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February 9, 2021 12:27 pm

‘History Today’ Distorts the History of the Abraham Accords

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Bahraini Foreign Minister Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan display their copies of signed agreements while US President Donald Trump looks on, at the signing ceremony of the Abraham Accords, at the White House in Washington, DC, Sept. 15, 2020. Photo: Reuters / Tom Brenner.

History Today asked four anti-Israel historians or other supposed experts whether the peace/normalization treaties between Israel and Bahrain, the UAE, Sudan, and Morocco are considered “historic.”

The four ‘scholars’ unanimously downplayed the idea, because the agreements do not address the ‘real’ problem in the Middle East: peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Fawaz Gerges says, “Far from a turning point, this top-down Israeli-Arab partnering overlooks the fundamental question of Palestinian rights and Israel’s place in the region.”

Ilan Pappe says, “It has very little to do with the real issue in Israel and Palestine.”

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James Rodgers, a former BBC correspondent, says, “They are not a historic turning point in Arab-Israeli relations because they do not directly address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Avi Shlaim says, “In my opinion the Abraham Accords do not merit the grand epithet of ‘historic’ because they do not touch the root cause of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The Palestinian problem is the core of this conflict and has been the central issue in Arab politics since 1945.”

The amount of denial here, and these people’s hate for Israel, is stunning.

First of all, the Palestinian conflict was never the core of Mideast turmoil, or the “central issue in Arab politics since 1945.” It was an excuse for a conflict based on antisemitism and a denial of Jewish self-determination. The proof is obvious: the Arabs never actually helped the Palestinians. They didn’t give them independence before or after the War of Independence (when Jordan conquered key territories), they didn’t give them equal rights, and except for Jordan, they didn’t give them citizenship. They used them as cannon fodder and they kept them miserable for public relations purposes. The idea of an independent Palestinian state was not even considered until after 1967.

The Abraham Accords revealed the truth that has been obvious to observers for more than a decade: Arab nations are sick of the Palestinian issue. They are disgusted that the Palestinians didn’t accept any peace offers, and they are aghast that Palestinians cannot even unify the Hamas and Fatah factions.

This is not a secret. Any historian worth the name would know these basic facts. It is written in the Arabic media and it is obvious from the actions of the Arab leaders — promising billions of dollars and paying only a tiny fraction.

Secondly, the Abraham Accords are historic because the UAE-Israel agreement, and the Bahrain agreement, explicitly change Israel from a pariah state into a state that has historic and permanent ties to the region. Israel is now part of the community of nations in the Arab world.

Third, the open trade relations between Israel and the Gulf states will not only cement Israel as a permanent economic partner for Bahrain and the UAE, but for all other Gulf states as well. Fourth, the accords have destroyed the anti-Israel unanimity of the Arab League.

Fifth, these accords have ushered in more cooperation between Israel and other Arab states who have not yet signed their own agreements, such as Saudi Arabia. That is a sea change in how the Arab world looks at Israel. To minimize that is, frankly, delusional.

These historians might not like it, but 2020 was the year that Israel became largely integrated into the Middle East, something that has been fought against for over seven decades.

The History Today article is not sober analysis. It’s more anti-Israel propaganda.

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