the Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy. His latest book is “Jesus, Jews, And Anti-Semitism In Art: How Renaissance Art Erased Jesus’ Jewish Identity & How Today’s Artists Are Restoring It.”

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  • enufizenf

    This “article” has no place in the Algemeiner. First of all it has nothing to do with any Jewish issues, and second of all it’s full of the same sort of omissions and distortions typical of the mainstream media.
    Anyone who does not understand by now that the entire Russia/Trump narrative is, from beginning to end, a total fabrication of the Clintons, John Podesta, and the DNC is totally oblivious to the obvious, and oblivious to the fact that it was all started by the outrageously phony fake dossier written by an ex-agent of England at the behest of a sort of PR and destruction group under the hire of the DNC. That not a single fact implicating ANYONE from the Trump campaign in any misdeeds involving Russia after 9 months of the DNC’s little inquisition ought to begin to make clear to Democrats that THEY have been lied to by the demons in charge of that party. Who believes for two seconds that if a foreign country had said to the Clinton campaign that they had dirt on Trump that within half an hour the Clintons would have been there taking notes and salivating? And finally, the one thing anyone who wants to understand how the present day Democrat leadership operates – WHATEVER the Democrats accuse others of doing is what they, themselves, are guilty of. Between the Clinton foundation and their sale of 20% of the US’s uranium to Russia and John Podesta’s extensive financial dealings with that country and Obama’s promise of “greater flexibility” to Putin in dismantling the US nuclear program the Democrats have proven quite definitively that it is they who have been in the pocket of Russia, not the Trump campaign. To conclude, I’m surprised Algeminer published Mr. Starr’s stupid article, and I hope this comment will be printed at the ver least for balance to his one-sided, uninformed blather.

  • Joseph Feld

    Young people don’t have the experience to always foresee the outcome of their snap decisions — and they are embarrassed to admit it. Nothing came of the meeting.

    • Bernard Starr

      To dismiss the meeting with “nothing came of it” makes no sense. First, we don’t’ know if nothing came of it since the reports by Trump Jr. and the administration are embedded in admitted lies. Then, depending how the meeting came about and the possible collusion with a foreign power, it has serious criminal implications, if discovered by the investigations. Consider also that “nothing came of it so let’s forget about it and move on” is like the bank robber who found the vaults empty, so he freed the hostages and left—“so nothing came of it—why are you bothering me with accusations of a crime?”
      And if Donald Trump Jr. is so young and inexperienced, what on earth is he doing in a powerful position at this level of government? The same can be said for other “diplomats” in this chaotic administration. Their meetings are not children’s’ play dates.

      • mikdaley

        Put down the crack pipe & ask mommy for your blankie back!

      • enufizenuf

        This is the nonsense of an uninformed individual who relies on the one-sided idiocy of the mainstream media to form his meaningless opinions.