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April 8, 2018 3:36 pm

Senior Polish Politician in Antisemitic Rant: ‘The Jews Are Not Humans, They Are Animals!’

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Polish businessman and political leader Kazimierz Plotkowski. Photo: File.

The growing trend of antisemitic outbursts among leading Polish politicians and public figures reached new heights this week, when a close ally of the country’s deputy prime minister took to social media to denounce Jews as “animals.”

“Żydzi to nie ludzie to zwierzęta!” – “The Jews are not humans, they are animals!” – an enraged Kazimierz Plotkowski posted on Twitter on Wednesday. The tweet was later deleted, after being captured by several screenshots shared online.

“The Jews are not humans, they are animals!” Polish politician
Kazimierz Plotkowski declared on Twitter. Photo: Screenshot.

Plotkowski, a successful businessman, is a co-founder and former regional leader of the Polska Razem (“Poland Together”) Party of deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin, and an adviser to the Polish government on energy and mining. The party was founded by Gowin, an outspoken social conservative, in 2013 after he was dismissed from the post of Justice Minister in the previous government.

Following his Twitter outburst, Plotkowski told Polish news outlet NaTemat that he was responding to an unspecified “article” in which Poles were depicted as “pigs who robbed Jews in the ghetto.” However, his original tweet was posted after the museum at the Auschwitz concentration camp announced that it was replacing a small exhibition about a group of Poles executed by the Nazis in 1943 with another about resistance in the camp. Several influential Poles, including historian Adam Cyra, have protested that the decision demeans the suffering of Poles under the Nazis. A spokesperson for the museum told the PAP Polish news agency this week that the new exhibit would show the central role played by Polish inmates in building a resistance movement inside Auschwitz.

The virulence of Plotkowski’s response did not escape scrutiny. “It was not an ordinary comment like ‘I do not like it,'” NaTemat commented. “No, Mr. Płotkowski decided to take it in an extremely different way: ‘The Jews are not humans, they are animals!'”

The recent upsurge of antisemitism in Poland is closely connected to the passage in February of the widely-criticized IPN Act, which criminalizes public discussion of Polish collaboration with the Nazi authorities during World War II with a maximum sentence of three years in prison.

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  • Harry Gross

    I, unfortunately, have had most of my family killed during the Shoah, by the Nazis and by the Poles. The Poles were as bad as the Nazis, as they welcomed them with open arms, and helped them round up and kill as many Jews as possible.

  • Kris Kristian

    I think that is a compliment.
    Animals kill for food. Poland and Germany killed because of their hatred of real human beings
    It is humans, like Germany and Poland and today’s politicians that kill others for political reasons so that they can “be in control of the world
    So the Poles are pig.
    This swine must look in the mirror and see what a pig loos like.

  • Sue

    I know that Poland has been moved to the Axis Side in the current version of WW2 Chris, but in the Original Version, the Polish Army, my father (a para) among them, fought on the Allied Side. And all Poles were targeted under Nazi racial laws.

  • Mere M

    You are fighting a straw man. Polish crimes against Jews (or Roma) were not committed at gunpoint and no one holds Poles or others accountable for things they were forced to do. No one held Poles at gunpoint and forced them to herd their Jewish neighbors into barns and set those barns on fire, nor to then go to the occupying Germans demanding a now empty Jewish house in exchange because, after all, they sacrificed a barn to do it! Poles did not have to rape Jews, but they did. There were no Germans compelling Poles to murder the handful of Jews who survived the gas chambers and the shooting squads to return to Polish cities and towns only to be killed in post-war pogroms. It was said among the Polish resistance that after the war they would have to build a statue to Hitler for doing them the favor of getting rid of all their Jews.

  • Mere M

    Preach. Anyone with passing knowledge of antisemitism and its history knows it has nothing to do with real Jews and everything to do with the demons that haunt the minds of Christians, Muslims, and post-Christians.

  • Sue

    As a Christian Betty, no, I don’t pray to Jesus! I pray to our Creator, the God of Abraham, in Jesus’ name.

    Should this politician have said what he did? Of course not. Our Creator asks us to treat everyone with the kindness and respect we would want for ourselves.

    But there has been a tide of hatred and contempt for all things Polish in the wake of this new law – and hadn’t we already been put on the “unter” page. So I think he was retaliating.

    However to come back to God’s law, doesn’t He teach us not to retaliate in kind? So what this demonstrates to me is the urgent importance of the preaching work Jesus left for his followers to do.

    Psalm 37, for example, is the perfect corrective. People need to know what it says.

    And it assures us of the coming rescue – which we, the damaged children of Adam, need so much.

  • Sue

    Hello Avinoam Ben Dor I think us Poles/Polonians ARE the Axis powers these days aren’t we? My father and his comrades in the Polish army, who fought on the Allied Side (in the Original Version of WW2), were re-designated “fascist thugs” the moment the war ended and barred from the Victory Parade.

    And we have been vilified ever since by the most powerful media and academe in the world.

    As I don’t want to let “the world” shape me – see my comment above if it isn’t sent down the Memory Hole – I have to take a positive from this. Isn’t it a lesson in the wisdom of staying neutral and staying out of it? The countries that managed to stay out of WW2 did not suffer as Poland did, and don’t come in for this constant “untering” either.

    Should this Polish politician have said what he did? Of course not. First and foremostly, our Creator, the God of Abraham, asks that we keep “the law of loving kindness” on our tongue, and that we treat everyone with the kindness and respect we would want for ourselves.

    He teaches us not to retaliate in kind. And isn’t his law always always for our best?

    • Hello Sue.
      Thank you for your explanation.
      No, we do not think the Poland nor the Polish nation are the Axis powers.
      There were thousands of Poles that risked their lives and the lives of their families to save Jews during WWII. They are Saints and they are commemorated in Yad Veshem.
      But there were also hundreds of thousands of Poles that murdered Jews and collaborated with Nazis. There were also Jews who worked with Nazis and they are damned for it.
      There is no one in Israel that call the death camps Polish camps or the Holocaust was caused by the Poles.
      The new laws passed by Polish government will not erase the facts that so many Poles butchered, burned, raped and stole from the Jews of Poland.
      What they should have done is lay down a plan for better education of the youth so that this horrifying behavior does not happen again.

  • Sue

    Speaking of animal comparisons, the book “Maus” portrays all Poles as “pigs/swine”. it is much lauded, applauded, and taught in Academe. One teacher even lost both job and career after making a polite protest about the book being taught at his Catholic College.

    And there has been an outpouring of hatred and contempt for all things Polish in the wake of this new law.

    However, I wish this Polish politician had not chosen to retaliate in kind. Our Creator, the God of Abraham, teaches us not to do that, not to let “the world” shape us. And he will give us every help if we ask him.

    A rescue is on the way. And how much we, the damaged children of disobedient Adam, need it. What a mess we are in.

  • Pole77

    Only Communists were allowed to have guns after the1945 ”liberation”, so only Communists were able to shoot anyone in the streets.

  • Pole77

    The Red Army should have not invided Poland in 1939 and not passed 262 Polish Jewish officers to NKVD, which murdered them.

  • Pole77

    Plotkowski isn’t senior.

  • Richard Harris

    Algemeiner seems to be very quick to jump on any story of Poles making negative comments against Jews. But Algemeiner’s reporting on Jews and Poles I feel is one-sided and unfair to Poles. In every group of people you have good and bad. Jews have also made negative comments against Poles like saying the Nazi German death camps were “Polish death camps”. The Jewish American Ruderman foundation had a whole video of Jews saying the Nazi German death camps were “Polish death camps”. This has also been said by quite a few Israeli politicians and even just recently by prominent Democrat Jewish American Dov Hikind. These unfair remarks against Polish people is not going to help Jewish-Polish relations.
    If anything it’s going to stir up Polish anti-semitism. My guess is this Polish politician did not make his Anti-Jewish rant based on just one Jewish anti-Polish remark as described in this article. It was probably a buildup and series of Jewish anti-Polish remarks he saw….such as those I described before…..that prompted him to get emotional and make his unfortunate Anti-Jewish remark.

  • Ron Jeffry

    I agree with you mostly, but most of the kind of Antisemitism that won the Nazis collaborators was not about Jesus, but “Jewish Bolshevism.” True Nazis, like Hitler, Alfred Rosenberg, etc. were serious atheist occultists.

  • Richard Harris

    Polish governments, current and past…. since the fall of Communism have went out of their way to apologize to Jews about any anti-semitism in Poland for the thousand years that Jews lived in Poland. Jews have long claimed that Poland has a long history of anti-semitism. Well if Poland has this long history of anti-semitism…why did Jews decide to live and stay in Poland for 1000 years??

  • Richard Harris

    This Polish politician should not have said what he said. He should be condemned for it. But he was most likely responding to something negative a Jew was saying about Poles. I would guess it wasn’t just this one negative thing he saw that prompted him to make his crazy anti-Jewish rant. He’s probably seen other degrading things Jews have said about Poland like the Nazi German death camps were “Polish death camps”.

    • Kris Kristian

      These P;oles are trying to deny that Aushwitz was in Poland
      Obviously there were thousands of Poles who helped Jews by hiding them
      Unfortunately, the bulk of Poland were like the Nazis “kill the Jews, so that we can take their properties”

      Poland is a Catholic country. Their hatred of Jews does not surprise me
      The Catholic church has a long history of Jew hatred.

  • Jonas v G

    Should be kicked in the nuts

  • Jonas v G

    this make Mr. Plotowski a microbe

    • Miroslaw Redlicki

      yes , it does… but believe me we have neverd heard of a polititian of this name nor about his 5-people party

  • Ash

    Does he believes that he knows Jews more – much more than others.

  • aVet

    It’s unsettling that countries such as Poland…..and Hungary is also experiencing it, are so pro Western and America…..seem to encompass an anti-semetic tone as part of their National pride!

  • Aptitude Design

    Well, when the boot was on another foot, who were the swine, then? ‘To čelovik’ needs a reminder course in the recent history of Poland.

  • Rachele Raanan

    Between 1901 and 2017, the Nobel Prize has been awarded to approximately 900 laureates. At least 195 of them have been Jewish – including 12 Israelis. Out of the 900, only 17 have been identified as ‘Polish.’ and 10 of these were Jewish* – leaving only 7 non-Jewish Poles as Nobel laureates.

    *Albert A. Michelson – 1907 – Physics; Isidor Isaac Rabi – 1944 – Physics; Tadeusz Reichstein – 1950 – Medicine; Andrew Schally – 1977 -Medicine; Menachem Begin (!) – 1978 – Peace; Isaac Bashevis Singer – 1978 – Literature; Roald Hoffmann – 1981 – Chemistry; Georges Charpak – 1992 – Physics; Josef Rotblat – 1995 – Peace; Leonid Hurwicz – 2007 – Economics

    ‘Nuff said.

    (Posting this comment for the third time!!!)

    • Sue

      Hello Rachel, yes, thanks, but I have already got the message loud and clear that us Poles/Polonians are on the “unter” page. The most powerful media and academe in the world has been telling me so for long enough.

  • Jeffrey

    Kazimierz Plotkowski will one day become a simple remark in a news story of an Anti-Semitic businessman/politician who quickly faded was forgotten, and likely such a sad bitter soul will find his last years difficult as most hateful slanders of the Jewish people do, but, the Jewish people will march- I’ve already forgotten his name.

    • tatka150

      He should be punished for such insult. Not ONLY forgotten. He is a dirty antisemite pig. Should rot in hell. Soon.