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October 15, 2023 11:47 am

IDF Finds Hamas Weapons and Intelligence Files in Southern Israel

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The IDF has found Hamas weapons left behind, as well as hundreds of documents and certificates have been recovered, alongside an array of mobile devices, communication tools, and cameras in southern Israel. Photo: IDF

i24 NewsAs the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza persists, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has revealed the discovery of a significant intelligence cache from the Hamas assault on southern Israel.

Within this cache, there lies a wealth of crucial information, including operating manuals for Hamas terrorists, operational plans, satellite phones, contact methods, and encrypted numbers linked to the terrorist organization.

Hundreds of documents and certificates have been recovered, alongside an array of mobile devices, communication tools, and cameras.

The IDF’s Amshat unit, specializing in collecting documents and technical spoils, has played a pivotal role in this discovery, as has the Yalam unit. From this trove, dozens of intelligence reports have been carefully compiled and shared with IDF units actively engaged in the ongoing conflict.

Over the weekend, members of a reserve unit gathered at the 8200 headquarters in Gillot, commencing a complex endeavor focused on researching, analyzing, and investigating the captured materials. The extensive haul, including documents, mobile phones, certificates, and additional items, unveils the scope of Hamas’s operations within Israeli territories.

Among the documents discovered are detailed attack orders concentrated on kibbutzim surrounding the Gaza Strip, shedding light on Hamas’s intention to carry out terrorist attacks targeting both civilians and soldiers.

The trove also includes a brochure outlining the involved forces, coordinated actions, attack phases, and specific code words. Moreover, it details the treatment and handling of hostages within surrounding settlements.

Of particular significance, a Hamas terrorist in Israeli territory was found in possession of a comprehensive plan for a terrorist attack on Kibbutz Alumim, providing substantial evidence of the organization’s role in planning and executing attacks against Israeli citizens.

The AMS unit, responsible for collecting documents and technical intelligence, diligently manages the investigation into the material captured from Hamas. Here, military personnel meticulously process sensitive documents and materials, subsequently transferring them to the EMS unit for further handling.

These materials are thoroughly sorted, cataloged, translated, and then disseminated to various research, collection, and field units within the Israeli Military Intelligence (AMN). The AMS unit, comprised of both regular and reserve personnel, is committed to extracting vital information from the seized materials, adding to the database of intelligence knowledge.

Despite the ongoing conflict, members of the elite Yalam unit of the Combat Engineering Corps remain actively involved in identifying weapons, explosives, and hazardous materials within the surrounding settlements.

Many of these areas are heavily saturated with munitions, charges, ammunition, and grenades. Ensuring the safety of these areas is of paramount importance before other response teams can enter, a task consistently carried out by the Yalam unit’s bomb disposal experts.

The Yalam unit’s forces also recover equipment collected in the field, systematically separating explosive materials and ammunition. Intelligence aids, cellphones, radios, and other relevant items are promptly transferred to bomb disposal experts for further research and decoding.

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