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April 15, 2018 10:51 am

British Jewish Leaders Urge Corbyn to Defend Labour MPs Combating Antisemitism in Party

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British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Photo: Reuters / Pierre Albouy.

Two top British Jewish leaders urged Jeremy Corbyn on Sunday to protect Labour lawmakers who are fighting against antisemitism in the party.

In a Guardian op-ed, Jewish Leadership Council President Jonathan Goldstein and Board of Deputies of British Jews President Jonathan Arkush recalled the March 26 demonstration they organized outside the Parliament building in London.

“When people accuse the protesters of being anti-Labour, they could not be more wrong,” Goldstein and Arkush wrote. “Many of those who came to the protest identify deeply with Labour and that is why they feel so betrayed. From the platform, courageous Labour MPs spoke with great pain, honesty and integrity about the problem.”

“We knew, as did most of the crowd, the huge risk that these MPs were taking for being there,” they continued. “It is these MPs and many other councillors and members who are now the most vital opponents of antisemitism. Inevitably, the MPs are now facing a perverse backlash for opposing antisemitism and for caring about their party. Corbyn’s leadership in defence of them will now be a crucial component of his promised commitment to combating antisemitism.”

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Next Tuesday, April 24, Corbyn will meet with Goldstein and Arkush.

“Last month’s protest was a necessary moment of catharsis, as painful for Labour as it was for our community, but we cannot now return to ‘business as usual,’” the two Jewish leaders wrote. “We need this to be a genuine turning point and will do everything we can to make it so. We can achieve this together if Corbyn can fulfil his pledge to be our ‘militant ally’ in the fight against antisemitism and demonstrate his understanding that what is now needed is firm action and not just words.”

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  • Erica Ling

    Ah, but has David Duke consistently denied anti-Semitism, or racism ? Does he claim his Party, once mine, stands for equality and tolerance , as Corbyn does ? They have to be seen to be fair, to give him a chance to keep his pledge to be their “militant ally ” against antisemitism. They have to give him enough rope to hang himself with. The expression “hell freezes over ” comes to mind. Surely fairness is the Jewish “thing ” ?

  • Jeffrey

    I believe as painful as it seems to abandon the Labour Party for many in the Jewish community, it is time to realize that the fox got into the coup and he’s not coming out- Time to bid farwell to Labour forever.

  • Corbin himself is an antisemite so why do British Jews think he will do anything?

  • Asking Corbyn to defend Jews is as silly as asking Abbas to defend Israelis. Corbyn need to be isolated and ignored due to his blatant antisemitism. In other words, he needs to disappear.

    • Erica Ling

      There are no moderates with guts enough to form an alternative Party. The existing alternatives are weak and lack appeal for millennials reared in ignorance of historical reality, eg. the Holocaust, Communism. Corbyn’s unrealistic promises of free tuition, re nationalisation of long privatised utilities, railways, (imagine the costs ) find favour in a section who prefer being dependent on government intervention from birth to death, for whom Capitalism is Satanic. Besides, judenhasse is rather fashionable in these circles, just as it used to be among the elite, prewar. According to social media, he is their darling and everyone else is picking on him. AND, there are plenty more just like him .