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February 13, 2018 5:16 pm

Head of NGO Watchdog: Amnesty International and Family of Palestinian Detained for Hitting Soldier ‘Work Closely Together’

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Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi enters a military courtroom escorted by Israeli security personnel at Ofer Prison near Ramallah, Jan. 15, 2018. Photo: Reuters / Ammar Awad.

The advocacy group Amnesty International and the family of a Palestinian teenager arrested for hitting an Israeli soldier “work closely together,” the head of a leading local watchdog group charged on Tuesday.

Amnesty released a statement on Monday condemning the detention and upcoming trial of Ahed Tamimi, who was filmed in December kicking and slapping Israeli soldiers — who did not respond to the attack — in the West Bank. Tamimi was arrested shortly after and is being held in prison pending trial.

In its press release, Amnesty said, “The Israeli authorities must immediately release teenage activist Ahed Tamimi whose continued detention is a desperate attempt to intimidate Palestinian children who dare to stand up to repression by occupying forces. … Under the Convention on the Rights of the Child, to which Israel is a state party, the arrest, detention, or imprisonment of a child must be used only as a measure of last resort and for the shortest appropriate period of time.”

In an interview with The Algemeiner, Gerald Steinberg, founder and president of NGO Monitor, stated that Amnesty’s claim is not based on an objective analysis of international law.

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“This is another dimension of Amnesty’s political warfare,” he said, “waged in alliance with UNICEF and with Palestinian NGOs such as [Defense for Children Palestine] and Adameer, which are reportedly linked to the [Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine] terror organization.”

“There is no factual or legal basis for the campaign,” Steinberg added. “Indeed, Israel deals with Palestinian minors according to the same procedures used in the US and UK, for example.”

According to Steinberg, Amnesty has “a long history of exploiting human rights for anti-Israel propaganda.”

The organization “played a leading role in the infamous 2001 Durban NGO Forum that launched the campaign of demonization,” including the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement, he stated. “They also helped push the notorious 2009 UN Goldstone Report and a number of false allegations in the document cited Amnesty claims. The Ahed Tamimi case is simply another in the long series of such attacks on Israel, and another opportunity to use the facade of human rights for ideology and hate.”

“A number of Amnesty employees in different branches of the organization target Israel, and some are involved in antisemitic memes,” Steinberg pointed out. “For example, Edith Garwood, Amnesty USA ‘country specialist on Israel and Palestine’ and Alicia Koutsoulieris, Amnesty USA ‘case coordinator on Israel and Palestine,’ have long histories of involvement in hate campaigns, including BDS. In Amnesty UK, Kristyan Benedict posts anti-Zionist and antisemitic comments on social media.”

Tamimi’s mother has also been arrested and her family is well known for its anti-Israel activism. Ahed has been confronting Israeli soldiers since she was a child and often appears in videos depicting her attacks, earning her the nickname “Shirley Temper.”

The Tamimi clan in general, with Ahed’s father Bassem at the head, apparently has extensive connections to Amnesty.

“They work closely together,” Steinberg asserted. “For example, in 2015, Amnesty was among the sponsors of Bassem Tamimi’s US speaking tour.”

Asked whether Amnesty will continue its campaign on Tamimi’s behalf, Steinberg simply replied, “The activists in this and other members of the network will continue to ride this issue as long as it generates headlines.”

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  • SBme

    She is guilty of assault. Regardless of any other discussion. She deserves to be penalized.

  • gornishthelfen

    excellent post.

  • Metatrona

    Amnesty is for criminals, terrorists, sadists, torturers, rapists, & murderers! Oh, wait a minute, that’s a lunatic group defending lunatics!

  • agnes losonczi

    That’s what is happening now. But the media cannot be ignored, half part of wars goes on there these days. They influence the stupid crowd, who goes to vote and their chosen leaders bow to their pressure and delusion. Disgusting, but there is that.

  • agnes losonczi

    This media whore is always posing for the camera. Although apart from her hair her face is flat and cruel as a shovel. And her hair at the earlier pics was straight as a nail, but of course, she needed some distinguishing feature for PR.

  • andrewsc

    It was Amnesty International which provided a written character reference for Man Monis to be accepted as a refugee in Australia. That person became a terrorist in Sydney holding up hostages for 18 hours

  • A Zionist

    Daddy Bassem Tamimi was paid by Amnesty to tour the US libelling Israel. Bassem was deported for lying on his visa. 2 male cousins were convicted of murder of an Israeli Jew. Ahlam, planned the Sbaro Pizza Massacre with the aim of killing as many Jewish children as possible. There is a YouTube video showing her beaming face when told she had killled more childen than she thought – ! Ahlam was deported to Jordan having been released as part of the Gilad Shalit exchange. The Tamimis went to her wedding where she married another Tamimi terrorist.

  • Sword of Honor

    This is a Palestinian stunt, calculated, in the usial way, to elicit maximum anti-Israeli propaganda. Partly, it provides a distraction from Abbas’s recent set-backs.

    The decision of the military court to eject on-lookers was thus correct. It must be accepted that the enemies of Israel will exploit that but the consolation is that the dignity of the courtroom is upheld and it is not reduced to a toxic political circus.

    Inevitably, the World’s media are reporting it in their Pro-Palestinian, Pavlovian way. Yet justice must be served. The young girl raised in hatred and rebellion is clearly thriving on the publicity and is no doubt dreaming of a Nobel Peace Prize some day from intimidated western liberals.

  • watsa46

    She is NOT a child but an AGITATOR!