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March 13, 2018 3:02 pm

New York Times Falsely Claims Israel Hasn’t Tried ‘Land For Peace’

avatar by Ira Stoll

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The headquarters of The New York Times. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

A New York Times book review inaccurately claims that Israel hasn’t tried trading land for peace.

The review is by Kenneth M. Pollack, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. He is writing about the book Rise And Kill First: The Secret History Of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations, by Ronen Bergman.

Pollack writes, “The deepest truth is that Israel so far has not tried the one thing that could address the underlying grievances that give life to its terrorist enemies, trading land for peace.”

Actually, as the Times itself has reported over the years in its news columns, Israel has repeatedly traded land for peace, or at least for promises of peace.

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In 1982, Israel withdrew from the Sinai Peninsula under the terms of a peace treaty with Egypt. The Times reported then: “Today’s withdrawal completes a phased pullout that really began in 1974, five years before the peace treaty, when the United States helped negotiate a separation of Egyptian and Israeli forces and Israel pulled back from the east bank of the canal. A further step of withdrawal was negotiated in 1975, when Israel gave up the Abu Rodeis oilfields, which were providing most of the country’s fuel. Under the subsequent treaty, Israel has pulled out in six steps since May 25, 1979.”

In 1994, Israel withdrew from Jericho and most of Gaza under the terms of the Oslo Accord it reached with the Palestine Liberation Organization.

In 1995, Israel withdrew from Nablus, “handing over the West Bank’s largest city to an advance team of Palestinian police officers,” as The New York Times reported then.

In 2000, Israel withdrew from its security zone in southern Lebanon.

In 2005, Israel withdrew entirely from the Gaza Strip.

People can argue about whether these withdrawals were wise. People can argue about whether peace was indeed received by Israel in exchange for the land. People can argue about whether the amount of land Israel gave away was enough. People can argue about whether the land was given away with sufficient trappings of sovereignty to satiate the Arabs.

But to say Israel “so far has not tried…trading land for peace” is not, as the Times review claims, “the deepest truth.” It is, rather, a patent falsehood. Israel has tried it. It has been trying precisely that for decades.

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  • T M Menon

    I think Israel is the occupier of its own historic homeland without which its borders are indefensible and its existence is meaningless! The legitimacy of the Jewish State of Israel rests on the 3,000-year connection of the Jews to the land of Israel! How easy it is to forget that 1/3 of the world’s Jews were systematically annihilated by maniacal people who refused to recognize ourtheir right to live, let alone in a sovereign state. Now they have a Home Land, and NYT supports the view that Jews have to barter land for Peace? Making a bogus “self-determination” of encroachers of Jewish land can never be pretexts for violence and rejection of the Jewish State, if you ask me!

  • Mervyn_Wayburne

    I have realized over the years that I have read New York Times’ articles that it is really an Anti-Israel newspaper and so do not encourage others to read it. It’s latently Anti-Semitic and should therefore be ignored. It now appears that the journalist and editor responsible for the above article are actual liars.

  • tjke

    Israel is too kind to these hardly human being muslims. They don´t want a peace they want to destroy Israel and create another terrorist state on the Israeli territory.
    You must fight them hard. Never show any kindness to them, because they then consider you to be weak

  • Wally

    Why do I know more about the Israeli Palestinian conflict than Kenneth Pollack?

  • David1945

    There is no doubt that for the past 50 years we have lived in a world in which people have perfected the high art of lying with a straight face, where black is white and white is black.

    Nowhere is this seen more clearly than in the continuous stream of Israel bashing articles published in the once vaunted New York Times.

    Again and again one reads things in this once respected newspaper that boggle the mind as NY Times contributers turn logic on its ear and truth upside down. The Times has now done this so often, so many times, that at this point we have simply come to expect this aborent, totally unprofessional, journalistic behavior.

    If The NY Times published an Editorial tomorrow that Scientists now believe the world is flat or that Gravity is a myth, I highly doubt anyone would be all that surprised. We have long ago come to expect The NY Times to always go out of their way to distort and actually lie about any news coverage that deals with the State of Israel.

    This latest claim by The NY Times that Israel has made no effort to trade Land for Peace is so completely proven by the FACTS to be an outright lie that one is challenged to know whether one must laugh or cry.
    But this is what The NY Times has become- a newspaper known to lie, distort facts and play “fast and loose” with the Truth.
    In short as close to being a “rag newspaper” as one can get.

    The one great Mystery that still challenges all thinking people today is why a Newspaper that has been owned and controlled by Jews for so many decades would attack the only Jewish Nation on Earth so relentlessly, so continuously and always with such obscenely vitriolic articles, forever Demonizing Israel.

    Has anyone ever been even slightly successful at explaining this mystery. The NY Times is NOT simply Biased against the State of Israel. Their visceral hatred for Israel and all that Israel represents borders on a form of clinically psychotic behavior such as one observes among all Arab countries for the past 100 years, in their maniacal obsession to wipe Israel off the map of the world.

    What drives the Jewish owner/Publishers of The NY Times to harbor such a deep seated dislike, actually an obsessive hatred for Israel ?

    Clearly The NY Times should visit their neighborhood “Shrink” and try to learn what their underlying problem could be. Sadly, to be honest I have never been able to make the least progress in figuring out where The NY Times is coming from and what are their ultimate goals. If The NY Times had been owned by an Arab country for the past Century then its motives would be clear as glass and understandable.
    But Jews attacking and maligning Jews and a Nation born from the ashes of the Holocaust and its Six Million Dead.

    Has The NY Times no decency as a Reporter of the News.
    Have these Publishers not the smallest iota of awareness to understand that a newspaper has first and foremost the Fiduciary responsibility to its readers to state and always tell the Truth though the Heavens shall Fall.
    Has this pathetic excuse for a newspaper at long last, no decency at all.

  • Moshe

    In addition, the Partition Plan of 1947 offered them land for peace and they rejected it. Later Barak offered them the entire West Bank for peace, they rejected it.

    • Danny_Albany

      Not to mention that Olmert offered Abbas much the same as Barak, Judea, Samaria and the eastern area of Jerusalem, even handed the map of his proposal to Abbas who rejected it, never even responding to it. The lies that are propagated to libel and demonize Israel have no bounds to their evil, hateful intentions.

  • zvi gross

    I wander if a correction will follow!!!

    • tjke

      Me too, but I doubt NYT will correct anything. Besides, I don´t read NYT any more.
      You have now The Washington Times which is better

    • graylens

      corrections are useless they are late and often buried on a page under some ad in a small format .The damage is done in the original story and headline

  • aswitzer

    Can one sue a newspaper for spreading falsehoods, abandoning codes of journalistic integrity, none confirmation of facts, doing damage to an already sensitive political situation that raises antisemitsm to a new height?

  • herbcaen

    The New York times assisted the Nazis in covering up the concentration camps of Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor by not publicizing it. I hope a lawyer brings up a case against the New York Times for reparations for complicity with the Nazis