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March 18, 2018 5:42 pm

Former Officials Say ‘It’s Become Impossible to Operate as Jewish Labour Councillor’ in UK

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Jeremy Corbyn (third from left), leader of the UK Labour Party, carries a “Friends of Al Aqsa” banner at a demonstration in London. Photo: Wikicommons.

New shocking incidents of antisemitism in the UK’s Labour party have been brought to light by Jewish former councillors in north London, a report in the Sunday Times revealed over the weekend.

The Labour officials reported a series of racist comments directed at them by members of Momentum, the Labour movement that supports party leader Jeremy Corbyn. “It has become impossible to operate as a Jewish councillor,” one official lamented.

Since Corbyn became leader, the Labour party has been beset with antisemitism scandals. Corbyn is ferociously anti-Israel and considered a far-Left ideologue, which enchants his followers and disturbs his detractors.

The Sunday Times report contained statements by Jewish councillors Joe Goldberg and Natan Doron, who said they had been the object of shocking and often embarrassingly vulgar antisemitic statements by the Momentum-affiliated councillors.

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Goldberg said he had faced supposedly humorous references to the Holocaust, such as calling academy schools “Kristallnacht.” He was also told he practices “bagel-barrel politics.”

“This is not just on social media,” Goldberg said. “Many members have repeated to me assertions about Jews having big noses, controlling the media, and being wealthy. It has become impossible to operate as a Jewish councillor in the Haringey party without having your views and actions prejudged or dismissed in terms that relate to your ethnicity.”

Doron echoed these sentiments, saying Labour members have made direct and violent racist statements to him. “One of them started having a rant about how Israel was a Nazi country and I had no right to be offended because Israel had no right to exist,” he stated

“People are worried and scared and Haringey Labour is definitely not a safe space for Jews. This is 100% not the party I joined,” he said.

The relevant authorities were contacted, but reportedly proved less than interested in applying the party’s supposed zero-tolerance stance on antisemitism. According to Goldberg, “I complained to the Labour whip, Lorna Reith, but she told me antisemitism was a ‘debatable term.’”

In 2015, Reith apparently compared Israel to the Nazis on Holocaust Memorial Day.

Both Goldberg and Doron have since resigned their positions. Goldberg’s resignation was met by a comment from a Momentum activist, “At least [you] will have more time to count your money.”

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  • Jeffrey

    “People are worried and scared and Haringey Labour is definitely not a safe space for Jews. This is 100% not the party I joined,” he said.-
    So deeply ingrained is European AntI-Semitism that many Europeans that support Israel… also use Anti-Semitic language and imagery not even realizing that sweet and salt water are coming out of the same well.

  • Rachele Raanan

    British antisemitism has existed at least since the Middle Ages. During the best of times – and no matter Jewish contributions to the general welfare and prosperity of the nation – Jews have been tolerated, never accepted. Yet despite British perfidy (chopping off 78% of Mandatory Palestine and gifting it to the Hashemite king to create the artificial Kingdom of Jordan; refusing Jews trying to escape Nazi extermination entry into Palestine, arming and leading the Jordanian Legion against the nascent Jewish state – while maintaining an arms embargo against Israel – only a few choice examples), Jewish subjects have always been loyal and productive citizens.

    The question must be asked, why so many Jews prefer to use their talents and abilities for the benefit and prosperity of the U.K. rather than their own nation?

  • brenrod

    it is wise for jews to see who is their enemy so as to seek his destruction… the leftist muslim alliance is the most dangerous antisemitic force on the globe today… the right is the new home for Jews not in denial.