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September 18, 2018 1:50 pm

It’s Time to Hang Up Your Gloves — An Open Letter to John Kerry

avatar by Robert H. Book


Secretary of State John Kerry with President Barack Obama. Photo: White House.

Dear Mr. Kerry,

Following your tenure as secretary of state, it appears that you now have too much time on your hands. How else does one explain your recent efforts to directly interfere with United States foreign policy on behalf of the Iranian regime, the world’s largest state sponsor of terror?

Considering the extent of your reported efforts, have you considered that you may be required to register as a foreign agent for Iran? It sure looks that way. Surely federal prosecutors should apply the same laws to you as they have to Paul Manafort. Or perhaps, better yet, you should spend more time riding your bicycle.

It is unconscionable that you would meet with the president of Iran and advise this terror-backing state to “wait out” the Trump administration. You need to see the reality for what it is. The Iranian regime is the greatest source of instability and bloodshed in the region.

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In truth, we shouldn’t be surprised. Your record in office was replete with strategic and moral failings when it came to your dealings in the Middle East. You and President Obama failed the Syrian people with your disappearing “red line.” You abandoned and demonized our strongest ally Israel, and forsook American interests in favor of the Iranian regime. During your tenure, the Obama administration delivered more than a billion dollars to the Iranians in cash, on pallets in the dark of night. No doubt the cash was used to grease their own pockets, stuff their secret bank accounts in Switzerland and Lichtenstein, and further their expansionist activities in the region.

Those who suffered the most were the Iranian people who desperately struggle with economic hardship. Many Iranians cannot even afford bare essentials such as eggs, milk and electricity. The decent thing to have done would have been to stand with the people of Iran, who are also victims of this ruthless and fanatical regime. Where was your voice in support of the Iranian people when they took to the streets and demonstrated for freedom and democracy? You and Mr. Obama stood silent in favor of your misguided and ill-conceived deal with the oppressive ayatollahs.

Now, when you cavort with the Iranian leaders, you might carefully consider what you wish for, because indeed your legacy will be your deal with Iran, and history will not judge your actions favorably.

It is only as a result of President Trump’s good sense and courage that America has been redeemed from your “Chamberlain-like” appeasement approach to foreign policy. He deserves our gratitude.

Your fanciful expectation that the Iran deal would inspire a change in behavior from the regime and bring Iran into the family of nations has now been proven to have been nothing more than naïveté and wishful thinking. It’s time to hang up the gloves and admit how terribly mistaken you were then and are now. You’ve had your time in the limelight. Now leave US foreign policy in the hands of the true professionals, President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo.

It is time to admit your mistakes, and to put America first!

Robert H. Book

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