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January 11, 2018 10:24 am

Report: Netanyahu Proposed Absorbing West Bank Settlements Into Israel in Exchange for Palestinians Receiving Land in Sinai

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The Rafah border crossing between Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. Photo: Gigi Ibrahim via Wikimedia Commons. – Four former senior Obama administration officials have reportedly claimed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered to implement a two-state solution in which Jewish communities in the West Bank would be absorbed into Israel in exchange for the Palestinians receiving land in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

According to the officials, Netanyahu informed former President Barack Obama that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi would be happy to implement the deal, Haaretz reported Thursday. Yet one of the officials said that “by the time Netanyahu, [Secretary of State John] Kerry and Sisi met at the secret Aqaba summit [in January 2016], this idea was already off the table. No one talked about it in Aqaba.”

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office stated that the Haaretz report “is not accurate.”

Last December, President Donald Trump mulled a proposal to create a Palestinian state in northern Sinai that would significantly expand the territory of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, the Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm reported at the time.

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Reports of a Palestinian state being established in the Sinai have circulated since September 2014. At the time, Sisi reportedly offered Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas a state in the peninsula, but Abbas rejected the proposal.

“If you don’t accept this proposal, your successor will,” Sisi purportedly told Abbas in 2014.

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  • robert Davis

    Do you really think the death penalty can be applied to …2.5 m. arabs who are as many terrorists? stop dreamling, you wont get rid od those arabs by telling them jewish History. Only the GUNS, the GUNS, the GUNS can expel them.

  • robert Davis

    THE ONLY WAY TO GET JUSTICE IS TO BE STRONG. There is none other. Being strong one can do anything being weak even in words one cannot do anyrthing except being killed.

  • robert Davis

    Netanyahu is an idiot and he should stop ravelling: arabs would not give anything in exchan ge of whatever he would give them. The only solution is eviction.

  • Kjell A. Amundsen

    palestinians can go back to Jordan.

    • Esther Noodelman

      K A Amundsen,you have got it right! As long as the Palestinians are threatening us Israelis,they can go back to Jordan! We deserve first class citizens! The lives of our precious citizens should not be at risk! They snooze,they lose!! Game is over! We are not dealing with kindergarten children!They have the option of going back to Jordan!! Enough is enough!!

      • robert Davis

        Yours is blabber: they won’t go cna’t you understand this? what can you do to someone who says no? only the GUNS can force them to go when the shells around them kill their preoplke. Not before stop dreaming and say the truth fran kly. Guns and shalles will force them to run away to jordan so not not to be killed.

        • Kis Brink

          Life is sacred Robert Do you actually think anything about the situtation would get better if Jews forgot that and became murderers? Seekiing sollutions that create the least amount of death and destruction is valued. Becoming the aggressor would be to forget somethiing very fundamental and important. If you view peace as a dream which , given, the histoy of the Jews on this planet would be almosst ratinal except to us it is a charge from G-d that we seek to be a light unto the nations. So I would guess we will carring on dreaming because if everyone on the planet forgets this dream of peace should be pursued what then?

          We will dream it even when people say the opposite is true. Your asking that we prey on an entire group who while many have been violent are victims of propganda which takes the place of education so they have no actual idea of reality. Just the hate fed too them so they can be weaponized. Guns are sometimes a sadly needed thing but forgetting when they must be used (in defense of life) to embrace them as a solution is not an option. Your view would go over better as an American solution to say esclating gun violence. More guns. Yay for guns.

          I know to many it seems irrational that the IDF is defensive but Israel is the home of all Jews on the planet and so the response to violence must in fact fit with Judaism . Many proclaim they have have a religion and act otherwise but living Torah isn’t just abut what you eat. It’s all of it. Love. If everyone forgets that bit. What then?

          • robert Davis

            What is irrational is to keep this conflict for another millenium with “ideas” such as yours. The time for peace lasted 70 years it’s more than enough, now it’s time for the guns to bring peace.

          • robert Davis

            eviction: I mean of course all nations think likewise FOR THEMSELVES not for Israel who has to do it for itself

    • robert Davis

      They won’t go they must be EXPELLED with the guns. They can run away they willNOT go by themselves, only the gunds will compell them to go.