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January 14, 2020 10:09 am

Once Again, Poland Whitewashes Its Role in the Holocaust

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The main gate at the Auschwitz concentration camp. Photo: Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum.

For several years, the Polish government has been trying to minimize the role of Poles in the Holocaust, as The Times of Israel and others have reported.

Now, the Auschwitz Museum Twitter account appears to be part of the Polish whitewashing of their people’s complicity in the Holocaust.

The account has a lot of very good information. It humanizes many victims of the Holocaust. It has gone on a massive campaign to recruit followers, and is nearing its goal of one million.

But the Auschwitz Museum account minimizes Polish complicity in the Holocaust, just as the Polish government does. This thread from Sunday illuminates this, as the Museum posted this:

Viktor Hardarson responded:

Let’s analyse your own tweet “honestly, fairly & professionally.”

The beginning of the tweet sets the tone, the context and the content of the rest of the tweet.

So, the beginning is about actions of Poles during German occupation of Poland in WW2. It mentions these actions (acts) “must be researched honestly fairly & professionally” “within the context of the German occupation…and extermination of Jews” if they were “heroic or horrible”

This is the “prelude” in your tweet.

So far we’re talking about what the Poles did in relation to the extermination of Jews.

What is revealing is the phrase “heroic or horrible.”

It implies direct actions with good or bad consequences.

It is clear that you are talking about the acts of individuals that affected Jews in direct relations. Man to man. What one did directly to another.

And of course that should be researched. And it has been researched. For 75 years.

The 2nd part.

“However, in the case of the history of the Auschwitz camp talking about Polish complicity is false.”

We’ve already established that the 1st part is about ones behavior towards another in direct relation. It can not be about anything else based on the wording.

So the latter part has nothing to do with “planning” or “running” Auschwitz.

It’s a continuation of the 1st part, so what you´re saying is: Poles had nothing to do with Auschwitz and no Jew ended up in Auschwitz as a result of Polish complicity.

This is false.

As far as I agree that research of the Holocaust should be continued, there’s no need for further research on Polish complicity. We have so much knowledge about that from eyewitnesses, documentation, news, articles, and so on that we know that history isn’t going to change.

Poles were complicit in the Holocaust. And Poles were often the reason Jews ended up in Auschwitz.

That is the **** you need to own.

In the first part of the Tweet you literally blamed Polish behavior on the Germans. Something you have repeatedly done in our conversation.

If that was the case, that the Polish behaved the way they did because of the German occupation, then it´s equally true that those heroes that sheltered Jews also behaved in that way because of the German occupation.

There’s one thing that determines your actions. And 1 thing only.

Who you are.

Blaming others for your own behavior is immature.

And it’s “whitewashing.”

One Polish historian estimates that some 200,000 Jews were killed by Poles betraying them, sometimes after extorting all their possessions.

That is part of the history that the official Auschwitz Museum account doesn’t want you to know about.

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