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October 25, 2012 5:18 pm

Day 10: The Algemeiner’s Daily IBD/TIPP Jewish Vote Tracking Poll – Obama: 69.3% Romney 29.7%

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President Obama and Mitt Romney. Photo: Screenshot.

President Obama climbed yet again in today’s Algemeiner IBD/TIPP Daily Jewish Vote Aggregate Average Tracking Poll, adding 2.5 points to reach 69.3%.  Rival Mitt Romney’s numbers dropped by 2.8% to reach 29.7%, his lowest total since the first figures published by The Algemeiner. The undecided figure fell for the 9th day running, now reaching 0%, as  it appears that voters have now made their decisions.

The impact of Monday night’s third and final presidential debate may be beginning to take effect, as some of the poll’s respondents were reached on the day after it took place. The discussion was focused on foreign policy and included significant focus on matter that are of interest to Jewish voters, including, Israel’s relationship with the United States, Iran’s nuclear ambitions and the ‘Arab Spring.’

Today’s Algemeiner poll is an average of aggregated Jewish vote figures provided in the daily IBD/TIPP tracking poll over the last 10 days, and is gleaned from an approximate total sampling of 200-240 Jewish respondents. Assuming a U.S. Jewish population of 6,588,065 the confidence level of this poll is 95% with a margin of error of between 6.3% and 6.9% depending on the precise sample size.

These numbers mark the lowest level of support for a Democratic candidate since Michael Dukakis who received 64% of the Jewish vote running against George H.W. Bush in 1988, and the greatest amount of Jewish support for a Republican candidate since that same year when Bush attracted 35%.

In 2008, the IBD/TIPP Poll was crowned the most accurate.

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  • Lawrence Kulak

    When you break it down to categories you can see that the reason why most Jews go for Obama is because the overwhelming majority of them are not who they are (if they were the Messiah would already be here – no offense to Lubavitcher Hassidim) The entirely secular jews -reform and conservative have the truth kept from them as a punishment for their religious waywardness, and so they think Obama is a good man. The traditional Jews who have lived lives in pursuit of materialism while ignoring their religious responsibilities (the Florida early birders and retirees) are just afraid of being stripped of their wealth and think that Republicans are anti-semitic white bogeymen (this is their guilt playing on their consciences) The ultra-Orthodox Hassidim, many of whom may know the truth are the most corrupt of all because they literally abandon what they know is right in exchange for the ability to milk the Government dry (Food stamps, section 8, medicaid, vouchers, etc) There is only a minority of Jews who are proper, and under normal circumstances the polls would reflect that Obama would have a higher percentage of the Jewish vote. The reason he does not is because he is so bad, that even many corrupt Jews cannot bring themselves to vote for him.