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April 15, 2019 1:24 pm

Locals at Bar in Northern Ireland Tell Israeli Writer, ‘Hitler Didn’t Kill Enough F–king Jews’

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Tuvia Tenenbom speaking with locals at a bar in Northern Ireland. Photo: Screenshot.

An Israeli writer who filmed an antisemitic tirade at a local bar in Northern Ireland last year said recently that he had never before witnessed so much Jew-hatred as he saw during his visit to the region.

Playwright, author and journalist Tuvia Tenenbom was speaking to locals at a bar in the city of Derry in October when the racist comments were made, according to The Irish Sun.

Tenenbom, 62, asked men at the bar why so many Palestinian flags were on display in the neighborhood, and one man replied, “Because we support them. The Israelis are scum. Killing children, killing weans.” As others laughed, another man said, “The only thing that Hitler didn’t do wrong . . . he didn’t kill enough f–king Jews. Hitler didn’t kill enough Jews. The scourge of the world.”

Tenenbom, whose parents were Holocaust survivors, then asked them, “What did you say?” and one man repeated, “The Jews. The scourge of the earth.”

The best-selling writer was filming interviews as part of his look into support for the Palestinian cause. Tenenbom recorded a short series of videos, for a ­German audience, as he traveled around Britain and Ireland for seven months. He said what he heard at the bar in Northern Ireland was “truly disturbing” and his discoveries during the tour had been overall “frightening.”

Tenenbom also noted that the men he spoke with in the bar were fully aware he was filming. He introduced himself as a journalist for German television, but he never revealed to them that he was Jewish.

“I have dealt with this type of antisemitism before… I have met with many people who are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause,” he said. “I don’t think I ever have met people who have so much hatred for the Jews as I met in Northern Ireland and Ireland and that includes Derry. I have never seen people so hateful of Jews.  There are antisemites in Germany, there are antisemites all over the world. This kind of hatred that I found — and Derry is a small place. I have never seen so much.”

He added, “The sad part of it is that I actually like the people here, but most of them hate me. I parade around as a German, ­Jordanian, to save myself all their hate. But it shouldn’t be like this.”

Tenenbom said those he spoke with were not drunk and were “totally honest” with him about their hatred.

He explained, “They say what it is they hate, without cover. Many other antisemites cover by saying about Israel or the army, at least these people are honest. They know nothing about any other trouble spots in the world, which is ridiculous as there are so many. And not just in the bar, outside it too. People were honest, ‘We don’t like the Jews no matter what…’. I did not go out to find antisemitism, but sadly the more I walk this land the more antisemitism I find.”

Watch the video below to see Tenenbom’s conversation with locals at a bar in Northern Ireland:

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