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June 11, 2020 1:06 pm

New Report Exposes Far-Right Incitement Against Jews Over Coronavirus Crisis

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White nationalists participate in a torch-lit march on the grounds of the University of Virginia, ahead of the Unite the Right Rally, in Charlottesville, Virginia, Aug. 11, 2017. Photo: Reuters / Stephanie Keith.

A new report by the watchdog group Canary Mission showed widespread far-right antisemitism and incitement against Jews surrounding the issue of the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

According to the report, right-wing antisemites are extremely active in spreading coronavirus conspiracy theories online. Since they have been banned from many mainstream sites, they use alternative social media like Gab, BitChute, Dlive, vk, and Telegram. Podcasts are also very popular.

The report stated that there were five major antisemitic conspiracy theories about the coronavirus being promoted online by far-right activists.

“The ‘Jewish-Controlled Government’ is Exploiting The Virus to Serve Jewish Interests” was the most popular, with 73% of the profiled activists promoting it.

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One of them, Charles Guiliani, co-host of racist media platform Renegade, said, “Jewish tradition states that you’ve got to have a global government, a fully run, tribal … tyrannical totalitarian government … you got to have that in place before mashiach [Messiah] is revealed.”

“Obviously, [the Jews are] planning on unleashing global government very soon. That’s what the COVID-19, guys, more than anything else, is a cover for,” he asserted.

The theory “Jews Are Taking Advantage of The Virus” came in at 50%. An example was Mike Mazzone, an antisemite with a strong online media presence, who tweeted, “how soon b4 holocough raises more revenue than holocaust.”

The claim “Jews Created and/or Planned the Coronavirus” was next at 46%. One of the promoters was antisemitic author and blogger Christopher Jon Bjerknes, who said, “I think [the Jews] may well have a strong hand in the coronavirus, and if they develop the vaccine that would point to them as being the origin of the virus.”

Almost as popular was “Jews Are Purposely Spreading the Coronavirus,” at 42%. This was promoted by Andrew Anglin, founder of the virulently neo-Nazi web site the Daily Stormer, who said, “This whole ‘Chinese Virus’ thing seems to at least partially be the Jews trying to deflect blame for the spread of this virus.”

“We should be calling this a ‘Jew Virus.’ It’s always the same story with these rats,” he ranted.

Some 23% of right-wing antisemites also advocated “Using Coronavirus to Harass or Threaten Jews with Violence.”

Ryan Dawson, a frequent guest on antisemitic and neo-Nazi podcasts and other media, for example, said, “All these Hasidics going around coughing on stuff … Round ‘em up, put them in the paddy wagon. You know … Throw ‘em out.”

The Canary Mission report stated, “The individuals in this report are responsible for a large proportion of online coronavirus antisemitism,” and warned that “far-right content has a broad reach.”

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