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September 27, 2021 12:17 pm

New Report Says Anti-Feminism, Misogyny Used by Extremists as Path to Antisemitism

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Neo-Nazis marching in Charlottesville. Photo: Screenshot

A new report contends that hatred of women and feminism on the far-right can easily slip into antisemitism.

According to the report from the UK-based organization Hope Not Hate, there is a strong correlation between antisemitism and anti-feminist and misogynist figures, groups, and publications among members of movements like the “alt-right.”

In particular, the report points to conspiracy theories such as “cultural Marxism,” which holds that intellectuals are seeking to impose communism via culture, education, and movements like feminism; and “white genocide,” which holds that there is a plot to use Third World immigration to destroy the white race — both of which often lead into open antisemitism.

Members of the far-right accept these conspiracy theories but then connect them to larger antisemitic conspiracy theories, claiming that the Jews manufactured feminism and other supposedly destructive ideologies in order to harm men and white people.

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The report describes how “antifeminism and misogyny can act as slip roads towards antisemitism and other forms of racism, due to a perceived loss of status among white men — and women — based on gender and racial hierarchies.”

“In recent years,” states the report, “the antisemitic far right, in particular, has become increasingly adept at steering antipathy to feminism and women more broadly towards Jew-hatred, reasserting men’s status at the expense of others.”

The report points, for example, to the popular online personality known as Roosh V, who began as an advocate of the sexually predatory “pick-up artist” subculture and a staunch anti-feminist, but eventually embraced antisemitism, saying that feminism is “an ideology that developed with disproportionate Jewish support” and “if you decide to turn away from God, there will be a Jew to catch you with one of his degenerate movements, pseudo-intellectual ideologies, or money-making schemes.”

“I fell for the Jewish trick of sexual liberation and paid dearly for it,” he said.

Also cited is the virulently racist and very popular neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer, which instructed contributors, “Whenever writing about women make sure to follow the prime directive and blame Jew feminism for their behavior.”

“Anti-feminism, misogyny and antisemitism intersect, with the former prejudices potentially acting as pathways towards the latter,” the report asserts.

Hope Not Hate also analyzed dozens of English-language channels on the Telegram messaging app, selected for the prevalence of antisemitic content, and found a “high level of tolerance of open misogyny.”

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