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October 29, 2013 2:30 pm

Richard Dawkins Perplexed by High Number of Jewish Nobel Prize Winners

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Richard Dawkins. Photo: Wikipedia.

The usually self-assured biologist, author and atheist Richard Dawkins expressed his bewilderment at the disproportionate amount of Nobel prizes won by Jews in a recent interview with the New Republic, saying he is “intrigued by” the  “phenomenally high” number of Jewish laureates.

Addressing the controversy surrounding a Tweet he wrote during the conferment of Nobel prizes earlier this month, Dawkins offered up something of a mea culpa, stating: “That was unfortunate. I should have compared religion with religion and compared Islam not with Trinity College but with Jews, because the number of Jews who have won Nobel Prizes is phenomenally high.”

Continuing, he said: “Race does not come into it. It is pure religion and culture. Something about the cultural tradition of Jews is way, way more sympathetic to science and learning and intellectual pursuits than Islam. That would have been a fair comparison. Ironically, I originally wrote the tweet with Jews and thought, That might give offense. And so I thought I better change it.”

Asked why he thought it is that Jews have won so many Nobel Prizes, Dawkins was forthright with his uncertainty.

“I haven’t thought it through. I don’t know. But I don’t think it is a minor thing; it is colossal. I think more than 20 percent of Nobel Prizes have been won by Jews.”

According to the Jewish Virtual Library, since the Nobel was first awarded in 1901 approximately 193 of the 855 honorees have been Jewish (22%). Jews make up less than 0.2% of the global population.

This year 6 of 12 laureates were Jewish. The 13th laureate, for the Nobel Peace Prize, was awarded to an organization and not an individual.

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  • Don

    I wonder how many Jews did not receive a prize because of discrimination.

  • J Wayne Watson

    Obama was a bought and paid for post turtle and deserves no credit whatsoever for anything he gained as it was all put there for him by insiders who want to bring America down. Check out George Soros for one.

  • dave y

    Blessings through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

  • Geo Papas

    Objectively rewarded Nobel prize winners like:
    1973 Henry A. Kissinger United States
    “For the 1973 Paris agreement intended to bring about a cease-fire in the Vietnam War and a withdrawal of the American forces”

  • WimsThePhoenix

    Race DOES come into it. I can’t believe an evolutionary biologist can’t think about Darwin at this point.

    The European Jews have been subjected to pogrom after pogrom shortly after the diaspora from Egypt. Is it unreasonable to assume that the cleverest ones made themselves indispensable to feudal lords, especially ones who needed finance when their Christian religion forbade them from usury?

    The most intelligent Jews over hundreds of years have been useful to those in power and permitted to survive and breed whilst the rest were slaughtered, a process which came to an end in the mid-20th century when Islam took over that “responsibility”.

    It’s generally well known that the average IQ of the Ashkenazi Jews is higher than the average IQ of the other European races. Don’t tell me Dawkins is too PC to admit that IQ exists??

  • Mack Mulligan

    Let me answer it for you Dick. Judaism unlike Christianity AND Agnosticism AND Atheism is not just a “belief” or “faith”. The Old Testament God is severe and that is what Jesus rebelled against. Judaism takes a great deal of commitment and disciplined study… i.e it is a discipline …much like learning anything well. Christianity requires that you only belief that Christ was the son of God and that he relived us of our sins….. made us feel nice, warm cozy … and satisfied,… complacent. Jews are compelled to study the “Law”. That word comes up quite a bit when talking about “Justice” or “Science”…

  • Linked Devices

    Awe Cmon, no need to ignore the elephant in the room. The nobel prize was created to promote Jewish scientists. OBVIOUSLY there being more Jewish winners is just natural. It’s not like a bunch of Jewish people are sweeping the country music awards for some mysterious reason.

  • abbushuki

    If Mr. Dawkins read more on the subject he would have discovered that geneticists found that there is a propensity for those with Jewish Ashkenazi genes to have an extremely abnormally high rate of genius IQ levels per hundred thousand. This may account for something.

  • Nemesis

    Of course it’s genetic, that’s why the religious/cultural milieu has no influence. But not genetic in the sense of an inherited superior intellect or better cognitive lucidity, rather it is more akin to the vulnerability to certain diseases of certain closed-gene-pool groups. We all know that you don’t become an outstanding athlete, or violinist, or physicist, without the kind of single-mindedness – sometimes superficially called ‘passion’ – that actually borders on clinically obsessive thought. Just like there are more manic depressive among Jews, there are also more people capable of thinking about one thing not for hours or days or months, but for decades. Also, many recent ‘geniuses’ (including Einstein) have been found to have suffered from a kind of latent autism known as ‘Asperger syndrome’ (among whose symptoms is a certain social ham-fistedness). Put all these things together and what you get is that Jewish intellectual performance is a result of a ‘lucky’ bit of pathological brain wiring, a hereditary disease that produces either Talmudic giants or Nobel prizes depending on the cultural context.

  • Joshua Calvert

    It is genetic. Anyone that says “culture” is retarded. There is little difference in the secular upbringing of most of these Noble winners, compared to any middle class family. Jews bread their smartest with bigger families for 2,000 years. It’s not rocket science. It’s just breading.

    • Paul Mason

      Of course there is difference in culture.
      1) Self belief, their book tells them they are Gds chosen people. If you believe in yourself you achieve more.
      2)Thousands of years of persecution creates a striving culture within families in order to survive. Jews also help each other as they are all a minority and need to stick together. This includes voting for other Jews.
      3)Judaism involves intensive study of the Torah, starting at a young age. Non academic people would over time leave the religion.
      4)The persecution of European Jews over centuries included genocides of those without the wealth, awareness, intelligence and chutzpah to escape to another country.
      5)Historically, they were banned from many trades. So had to gravitate to more professional occupations. The less intelligent ones left the religion to work in other areas.

      6)Jews are a minority religion. They are used to believing something that nearly everyone else disagrees with. Historically many people vehemently disagreed with their religious beliefs. So they have a mindset that can easily disagree with accepted scientific theories. They have the self belief to think that their theory is correct and every other scientist is wrong.

      Well those are my theories. Please demolish them.

    • Paul Mason

      Where has my fk-in comment gone ???

  • Amon Pizarro

    Greeks were by far the most educated people before they fell under ottoman empire in
    16.century.After 200 years these people turned into backward illiterates, alltough they may have won a series of nobel prizes, if these prices would have been awarded in those earlier times. So the results of foreign occupation and subjugation can turn a nation from a chosen people to a bunch of primitives…

  • Amon Pizarro

    Typical century race esotericism.

  • Eduardo Sadicoff


  • CRSM

    See my earlier comment about the Ashkenazim use of Eug*nics.
    (The site appears to ban me spelling the word correctly)

  • CRSM

    It happened because in the early 19th century Askenazi Jews started a policy of eugenics. This has worked spectacularly well.
    The Sephardic and Oriental Jews did not do this, and have not had a similar increase in IQ.

    • Amon Pizarro

      In india there is a caste system lasting 2000 years with business banking caste, brahmin scholar caste, warrior caste. Etc. That is regarded as eugenics, but with no results.
      And the person who offered the number for the ashkenazi iq, a borderline mad man R. Lynn, reanalysed his Data and now pretends that the average ashken. is around 107 or so.
      That is the number for many cities in germany, austria, or the netherlands.

      • ‮‮‮‮‮

        You might want to compare the intellectual achievements of the 2 million Tamil Brahmins (e.g. Ramanujan & 3 Nobel prizes) to those of the 200 million Dalits.

  • swiss271

    Isn’t it also kinda interesting to see how many of the jewish nobel prize laureates come from a German background? Just look at their names rather than in which countries they live/lived. Many names have been anglicized but you can still see the German roots in most of them.

    • Philipp Kämpfer

      When the Nazis banned Jewish scientists from the universities in Germany, they lost half of their theoretical physicists over night. Among them were 23 (!) Nobel laureates (physics alone). Until then Germany was THE world’s greatest power when it came to physics. Afterwards that former glory diminished and the weight shifted towards the US where many of those Jewish scientists went. Germany never was able to return to its old glory regarding physics. The biggest irony: The tremendous emigration of scientists (not just from Germany but other countries that were threatened/conquered by the Nazis) most probably was the factor that helped the US win the race for the atomic bomb…

  • Romulo Mattos

    Jews are 0.2% of the population. The % simbol could block you to see the full pic.
    But if you look again 0.2% = 0.002
    Yes, they are 0.002 of the population and so many nobel prizes… It makes me think that the world would be a lot better if we didn’t have brilliant minds lost in the holocaust. Thanks to havens, some scape and among those the world got: Penicillin, theory of relativity and so on and on…
    Est. pop. 8 billion , times 0.002 = only 16 million are responsible for so many great descoveries.

  • stephen kennedy

    You avoided answering my question. Do we live in a deterministic universe?

  • Phaenius

    The perplexity of Dawkins in understanding that something in the Jewish RELIGION aligns them more to things that are scientific may indeed be Biblically based. Dawkins and the world resist the thought that the BIBLE is a book of SCIENCE. But SCIENCE is not a mystical word it is simply KNOWLEDGE as it is the Anglicized Latin of SCIENTIA which means…well…knowledge. What we have today is a scientific method that allows folk to be confident that an ancient pursuit of knowledge is credible and not at all esoteric. The Biblical impetus is the amen to such pursuits called, for want of a theological short name I am aware of, THE TORAH LAW OF TWO OR THREE WITNESSES THAT ESTABLISHES A MATTER found in two corollaries, one resulting in a negative outcome and one that establishes a matter as truth, doctrine and the primary use as justice. Dawkins not allowing the Christian world to be accredited with scientific endeavors, he actually underhandedly admits such when he considers the number of JEWS who get the Nobel reward. Because this law is the Schema of Interpretation that allows the archive of eyewitness testimony, usually rigorously vetted, we call the Bible is found also on the lips of Jesus and many of the Apostles, and in fact the Bible is careful to record the eyewitness accounts of those seeing the moving of the “finger of God” in a world that God normally is hidden from. There is confidence that the people can by observation of the natural come about to the knowledge of how things work…if it wasn’t for the fact that the world is so remarkably complicated and integrated that forces an unbiased person to acknowledge that our existence is the work of a CREATOR.

    The law is found in two corollaries.

    Corollary one is basically that in the mouth of ONE WITNESS shall NO MAN BE PUT TO DEATH, according to Moses. Jesus says it this way concerning credibility, “If I bear witness of myself my witness is NOT TRUE.” In answer to Paul’s usage of the law of two or three witnesses as means of obtaining doctrine as found in 1 Corinthians 14 concerning two or three speakers of tongues being translated by one person, or the testimony of two or three prophets in the church being judged by one person, Peter in this corrected translation to the Greek of 2 Peter 1:20 makes this caveat which is actually COROLLARY ONE, “this first knowing that EVERY (single) prophecy of scripture is NOT OF ITS OWN INTERPRETATION.” Verse 21 implies that multiple witnesses are required or we search out multiple testimonies of prophecy having a single focus to establish the true prophetical perspective in history future as we have three dimensional perspective or Paul’s EPIGNOSIS (knowledge upon knowledge) compared to just GNOSIS (knowledge) as seen in his 1 Corinthians 13:10.

    Corollary two is basically the name I chose for this Schema of Interpretation which Moses states as, “in the mouth of WITNESSES (plural), TWO OR THREE shall a MATTER BE ESTABLISHED. Jesus basically repeats this verbatim in Matthew 18 concerning church discipline.

    Multiple careful observations (akin to the sever vetting judges in Moses’ time gave the witnesses) according to the scientific method is necessary to establish a law or a truth or a teachable thing (doctrine). This is inherent in the “RELIGION” of the Jews, but not to be discounted in the discoveries that Christians have made in that this law of multiple witnesses is found in BOTH the Hebrew and Christian archive of eyewitness testimony we call the Bible today.

  • Bob Sprat

    There’s nothing like a question

    like this, brings out the pus of non-thinkers and stinkers. Dawkins is right to
    ask questions, inquisitiveness advances our science and knowledge base. Why are
    Asian children doing better than Western children in the Pisa tests, more intelligent,
    godlier, no, parents push them! The Jews study their religious text with much energy
    and developed an intellect. When Jews turned to secularism, they took their
    intellect with them and an Einstein fell out of the sky. Watch Jewish children
    as they sit opposite each other and hammer out their understanding over the holy
    text, that’s where it starts. Being an engineer, you are nothing if you have
    tunnel vision to solve problems, you need a brain and a mind like an elastic
    band, able to pull in any direction to satisfy a good design. Muslims are the
    antithesis of this tradition with their submission, head bashing and learning
    by rote. They are the worst teachers to the world, if you don’t agree, there’s
    the knife.

    • Scott Hankus

      Exactly! The Jewish people espouse family unity and family education to ensure they have a good life. Duherrr!! Either these people are critical of Jewish success out of stupidity or out of racist ideology.

  • syed shuja

    Most of the Muslim population around the world have an absolute faith towards the day of judgement (Yowm-e-Qiyamah) and believe that the life on this world is temporary. In my opinion, personal faith and beliefs have a lot to do with the dynamics a person demonstrates in his or her life and it also affects the attitude of Muslims towards education in that it is highly important for an individual to receive education and we make it compulsory for every person to get an education. But Muslims don’t believe in turning education as a method of displaying their prowess and Muslims do it solely for the purpose of human well-being and development that is why you won’t see many Nobel prize winning achievement. Muslims are also high in number but they are well spread across the whole world but they work for their own well-being and their for their own families in a worldly fashion because of their inclination to the worldly comforts. This is a very mysterious paradox that even when Muslims believe in the day of Qiyamah and consider life on earth temporary, they still are inclined towards the world and this attitude prevents any type of breakthrough achievements on a scientific scale. One thing the Nobel prize committee can do in this regard for the benefit of the whole community of Muslims is scrutinize the method with which they award prizes with a special emphasis upon the people involved in these breakthroughs. The work of Muslims can also go unchecked with a capitalized framework of awarding Nobel prizes.

  • disqus_4cjqyuqvHm

    Of all people Dawkins should understand natural selection. Over millenia the smartest Jews have had the intelligence and resources to leave before the persecution starts, obviously allowing them to have more children than those (usually killed) who stayed.
    There is also the cultural imperative within Jewish society that values education.

    • Amon Pizarro

      Also a very naive calculation.

  • Amon Pizarro

    where is the thread

  • Mathew

    I disagree with Mr.Dawkins. It has to do with race to a very good extent. It could be a founder effect induced by culture of critical and scientific thinking. I would even say that a portion of bright people that are non Jewish in the world are also bright due to their untraceable Jewish ancestry.

    • anton

      Sounds like the revival of an old nazi theory.
      Sutely, it has nothing to do with race. Instead it has to do with early upbringing in a specific field.
      Jews were also the best pianists, Violinists etc. Why? Because the training began at. a very early age, 2 years or three years. Most christian children are “allowed” to do nothing until the age of six or seven when school starts. Their training at the piano or violin begins in this period of time. But if you want to become brillant, given a certain talent, you have to start at the age of 2 or 3.
      But that gas nothing to do with geniusely inborn qualities.
      There was a psycholigist who even trained birds to play the piano.
      The secret formula is early education and training

      • mac

        Take a look at brain size between the races especially askenazi jews. This should somewhat temper your ideas that it’s all nurture and no nature. We can’t have one race being smarter than another now can we. That would be…..racist!

        • Amon Pizarro

          There is no evidence.
          This field is a minefield and a permanent place of forgeries.
          Just remember Sir Cyril Burt.

        • blue_chilli

          Even if there were a measurable difference, you are assuming that brain size is genetic and not environmental/cultural. Why need we make this assumption?

    • You sir, are a ( Racist ) yes I said that.

      • Sorry that comment was meant for the person above you. Sorry again. The person seems to think that if you are clever/intelligent ( I never use the word “intellectual” as it makes me want to throw up in waves of revulsion & disgust ) that you must be a closet yahudi. Not so

    • CRSM

      B0ll0cks! (And that’s me being polite).

    • ‮‮‮‮‮

      You’re right about it being genetic, but I think you need to think a bit more about the rest. I’d suggest you read Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence by Cochran & al.

  • Mike G

    The angel of the LORD called to Abraham from heaven a second time and said, “I swear by myself, declares the LORD, that because you have done this and have not withheld your son, your only son, I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore. Your descendants will take possession of the cities of their enemies, and through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed, because you have obeyed me.” -Genesis 22:15-18

    • chris

      I guess many secterian groups have a similar mythology.
      Its only because jews were outsiders in christian societies, like greek and armenian christians in muslim societies.

  • Hessel Meilech

    The answer is education.Jewish children have to read the Torah by age 13 therefore they are taught early to read.Reading and writing expands the pathways in the neurons which gives the Jewush Children an advantage over uneducated children.

    • Brian

      Only true to an extent. There are high numbers of secular Jews who do not attend Shabbat, study/read Torah, etc. I believe the Jewish culture is resilient and adaptable, having been beaten down for thousands of years. This resiliency and determination helps drive their success. Shalom

      • Jimbino

        It appears that the foreskin inhibits intellectual development in the very young child. There are few female Nobel Laureates; maybe we should start sexually mutilating little girls?

        • mac

          What an unthoughtful comment and racist view… Perhaps your foreskin should have been amputated just above your clavicles..

        • michael kelley

          It’s interesting to note that no one-other than you-has pointed out this glaring inconsistency about very few female laureates. Does that mean women are not as intelligent as men? Why would a high number of laureates from one culture be exalted as more intelligent while low numbers from other groups ignored? There’s two sides to this coin, and claiming it’s due to inherent intelligence based on race is just dangerous.

      • Exactly, religion/god has rock all to with it.

  • sharon raj

    Credits Goes To Our Almighty God
    Even so the Lord God of Israel gave the Israelis victory.
    Thank God
    I m Always Support Israel

    • steve

      While were on the subject, how the heck did they make it back to their country after so many years?

      • David mate there is no such word as “were” there is “where” or “we’re” or we are. If we are to talk of intelligence could we not display a half decent script construction

        • Sorry I meant Steve not David. Apologies sir. Ps I’m not a trawl ( that’s troll with a written yank accent ) I just like proper spelling and sentence construction. So sue me ? peas owt

    • daniel sebold

      The Old Testament is hardly a work that would encourage scientific thinking. Richard Carrier talks about how all of the early Christian philosophers from the first century all the way through Augustine were thoroughly anti science, faith based thinkers. Could it be that Jewish culture has evolved into a science oriented culture due irrational Christian thought which is still very much alive today in certain sects, especially in the USA.

      It seemed like the Jewish kids in school when I was a kid were so good at school and so open minded about many things–genuinely liberal, that is, scientific. Also, I wonder if there was a connection back in the sixties between the nerdy little Jewish kid in his short shorts and his high intellect. There is a picture somewhere on the internet of Dawkins in short shorts when he was young, though I doubt he is Jewish

      • m.ben faivol

        It’s not the “Old Testament” which implies that a “New Testament” has replaced the former. Cut out the implicit Christian dogma and call it what it is: “Jewish Scriptures”, and stop offending Jews who are Jews and not Jew-ish (as in red-ish, brown-ish or black-ish instead of red, brown or black respectively)

        • Dennis

          Haven’t you heard. The Old Testament is violent.
          I guess that’s how people have decided how awful we are.

        • Yeah that’s a good one, reddish hahahaha

  • Ryan L.

    Since I was a child, I’ve wondered why Jews are/seemed to be more “successful” and smarter than other groups. I know some Jews at least acknowledge this; I have Jewish friends that have admitted to asking their parents something along the lines of “Why are we smarter than everyone else?” They have all received different answers. This is likely because there are many factors.

    There are two major factors (to me) to consider, from which many others flower. First, Jews, particularly Ashkenazi, are the least assimilated “ancient” people to have been displaced/emigrated elsewhere. Ashkenazi Jews share a little over 50% of their DNA with the original group that left the mideast. Given the time and wide swath of dispersing, every other population has totally assimilated centuries ago. Other ethnic groups that moved around the same time, for example, share only markers, a small fraction of DNA, with their ancestors from their haplogroup. It’s both a testament to a strong religious culture and a shroud over the constant anti-Semitic persecution.

    Second, the discrimination the Jews have suffered has to factor in–everything from losing millions to pogroms and the Holocaust, to the “culture” of a religion that values thought, learning, and nurtures ambition from within, to things like usury, where Christians essentially forced Jews into complex work, dealing with such things as banking, law. Much of religious culture, as others have stated here, seems to involve a self-analysis (and a sort of ontological criticism) and self-awareness. This bears out in art, where, like science, Jews also are disproportionately over-represented with success. If art is an expression of consciousness, a response to discrimination, and an examination of the world around us, then the Jews have excelled.

    As others has pointed out, belief has nothing to do with it. Many of the smartest and most successful Jews are atheist or nonreligious. But they are still Jews by ethnicity (since most in Israel and in the US are Ashkenazi). And many have also inherited “cultural Jewishness” and worked in industries where nepotism factors in. But as strong as the “Jewishness” has been and despite a history of oppression, Jews (at least in the US) have not generally discriminated against others.

    The accomplishments of Jews in a world set against them should be celebrated. If non-Jews don’t like Jews because of these successes and because of stereotyping, they should know that this sort of idiotic thinking has helped make Jews what they are.

    • Oscar Shank

      Yes, in Europe until basically the 17th Century, Christians were not allowed to practice usury, while the Jews could so long as they only practiced it on non-Jews. As the agrarian era died, everything became a matter of finance capital and so the Jewish population grew accordingly in influence and power. Too, for example, the cream of the Irish intelligentsia (keepers of the book during middle ages), the priests, were forbidden marriage, while jewish culture always praised married rabbis. Also note that Asians test higher than Jews in US academia in the hard sciences and math.

      • chris

        In fact those priests had allways hidden children, even the pope.
        And the protestant countries do not dissalow clerical marriages sibcd the cdntury. So thats no explanation

    • roman

      wrong.the majority of jews are not askenazi-especially in israel. halakha(jewish law), like shulchan aruch etc. is entirely sephardi

    • I think people don’t like Jews today because of the Middle east problem, especially now that most countries there have been attacked by pseudo Israel which is obviously America. Most people I know say stuff like ” boy o boy who are the nazis now & they learned well the lessons of 39-45. Palestine needs help not bombs.I’m sick of seeing IDF soldiers kicking or grabbing by throat and lifting off of the ground what looks like 3-4 yr old kids

      • Spiteful Ogre

        Well, Graeme, your comment was offensive — real offensive. It is so offensive, in fact, that short of calling YOU a nazi it’s kinda pointless to argue with you, or explain to you, or to even give you information, since you obviously are deliberately ignorant, evil, anti-Semitic scum.
        So go on not liking Jews. I want you to know, though, that I do not like YOU. A lot.

      • mac

        Who was in Israel/Palestine 3500 years ago? Jews! The ONLY PEOPLE who have a right to the land unless you count the Hittites. Moabites Ammonites etc. Where are they now? The Palestinians are very late guests at the party…hell even the Christians have been there longer..and who have almost all been forced to leave now by the way. Look at the Christian population of Lebanon as evidence of how accepting and ecumenical the Muslims are. I don’t hear you standing up for their rights and bemoaning their maltreatment. You are a shill for the Islamic world view.

  • iwillikers

    It helps to be G-d’s chosen people, just sayin.

    • David

      That’s religious NONSENSE!

    • Roger Cole

      It also helps not to be a complete dimwit like you, just sayin.

    • God didn’t choose anyone. There is no god

  • David

    Hi, American Jew here. Interesting theories, but it’s based on religion. Even if you don’t believe in God.

    The smarter you are, the closer to God you become. It’s why a “Learned Man” is such a big deal to the Jewish faith. Learning is literally like prayer.

    Critical Thinking is also part of it. From it’s inception, the Jews have argued over everything. Israelite means wrestling with God. To Jews, the Bible isn’t a perfect book. It’s open to interpretation, as far back as 0 AD, Jews were stating that you can’t take the Bible literally. You have to ask “what does it mean?” “What is God saying?”

    Acquiring knowledge + Critical Thinking = Smart Person

    • What you just said is probably why half of Europe does not go to church anymore. With the kirkys its all taken literally and those idiots in the medieval catchurch were boxed in and couldn’t alter their position and they have been paying for it ever since. I could never be a church christian for that reason. Even when I was child I knew it was not right. Scaring little kids with tales of Lucifer , , really, , shame on you church

    • J Wayne Watson

      Makes good sense to me as a Christian who is a firm believer in your Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ.

    • Jayabalan Joseph

      David the Great… You opened my Eyes…

      Many Thanks…

  • J Van Every

    The answer to this question (why are there more good jewish scientists and thinkgers) was given to us by Darwin.
    First, Jew have been a race/culture/people that have have encouraged literacy for 4000 years.
    Second, Jews have been persecuted for about 2000 years now because of the relationship between Judaism and Christianity. I dont know anything about the Muslim-Judaism relationship before Israel. They were prevented from integrating into mainstream society in Europe and other places. This is evolution at its finest. Jews have been evolved by evolutionary pressures to be thinkers, finding a way to survive in arenas considered inconsequential by mainstream society. And everyone learns to read. Do this for 200 generations and you will have a smarter population. They will then take as much advantage as they can, plus they grow a crop of geniuses that discover stuff.

    So, all you Jew haters out there, its your fault that they are better then you.

    I’m a Mormon from Idaho, if i can see this why cant you?

    • anton

      You still do not understand.
      It has nothing to do with any points you are describing.
      Jews also would have won many nobel prices in “violin”, “cello” “piano” “comedy writing” and so on.
      The reason for that is early beginning of training in a special field, early upbringing. You train the child up from a very early age in playing an instrument, thinking education, writing etc.
      Christians do not want to copy this alltough in russia during communist times in some fields like musical education this early upbringing was a state programm.
      So all over europe the best instrumentalists opera singers are russians. In germany they say, when we start to train piano playing etc. the russians allready have finished. You hardly can catch up.
      The other reason for the expolison of jewish nobel laureates between 2000 and 2013 is marcus storch

      • I didn’t know there were Nobel Prizes for violin, cello, piano and comedy writing. If there are then surely Arthur Rubenstein and Leonard Bernstein would have won for piano and composition, Itzaac Perlman and Isaac Stern for violin, Pablo Casals for cello and Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Rodney Dangerfield, Lewis Black, Norman Lear and Jerry Lewis for comedy writing, dontcha think?

    • L JB

      The answer is so simple. Jewish children are forced to memorize enormous chunks of the Torah by age 13. That level of academic discipline gives them a tremendous advantage.

      Moreover, they have a culture of studying the Torah obsessively that lends itself well to studying anything. It’s a culture of discipline and high academic expectations.

      It’s cultural.

      • Jon Gordon

        LJB is clearly talking nonsense. Firstly most of the Jews today are secular or only moderately religious and do NOT require their kids to “memorize enormous chunks of the torah”. Secondly and more obviously, millions more Muslims all over the world memorise the Koran. Whatever the reason for Jewish scientific and cultural pre-eminence, memorising the Torah is certainly not the reason!

        • mac

          Keep preaching brother. Don’t let these apologists cloud the truth..

      • jonathan

        this is a bunch of baloney…jews do not memorize the torah….half of them don’t even observe the torah or the law

    • You have it right, I was in the clock and watch repair business and they dominated the industry, it’s hard for anyone else to be in it if they are not jewish.

      • sharpin LA

        Yes for sure. Investment “ins”/opportunities, etc. all kept in the family; someone outside the family gets nothing, so there’s your explanation.

        Additionally, may you, as a Jew, be more inclined to shop at a jewish-owned shop? Well a Gentile doesn’t do that, he shops where he shops, whether you are Jewish, Protestant, Chinese Tao, an Atheist or wherever.

        So if everyone shops at a Jewish shop but most Jews shop only at Jewish shops, over time, the money is going to concentrate in Jewish shops which means higher incomes as well in Jewish homes/tables.

    • Its all the electric lights blinding us, but no really I was with you up until you blamed us ( all be it,jokingly & in good humour ) for the so called Jewish smartness. There is no extra “smartness” ( hey wait a minute, is that even a word )( I guess I’m not Jewish after all ) damn man, my circumcised penis & subdued sun tan really had me going

    • John

      Well Morman from Idaho, your insight and analysis makes as much sense as you “religion.”

      • Schecky

        Make perfect sense John and who are you to say anything about other people’s religion?

    • if they so smart why they dealre war on a sweidsh viking ?

  • anton

    So this years nobel prize winners finally showed that the chairman
    between 2000 and 2013 was a real fraud.

    • Scott

      Of course Dawkins can’t comprehend why Jews are so successful in science and commerce….he’s an atheist.

      • Steven

        Yes Dawkins is an atheist. So are many Jews.

        • michael kelley

          I’m not sure I agree. I think most would more accurately be described as agnostic.

      • mike

        Hey Atheists hater , most Jews are secular , could you be more stupid!!!.

        • Jim

          You miss the point. Dawkins is not just atheist he is stridently anti-religious.
          This has blinkered him to conflating ‘Jew’ with religion and caused him to be ‘bewildered.’
          It must now give him a great deal of comfort to know that it’s OK – their achievements have nothing to do at all with religion.
          And, no, I don’t know why the pre-eminence either. I am just astounded.
          And, as an Irish Catholic, congratulate them one and all.

          • Jimbino

            Any true scientist must be atheist. Strident atheists are doing an added public service by pointing out religion as the most idiotic and unscientific thing there is.

  • raman

    every society need some scape goat for its failure and some reason why they are what they are. the other religions are dominant and present in most of the countries. Jews are not so except as packet in few countries. they can be easily targetted. besides a the small country’s resilence and energy to stay ahead 9is an eyesore to several bigger and more populated nations bur struggling!

  • mike

    def. genetic. they look different, facially, as well. narrower eyes, prominent, hooked nose, sharp face, slightly more tanned skin. thats genetic. interesting thing is, meet a young Ashkenazi girl / boy, and they are WAY more advanced and mentally mature than their peers.
    Nothing to do with culture, people. its in the blood. how does their offspring fare, if they marry out? DUMB.

    • Narrower eyes, prominent hook nose, sharp face, tan skin? I thought you were referring to Arabs no wait, Persians, no wait, Lebanese Christians, no wait, Druze, no wait, Amenian Christians, no wait, Kurds, no wait….

  • sean murphy

    if you set yourself apart from the rest of the world can you not see that you will never get invited back to the eurovision song contest, cross dressing bloke or not.please note all commets i have made here were for entertainment purposes only and do not represent the views of my family,who i hope will be spared when you send out you’re mossad wet works team.

  • Marc Leslie Kagan

    It shows that someone who is smart is still a JERK AND AN A-HOLE no matter what.

    • Yithak Wolf

      It also shows that a retard can be an anti-semite.

    • Paul Schober

      What are you talking about “anti-semite”? Dawkins was PRAISING Jews for their phenomenally impressive scientific record. All the said is he hasn’t thought much about why they do so well at science.
      What are you complaining about?

      • John Reading

        Jews have a long history of complaining about anyone who says anything about Jews.

        They simply do not want to be talked about. I assume the reason is they do not want attention drawn to what they are doing.

        I believe that what they are doing – always – is promoting Jews. Not truth, not justice, not scientific excellence, just other Jews. It is sort of like sports fans promoting their team, even when it is playing poorly.

        Jews hire Jews because they are Jews. They marry Jews because they are Jews. And Jewish Nobel Prize Committee Chairmen find Jews to be the most deserving of prizes. Jewish designers of I.Q. tests find Jews to be smarter than everyone else.

        None of this is evil – just silly. The end result is Jews make themselves unpopular and are evicted from one country after another all around the globe and all through history.

        The solution to the “Jewish Problem” is for Jews to grow up, but since they are just like everyone else – not smarter, not chosen by their invisible god – they probably won’t.

        • resharpen

          Mr. Reading – for a man with your name, you need to do a lot MORE reading, and smarten up. Stereotyping groups of people has Never helped anything or anyone in this world. I could say,that you, being a man, that your gender has brought only aggression and destruction to the world. Men commit far more killings. Look at the mass murderers in the U.S. – of hundreds, only one has been a woman.
          But my saying this truth helps no one and nothing. And your statements are not even close to the truth. The vast majority of Jews do not marry other Jews. I know many Jews who interviewed for jobs by other Jews and we

          • resharpen

            and the Jews weren’t hired, but non-Jews were. As for the Chairmen of the Nobel Prize Committee, please name the ones who have been Jewish, as I couldn’t find even one. The current Chairman is Kaci Kullmann Five; the prior one was Thorbjor Jagland. Neither are Jews.
            I feel sorry for you. You have such anger, and it is so misdirected. Do something to truly help our world, instead of stewing in hate.

        • Liz

          ABOVE COMMENT CORRECTION: Which is why Jews DO NOT tend to mix much outside their own kind.

          Obviously there is something wrong with Jews… all of these countries from hundreds of years back CANNOT ALL BE LYING AND CANNOT ALL BE WRONG.

          Martin Luther book free online:

          • DWD

            You really should get out more.

        • Thabo

          “The end result is Jews make themselves unpopular”. Maybe it’s because so many non-Jews are jealous of their accomplishments?

        • kishmirtuches

          what an axxhole

        • Peter Caulton

          Good to hear a logical appraisal of the Jewish problem and why they are not smart. Smarter people would have figured out what they have been doing for 2000 years to piss people off in all the countries they have settled in.

          • Noah

            @Peter Caulton: not sure if you are (a) the country singer from NZ and/or (b) the same Peter Caulton who’s been very busy posting anti-John Key (Jewish PM of NZ) and anti-Semitic rants all over the internet. If you are, I hope you realize that Johnny Cash, of whom you’ve done cover songs and I would assume is a hero in your world, and June Cash were heavily pro-Israel. Second, if you are, scary to think anti-semi tims is so rampant in New Zealand that you post this hate speech without worries about your career. Last, what is your agenda? Explain why you hate Jews (who are not a race, but a culture/religion, religion is not race), without stooping to the same old tired idiotic sweeping generalizations about Jews. And really, it’s “not smart” to stay faithful to one’s religion and culture because you are being scapegoated and persecuted by almost everyone around you. I would call that brave.

          • DWD

            “The Jewish Problem?” When do you plan to freaking EVOLVE?

        • R. Berouti

          Well said

    • Steve MacIsaac

      A little late to comment, but seeing the ruddy, dandy-faced, always-camera-ready face of Richard Dawkins stumbling over an explanation for an off-the-cuff, brain-dead comment demands a response. My guess is if that Dawkins wasn’t wandering the world looking for the next talk show slot, he could walk down the halls of his university and speak with a sociologist, historian, ethnographer, and economist and — with that big noggin of his — put it together.

      Jews are represented out of proportion to the their proportion of the total population (note I did not say “over represented”) because centuries of persecution, being driven from their homes, having their property stolen, etc., resulted in them carrying their “capital” with them: their intelligence, learning, adaptability, curiosity, willingness to rise to a challenge, confront the unknown, etc. And this is passed on to subsequent generations. It’s really pretty straightforward.

      • Jackie Carlyle

        Well put!

      • D.Hunter

        Steve MacIsaac has it right!

        For with the centuries of cursings have come Extraordinary Blessings.

        Are the Jews special?
        OF COURSE they are special!

        As a Born Again Christian of USA birth if I were to start any business or organization or cultural or medical center I would immediately try comb through the worldwide ranks of Jews (and I know there are different “standards” as to what constitutes a JEW).

        And I would happily plonk myself down in a majority Jewish neighborhood, which has already happened a few times in my life.

        The only Jew I would not welcome right off the bat is Woody Allen. The whiney, self-absorbed, neurotically obsessed New York Mama’s boy that he celebrates (a Woody celebration of self) does grate on my nerves!

        I say that with some tongue-in-cheek.

        But what’s fascinating is that as long as Dawkins has been mucking about in the sciences, decades, only NOW has he “just noticed” the out-of-proportion percentage of Nobel prizes awarded to Jews??

        Meeting with, going to conferences, listening to lectures, reading scientific papers, studying his chosen field itself, confabbing with fellow peers, he has NEVER until NOW realized the Jewish connection to great science and great discoveries?

        Now that is what I would characterize on Dawkin’s part as a willful ignorance. A REFUSAL to acknowledge the most basic facts of his life’s realm.

        So, Dawkins is most decidedly NOT special in that regard.

  • Ruy Diaz

    “Race does not come into it…”

    How does Mr. Dawkins knows without examining the evidence? That’s the inner liberal talking, not the scientist.

    • Sujeesh Abraham Mathew

      I disagree with Mr. Dawkins. Race must come in to it..but how? that needs investigation.

      • Andrew Owens

        So the fact that Indians haven’t one many Nobel prizes must mean that Indians aren’t predisposed to science? What a bunch of malarkey Dawkins repeats.

        • Paul Schober

          “So the fact that Indians haven’t one many Nobel prizes must mean that Indians aren’t predisposed to science? What a bunch of malarkey Dawkins repeats.”

          He never said that.
          It’s up to YOU to come up with an explanation why a certain group is not as successful as another when it comes to something like Nobel accomplishments.

          • michael kelley

            Like why men are so over-represented as laureates? Must mean men are smarter than women, naturally, right?

    • Joseph Feld

      In British law Jews are a religion and not a race. When the Race Relations Act was passed to protect minorities from racism, it was made clear that although Jews are a religion and not a race they would be covered by the law. The concept of Jews as a ‘race’ was largely a 19th Century German invention.

  • luxup

    if you are interested here is a great talk from Neil deGrasse Tyson: where he touches upon the problem with religion and it’s impact on science throughout history. There is a section that touches on Islam. To be honest, it made me feel badly for all we could have learned. Start at 22:50 if you don’t want to see the enter thing (but it’s worth while).

    Spoiler: Islam has so few Nobel prizes because they basically stopped trying.

  • Ron Johansson

    Most of the high achieving Jews seem to be Ashkenazi. This hints at a genetic element to it, but living in a persecuted disapora latterly in the poverty of Shtetls and so on may have produced a kind of culture which was both pragmatic and aspirational – opportunities had to be grabbed, no complacency was acceptable.

    Some peoples do seem to be disproportionately inventive, or at the very least go through phases of intense creativity.

    Ashkenazi Jews are not the only example. I read an interesting best selling book recently called “How the Scots invented the modern World”.

    The Scots and their diaspora (which is ancient and predates the British empire) are credited with producing tens of groundbreaking philosophies, major inventions, entrepreneurs, pioneers, military and political leaders. Without certain innovators of Scottish origin we would not drive on tarmac roads on pneumatic tyres, watch TV, talk on the phone, have radar or watch Donald Trump on the Apprentice (last one you may consider a curse?).

    Is there anything common to these inventive cultures? I suspect there is. Considering the example of the Scots we can immediately point at diaspora, poverty and political instability/ oppression in their native lands. There could also be a religious element to it. Prebyterianism is “Old Testament”.


    • Kinik

      You are idiot.

    • eddie

      >Most of the high achieving Jews seem to be Ashkenazi
      Ashkenazi Jews make up nearly 80% of world Jewry today. Maybe that’s why most high achieving Jews seem to be Ashkenazi?

  • elHombre

    In response to comments by notorious gasbag and anti-theist Richard Dawkins, we should expect no less than a thread rampant with anti-Semitism and attempts to discredit Jewish Nobel Prize winners without reference to the accomplishments that garnered the prizes or suggestions as to whom the alternative gentile recipients might have been.

    Not a lot of critical thinking going on here, but a lot of tripe!

    Interesting fact: Dawkins was unable to reach the equivalent of a full professorship at Oxford or elsewhere prior to a multi-million dollar endowment of a chair for him by Charles Simonyi of Microsoft. In the domain of the undeserving, Dawkins has few peers.

    • Jeffrey Weisenfeld

      What anti-semitism? What denigration of Jewish Nobel Prize winners’ contributions to civilization? I can only assume that you are a godder taking cheap shots at your intellectual superior. Are you a full professor somewhere? If not, can I disregard what you say as flatulence?

    • Laurie Prindle

      If your comparing Jews and their percentage of winning the NPP. You have to go to the source of their inspiration, the Bible: Colossians 2:2b-3 “…so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ,
      in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

      • Louis Cohen

        What does Harry Potter have to say about it? He is at least as reliable a source as Scripture.

        • Steven

          Thank you Lewis.

      • resharpen

        Sorry to break your bubble, but citing the New Testament as “proof” about Jews, is like citing the Koran as proof about something involving Christians.

    • what rubbish
      Of course Jews are intellectually superior – genetics is a factor, as is tradition. Jewish family expectations of their offspring arer invariably high. Other factors, too, are probably involved but the general result is invariably superior achievement..

      As far as Dawkins is concerned, your remarks are fatuous. I happen to be a fellow atheist but that notwithstanding, he is one of the most learned academics on the planet. If you were to attempt to debate him on any subject, you would be anihilated. Your use of the language would have to improve vastly, even to step into the ring.

      • David

        “Of course Jews are intellectually superior”

        That IS “rubbish.” Where’s the Jewish Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, etc., etc., etc.???

        • Peter Elliott

          Einstein, Freud, Jesus

    • sanford wilbercreek

      Far from being undeserving, Dawkins wrote “The Selfish Gene,” in which he revolutionized our understanding of the mechanism of evolution and simultaneously introduced the concept of information competition with the word Meme. His impact on the world has been profound as his writing has captured the imagination of countless others who have gone on themselves to produce great work.

      • Mark_NYC

        Dawkins has a superb command of the English language, writes beautifully, and has been very influential (I’ve read most of his books). At the same time, he does not publish in peer reviewed journals (as emphasized by the sociobiologist Wilson of Harvard), and has had his scientific ideas roundly criticized by other biologists such as Stephen Jay Gould. Thus, while have a very high standing with the general public, his standing with peers and the general scientific community is not so great. At a personal level, what I find particularly obnoxious about Mr. Dawkins is the certitude with which he denounces all religion, and the campaign he has been waging against it and people who believe in a deity. Some of his acolytes such as the physicist Lawrence Krauss are similarly bright, arrogant, and obnoxious.

        • Steven

          Could you point me to some of your peer reviewed articles? What is your basis for saying Dawkins’ standing is “not so great” in the scientific community? I leave your religious objections to you. We all have diverging views on religion – otherwise there would not be so many of them.

  • Mike Gray

    To anyone who thinks that Jews in the Nobel Committe are part of some sort of conspiracy to keep non-jews from succeeding:

    Is there a vast, far-reaching network of successful whites whose aim is to keep blacks out of the workplace? No. No there is not.

    • Same credentials:
      One white man and a minority man apply for the same job:
      Guess who has a higher probability of landing the job?

      What’s sad is that the same answer may be true, even if the minority man is more qualified.

      I belong to a minority group. Everyone knows about racism.
      I’m not a product of stolen resources!!!!!

      • Paul Schober

        *Same credentials:
        One white man and a minority man apply for the same job:
        Guess who has a higher probability of landing the job?*

        In places like Canada or the States, probably the minority. With the quotas and Affirmative Action pressure these days, companies are rabid to comply with these programs and not look racist.

        • michael kelley

          This is baseless and unfounded. Numerous studies have been done on hiring practices and find that racism is still very persistent in US job market.

      • David

        “One white man and a minority man apply for the same job:
        Guess who has a higher probability of landing the job?”

        That’s a no brainer. Lol.

    • anton

      Are you kidding. In Germany or Austria, for example, if you are a german with a turkish surname, even being more quallified, you wont get the job.
      And there are many anti discrimination laws here.

      • Paul Schober

        Well no kidding.
        Nobody wants their building blown up.

        • Aritra

          Dear Mr. Schober,
          Are you trying to imply that having “a turkish surname” makes a person a terrorist? If yes, please look up the articles about Muslim winners of the Nobel Peace Prize on Wikipedia. And, if possible, also see what the Quran/Koran says in support of peace.

  • anton


    It has nothing to do with offending anybody but you have to face the facts that there is something going wrong. Prior to the chairmanship of mr.storch israel had never won a scientific nobel price and the annual number of jewish laureates was not as high as to believe that there is something “unscientific” behind the scene. But the numbers increased heavily and as i expected would not anymore, with a new chairman. And the prognosis was right. It is like ” cartellverband” or “Burschenschaften” in Germany. When you are a member you get uplifted and it becomes much easier to become a professor at german univiersities, because they support themselves like a team. But its not fair to the others.
    Today millions of people worldwide are doing scientific work and 80 percent of the scientific prices in 2009 and 11 were awarded to jews. Thats ridiculous and either leads to perceptions of concpiracy which is bad or to racism, when some people in germany start again believing that jews are a race. Thats getting on my nerves, and it also makes jews crazy leading to conversatons like “…Wir sind die beste rasse”.
    My answer was “….No the vulcanians” He was a colleague from university.
    If it would not lead to race theories, i would not bother if 100 percent of nobel laureates were jews.

    • resharpen

      Starch was fired in 2013, and replaced by a non-Jewish Swede. So what accounts for the Jewish prize-winners since then?

      • Anton

        Since then there was no jewish laureate. None in 14 and 15, storch was fired after the decisions in 13.

  • Juicy Juice

    Created by them, for them.

    • anton

      Created by Alfred Nobel swedish protestant with support of his friend berha von suthner, austrian catholic.

  • Vladimir Ashkenazi

    You people are simply ridiculous with your imagined conspiracies and envy. These are some of the dumbest crackpot bigoted “theories” I’ve ever come across. People win Nobel prizes based on their accomplishments and contributions to helping humanity as a whole. Period. If the Jews have won proportionally more so much the better for the rest of humanity.

    • anton

      Thats what i believed before the year 2000.
      But in the last years it was no more a serious competition.Isn`t it ridiculous that a person chooses candidates only on the basis of a common religous confession.?

      • Vladimir Ashkenazi

        And where is your proof that what you assert is in fact true, anton? And why would you and others here on this thread presume to believe that any members of the Nobel committee who are Jews have any more influence on outcomes than Christian members? Why would the merit and integrity of the Nobel Prize suddenly “change” in the year 2000 where it had not before? You need to answer these questions with facts and statistics. For accurate info on Nobel recipients, go to

    • You have big and nice words in the spirit of demagogy or ignorance … After 6.000 years of experience you have to be a bigot Jew or stupid Gentile to believe it… While can’t you live with the idea, – that you as a Jew – are also a single member of the so called humanity, loved and ignored by the God, like anybody else?

    • John Reading

      But then the burden is upon you to explain why Jews tend to win most prizes when the Committee Chairman is a Zionist Jew and do not win most prizes when the Committee Chairman is not a Zionist Jew.

      It would be most interesting to have a spread sheet listing all chairmen, their religion, and their politics and all the winners under their regime and THEIR religion and politics.

      Such a study would reveal, I am convinced, that bigotry, not honesty, rules the game, just as one would expect if one assumes, as I do, that most humans are superstitious, primitive savages with allegiance only to their tribe, and little care for justice or truth.

      • R. Berouti


    • DWD

      Vlad, never let facts get in the way of a great conspiracy theory! The real reason these poor SOBs believe this stuff is because they feel so left behind.

    • David

      “You people are simply ridiculous with your imagined conspiracies and envy.”

      “Envy” you ass. Nothing of the sort I can assure you. You are IGNORANT of reality. Jews are synonymous with conspiracies. They have a very long history of it. FACT.

  • bob

    What Dawkins should *really* be confused about is why Christians have earned 65.4% of Nobel prizes! 🙂

    If more scientists believed in God, science would progress at a much faster rate.

    • Andrew

      True, virtually nothing of any real importance has been discovered by atheists in physics . 1 of the 4 forces and part of the standard model…. That’s it and the SM hasn’t really done anything for humanity. Gravity, EM, motion, Big bang, QM, … YOU NAME it. Atheists are literally a black hole for the last 30 years. They spent so much time trying to deny the Fine Tuning and the obvious design implications, they went insane trying to get the Universe to create itself and got laughed into stupidity by the public. No one will ever trust this crop of fools again after multiverse. Throw the bums out and let the next generation of minds return to what got us here in the first place

      • Terry Mac.

        So you’re clearly not a scientist either! So “nothing of any real importance has been discovered by atheists” has it? And how would you know this? Aside from simply pulling this “statistic” from your nether regions, of course! This comment gave me a right good chuckle! Explain to me how belief in a supernatural realm, for which there is zero empirical evidence btw, assists in the pursuit of scientific truths?
        As for the so-called “fine tuning” of the Universe, I would advise you to check out the anthropic principle, a much more scientific approach that doesn’t rely on any non falsifiable supernatural guesswork.

      • Terry Mac.

        Oh yeah, I forgot to point out that study after study has shown that the higher someone’s intelligence, the less likely they are to believe in a personal “God”, all the way up to the elite scientists who are almost exclusively atheist.

      • les cook

        I am surprised that nobody pointed out that Albert Einstein was an atheist, as well as of Jewish ethnicity. If you doubt this, read a few of his biographies. Clearly the premier mind in all of physics history, he demolished the great 19th century theories of dynamics, gravity and electromagnetism. I also wonder if it is understood that the ‘fine tuning’of the universe relates primarily to constants relevant to the ‘big bang’s evolution into the universe we observe. For the record I am an atheist and an (ex) physicist, once taught by Abdus Salam who was a major player in the development of the standard model of particle physics. He was a devout Muslim. The other major player was Steven Weinberg who certainly was an atheist.

        • David

          “I am surprised that nobody pointed out that Albert Einstein was an atheist, as well as of Jewish ethnicity. If you doubt this, read a few of his biographies. Clearly the premier mind in all of physics history, he demolished the great 19th century theories of dynamics, gravity and electromagnetism.”

          Your spewing mainstream (i.e. Jewish) promoted garbage. Albert Einstein was a Jew promoted by Jews–big time.

          Reality is: Einstein was THE PLAGIARIST OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY. Open your mind and read The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein – The Propaganda of Supremacy

          “Here is the unknown and twisted story of how an obscure mathematician came to become one of the most famous and recognizable people in human history. But, was there an ulterior purpose to all of this?

          Perhaps you have had the experience of sitting in on a physics class, watching Einstein’s equations explained. As you watch, something odd enters into your mind. Is all this really original? It seems the equations were all seen before, published previously by other mathematicians. Only now they have been packaged to make the conclusions fit together. Question; is that really genius?”

      • John Reading

        Obviously, there is no reason to know or present any facts if you are a believer in either the invisible god or his nailed-up son. You just need to thoroughly insult anyone who dares to question your made-up nonsense and bingo! You just won the debate.


      • sean murphy

        ultimately religion will wane,so its not important,the ashkenazi jews formely known as khazars adopted the jewish religion on masse,had they chosen islam instead guess which religion would be getting all the plaudits. it has been proven by jewish scientist through dna anylasis that these (jews) have no connection with palestine.and originate in the region of turkey, iran,and eastern europe. question is does this region have a large number of nobel winners today,or is it nurture in the form of wealth and the best schooling that does it ?.

    • Corey

      “If more scientists believed in God, science would progress at a much faster rate.”

      Huh? Did I miss something? How does belief in something for which there is no empirical evidence lead to an increase in the rate at which phenomena that is verifiable by observation can be proven?

      A leap of faith perhaps?

    • anton

      Most of them are without religious beliefs.

    • Terry Mac.

      So you’re not a scientist, I take it? Exactly how would belief in some ancient mythology increase the rate of scientific discoveries? I can’t see a connection myself!

    • Jeffrey Weisenfeld

      There are 2.5 billion Christians out of 7 or 8 billion people. While the ratio of Nobel winners is disproportionate; about twice as many as their population would indicate, it is not even close to the disproportionality of .2 % winning 20%, or 100 times more Nobel’s than their proportion of the world’s population.

      On what do you base your claim that more scientists believing in god would increase scientic achievement? History seems to be contrary to your assertion.

      • shakeel Ahmad

        It is necessary to believe in the creator of the world .If u don’t u should never claim noble prize for atheists .Because if you don’t attribute the creation of heaven and eart and what is inbetween to someone like craetor God how should u think to honour urself for some research ,invention ,etc.Now talking about Jews it is their history that they have been always conspirators .to have noble prizes disproportiknally buy them is to make the world to get their sense of love and sympathy as the make the world economically or scientifically prosperious but itz not so muslims and christians r better than them in science and economics, literature etc .Stil it iz our weakness that we allow thenm to have honour such.Christians should gather now to correct this conspiracy otherwise they would subjugate them at global level and master them to drive according their will and evil.

        • mac

          What it says and what is practiced are polar oposites

    • Charles Nankin

      for sure the development of science seems to be heavily associated with a knowledge of the God of Israel, whether within the individual, his cumulative ancestry, or a particular culture. And to which the Jewish example very clearly conforms:

      the great error on saturated fat and dietary cholesterol is just one example of the importance in distinguishing between Scientific groupthink/bullying/fashion/religion and Science.

      Regarding the rationalist and atheistic schools, the prima-facie assumption of Materialism which they are bound to is radically non-scientific.

      • John Reading

        “prima-facie assumption of Materialism which they are bound to” is a popular and very dishonest mis-representation of their position. It is especially popular with religious thinkers who want to ridicule atheists.

        Atheists, however, do not necessarily believe anything. The word merely means that they DO NOT believe in the invisible god. It says nothing about what they do believe in. Lying about the “beliefs” of atheists is a popular game among the devout.

        • michael kelley

          But Dawkins is not an atheist, he is an admitted anti-theist, meaning he BELIEVES that the belief in God is bad and/or a negative. Which, in my opinion, is just as arrogant as believing that yours is the only true God.

    • John Reading

      Believing in God would require them to take things on faith, thus epistemologically undercutting their scientific thinking.

  • bob

    Here’s one theory:

    “The Talmud, the book of Jewish law, is one of the most challenging religious texts in the world”[1]

    If you do so much study of complex subjects, you are naturally going to have more neurons connected to other neurons, which will naturally. through the process of neural plasticity make you smarter. You will therefore be able to make other connections in your day to day life more easily, which will be beneficial, especially if you are a scientist.


  • Darryl

    I was always under the impression that the Nobel Prize was a Jewish institution that would occasionally consider exceptions. It was founded by the Jewish community to celebrate their own scientific works. It receives a lot of media coverage but that’s no reason why it should it be considered otherwise.

    • Darryl

      Alfred Nobel founded the prize because as he stated: “So much of our intellectual capital and our Jewish ingenuity is channeled to our defense needs.” the Nobel Prize was meant to reward Jewish ingenuity regardless of military applications.

    • DWD

      It was founded by Alfred Nobel, a Swedish Protestant… You really ought to read more.

  • Alejandro Ochoa G.

    I think those of you who think Nobel Prizes are awarded on a non-biased basis, should read The International Jew, a book written by Henry Ford (1863-1947), founder and owner of a well-known carmaker. It is a text plenty of antijudaism. Many non-Jews (me included) are “d’accord” with the concepts and ideas of Mister Ford.

    Also, about antijudaism in Mexico, you can check/read:

    • anton

      That s ridiculous , there are many global minorities that show patterns of high group solidarity and support.
      Be it exile Chinese, lebanese, armenians and greeks and italians in the past. That is not a jewish specificum.

      • That is true, but I know only one nation, the Jewish, that claims superiority over any other races and exclusive “monopoly” to the “good will” of the God. Not surprisingly this extreme egocentrism provokes the opposition of the gentile majority. This is the essence of anti-Semitism….

        • anton

          It is a clear fact that the believe of superiority and chosenness is a archaic relict of the past, but there are also some other religous or ethno religious groups that created a sense of superiority as part of their self identity, so the druze, tutsi, brahmins in india etc.. Dont forget that the anciant greeks regarded non hellenic people as barbarians,only good to serve as slaves, but the greeks totally transformed their tribal believes into a universal concept. What made the jews so visible among all tightly knit solidarity based communities lies in the fact that they as europeans, located in the west that became powerfull in the process of enlightment. Any other group, be it phoenicians/lebanese, parsis, armenians, greeks
          would have excerciced the same disproprtional influence if they were located in europe. The classical majority-minority discrepancy turned, from an european point of view, into the pattern of “non jews”-jews, just because the traditional minority of the most powerfull states logically became the most powerfull minority in the world.
          But as i said, any other of those minorities i mentioned before would have shown disproportional success of similar gratitude.
          The problem with jews is, that they misinterpret this historical process as if it had something to do.with being jewish, when it only
          has to do with being a relatively free and indipendent minority.
          But any other ethnoreligious etc. Group would be missunderstand their success the same way.

        • Joe Moer

          Rubbish , All Englishmen know that they are superior to other races.

          • John Reading

            Obviously true, but only because they have so much Scottish blood coursing through their otherwise inbred veins.

            If you doubt the superiority of the Scotts, just consult any well-recognized Scottish authority on the subject.

            I recall a Jewish intellectual (someone I admired) saying how special the Jewish culture was because it was so “scholarly”. Imagine suggesting that the English or the Scotts or the Arabs or the Chinese are somewhat less scholarly than the Jews.

            This is tribalism gone mad.

    • Daniel

      Henry Ford was a Nazi who was one of Hitler’s greatest financial backers. You should study history before you continue unintentionally (i hope) quoting the 20th centuries most racist people. Next you will quote walt disney or du pont

      • John Reading

        Henry Ford may have been a Nazi, but that is irrelevant to deciding whether he wrote the truth about Jews.

        Surely you amateurs have heard of the “ad hominum” argument and that it is not valid.

        It is dishonest to hint that if one is critical of the Jewish culture, that one must wish for gas chambers, but this dishonesty is popular among those who defend the Jewish culture.

        I suspect that most Jews are too smart to believe that all their critics are violent. If you actually read Ford’s book, you will find nothing but criticism of Jewish behavior. You will not find a hint of evil intent toward Jews. His desire was to persuade them, not harm them.

        Of course, the hysterics will contend that any criticism of Jewish behavior is “code” for death camp advocacy, but, again, I suspect that most Jews (and most people) are too smart to believe such nonsense.

        Personally I find the majority of Jews to be intellectually offensive but harmless and easily avoided. I can think of nothing that should be done about them other than to reassure them that they are not superior and therefore they should relax and not try so hard to control everything.

        Their worst enemy is their own paranoid authoritarianism, which has led them to communism and monopoly. They need to grow up, which just means to embrace individualism and reject tribalism. To reject tribalism means to realize that being a Jew means nothing.

      • sean murphy

        its not very much put about that the bankers of wall street (jewish) also financed hitler, they had their fingers in lots of pies and still do,not unheard of them to finance all comers to any war, when you support both sides youll always be on the winnig side.

        • Charles Martel

          Being a IDIOT is in your blood!

        • resharpen

          OMG. Cite your sources re: this dribble.

    • Terry Mac.

      Are you having a laugh? Henry Ford was a well known rabid anti-semite and Hitler supporter who was responsible for reprinting that well known Russian forgery “The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion”! So anything he had to say about Jewish people has to be viewed through that filter.

      • Michael

        Terry Mac.: If you say “forgery” about the Protocols, it really means an unauthorized copy of something genuine.

        • Paul Schober

          “Terry Mac.: If you say “forgery” about the Protocols, it really means an unauthorized copy of something genuine.”

          That’s a slyly suggestive way to put it.
          You means it’s a FAKE, in that it is a copy of a French Revolution-era SATIRE about Napoleon that was translated into Russian and the terms switched to make it sound like a silly James Bond-type Jewish cabal conspiracy?

          It was GENUINE only in that the work was originally a JOKE SATIRE about NAPOLEON.

      • John Reading

        The protocols are an excellent portrait of how power-lusters operate. It is hardly the truth that all power lusters are Jewish, but it is significant that, demographically, Jews are overwhelmingly opposed to liberty and supporters of authoritarian regimes. They virtually invented communism. The Russian “revolution” was mainly financed and run by Jews from New York (or so I have read).

        In contemporary America, we can count on the Jews, as a voting block, to vote for every “liberal” (big government) cause. They dominate Hollywood and the mainstream news and consistently promote authority and ignore or smear any calls for less government and more liberty. They are, in general, collectivists. Naturally the above will be dismissed as “racism”, but it is merely demographic fact.

        It is also fact that some of the greatest individualist and libertarian thinkers were from Jewish backgrounds, however small their numbers may be. But only individualists care about such counter facts. Collectivists concern themselves with collectives and the Jewish collective is made up of collectivists, naturally.

    • Jeffrey Weisenfeld

      Wow. Henry Ford. Why not Mein Kampf? Given the 100, 000,000 Mexicans’ domination of the Nobel Prizes, I can see why you are a Jew hater. Are you proud that Mexico has many who hate Jews? Maybe there should be a prize for anti-semitism. You can enter any time.

    • mac

      I think one of the reasons for the success of united states is their embrace of jews…. imigrants, refugees etc. Perhaps Mexico which as a country is TWICE as old as the US yet chronically poor, under educated, corrupt and inefficient should emulate. A few smart jews might help you get your act together.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY: “Time-out-year” for the “Jewish Bias”!!!!
    Not a single Jewish laureate. Closest to Jewish heritage is Patrick Modiano, French-Italian, is 1/4 Jew (fathers-father).
    The former Zionist Chairman of the Nobel Foundation – Marcus Storck – was fired 2013 and replaced by a “real” Swedish scientist, Carl-Henrik Heldin of Uppsala. The result is immediate and imminent.
    God bless you, Carl-Henrik!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yoni

    Winning Nobel Prizes is one of the most promenent ways of predicting a person’s IQ. Jews are not even half a percent of the world and they have one won more than 20% of Nobel Prizes. The jewish culture creates this need and respect for knowledge. The jewish Talmud is said to sharpen the mind with brilliant riddles and intellectual concepts. Richard Feynman said in his book”surely you joking- Mr Feynman” that even though he wasnt religous his family would study the talmud knowing that it was intellectully stimulating. As king shlomo chose knowledge as a gift from god, this therefore is an indication saying how jews value intellegence as the most important tool. There is clearly no logical argumant in saying based on the statistics and logical information that jews are very clever and succecful in achieving to contribute to the world. When something is better than another , this then creates a certain jealousy, I would therefore not be suprised for people wanting to disprove me in ignorant ways.

    • Jim Newsham

      Jews make up 0.2% of the worlds population yet have gained over 20% of the Nobel prizes. The ONLY reason for this is a bias towards the Jews by the Nobel committees. This is pure mathematics -they could not statistically have managed so many prizes unless they were being chosen in inappropriately large numbers. Remember that any prize given always says much more about the giver than the recipient. I bet that there have been a disproportionate numbers of Jews both on, and chairing, the Nobel committees over the years. Thus, as an indicator of excellence, Nobel is meaningless. If you doubt this Obama was chosen by the committee (absurdly) before he had achieved anything (has he achieved anything now?) This shows that Nobel is always politically motivated and explains the bias towards Jews in the figures.

      • Wilbert Tomlinson

        And what is your bias?

      • yes, because there are so many Jews in Norway? As of 2014 the number is a whopping 781 (out of five million) according to Norway’s government. As for the jewish bias of the members of the Nobel prize committees … not a lot of Goldbergs.

        • anton

          scientific noble prices are awarded by the swedish comitee.
          And alltough there are not many jews in sweden the head of the comitee for more than a deacade marcus storch, is one of them and also the son of the former head of the swedish branch of wjc hillel storch. During his chairmanship the numbet of laureates of jewish descent inflated.
          When in.2013, more than half of the winners turned out to be jewish, the english and german wikipedua article for m.storch suddenly dissapeared.
          So while the swedes in generally do not search for respectable swedish protestant scientists for an annual swedish laureate, it seems that a jewish comitee chairman was interested to find as much jews as he can to give them.a price. Why is it so important for jews to win noble prices, when religion, race, nation and ethnicity are at least today regarded as
          stupid myths of the past.

          • Jeffrey Weisenfeld

            Anton, your bigotry might have more force if you could read or write. That’s Nobel Prize. There is nothing noble about you.
            Long before Storch, Jews still won a hugely disproportionate share of Nobel Prizes. All groups, even Antons, are proud of their group’s achievements. Just look at the fuss over the medal count at the Olympics.

          • anton

            @Jeffrey Weisenfeld

            First of all, my critique is not driven by antisemitism but by a fear of a renaissance of racism and antisemitsm. And the notion that sees in the distribution of nobel prices evidence for higher “jewish intelligence” was a classical prejeduce of the era when racism and antisemitism peaked, this means between 1880 and 1945.
            You say they won many prices in the past. Thats true but not as much as prior to 2000 and no israeli has been ever awarded by the nobel asssembly. Usualy persons of jewish descent won one or two prices and also not every year.
            And this was not seen as a result of higher intelligence but as the consequence of an earlier head start rooted in jewish culture. For example in austria and germany most of the population was very uneduacted prior to the 1960ies. Mostly peasantry and proletarians.
            But with this increasing number of jewish laureates more and more people in germany and austria again were beginning to use racial phrases and jews too. “Wir sind die beste rasse….” Thats very dangerous.
            And all that because there was a jewish swedish chairman between 2000 and 2015.

            Now this contradiction between many jewish nobel price winners and none israelis that raised questions and supported anti racist arguments has disappeared.
            And all this only because of a jewish swedish nobel comitee chairmann.

      • David

        Interesting argument. Now… proof?

      • James

        So, the premise of your argument (that Jews are awarded disproportionate Nobel Prizes) is substantiated by the fact that you ‘reckon’ the voting is rigged by Jews ‘on the inside’ of the committee. Would you like to at least make an attempt at backing that up? How can you band around such massive claims without even being able to conjure up one single Jewish name on the Nobel committee? A vacuous train of thought.

        • anton

          Never heard of Marcus Storch?

      • Terry Mac.

        So lets get this straight, are you claiming Barack Obama is Jewish?

        • Bigolfascist

          I thought he was Irish. That must be why he got the Nobel Prize right after his coronation. Yep, I rather lost much respect for the committee after that ine!

        • michael kelley

          Yea, that’s why the POTUS who was elected to end the unjust US Wars of aggression in the Mideast instead expanded those wars from 2 to 7, dropping 27,000 bombs in his final year alone. Nobel Peace Prize winner! Tell me again why we use them to measure anything?

    • John

      Everything that the Jew says relating to their racial superiority is something a German could have said 100 years ago with more or less equal authority and accuracy.
      That should be a simple enough point for the Hebrew master race to understand.

      • Carlos PL

        Because before starting with their mad Assassination Antisemitic Madness, we the People of Israel were totally integrated in their System and part of their Nation.

        • John

          The Jew demands to be included as full members of the gentile world but never allows the gentile into their world. Have lost count of how many nations the Jew has been thrown out of for this hypocrisy.
          As for antiSemitic madness, the Jew is now operating the largest concentration camp for semites in history in a fascist racist state all justified by master race theories and they don’t care one bit what the world thinks.21st century version of Assassination Antisemitic Madness.

          • andrew

            Dear friend, do you know how a jew lives??? Or his relegious obligation??? Been a jew is a real pain in th…… i don’t know people who wants to be become a jew. And if strangers are not really welcome in sinagogues… well, you should give em a brake, considering what has been done to sinagogues in the last 10 centuries or so….

  • It’s not limited to Nobel Prize winners. Studies of pupils in New York schools found that the IQ of 100 was average overall, but 110 was average for Jews! Over generations Ivy League colleges, medical and law schools had Jewish quotas to give ‘Wasps’ a better chance of getting in. I recall being told many years back that Columbia one year considered accepting students based purely on academic ability but they had to reconsider. You can guess why.

    • henry

      Besides that the iq science is quite flawed, that what you mean with jewish iq is just representative for urban populations in the west. Amsterdam, kopenhagen, stockholm etc. have similiar avarage iqs, while in the countryside, where most people live the number is generally lower. Probably an environmental factor, access to better education, more variety of social interactions, more possibilities of intellectual stimulation etc
      Traditional nazi thinking in terms of race and eugenics should have no basis anymore.

      • Richard

        Bringing Nazis into it doesn’t really help anybody. Ashkenazi Jews do have higher IQ scores, but also higher than other Jews (Sephardic, etc.). This is likely from the way they bred during times of discrimination: the Sephardic Jews were subject to less discrimination by the Muslims than Ashkenazi Jews were by Christians. Our bodies will hang onto advantageous genes wherever possible, witness Africans’ running ability and the advantage Europeans have in water. We know evolution occurs, and when groups exist and breed in isolation, it follows that certain genes will mutate within that group. That is not a moral statement, simply an empirical one.

        • John

          In order for the Jew to have at least some modest level of credibility related to the discussion of race, the Jew must talk not only of being the victim of discrimination, the Jew must also talk of the Jew as the perpetrator of racism.
          Otherwise the Jew is just pointing a figure, and no one has a moral, or any other, obligation to listen to that. Which is about where this discussion is at.
          As a point of interest, is their any non Jew out there that has ever heard a Jew speak of Jewish racism, and is there a Jew out there willing to admit to one of the most basic and omnipresent of all human failings – or is the Hebrew master race not subject to such failings. Be careful however, in the long run treating oneself as superhuman always results in sub human treatment in return.

          • Victoria

            It behooves you to educate yourself. Start by wider exposure than the Nazi pamphlets in the guise of “websites, news or revelations”. Make use of your inherent ability to think and quit rationalizing evil.

            Rewriting history is a bad thing for all humanity. Lessons learnt will be forgotten, the evil inclination in the human nature will win and we will continue to hurt those less fortunate than others.

        • Carlos Ponce de Leon

          Total *******t my Bruder! If We go to Jewish Mysticism and the Middle Ages, Maimonides, Nachmanides, and Moses Ben-Shemtov de Leon my Great Grandfather, you can see that the Sefardíes pocketed quite well the Ashkenazis in IQ and in Spiritual growth!

        • anton

          It is pure nazism. Ashkenasis represent urban populations of the most developed areas of the world. In cities like amsterdam, berlin, milano the average iq is similar to that of ashkenasis at least for the authochtonous
          population of native speakers. (excluding guest workers. foreigneirs etc.)
          On the other hand, sephardim until recent decades had lived in relatively underdeveloped parts of the globe, northern africa, the arab countries etc.
          This may explain the difference between.the two groups.

        • Breandán Mac Séarraigh

          I think you are probably correct Richard but it’s a risky point to make these days. Basically, for most of their history, stupid Jews rapidly became dead Jews and left no copies of their genes.

  • Harry

    I am Jewish. I am not a genius. There’s an explanation…but I’m not smart enough to figure it out.

    • lucy


    • sean murphy


  • mac lane

    The Nobel Prize is totally irrelevant. Simply put, its just some phony title given to Jews by other Jews. Its purpose is to fool the gentile into thinking there is some type of legitimacy in the person or their ideas. Which there is none. Yet another tool from the chosen people to divide an conquer

    • Izzy Real

      Oh yeah Mac Lane, completely made up grandeur… physics, mathematics, chemistry, medical, who uses or needs that crap? LMAO. Every time I think of Einstein I’m all “what a stupid Jew, atomic energy and theory of relativity blah all nonsense that’s never used”….hahaha….your so jealous its sad really.

    • Then stop using your cell phone and your laptop and your computer and make certain that no Israeli medical technology or advances are used in your health care or that of a loved one , see what I am saying ?

      • John

        Philosophy, orchestral music, the scientific method. All products of the European mind. To listen to racist Jews you would think the Hebrew master race created all three. Jews are followers who – in their synagogues, homes, and families – identify ways in which the Jew can make it all about the Jew.
        And everyone knows what the Jew is doing and is trying to tell the Jew not to do it all once again. But the tone deaf Jew is too primitive and tribal to act any other way. An other Jew suicide is on the way – just like the first half of the 20th century.
        If it was not for the European mind the Jew would be beating on rocks in the desert following the Laws for an understanding of the world around them as they blindly followed the Book. Real geniuses!! Racist liars is a better description.

        • David

          Philosophy the product of the European mind? I’d argue it was initially the product of the ancient Greek mind (no, being a part of the modern EU does not make their ancient developments ‘European’). Europe had it’s heyday and is now done; the elderly man on the porch griping that the young folks won’t get off his lawn. Heck, the neo-Nazis are even rallying 20k at a time in Germany, a country not even a century past WWII. Maybe you can stand with their barbarity and backwardness and give us all lessons on ‘the European mind’.
          You’re sad and jealous that even a personality like Dawkins finds this dynamic of Jews so fascinating, so you resort to silly anti-Semitic remarks because it’s all you have left. You call a people ‘primitive’ and ‘tribal’ in the very story that says they’ve won +22% of Nobel prizes (more than that if we just limit it to medicine and physiology). Keep raging. We’re all having a good laugh. 😀

          • John

            My dear David,
            Your comments bring to mind a 2005 NSF lecture commemorating the 100 anniversary of Einstein’s great year.
            The lecturer, a professor of the history of science at BU and a jew, spoke of Einstein and the context of his achievements. It was so disgustingly racist to be all but beyond belief – even in the context of American jews.
            If the scientist he was speaking of was not a jew the lecturer could barely get the name off his lips. He spat out the name Newton with such distain that one wondered what could possibly be on his mind.
            All great thinkers are jews. Why? Because they don’t count if they are not a jew.
            100 years ago jews tried to impose their master race theories on the Germans only to find that the Germans had a master race theory of their own. The world viewed that encounter as a draw between deserving opponents and moved on.
            100 years later the jew is right back at it – too tribal and primitive to change. 20,000 Germans marching? What about the apartheid state of israel operating the largest death camp for semites in history. Not important. Why? Because it is not jews that are suffering.
            It is not by accident that the world is about to bless the nuclear weapon development in Tehran. Is there any doubt what the bomb is for? Jews piling into israel is the worse thing they could be doing. But the jew is too primitive and tribal to see it. and with Bibi`s reelection the stage will be set for yet an other jewish suicide. What number will that be? LOL.:D

  • zohara

    Consider the Sephardic Jews from Spain who after forced conversion and expulsion to the American continent, Western and Eastern Europe, India, Africa etc, impressively knew how to be wise enough to know what their intelectual interests were. Wherevere they resided they strived for intelectual practices(mostly on behalf of Christians) in order to survive on the ground. We call it the Sephardic race!

    • wilson

      “Hear O Israel, you are to cross the Jordan, enter in and dispossess nations greater and stronger than your-selves”– Deuteronomy 9:1.

  • John Smith

    A good deal of it is genetic high intelligence, which Dawkins can’t say–no one respectable can say who wishes to remain respectable–because the flip side is less fun: Why do non-Jews…say, blacks, win so few (or none in the case of science Nobels). Yeah, it’s a real mystery. Must be cultural. Yeah, that’s it.

    • jojo

      There is no reason for your argument.

      Jews have also been overrepresented in fields that are not connected with high intelligence.
      More than fifty percent of the best violin players and pianists in the 20th century were jews.
      Nearly 50 percent of the winners for musical productions. broadway etc. were jews.

      It is only training.

      • RL

        I am pretty sure that I could take violin lessons for 40 years and not be anywhere near symphony material.

        • jojo

          You have to begin at the age of 2

      • dan aronstein

        Jews excel at whatever they do.
        Cream always rises to the top.

        • jojo

          Humans are just like robots, you can train them whatever you want

        • Anton

          Welcome to the nazi Club.

        • Marc

          I love your point!

          As a person of 100% Swiss descent I am so proud of the accomplishments of my people. The Swiss have landed over 3% of all Noble prizes (more than double the number of Israel) despite being less than 0.01% of the world’s population (less 1/20th that of Jews).

          Oh BTW, we are also number 7 on the number of per capita Olympic metals won by country. Not as many as the Norwegians, but still very good.

          Sooo…I guess this makes us smarter than Jews and just about everyone else. Sorry guys, but you are still smart, just much less so than the Swiss.

          • Jonathan

            Population of Suisse 8 million which is 0.11% ….

            Thanks for making swiss people look dumb 😉

          • Jacob

            -The Swiss had almost a 50 years head start on Israel since it was created in 1948. Still there are 16 Swiss nobel prize winners compared to 12 Israelis.
            -There are 15% more Swiss in Swaziland then jews in Israel which counts for 2 more nobel prizes to Israel.
            -Peaceful Swaziland can dedicate itself to study while Israelis have to dedicate 3 years of the most important time in their life to defend themselves before they can go to universities.
            – Do you know how many of the Swiss nobel prize winners are Jews?

          • Carlos PL

            Hysterical Comment, that makes you and not all the beautiful Swiss People a Stupid!

          • sean murphy

            all hail the swiss (and the swiss banks too)

      • mac

        Oh boy. You hit the nail on the head. Lol

    • jojo

      And regarding the flip side i do not know why you refer to blacks. Is it because most people in america see black amerocans as intellectually inferior?
      But this is only a result of slavery. Slaves are always seen as inferior ress of theirhnicity.
      Even te somehow seen as an inferior “slavic race” by western europeans only because slavic people were mostly the slaves in westeuropean countries during the middle
      In fact theasians that won a nobel prize, and most of those were located in the west.
      Was there ever any muslim that won a nobel prize? mMost muslims live in developing countries, africans.too.
      Blacks in america more a social caste like turkish people in germany or gypsies in eastern europe , you cannot expect nobel prices from social outcasts.
      But also the fact that protestants got more than sixty percent of all nobel prizes in sciene, whereas catholics make only 15 percent, speak against a genetic theory. I know germany, britain and austria very well.

      • correction

        Sorry, typing in the train, on a smartphone leads to some mistakes.

        And regarding the flip side, i do not know why you refer to blacks. Is it because most people in america see black americans as intellectually inferior?
        But this is only a result of slavery. Slaves are always seen as inferior, regardless of ethnicity.
        Even russians were sometimes and up till today seen as an inferior “slavic race” by western europeans. only because slavic people were mostly the slaves in western european countries during the middle ages.
        In fact there were not more than fifteen asians that won a nobel prize, and most of those were located in the west.
        Was there ever any muslim that won a nobel prize? Most muslims live in developing countries, just like africans.
        Blacks in america are more a social caste like turkish people in germany or gypsies in eastern europe , you cannot expect nobel prices from social outcasts.
        But also the fact that protestants got more than sixty percent of all nobel prizes in sciene, whereas catholics make only 15 percent, speak against a genetic theory. I know germany, britain and austria very well.

    • John Hathcock

      Jews are not more intelligent than anyone or anything. Oh, of course they like to fantasize that they are. They actually have the audacity to shout to the world that even God puts them above the rest of us negroes. They are crafty, cunning and own the media. That is it. Unless you want to discuss evil geniuses, the majority of the lot are just dull, boring, not really smart, but well connected with their tribal media masters.

      • “They actually have the audacity to shout to the world that even God puts them above the rest of us negroes.”

        The truth is, that “white” jews have the highest amount of sub saharan african genes of all european populations.
        The rate in Sephardis and ashkenazis is about 5 percent.
        But there are also berber, and african jews too. For example a part of the nigerian igbo tribe.

      • Mike

        Feel good now in your delusional world? BY the way i guess you are writing vie Poole (Jewish) and Intel computer (co-Jewish) bought by Dell (Jewish) or I phone (using Qcom chips (Jewish)…

        • emanuel

          I do not know what you want to say with it.
          Most of basic computer science has been developed by german “krauts”.
          Are they more intelligent than others?

        • Matt

          Actually,I’m writing on an Apple Imac created by Steve Jobs who is biologically Syrian Muslim,who created the largest computer company on the planet by overall revenue.

          • Jorge Rubenstein

            wasn’t Muslim

        • thank you. : ) B’Shalom

      • Craft, cunning and own the media ? If we owned the media, what would you be doing with free speach. Tribal media masters , are you kidding me, thats the limit in paranoia , dude, seriously.
        Stop using your tech, your cell phone, your computer, your tablet because it’s got Israeli technology in it.

        • sean murphy

          i would not be surprised in the least if these inventions came about as a by produt of the arms industry,much like the stuff we have as a by-product of the space programme,could be wrong but i doubt it, think colosis bletchley park.

    • henry

      The chairman for the last fifteen years, Marcus Storch (whose father was the head of the swedish branch of the wjc) , has been replaced by Heldin in 2014. And, Surprise, suprise, there is no nobel laureate of jewish descent this year.

      • stern

        LOL check again !

        • jojo

          Marcus storch until 2013,
          check it out

        • henry

          I do not unterstand why you find this so funny. Imagine every second year a swedish scientist would be awarded by the stockholm comittee. This would raise the eyebrow and therefore is a “no go”.
          Israel did not get a single scientific prize until 2002. Then a new chairman, mr.storch came, and since then, israel got 5 times a nobel prize in science. And also the number of jewish laureates increased extremely since 2002. Why are everyday jews not angered by such an unfair misbehaviour.
          And dont get me wrong. Israel can get nobel prizes every year, as long it is not promoted as the success of a superior people, just like what nazis did in terms of arians, but as the outcome of early education, focused training, hard work etc.

          • Ed

            Come on Henry. Way before Storch Jews were winning tons and tons of Nobel prizes! You are using bad analysis here. And anyways, the entire Nobel committee votes on the prizes; the chair has one vote. But forget that, I’m sure you can twist that as well to fit your bigoted world view. Bottom line: huge numbers of Jewish Nobelists precede Storch. No conspiracy. Just excellence.

  • MakeSense

    Important to step back and see the whole canvas. Not just a thread in the tapestry. Solution is simple. Nobel prizes were awarded little over a 100 years ago. Every nation goes through its highs and lows. Every nation learns from another. At some point the ancient greeks were the forerunners in the pursuit of knowledge, the Arabs during the time of what Europe called the Dark Ages were thriving in what they called the Islamic Golden Age. This sparked the rennaisance and Europe took the batten and continued with the run. Knowledge isnt confined to a single race. It belongs to the human race. To measure the greatness of a nation by awards that have only been in existence for a mere blink is dicarding the contributions by all those before them. Dont stand on shoulders of giants and believe you are great.
    Yesterday it them, today it is us, tomorrow it will be others… Let go of arrogance…there are no chosen ones… We all bloody human.

    • Ann

      Jews are not a nation. It is a religion and a culture. The Jewish winners came from a number of different countries..

      • Throughout the middle ages and into the 20th century, most of the European world agreed that Jews constituted a distinct nation. This concept of nation does not require that a nation have either a territory nor a government, but rather, it identifies, as a nation any distinct group of people with a common language and culture.

        So long as Jews lived in their ghettos, they were allowed to collect their own taxes, run their own courts, and otherwise behave as citizens of a landless and distinctly second-class Jewish nation.


      • Jadgpanther

        Calling jews not a nation is ambigious. Here are the reasons:
        1. A person cannot convert to Judaism. So it is race-locked in that sense.
        2. At any time from any country, any jew can fly to Israel and can ask for shelter and citizenship. It is granted.
        3. A jew whether he practices judaism or not is not checked for the item 2. So it is the race that brings him in not the religion.
        4. If you happen to live among jews even in their getto for more than one generation you can totally soak their culture, and if you are an atheist or you do not practice any religion, still they dont accept you in. So culture part is immediately dropped! Since religion was dropped by item 3.
        Result: They are a race! An atheist god hating jew is still a jew.

        • Piper

          You’re incorrect. People can convert to Judaism and have for centuries. It is a religion, culture, and ethnicity.

        • Dave

          “A person cannot convert to Judaism.”

          A flat-out lie.

        • Acul2000

          Point 1- wrong, you can convert
          Point 2- irrelevant
          Point 3- missing logic- since you can become an Israeli without practicing Judaism, it is the race that brings him into religion. ??
          Point 4- You are contradicting your self

          better luck next time

        • a person cannot convert to druze religion or to yezid religion, but converts to judaism have always been there. It only became rare, when christians threatened jewish people who tried to proselyte with the death penalty.

        • You have NO idea what you are talking about, you are taking your information from I don’t know where but you are wrong. There is a debate raging within the Jewish community right now , look it up, it’s called the conversion court.

        • J E Elizabeth

          Jadgpanther is wrong.
          Anyone can convert and become Jewish.
          Judaism is a religion/culture, not “a race.” Before World War II, 54% of Austrian and German-Jewish children
          and 49% of Polish Jewish children
          were blond and blue-eyed.
          There are black Jews, Arab Jews, Chinese
          Jews, blond, blue-eyed Jews with small features.

          Throughout the centuries millions of Jews
          had renounced their religion/culture and became non-Jews. Today, close to 80% of North
          American Jews marry outside of the faith
          and raise their children as non-Jews..

          Incidentally, Olivia Newton-John is the
          granddaughter of German-Jewish physicist, Max Born. Many of the great German, British, French, Russian,etc.
          scientists were/are of the Jewish faith.

  • Chamuel

    When others were still sitting in trees, every Jewish boy learned how to read because at the age of 13, his Bar-Mizvah, he had to read out loud a part of the Torah to the community …..
    Furthermore, Ashkenazi parents (=European Jews) will not go on holidays, will not buy expensive clothes or jewelry – but they will see to it that their children will get the best education …. on the other hand Sfaradic Jews (Jews from Arab countries like Marocco, Tunisia, Syria etc.) mostly send their children out to work (in order to take care of their parents) after they finished the mandatory years of basic schooling …. maybe this also explains some other facts concerning people from the Arab world….

  • JOHN JACOB LYONS suggests that Jews became more intelligent than Gentiles because they had to read and memorize religious texts and they successively developed affection for readings, studies. Later it became somehow inherited and Jews today are over-intelligent already before starting their education.

    My question is, if it is true, and learned practices became inherited… while the Jewish baby boys are still born with foreskin?

    Sorry, it is a stupid joke….

    • Luke

      You are completely perverting the concept of evolution. Jews did not attain an average superior IQ as an individual result of learning. Nor could they evolve to have no foreskin from having performed circumcisions as you propose. A physical alteration will not alter the genetic material of the individual, so it is not inherited. On the contrary, an individual that is capable of attaining literacy during those times would undoubtedly require a higher intelligence to do so. In effect, it is the higher intelligence (genetically determined) that allowed them to learn to read and write, enabling those that did to be more successful in society, therefore increasing their offsprings’ survival, and the inheritance of that higher intelligence through the subsequent generations.

      • ARB

        I don’t know if I can agree with that entirely.

        Obviously Lamarckian evolution as Jan describes has little theoretical basis to recommend it, but technically “selection” does not need to be a matter of survival; it’s also possible that genetically unintelligent Jews could have been selected out of the population if a lack of social acceptance amongst the Jews drove them to migrate to a nearby non-Jewish semetic tribe.

        Mind you, it could also have been a matter of survival, since many of the Jewish laws prescribe behaviors corresponding well to insights in health and medicine (which were effectively unknowable at that time…but I digress).

        So, there are a few selective factors which would actually provide an evolutionary impulse driving the Jews toward higher intelligence; the former is actually a rather strong selective force, particularly compared to most evolution, where a selectable improvement is orders of magnitude rarer than winning the lottery.

    • mac

      Look at the rates of std transmittance, cancer both cervical and penile, hiv risk etc among circumcised males versus uncircumcised and then think again about your statement

  • Who controls economy world wide can take care of nobel prize distribution as well.

    • Crusader

      Ugh! The usual self-serving, Muslim paranoid victimhood. Blame others instead of accepting the virulently anti-intellectual nature of Islamic culture.

      PS-all but two Nobel laureates are either for Peace (lol!) or literature and HALF of those prizes were awarded since 2000, ergo, politics and NOT merit determined the award. Two prizes in the sciences, one to an Egyptian-born Cal Tech professor.

      • David

        Crusader, you are wrong. I suspect you won’t care about things like facts, but here they come anyway: You stated that “all but two (Jewish) Nobel Laureates are either for peace or literature”. The truth is that, as of 2013, Jews were awarded 193 Nobel Prizes. 13 were for Literature. 9 were for World Peace. The remaining 171 are divided fairly equally among Medicine, Chemistry, Economics and Physics. Instead of spouting nonsense, would it kill you to simply tip your cap and say ‘thank you’ to geniuses like Albert Einstein, Neils Bohr and Richard Feynman (I’m just choosing from the Physics category), whose hard work and fierce intellects advanced civilization as we know it?

        • liam

          depends what you mean by “Jewish.” Einstein was Jewish by decent, but was at best a pantheist when it came to his beliefs.

          • Earon Davis

            But Judaism is a religion of descent, not belief. The Christian model of religion does not apply to Jesus, who was a Jew, or other Jews. Judaism supports more free thinking that most of Christianity.

        • 1TerrificT

          So, all you people who are saying the Jews win Nobel Prizes by conspiracy or “networking”, that they don’t really EARN them, are you saying they really didn’t discover what they discovered, invented what they invented, theorized what they theorized? Seriously?

          So Einstein didn’t really discover relativity (I KNOW, he didn’t win the Nobel Prize for that! He won it for discovering the law of the photoelectric effect), that Jonas Salk didn’t really cure polio (So why didn’t he win a Nobel Prize for it? If the fix is in? I don’t know), that Niels Bohr didn’t really advance our understanding of the structure of atoms and the radiation emanating from them, that Franck and Hertz didn’t really discover the laws governing the impact of an electron upon an atom, that Otto Stern didn’t discover the magnetic moment of the proton, that Emilio Gino Segrè didn’t discover the antiproton, that. . . , that . . ., that. . ., didn’t. . . didn’t . . . didn’t?

          If you want to talk about UNEARNED Nobel Prizes, how about Al Gore for a damn video filled with lies (check out the British high court ordering An Inconvenient Truth removed from the school curriculum), Yasser Arafat, a true terrorist, receiving “peace” prize? And the piece de resistance! Barrack Obama for. . . What? Being the first one-half black and president?

          Envy is never pretty. And it is a curse upon civilization. What do you gain by hating someone who achieves?

          • Thank you for pointing this out, it is sad but true. At one time people were to be revered for their accomplishments, but alas the Nobel committee has been exposed, the giving of a Nobel prize to Barack Obama for being nothing more than a liberal mouthpiece has contaminated all past and future Nobel prize winners. That is sad because I believe that many deserve the prize but I will never look at the winners with the same respect.

          • Michael

            1TerrificT, you left out Albert Sabin. Neither Salk or Sabin made the cut and yet the fix is in favoring Jews?

        • ADEL

          David, you are not a very smart person are you?

          Crusader was obviously referring to Muslim prize winners who do in fact have all but 2 prizes in peace or literature.

    • william kavanagh

      what a complete load of paranoid crap.
      You are obviously jealous of the success of Jewish people in all intellectual pursuits.

      I am a christian who fully acknowledges the incredible achievements of Jews. They have made the world a far better place for us all and long may they continue to do so.

      • Luke

        Yeah they really have… Manipulating a country’s monetary system through private banking in order to capture the majority of the world’s wealth is such a benefit to society. Also, it was mostly the Jews who convinced the Unites States to institute the Fed. Most people do not realize that because the Fed increases the money supply by introducing the money first to private banks, that subsequently loan it into circulation on interest, it creates a system that makes it impossible for all borrowers to pay back all loans. Debt is automatically incurred by some entity, depending on who in the economy is capable of capturing the principle to pay back their loans with interest. The interest on the debt compounds, and it all acts as a giant wealth vacuum, benefiting the banks, and harming everyone else. These tactics of Jews are seen across geography and time. We are so grateful.

        • Earon Davis

          Luke, your generalization appears to be anti-Semitic. Is it true that “Jews” do these things? All Jews? Only Jews? Is it true that “Christians” don’t manipulate currency? Never? Following your logic, are Jews responsible for the financial corruption in the Vatican, also? Are Jews responsible for China’s rise as an economic power?

          Oh, the poor White Christians (sarcasm)! They just don’t have a chance with Jews around (more sacrasm). I suggest that you look for explanations in your own supposedly Christian society rather than trying to blame “the other” for all of your problems.

      • David

        You’re right, they have (another Christian here who marvels at their accomplishments). The fact they’re facing such persecution in Europe at the moment is testament to Europe’s current stupidity. Who persecutes and drives out one of the most productive, peaceful classes of society to make way for boatloads of non-productive freeloaders?

        Oh, turns out the answer is ‘France’. Don’t laugh, Scandinavia, I’m looking at you, too.

        • mac

          Nazi germany too. Where do you think we got the bomb?

    • Alan

      The Swedes?

    • Kirk


    • Scott Kaplan

      it is said the Jews run the banking industry it is said the Jews run news media industry it is said the Jews run Hollywood it is said the Jews control everything my question is how did the Jews get all these great jobs and all this power? because they worked hard they studied hard they put in all the time they made sacrifices for the next generation
      that’s how the Jews supposedly control everything! The world is a better place for the Jewish people!

    • Guy

      If the Jews do control the world then that is another example of their intelligence isn’t it? Given that they are a tiny minority… you just shot yourself in the foot with that comment… besides it’s complete fiction.

      • Luke

        They are undoubtedly intelligent. But many who attain these positions are an insidious and self-serving bunch. The trend of increasing liberal policy and social attitude is a direct cause of Jewish influence. If you study history with a keen eye, it is uncanny how consistent Jewish political and economic behavior is. Nearly all social movements within the US, have been spawned from the collective Jewish community. They first attain great economic standing, then use this wealth and their cunning to control the direction of society. I am sure you may be doubting me, but this is easily verifiable by looking at their actions in societies, though many have been covert and remained behind the curtain. Their propensity for such behavior has created astounding resentment and their removal from every European Nation at some time or another. This is very unfortunate for the average Jew who wants nothing but peace.

  • Stan

    I want my forskin back.. That’s all..:(

    • David

      Do you also want your smegma, risk of penile cancer, prostate cancer, risk of STIs, risk of UTIs, risk of topical infection, risk of physiological problems, and ED at a later age back? How about your female partner’s risk of cervical cancer? Or STIs? Or possible breast cancer (being researched)? Do you want those back, too?

      Dear God, some people are impossible to please.

      • David’s foreskin

        David – maybe he’s simply upset that he was given herpes by some weirdo rabbi?

        By the way, there is nothing dirty about having foreskin. I guess you’re happy not being pleasurable to your partner? Maybe you could figure out how to clean yourself instead of cutting off a portion of your anatomy? Works pretty well for the rest of us.

      • David’s foreskin

        By the way, shouldn’t you be writing “G-d” so you don’t piss off your master?

  • Keith C Cannon

    The creation of the Christians by Jews made it such that Jews could lend money at interest while Christians could not. Anyone showing intelligence in mathmatics was thetefore converted, by marriage often, so that Ashkenazic Jews show a high level of intelligence. The conversion of the Magyars also works into this.

    • John Bonner

      That is absurd. LOL

    • Art

      The reason that Jews lent money while the Christians could not was due to Christian persecution of Jews. Jews were forbidden from owning businesses and/or had their businesses boycotted. The only way they could make a living was by loaning money which Christians were forbidden from doing. Of course even then the kings heavily taxed the money that the Jews made so that they still made money from money being loaned.

  • steve

    The ironic thing is that you, I, or anybody else can become Jewish within a day. Many Actors, comedians, scientists, authors, etc, convert to Judaism to increase their chances of being hired, recognized, or any type of opportunities.

    • Hannah

      I don’t think people convert to Judaism just to increase their chances of being hired (though they might change their name like Whoopi Goldberg).

    • There does seem to be opportunism involved when entertainment journalism rags in the USA regularly report gentiles handing their baby boy to a mohel. One almost comes away with the feeling there is a glass ceiling to stardom that can only be shattered by blood letting and scarification of forced male circumcision. Sandra Bullock, Madonna, Britney Spears etc.

      One could also say this the influence of the friends they keep or again, the friends who keep them.

    • Earon Davis

      to increase their chances of being hated? Not such a good deal. And one-day conversions? That does not comply with the basic facts of reality. Sounds paranoid.

    • Art

      OY! You can’t become Jewish in a day. You must take lessons with a rabbi. Secondly, Jews have been discriminated against in job hiring for years before anti discrimination laws were passed. No one ever converted to Judaism to get a job. On the contrary, many Jews changed their names to less ethnic ones to get a job. I mean seriously.


    I would like to offer Prof Dawkins and your readers an evolutionary explanation for the disproportionate number of Jews in the ranks of Nobel prize winners.

    I suggest the hypothesis that there is a genetically mediated difference between Jews and non-Jews that predisposes Jews rather than non-Jews toward intellectual brilliance. How has this come about?

    Jewish culture has emphasized study and discussion of the Torah over several thousand years. I suggest that, consequently, scholarship in logical argument has been a strong selective factor in the choice of mate within Jewish culture over several millennia. If I am correct, this would be a matter of culture rather than genetics and the question arises; how would a cultural pre-disposition that tends to be passed down from generation to generation shape the genome of the Jewish sub-population?

    The answer, I believe, is a process called ‘Genetic Priming’ This explains how persistent cultural behaviour in a species or ‘closed’ sub-population tends to shape the genome over evolutionary time. It is my own theory and – a health warning – it is not yet universally accepted within the relevant scientific community. If you are interested in how this can occur, please see my explanation in my paper called ‘Genetic Priming; How Adaptive Behaviour Shapes the Genome’. Please Google it.

    • anton

      Funny how people always create obscure
      Mysteries when it comes to jews.
      The explanation for the high
      number of nobel laureates
      Is very simple and can be copied by everyone, but in fact. Mostcommunities do not want many competituve memners in terms of knowledge andeducatuon
      simply because they want to preserve a social hierarch.
      Amongst the jewish communities everybody is called to to take part in the competition of becoming the best.
      And because they start very earlywith teachung , many at the age of 3 or 4 , the circumstances for the intellectual development is boosted. It is only hard work

      More than fifty percent of the best violin. Players
      of the century were jewish. So you see it also worjs the same in non intellectual areas.
      The answer is, that many began playing the instrument at an age they when they even could not speak correctly.
      They were even experts when other kids had even not started to play.
      When.will you ever understand.

      • sean murphy

        so what you are saying is that have been encouraged to fiddle from a young age boom boom ,and yes i am just pulling youre leg

    • liam

      Selective pressure means the people who are not “fit” die off more quickly and are unlikely to pass on their genes. Are you suggesting there is a selective pressure in Jewish communities? if so that would be rather reprehensible, and enormously ironic.

      • Earon Davis

        You have a distorted concept of “fitness,” I think. Indeed, if intellectually brilliant scholars are considered a more desirable mate than a wealthy merchant, there is greater potential for reproductive success. Wealth is less valued than scholarship, perhaps? Can you even imagine that?

    • Kirk

      Funny – I thought it might have to do with what God said to Abraham Genesis 12;2- “And I will make you a great nation, And I will bless you, And make your name great; And so you shall be a blessing; 3 And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

      • mac

        Nazi germany too. Where do you think we got the bomb?


      The emphasis on study of Torah would indicate a selection bias right from the beginning, in other words, why did they study Torah?

      Torah would further reinforce what you are saying and I agree from that point forward. There was very likely a reason for groups of people to get together in the first place and become Jews when none existed prior to this.

      This would indicate a pre-selective Genetic component right form the beginning that was further enhanced by natural and artificial selection.

  • Doug

    There is an old saying — I think it’s Russian — to the effect that “You can’t fool life.”

    Although it runs counter to the current popular egalitarian ideology, and although it also runs counter to the (understandable!) Jewish instinct not to irritate the goyim, it’s still a fact that Ashkenazi Jews are, on the average, a lot smarter than everyone else. Whether it’s their culture or their genes or both, it’s just a fact.

    And the rest of us (I’m not Jewish) have benefited enormously from this. We need smart people to push the human species forward in science, mathematics, medicine and similar ‘hard’ fields.

    The fruitcake who thinks that Jews win the Nobel Prize in Physics and the Fields Medal in Mathematics and become Grandmasters in chess because they ‘network’ should ask himself: why doesn’t anyone else ‘network’? If you could get the Nobel Prize in Physics by ‘networking’ … but it’s too ridiculous for words.

    It reminds me of the joke about the little old lady who — during the American McCarthyite period — came into a record store, and, browsing through the records, found one by the Soviet composer Dmitri Shostakovich. She was outraged, and marched up to the cash register and began berating the shop owner for stocking ‘Communist music’.

    ‘Hut lady,’ he said, ‘He writes beautiful symphonies.”

    ‘You could write a beautiful symphony too, if they put a gun to your head!’, she screamed.

    You can win a Nobel Prize in physics too, if you have the right network. (According to the fruitcake.)

    • Mike

      I think you make far too many assumptions. Anyone can be intelligent, gaining recognition for being intelligent is a whole other beast. A lot of the time it isn’t “what” you know, but “who” you know.

      Of course, that being said, doesn’t mean that people who achieve successes are only doing so because of “networking” but honestly you can’t split that out of the equation because it annoys you.

      They do network, they do have a stranglehold on the media sector, it’s very well known. Of course that being said, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, the most intelligent people do their thing and don’t care about recognition anyway. (See great atheist scientists, aka, Dawkins, Alfred Nobel, etc)

      • Earon Davis

        Doesn’t it occur to you that a higher percentage of Jewish people are Atheists, also? “Secular” jews are not held to the same rules as Christians. If a Jewish person does not believe in God, they are still Jewish!

        As for Jewish media, that belongs with the protocols of the elders of zion. If Jewish people had less restrictions and more economic opportunity in the U.S. those who founded Hollywood might have taken easier paths. But people who are “outside the box” or orthodox thinking (including Christianity) may be more likely to be innovators and inventors.



      If anything Jews were held back from networking and attending the best schools and occupations earlier in the century and are still subjected to quotas at top schools due to “over success”.

      • Ralph Anspach

        Until post-World War II, a system of gentile affirmative action prevailed in most European and American universities: a limit was placed on the number of Jewish students admitted into the schools; it was called numericus clausus – or something like that.

    • sean murphy

      if i convert to judaism does that lower the average iq of all jews,as i mentioned earlier,the ashkenazi jews (formely known as khazars) adopted the faith en masse,had they adopted islam this discussion becomes irrelevant

  • Paul

    I wonder how many of those ‘jewish’ Nobel prize winners are religious Jews and how many are atheists. You could equally say that a disproportionate number of Nobel prizes have been won by atheists. The number of orthodox Jews who have won is probably in proportion with any other group of religious nuts. This bigoted bull-crap about ‘higher IQs’ has more holes than swiss cheese.

    • John Nash

      This is not about religiousness but rather culture that jews are exposed to. Learning and knowledge is fundamental to Jewish culture no matter what the level of orthodoxy is. In my family I was told that as a Jew I would never play for the Maple Leafs (hockey team) but I could be their accountant 🙂

      Alternatively there is that old Jewish joke where a grandmother looks at her grandson for the first time and says, ‘thank God that our family has another Doctor, Lawyer or if he’s a little retarded, Accountant’

      • mac

        Exactly. This american and now european over emphasis on sport and glorification of athletes is sickening. You would think the sole purpose of some of our universities us to win ball games not educate students. Wonder why harvard, princeton, Oxford, the sorbonne ect haven’t won many national titles in sports. Could it be they are pursuing
        actual learning..not parading semi literate “athletes” in national orgies of excess and bad taste ?

    • Scott Kaplan

      Those Jewish Nobel prize winners all shared the a jewish culture

    • David

      Sorry, Paul, I know you were trying to make a point, but all I heard was: “Waaaaah! Religious people might be good at something! Waaaaah! No fair!”

  • M.Ogilvy

    After reading references to Ashkenazi Jews and their IQ, I should mention some facts: at the Technical University of Istanbul,Turkey, a Sepharadi Jewish student (of spanish origine)was the Top Graduate of Class of 1961, among some 200 muslim classmates of the Mech.Eng.Dept. The following year, another Sepharadi Jew graduated likewise, number one:He was the only jew in a class of more than a couple of hundred muslim students.Both took the lead in their class with no excessive effort, due to their obvious talent and intelligence, though both were also disciplined learners.None made the Nobel list of nominees and none turned their success at college to a financial success in life. Enough material to both support and negate the theories advanced in these columns.

  • Manish

    I’m not Jewish, I’m an atheist who hails from a Hindu family

    As someone who comes from a culture that has never experienced any form of anti semitism, I have always wondered why western and now middle eastern antisemites always looked down on Jews

    People of Jewish origins, whether they actually practise the religion or not, are disproportionately represented in academic fields, especially science

    Why? Probably because of inbreeding within the Ashkenazi Community but also due to their commitment to education and science

    So let’s face it there’s no bias to explain why they perform so well academically and to all those who think there are too many Jews winning prizes, well, what should they do? Apologise for being intelligent?

    What you are criticising Jews for is exactly what you’ll be criticising other “achieving” minorities in Western countries like East Asians and Indians

    When I came to France to study, some of the best students in my class were Jews and they definitely didn’t owe their success to others, but only to their hard work and dedication, why not take example instead of being jealous?

    • david green

      Because there gods chosen people

    • David

      Good perspective. You strike me as an intelligent person yourself.

    • sean murphy

      im not a a gynacologist but i’ll take a look.

  • Lawrence Newman

    Or maybe Jews all stick together.

  • Jewish scientists received 26x more Nobel Prizes than Gentiles in the USA. No doubt, Jews are talented and educated. The question is the nature of this education and talent.
    These verbally intelligent people are consciously recognizing each other and supporting each other, that is a survival strategy for a small minority group. However speaking about Jewish Supremacy and pushing the statements about extreme intelligence (being the lights of the mankind) is unintelligent, as any other form of racial chauvinism.
    I know the Swedish people (Nobel Prize is provided by a Swedish foundation). They are very honest persons, who usually can’t imagine that somebody is manipulating them. Consequently they are easy victims of corruptive manipulations.
    Mr Marcus Storch, MD h.c., a member of the Nobel Foundation’s Board of Directors since May 1, 1996 and Chairman since 2005 is the son of Hillel Storch who was the chairman of the Swedish branch of the World Jewish Congress. The mission of the World Jewish Congress is to foster the unity and represent the interests of the Jewish people, and to ensure the continuity and development of its religious, spiritual, cultural, and social heritage.
    No doubt, the Nobel Foundation is representing the interests of the Jewish people, and it is doing it very well.

    • SoarAway

      I really hope you are joking.
      Jews don’t need a conspiracy to succeed. Thousands of years of having to fight and struggle just to survive has made them into a people who are not afraid to work 10X harder than normal people, with an extraordinary work ethic.
      People like you who seek to attribute Jewish success to conspiracies rather than their real hard work and strong efforts are the exact reason Jews have to work extra hard to succeed.
      I think you ought to be ashamed of yourself for even THINKING something like this, let alone saying it. Shame, shame, shame on you.

      • günther

        Every minority needs someting like a conspiracy, Titles, jobs, prizes etc. are given
        mostly to people of your own kin, relatives fraternity members etc. regardless of being qualified to.the.job. Sometimes those people only supervise but get the fruits of others work. I do not know the situation in the us, but in europe, be it germany, austria or france, you are out of the game without a network even if you are a genius. And in venna there was a saying “In this city you can.reach everything, friends, and nothing try as an.individual” Most top jobs in todays austria, are filled with members of “student fraternities” either “cartellverband” or burschenschaften, also at the university. I cannot remember a dean of vienny university who was not in such an association.
        On the other hand,.the majority of viennese students never attended a fraternity. Thus,
        So minorities would be lost without a nerwork. And some minorities, not only jews, but also, germans in eastetn europe (in the past) , greeks in.ottoman empire or lebanese in some parts of africa etc. etc. were and are super connected because of citcumstances they were able to exploit.
        And once they enter a field the network starts to run and as soon as they can they do not let anybody else in.
        Then the majority gets wild. The results are pogroms in Djakarta, so own. Then it starts all over again.
        Gypsies are connected poorly. Hence, they suffer the most.and all the time.

        SoarAway: it is nothing offensive but this is how most people function.
        Only when people stop thinking in terms of we and the others, and associate with others only in tetms of personal sympathy, regardless of religion, colour, nation, gender etc.
        then we would enter the first stage
        towards a global unity.

    • Joshua

      Articulating envy doesn’t make it any less putrid.

    • Ed

      Your flawed thought processes are a perfect illustration as to why you, your descendants or any members of your extended family will never win a Nobel prize. You obviously have some kind of bigoted world view, and you are cherry picking data to fit your world view (which I can summarize as “Jews couldn’t simply be better at all these things, they must cheat”) Well, Jews were winning Nobel prizes like crazy way before this Storch fellow came along. The name Einstein ring a bell? (and the ENTIRE committee votes not just the chairman anyway!) You are grasping at threads and you reveal your own bias and faulty thought processes. I know my words won’t change your mind, but I am posting for others who may read here.

  • Ronald Boifot

    There is an obvious problem of comparison here – who does one compare the category “jews” to? Christians in general? Protestants? Belgians? Europeans? The whole world?

    If one compares them to the whole world, obviously it is quite unfair. Large parts of the world population are scarcely literate.

    Compared to other nations, Israel is number 11 on the list, behind f.ex. all the Nordic countries, despite the atrocious socialist educations systems practiced in Scandinavia.

    The European jews, the Askenazim, who comprise most of the jewish price winners have been city dwellers for generations, and if they are compared to other european families which have been city dwellers for generations, both IQ and the number of Nobel prices will even out quite nicely. City dwelling of course means there is a selective pressure on the mental faculties rather than on physical strength and stamina.

    Dawkins of all people should be the first to know that you need to compare apples with apples to get an intelligible result.

  • William John Meegan has just proved himself to be an eager Anti-Semite. “No sane man want’s to be a Jew,
    why do you think there are so few of you, Jews dominate the World” He would have made an exemplary proud Nazi executioner of Jews in “World War Two”

  • Jewish achievement in so many areas of acedamia can be explained by this old Jewish commedian statement.
    “The fetus of a Jewish baby boy only attains validity after graduation from Law school”. I think that sums it all up.

  • I am a Jewmaican(Jamaican Jew) I remember an Isreali Girl living in Jamaica saying to me that she was disappointed that Jamaican Jews did not attend Synagogue in large numbers. She was disapointed at the turnout. I explained to her that it harks back to the fact that the Spanish Inquisition never took hold in Jamaica and that Jews were free to live and do as they pleased in Jamaica under the British Colonial Government. In fact Jews comprised a majority in the Jamaican Parlianment one hundred years ago and even recessed Parliament on Jewish Holidays (the only country in the world ever to experience this) So Jews were never supressed as in other territories and hence their laxity in attending Synagogue. The other side of this is that opression has made Jews achievers in education and the sciences. The whole achievement syndro0me is driven by historical supression under various goovernments.

  • MJ Dean

    Isn’t it just possible that G-D, who loves and has blessed the Jewish people, gave them good genes, and also blessed them in many other ways? I wonder what percentage of non-Jews hate Jews out of jealousy/ envy. (Ultimately, hatred begins with satan, who wants to see Jews, and G-D’s plan for them, thwarted.) Read Zechariah chapters 12 to 14 for G-D’s plan for Israel and for the Jews–because it will happen, just as He has said. (And for atheistic Jews: read Isaiah chapter 45, verses 18-23, if you aren’t afraid.)

    • sean murphy

      can we keep religion out of this discussion please!

  • Gumpto

    The Goyim don’t know what the F a Jew is, and should therefore refrain from opening their porky mouths. I’m sorry, but someone has to say it. You do not even know what a Jew is.

    Mr. Dawkins – a professed and humble member of humanity’s so-called intelligensia – himself is clueless on the very subject he speaks.

    “Race does not come into it”? Then how the F do you know the prize winners they’re Jewish? – you can determine their religious practices solely by looking at them? You complete and utter backtracking moron.

    • Traditionally Jews call Goyim: “Cattles”, but I understand what do you mean with “porky”…
      List of Jewish laureates is proudly published by Jewish media, like

      • achadhaam2

        Traditionally, Jews call gentiles Goyim and the word literally means nations. Whether or not the expression is derogatory depends very much on the context in which it is used.
        I have never referred to gentiles as cattle and have never heard others do it. BTW the word cattle refers to the bovine category in general – cows, bulls, oxen – so there is no plural form.
        That said, your English really needs a lot of work, so I am not absolutely certain that I understood your comment.

      • Joshua

        Jan, you are a very poor academic. Pursuing your own bias is bad science. Probably why you will never get a Nobel.

    • achadhaam2

      Gumpto, be fair. By saying that race does not come into it, he is not necessarily implying that there is a Jewish race. However, many people believe that there is, and the writer is really pointing out that race is not a factor ……… least, I hope this is what he means – if not, I agree with you.

    • sean murphy

      come on gimpo,you sound like an intelligentile type you cant believe that about my god richie dawkins

  • chris vanore

    Inbreeding over the millennia has produced an extraordinary number of geniuses. It has also produced an inordinate amount of misfits. The Jewish diaspora resulted in the creation of a shtetl existence which produced this phenomena. It also produced a survival mentality which put Jews in a thinking mode 24 hours a day. They honed their craft. They are an impressive lot. No group has been more focused on survival than this bunch because no group has been more threatened.
    They’ve also been doing it a lot longer than the rest of the world. They started six thousand years ago. Christians started about nineteen hundred years ago, Muslims one thousand years later.
    Ambition cannot be discounted either. Jews are an ambitious lot. The rest of us can learn a lot from them.
    As an addendum, Judaism is not a race it is a religion. Jews are Semites as are the Arabs.

    • barbara piazza

      A survival mentality is less likely to produce an intelligent population – critical thinking skills are higher on the Maslow hierarchy. The more one fears for his life, the more one reverts / remains in the most basic human instinctual levels. What society, when threatened, gets smarter rather than getting more violent / repressive?

      If survival / fear has indeed been a factor in the success of their culture, it would be worthwhile to understand the methodology and consider how it could be introduced into other cultures.

  • Phoebe

    I think it’s because the Committee that chooses Nobel Prize Laureates is controlled/directed by Zionist Jews.

    That said, the Nobel Prizes aren’t worth much anyway. Just look at the list of Nobel Peace Prize winners which includes UN Peace Keeping Forces (remember Rwanda?), Mikhail Gorbachev, Nelson Mandela, Yasser Arafat, Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, United Nations, Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Barack Obama, the EU, OPCW. It’s obviously a propaganda tool awarded to terrorists and puppets!

    • yehuda

      It is Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.

  • Paul Sutton

    Jews take learning seriously.
    They take questioning seriously.
    They take argument seriously.
    They take stable family circumstances seriously.
    They dont necessarily take religion seriously – very high percentage of atheists.

    Contrast this with muslims.
    Their religion forbids questioning.
    Learning is confined to their religious texts.
    The Arabs once had a flourishing civilisation.
    It was stifled by their chosen religion.

    Christendom also exerted a stifling influence for hundreds of years, in spite of being the principal source of learning.
    Western civilisation eventually managed to break free of theology, and take scientific inquiry seriously. But in recent years, an obsession with a “no child left behind” belief in its public education policy has mis-directed
    educational resources. As far as I know, the jews have not fallen for this fallacy, so they continue to excel.

    • Ahmed A

      Well, you’ve certainly shown how educated you are on the subject. Islam forbids questioning? Actually, the Qur’an specially asks us countless times to reflect and ask questions and take a second look at everything around us, especially natural phenomena.

      Islam stifled a flourishing Arab society? You must be joking. It was the complete opposite. The Arabs lived a barbaric life and had scarce written work before Islam. They also had a savage way of dealing with each other. Islamic culture about a thousand years ago was the center of learning in the world, in places like Baghdad and Spain. There was great tolerance of all who lived in those lands, including Christians and Jews. Islamic teachings and adoption of scientific ways drove these great civilizations and kept intact what would have been lost by now, as well as introduced new ways of looking at the natural world.

      Islam is not the problem here, it’s centuries of political strife and outside influence. I think you should read history before making such comments. If you do read, then find more credible sources.

      • SoarAway

        I think Paul must have meant current trends in Islamic societies. What you say is true: Islam for a time encouraged the best learning in the world. At those times, such as in Spain prior to the Reconquista and in the Ottoman Empire, Muslims were the leading scientists and doctors in the world. At those times also Jews were allowed to live in peace in Muslim countries with no hate toward them. They coexisted.
        But times have changed and I think this is what Paul addresses. Today, the Islamic world in many places suppresses scientific and “secular” pursuits, while study of Islam is encouraged. But then again, many of these places have taken it too far and insist women cover everything but their eyes, are not allowed to drive, etc. This is NOT what Islam itself actually teaches, but many people do not know the difference. There is a great TED talk on the subject and I encourage everyone to watch it – Mustafa Akyol: Faith versus tradition in Islam

        • barbara piazza

          Yes! Weren’t the Ottomans the salvation of Greek learning, which they treasured, added to, and re-introduced to Europe?

      • mac

        Then you need to go back to toledo and bagdhad and Andalusia to reclaim what you have lost because what islam is doing now is not working

  • Simon Graham

    I often wonder if the fact that religion historically was the principle educator is relevant? Judaism has been educating its people for over 5000 years. Even today most irreligious Jews send their young kids to Chader/Sunday school and make sure they are bar/bat mitzvah. Many other religions simply haven’t been around as long and are losing membership.

  • Jackson

    Meh…”the 20% of nobel prize winners are jews!” doesn’t do it for me. For one some of the jews on this list are confirmed non-believers, hell einstein was ethnically jewish but he claimed to have lost religion when he was twelve and never looked back. How many other jews share similar stories and does that affect this articles thesis that something about judiasm is conducive to academic pursuits? Or is the real thesis suggesting jews are genetically superior…

    Also the U.S. has won 350 nobel prizes compared to Israels 12 does this mean we should conclude that United States citizens are superior to other peoples? Of course not! This type of ethnocentric babble may be what some Jewish people need to feel comfortable and proud of their race but I would hope most can see that this article is just pure propaganda…

    Nothing more sad and ironic than a Jew talking about their racial superiority…

    • Mark

      I highly disagree with you. First, Israel has only around 6.5M Jews (the other 1.5M is Muslims and other religions). USA has 313.9 Citizens and 313.9M / 350 (as you mentioned the amount of Nobel Prize winners) is 0.89 while Israel’s 6.5M / 12 is around 0.5. This means Israel has a better Population/Winners proportion. Second, it’s probably true that some “types” of Jews are genetically more intelligent than non-Jews (in “types” I mean Ethiopian, Spanish, Arab and European Jews)

    • Oak Birch

      Not only that, noble prizes has been around since 1901. USA was in existence, and Israel was not. USA had 47 years to get prizes when Israel was not in existence. And even after that, for the 10 ten years Israel had too many “birth troubles” to get ahead scientifically.
      And at first there were only 600,000 Jews in Israel. So let’s assume an average population of 3.15 million Jews in Israel from 1948 to present day. I don’t know USA, I am gonna assume 315 millions. So: 315/3.15*113/65=173
      U.S.A should have 173 awards for each award Israel has. Meaning by comparison, USA has WAY less awards than Israel. And that’s when we cut some slack to USA. If we subtract the Jewish winners from USA prizes and instead of assuming average of 3.15 million Jews in Israel we integrate we’ll get even a bigger ratio..

      • Robert

        What about east timor that has a superior ratio(population/nobel) than Israel?!


        what about the fact that almost every jew has white and mongoloid genes on them?

        what about the bias/network/jewish lobby that they use to archieve their goals?

        for the god sake, you people can say whatever you want, but please, dont make the mistake to say that the jews are handsome too!!!!!!

        now, Richard dawkings is na hipocrite, he says that god doesent exist that evolution is true, but, on the same time, he says that inteligence has no racial value…! that man is a fraud, he’s just attacking what he is allowed to.

        • Broom


          I hope English is not your primary language. If it is, your writing ability is terribly lacking.

    • Jews are encouraged to question and discuss and share opinions and receive feedback and think and question some more. Reform Judaism does not offer dogma, nor answers, but you are welcome to question and pursue your answers rationally. We value the mensch.

      • Paul Mason

        From an early age. Islam teaches children to recite verse. Jews study and analyse the Torah every week from an early age.

    • rikshaw

      Jackson you are an idiot. What a jew belives has nothing to do with the fact that the blood line that Hitler and now the Muslims want to distroy have earned an amzing amout of Nobel Prizes yet are only .02 percent of the worlds population.
      Israel has been a country since the end of world war I so 50+ years and you are comparing it to the USA that has been around for 200+ years and whose jewish population is 5,425,000.
      Therefore since its poulation has been growing in numbers over the last 50+ years it is hard to compare the USA and Israel.
      Just think bout the truth look it up on any computer.

    • Scott Kaplan

      Nothing more sad? You don’t know as many Jews as I do….Truly wonderful people!

  • Robert

    This statement is typical of so many Jewish responses which are based on a complete ignorance of the life and culture of others borne out of a narcissistic myopia. Books are traditionally given ad prizes in most good schools. It’s nor a Jewish thing. Next thing you’ll be telling us all William caxton was a Jew!

  • May I respectfully joint to the discussion as outsider Jew, but insider to the Nobel Prize. Here is my explanation:

    By Jan C Biro MD., PhD
    Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden & Homulus Foundation, Los Angeles, CA, USA.,

    Alfred Nobel’s Will (the founding document of the prestigious Nobel Prize) requests “…that in awarding the prizes no consideration be given to the nationality of the candidates, but that the most worthy shall receive the prize …” This expressed wish is largely ignored by the Nobel Foundation, who award excessive numbers of Prizes to Jewish scientists (who traditionally belong to “One Nation” even if they live in different countries around the World), thus creating the large Jewish-Bias (J-bias). They award the Prize to 137 times more frequently to Jewish candidates worldwide, and 26 times more frequently to those in America, than would be expected from the size of the Jewish population. The proportion of Jewish laureates more than doubled (2.3-fold increase) after the Second World War owing to the explosion of Prizes shared between Jews and Gentiles (8.8-fold increase). Higher IQs and preferential choice of science as a profession among Jews do not fully explain this J-bias. It is more likely that extensive and well-organized personal networking of a marketing type among Jewish scientists, together with the egalitarian-liberal, nonchalant attitude of the Swedish representatives of the Donor, are responsible for this unfortunate phenomenon. It is suggested that the World’s scientific community persuade the Nobel Foundation to follow the rules of Nobel’s Will in accordance with Swedish Law. … see more on the website

    • Professor Biro,

      I find your anti-Jewish bias disturbing. You state “It is more likely that extensive and well-organized personal networking of a marketing type among Jewish scientists, together with the egalitarian-liberal, nonchalant attitude of the Swedish representatives of the Donor, are responsible for this unfortunate phenomenon.”

      Please read what you have written. Rather than provide a scientific explanation, or investigative evidence for the higher than expected number of Jews awarded the Nobel Prize, you simply resort to anti-Semitic slurs – “unfortunate phenomenon”? Seriously?

      “The Nobel Assembly has probably already made the policy decision in February when it decides which field of research should be honored”.

      Probably? So, there’s no actual evidence? This is just conjecture.

      “Gentiles often seems to be easy prey. Gentiles, as a majority group, are most likely exposed to competition from other Gentiles and are often poorly prepared for concurrent competition from a smart, minority Jew.”

      Goebbels would be proud of that last paragraph.

      “Christian life and forgiveness, postponing justice and individual rewards to “the world after this world”, is not the best strategy for Earthly success.”

      However, I don’t think applying a positive discrimination “C-Bias” in a group which is already overrepresented when considering potential laureates would serve the wishes of the founder, nor would it be constructive either.

      Postponing justice? Forgiveness? Many would be forgiven for interpreting your essay as anti-Semitism disguised as academic opinion. You do yourself a disservice, sir.

      • A very interesting aspect of the 26-fold Jewish bias in the Nobel Prize is that it is anti-Semitic itself. This 2600% is so ridiculously large that it is obviously a … mistake. 1) This is the “inflation” of the Jewish talents (the real ones). 2) It is obviously irritating for the gentile scientists and triggers reconsideration of the objectivity of the Nobel Foundation. They catch up with a liar sooner than with a limping dog…

        • margot goodman

          Jan C Biro

          The most influential thinkers of the 20th century were Einstein, Marx and Freud………all Jewish……… your heart out.

          • David Slotnick

            You picked some great ones but you forgot Darwin who was, of course, not Jewish but was an immensely important figure in 19th century science.

    • Joshua

      How sad it makes me to see someone devote a career of learning to this kind of nonsense. Nazis too created an academic discipline of Jewish denigration and conspiracy-mongering. The fact that you consider this to be a worthy use of your intellect and learning is enough to illustrate your moral core’s failure to apply your own intellectual gifts to a worthy puruit.

  • fAigie

    the reason this man is perplexed is because he did not grow up Jewish and does not have the psyche of our people and does not understand us.NOT SO STRANGE

    • That is a very despicable statement and you should be censored for your racism and religious hatred of others.

      I am very happy to see that an intellectual is willing to speak up about the Jewish domination of the world.

      You have made a very antigentilistic statement and you people are always crying about antisemitism.

      No sane man wants to me a Jew. Why do you think there is so few of you? Haven’t you asked that question? You claim to be intelligent; yet, you won’t face up to facts and answer the obvious question that come to mind.

      • Musk

        “No sane man wants to me a Jew. Why do you think there is so few of you?”

        And you accuse someone else of being racist? Like, really? I don’t remember the last time I came across something as blatantly anti-semitic as this.

      • Broom


        You are really ignorant. Honestly, your comments are really stupid.

      • Joshua


        The questions are not so obvious. Please — I beseech you — ask them.

  • harry brachfeld

    there is a known story: a gentile asks a jew: “why are jews so clever?” “because we eat lots of heads of herring” “can you get me heads of herrings?” the jew supplies the gentile heads of herrings. After a few weeks the gentile confronts the jew and querries “a whole herring costs $1 and you charge me $2 for just the head. why?” “you see it works” was the reply.
    perhaps not very scientific but as good an explanation as came across.

  • omphile

    None of reasons given so far have been convincing. The best answer i have heard was from Rabbi I. Chait. As pointed the Torah makes it clear jews will be succesful not because they are better than anyone else. This makes sense because even now, no biological differences have ever been proven to exist. He pointed out that to make discoveries in Science and other fields, one needed to have the COURAGE to go against the current beliefs/thought of the society. And thats where the Jew excels. If you look at some of Eisteins work for example, a few guys before him could have come up with his theories, but they just didnt have guts to go further, not wanting to risk humiliation

    • Joshua

      Yasher koach! May we all have the courage to pursue what we know is right. So well said…

    • Jackson

      yeeeeaaaaa Einstein stopped practicing judiasm when he was 12….I don’t even think he even had a Bar Mitzvah…

      • Joshua

        Formally or not, einstein maintained a spiritual, Jewish-oriented perspective his entire life, and never denied or decried his Jewishness. Sorry. I’m sure you can dig up something to justify your point, but Einstein doesn’t. Keep digging, though.

  • Sunny

    Dear Richard Dawkins,
    Any person who is familiar with Bible and jewish history know the answer. It speaks about the One True God. The God of Abraham, God of Issac and God of Israel. He chose Israel and jews for His Devine Purpose to bless each and every family of the World as per His covenant with Abraham. That alone explains this mystery!!

    In other words, Richard, there exists a Living God. Go after Him!!

    • weezer

      You are correct.

    • sean murphy

      you forget the great book of bullshida which predates the bible by at least eight weeks maybe even nine,and in it yoogob said unto snoogob behold my writings what i wrote down from stuff what god told me,there shall cometh others that will write books,books what aint anywhere near as good as this one,ignore them, this book will self destruct in two weeks time.but pass on the info by word of mouth,and remember,keep the faith.

  • Sara YLW

    What I have learned in my Judaics classes is that G-d intended the Jews to be small in number (stated in the bible/Torah). For people that believe in G-d, everything that happens in the world does not happen just by chance, but by G-d’s will. Even though we have free choice, the big picture is handled by G-d. The better question that Dawkins could ask is how can he, himself, be a biologist and not believe in G-d? Has he ever witnessed a pregnancy and birth of a child? How does something that starts as two cells get created without external involvement by man in such a perfect way (the biochemistry of the body is miraculous and still not understood by man).
    Has he read about how an egg is an almost perfect food: it not only contains choline as a nutrient, but it also contains phospatidylcholine which is necessary nutrient to help avoid the accumulation of fat and cholesterol in the liver. It’s a paradox that eggs contain both what increases cholesterol and what decreases it. Only G-d could have created such a thing.

    • Jackson

      If you study biology you will find out the answers to many of your questions! You could wonder at many naturally occurring phenomena in nature but just because the processes are sometimes inconceivable there are reasons they came to be (and none of them are magic).

      • Joshua

        Jackson, if you knew anything useful about Einstein, you would know that he maintained a strong sense of wonder and belief in the unknowable.

    • sean murphy

      what came first god or the egg?

  • Steven

    May Allah make me a Jew by this time tomorrow!

    • M. Edward Triefler

      Puff, you’re a Jew!

      • Joshua

        … and off with your head because of it!

  • Danielle

    the reason is simple. The most important issue to a Jew after family is education. this education starts at an early age. It is the way the Jew learns that makes him different,nothing is taken on face value it is unravelled layer upon layer, discussed and debated and then there is no guaranteed their will be a solution.
    this has been their source of learning for centuries.

    • SAY

      Yours is the best explanation of this phenomenon.

    • You have right. We know even the “marry for the brain” movement. Now the question is what can a talented Jewish boy learn in the compact and closed world of other Jews, where the contact with gentiles is strictly limited for business? They can learn “Jewishness” – whatever that can mean. The idea with the Nobel Prize is to honor the scientific achievements and not the achievements in the Jewish culture (even if that is a highly respectable culture).

    • sean murphy

      and with this scientific way of looking at things he dismissed religion.

  • Jill

    Well, the other 80% of Nobel Prizes were won by non-Jews!! Quick, let’s get bewildered by that!!

    • Austin

      And 99.98% of the world is other people. I wonder why their percentage of is not higher.

      • Reykjavik Joe

        Statistically significant?

        • Mitch

          20% of the Nobel Prizes are won by members of a group comprising .1% of the world’s population; do you not think this is statistically significant?

          • I think the point is that compared to the world’s population, the number of Nobel Prizes awarded is very small.

            When you look at small samples, it is often easy to see unusual patterns that don’t exist in a larger sample.

            As an example of small sample bias, you might flip a coin six times, and it might land heads up five times out of six. If you took this at face value, you’d believe that coins land tails up only one in six times. You might then head off on some pointless research about why tails are under-represented in coin tosses. You might even engage in some anti-heads propaganda and come up with some ridiculous theory that the reason coins land heads up most of the time is because heads engage in some kind of clandestine networking, and tails accept that they will land upwards in the life beyond. Or that coin tossers somehow toss coins in a way that favours heads.

            However, take a large enough sample, by increasing the number of coin tosses and using multiple coins, we know that coins land heads up 50% of the time.

            In the same way, heads and tails are part of the same coin, are made of the same metal alloy and there are only superficial differences between the two.

  • Davy

    Everybody missed the point. The fact is that to grow up with non-compromising women like the Jewish mothers generally are, you have to be a genious!!!

    • Joshua

      And you CERTAINLY need to spell correctly.

      • sean murphy

        dont blame it on the sunshine, dont blame it on the moonlight, dont blame it on the good times, blame it on the parents.

  • Imagine how much better the world might be if some of the Jews that were oppressed and exterminated had survived to contribute to humankind.

    Israel is no different, in terms of the contributions it makes, depending on its age and size, compared to other states.

  • The Nobel prizes in Literature and especially Peace have recently often been awarded out of political considerations. To exclude any possibility of political bias, i.e. if we exclude these categories altogether and leave just Physics, Chemistry, Medicine and Economics, we can roughly compare the contribution of Jews and Muslims to civilization. There are 158 Jews and 2 Muslims in these 4 categories. There are 13,746,100 Jews in the
    world and 1,619,314,000 Muslims. So Jews have 79 times more Nobel laureates in these 4 categories than Muslims with 117.8 times smaller population, i.e. their per capita contribution is 9306 times higher. This is three orders of magnitude!

    • Paul

      That’s because Jews publish in English, German, French and other European languages.

      The Nobel prize is Euro-centric.

      • sean murphy

        i knew a guy, cant remember his name now but he had a great idea cant remember what it was,something to do with time travel and parking spaces,does anyone know if he got a nobel prize? and also where he lives,twat still owes me 50 p

  • Neil

    The idea that Jews have excelled in science, mathematics, physics, law etc. is not surprising and is consistent with the concept of Darwinian evolution. In order to survive as a people who heretofore bred only with other Jews, they had to overcome their oppression by being smarter than those who suppressed them.

    • Rabelad

      Gosh, you mean that ANY people that would be persecuted to the ends of the earth, constantly tormented with economic sanctions, plagued with hate of all other nations, expelled time and time again from countries, excluded from all other normal interactions with the “civilized” world, subjected to pogroms even to the point of genocide as what happened in the Holocaust – and you take for granted that they would inevitably survive??? Funny, all other nations that were subjected to even 1/10th that kind of treatment were snuffed out fast. First you should explain our miraculous survival, realize how every Jew alive today is so because of a slew of miracles that allowed his ancestors to survive in an unbelievably cruel world. Only THEN can you go on to trivialize our intelligence, and our success in other areas of endeavor, by claiming it say it was a ‘normal’ evolutionary process, due to oppression, that made us smart.

    • sean murphy

      whats that got to do with god? either he is all knowing all planning ahead of time,and therefore responsible for all actions on earth or hes not.i always thought about the roman guard who speared j c on the cross,now if he didn’t do it and jc survived well that would have messed gods plans right he had to die for the whole fairy tale to work,now that poor guy and his family got some right stares from the locals not to mention a little bit of time alone with god before being handed over to nic.when really he had no say on the matter. god ruled out evolution as a viable concept and went for the blink and there it is option,why that took seven days for a man of his talents yaweh only knows. perhaps hes not so all powerful after all, or maybe he was just killing time? so anyway dont give me that evolution rubbish.

  • Anthony C Abela

    What this BOZO said was said with all he intended it to mean. First he cracks the fart then complains about the smell. I remember when he made an idiot of himself by going up against an American pastor in a university debate about the existence of God, when he was put in his place by a Mr. Mark Finley. Dawson has still not explained what came first, the chicken or the egg.

    • Paul

      Thanks for showing that you’re a “BOZO”.

      He doesn’t have to answer “what came first, the chicken or the egg”. There is not point. Evolution took place gradually.

      Mark Finley was the one who made a fool of himself and along with many other American pastors.

  • shloime

    even more perplexing for dawkins should be the fact that the nobel committee has expressed clearly anti-semitic bias.

  • Michael

    Should be relatively for a biologist there are basic evolutionary reasons why Jews became “smarter”.

    Historically the most learned Jews became Rabbis who had many children, the smartest of whom would marry the children of other learned Rabbis.

    Historically the most learned Catholics became priests or monks who were celibate.

    • Len Conly

      The number of Muslims per capita who win Nobel Prizes is small compared to that of the Jews. Religious leaders in the Muslim world are not required to be celibate.

    • anton

      Catholics are not less clever than protestants alltough the protestant clergy marries and has chilsren
      Since martin luther. But the ratio between protestant and. Catholic nobel laureates is 4:1. It is clearhat other factors than intelligence are responsible for the Disparity.

  • Mireille Mechoullam

    I agree Jews are driven to excellence. I remember when I was in school whenever I did good. Guess what was my prize: A BOOK.
    To excel was very natural in Jewish families.

  • Dov

    Is it so hard for him to grasp that Jews have brains? Its the way God created us. Brains is not for sale, you either are born with it or without it and in addition, Jews are driven to excellence.

    • PAK

      Unless there is evidence that Jews have higher IQs on average than other self-defined populations, your comment that Jews have brains can easily be seen as bigoted/racist. No need for that type of comment, and, yes, I am an (over-educated) Jew.

      • SamL

        Overall average IQ is ( by definition) 100,Jewish average is 110……

        • anton

          Actually iq science is junk science, but to compare your numbers with other examples it is noteworthy to remember you that many countries or cities in europe have similar numbers.
          So your argument is irrelevant.

        • anton

          Dutch iq is also 110.

          But i agree, its junk science.

      • William Glen

        Numerous academic studies have been published clearly demonstrating that irrespective of the population of non-Jews amongst whom they live, Jews have between 7 to 14 points higher IQ than the non-Jewish population. The number of Jews now countable is small compared to the number lost under pressure historically to take up non-Jewish identities. As population genetics gets increasingly refined, the basis for all of human behavior will eventually be shown to be largely determined by the role of genes, and with the emergence of epigenetics, the increased, sustained pressures under which Jews have lived so often may be shown to be an important factor in the equation for their disproportionate acheivements.

    • Perhaps it makes more sense to say that every group, race, nation or people has its share of intelligence, but that not every one has the the wealth, security, freedom and culture that allows its young people to mature and use their talents. Why should there be fewer artists, musicians, writers, philosophers and scientists in other countries or religious groups than Jews? Economics and politics are part of culture.
      And please, don’t remind me how poor and persecuted we Jews have been!

      • Cat K

        S, Jews have the “wealth” huh? Talk about racist comments! And no insight into your own biases and yes, self-bias. Sheesh!
        Middle Eastern oil moguls have wealth as do your favorite Hollywood movie celebrities….no science achievements there.

        The true explanation is both biological (Darwinian, if you will) and cultural.

        • Scott Kaplan

          Jews earned their wealth!

      • Chavi

        Why shouldn’t I remind you how poor and persecuted Jews have been? It’s the direct factual refutation of your point. “Wealth, security, freedom, culture” — the only one that really belongs on that list is culture.

    • Len Conly

      Dawkins says nothing about Jews having brains. All primates have brains, regardless of their religion.

      “Race does not come into it. It is pure religion and culture.

      • sean murphy

        sooner or later someone somewhere would have had the same nobel prize winning thoughts,its just access to the info at the right time,eg there were three people working on the jet engine in 3 different countries at the same time ,each unaware of the others.its who puts 2 and 2 together first or who’s in the right place at the right time and also building upon what went before,who cares what religion the winners are,they couldn’t have done it without the pooled knowledge of those that preceded them.of whatever religion they were or weren’t .

  • David Most

    Prof. Dawkins should also examine the miracle that is the survival of the Jewish people throughout history. I dare say that Western civilization would have unfolded differently were it not for the ever-present Jew.

    In the dark ages of Europe it was the Jews who evolved the financial systems and money-moving techniques that saved many a Christian king and his minions.

    As an avowed atheist, Dawkins cannot accept the idea of a God-chosen people. He has to explain away the empirical result plainly visible for all to see.

  • As a Jew, myself, I have submitted my address repeatedly to the Nobel Committee and have patiently awaited my prize. It has failed to come to my door. I blame Bush.

    • Z


  • Truth Hurts

    Maybe he does not want to admit that the study of torah bible and talmud for 3,000 years makes Jews smart. Or the Jewish soul …

    His theory of everything happened by itself and that he comes from an ape suits him.

  • Yehuda

    Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz Makes this Point That The Winners of the Prizes are shaped By the Fashion of who is To Win, Richard Dawkins is Sympathetic to Jews and is Forced to Keep it Easy on them….

    On the Flip side, Here is a Study By Department of Anthropology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City

    Ashkenazi Jewish intelligence

  • judorebbe

    And I’m certain that Jewish Nobel Prize winners are even more perplexed by an arrogant, egomaniacal fool like Dawkins.

    • Yehuda

      Typical Emotional Response,
      Do you think Perhaps The Prize Winners like James Rothman and Randy Schekman (Medicine); Arieh Warshel, Michael Levitt and Martin Karplus (Chemistry); and François Englert (Physics), all in 2013.

      are Perhaps Ashamed of your Response?

      Why Not Do them No harm and Enjoy the Good Feeling they created for you,,,,,????????

  • johnny oldtimer

    Perhaps the bible story of Adam and Eve is the story of the origin of the Jewish race rather than the rest of humanity which accordingly would explain why Cain had to find an wife elsewhere.

    • Juicy Juice

      Nah , jews are a concocted race, Khazaria circa,700ad. Word jew coined circa 1800

    • Mathew

      I agree with this. there is a high probability for that