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August 5, 2020 9:12 am

Former NFL Running Back Blames ‘Jewish Cabal’ for Abuses in World

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Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. – Former NFL star running back Larry Johnson has posted a series of antisemitic tweets, one of which blamed “the Jewish cabal” for human trafficking, sex trafficking, pedophilia, ritualistic child torture, perversion [and] human sacrifice/murder.”

One tweet on Sunday responded to ESPN host Max Kellerman who, in response to antisemitic social media posts last month by Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson, said in the aftermath of the controversy that “Jews do not have a plan for world domination.”

The previous day, Johnson tweeted in a thread to his more than 147,000 followers a video of Harvard Law School emeritus professor Alan Dershowitz addressing the pro-Israel group StandWithUs in which the prominent constitutional lawyer said, “We have earned the right to influence public debate, we have earned the right to be heard.”

In that tweet, Johnson wrote, “In other words, let’s blind and bombard the masses with every racial disparity that divides them on … wealth … jobs … civil rights … housing … pandemics … so they won’t unite and expose our lucrative market in pedophilia, human trafficking, child sex trafficking & torture.”

In the thread, Johnson shared “For the Visual Learner” a link to an Instagram post of his that shows an antisemitic conspiracy video that includes a caption that it has “been edited to a condensed version that covers parts of the call relating to Les Wexner and connections to Israeli intelligence & the Zionist mafia.”

The video alleges that there’s a conspiracy between the billionaire businessman Wexner and Israeli intelligence in aiding and abetting the human trafficking and sexual abuse of the late Jeffrey Epstein.

In another Aug. 2 tweet, Johnson tweeted, “The Hitler porn genre doesn’t get made without a Jewish signature.”

In a separate tweet that day, the former running back tweeted, “Just like clockwork, Anything involving Hollywood, Adrenochrome, Pizzagate, its a Right Wing, QAnon, conspiracy… This is their way of saying “White People Crazy.” Instead of debating the proof, they label it a conspiracy and anti-Semitic. It’s TIRED.”

Johnson also claimed that before the “Abrahamic ‘religion,’ which is stupid in itself because Israelites (Shemites) aren’t a religion. The Nephilim tainted line of HAM were the first Babylonian occult practitioners of pagan idolatry. AA’s you are not Hamites, you’re more Shemitic.”

In response to a backlash from several Jewish media personalities over his tweets, Johnson doubled down.

“Here a high-profile former athlete tells his 146k followers via a verified account that ‘the Jewish cabal’ performs well at ‘ritualistic child torture.’ It’s clear [Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey] @jack has no policy to root out antisemitism on @Twitter, only to respond with token gestures when pressure builds,” tweeted Dovid Efune, editor-in-chief of The Algemeiner.

Responding to Efune in a tweet with an emoticon with tears of joy, Johnson wrote, “I’d tell it to your face if you prefer…”

CNN news anchor Jake Tapper tweeted, “Larry Johnson continuing to spread his anti-Semitic garbage. What a disgrace.”

In response, Johnson appeared to mock Tapper, writing, “Anti-Semitic,” accompanied by a video of the late comedian George Carlin saying “Smug, greedy, well-fed white people have invented a language to conceal its sins.”

Carlin, however, was referring to the creation of euphemisms and did not make any reference to antisemitism or Jews.

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