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Israeli Doctors Treat Hamas PM Haniyeh’s Granddaughter

November 18, 2013 3:46 pm 47 comments

Hamas PM Ismail Haniyeh visits his granddaughter in a Gaza hospital. Photo: Palestine News Agency/Social Networks.

Israeli doctors are treating the infant granddaughter of Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, who was transferred to a hospital in Israel for medical treatment, her father wrote on Facebook.

“Dear brothers, Amal has been transferred inside the Green line,” Abdel Salam, Haniyeh’s oldest son, wrote. “I pray to Allah for her recovery.”

The matter was first reported in the Palestinian press and then confirmed by the Jerusalem Post.

According to the reports, Amal, 1, was in serious condition after being diagnosed with an infection in the digestive system. Abdel Salam later posted to Facebook that his daughter was expected to return to a hospital in Gaza.

There was no word on who would cover the cost of treatment, but in most cases Israel foots the bill for Palestinians seeking treatment in the country.


  • it fills my heart that Israel continues to do the right thing to save every human being possible. I believe this will be what sees Israel through. I am so proud to be a jew.
    I am so inspired to be a better jew.

    • Joseph Benigno

      Whether the world will recognize what Israel is doing or not, it is good that they are doing the right thing. Man is not suppose to do things to please man but mainly to please God. It is God who will reward Israel nationally with what they are doing to others. They are being hated all over the world but as long as God is with them they will rise up victoriously.

  • to all the comments on this page, who reacted negatively to this story, I can only say, you guys are so full of it.
    Have you ever heard of the Hippocratic oath each doctor has to abide by when treating his/her patients?
    That includes everybody, even your enemy. This has nothing to do with how great Israel is.
    I am sure that every self respecting doctor would have done the same – yes, even if it
    would have involved an Israeli child and a Palestinian doctor!!!

    • Sharon Stettler

      During the holocaust more than 2,000 Dr.’s who has also signed the Hippocratic oath carried atrocities to lengthy to discuss here. The only thing you are correct about is that we might expect Dr.’s worldwide to be good. Sadly present and past history tells a very different story. Go on stretch yourself and say Israeli Dr.’s did a good thing. Actually there are many more doing the same every day and for many years. I have been with ordinary Israelis giving medicines to children in the desert and in villages – of course untold to millions. However – perhaps that is just normal too – no doubt you have done the same throughout your life to people in need.

  • Though I am glad for the little one, and the mitzvah, I am also reminded of the parable of the scorpion and the frog.


  • Maybe SOME Arabs will say: “Those JEWS can’t be ALL bad”

    The Arabs should also ask themselves: would WE have done the same for the Jews, as they have done for US? No questions were asked. The Jews saved the Arab child’s life!
    Let’s hope the Arab parents tell the kid: “The Jews saved your life!!!”

  • All I know is that, in the eyes of G-d, one must do everything to protect and prolong life, the most precious gift of all. Israel does this every day. In fact, in the midst of this little girl’s critical illness, Israel and the IDF are already in the Philippines, try to dave lives and give assistance in the wake of a true “natural disaster” (i.e., a huge storm & tsunami that was not “made-made,” but part of G-d’s often inscrutable plan). Mere mortals can only act to perserve & save lives. Sometimes, G-d’s will is beyond mere mortal understanding, but we have been given reason – and a Covenant – that we ignore at our own peril. G-d bless Israel for DOING THE RIGHT THING in the face of synicism, ignorance and doubt!

  • Just more proof that my brothers and sister in Israel are the best in the world. We do not visit the sins of the Father upon his children. She is a child of whatever God she chooses to believe in. We honor only the fact that she is innocent of any crimes at this moment and we shall do our very best to help her. God bless Israel, The United States and her.

  • Yahweh heals you baby!Todah Israel!

  • What is distressing is that there is no comment from any Palestinians. They are unaware of the chesed being provided to them.

  • Otto Waldmann in Sydney

    The issue here, friends, is not what Israel has done, but what an Arab, a sworn enemy of the Jews, did. Of course the quality of THE Jew mattered primordially, and , by “others” appealing to that quality, we, the people of decency, have inched closer to having them understand the essence of being a mensch.
    Can a one year old, not yet imbued with hatred, be the conduit to THAT understanding !!!???

  • Did you notice that Haniyeh’s son did not mention Israel. He said “beyond the Green Line”…..Sad

    • How can the barbarians be treated in a land they will not name, a place they want to destroy, and a people whose religion is, according to their books, an enemy of Islam. They will take all they can get from the “infidels” and then, in the end, kill their benefactors and all who get in their way.

  • For Israel it’s normal behavior. It’s only one more a good deed. and all the media noise it’s only natural it will get media attention because the Celeb Grand Father mr Haneye’h. but i promise that Israel do the same for any child from Gaza. it’s not surprise for me.i am prood to belong to this people of Israel.”WEAHAVTA LEREAKHA CAMOKHA”= And you love to your freind like yourself. (Bible verse).

  • Not just to any hospital in Israel but to the Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Petah-Tikva. This special children’s hospital in Israel treats children from all over Israel and its neighboring countries. Including Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan. Their specialists always render medical help after earthquakes or other disasters all around the world, in short a bridge to peace!

  • This is immoral !!!
    This family and all the Hamas people should be wiped out from earth
    And.. they will accuse us for her death….

    Stupid nation
    Stupid government

  • It’s a clear case of “babywashing.”

  • The infant’s father, the poor sap, still cannot bring himself to refer to Israel by name; state plainly that her daughter is being treated by Israeli doctors in an Israeli hospital; and express his appreciation and thanks both to the Israeli hospital and doctors for saving his infant’s life.

    If the matter was left to Allah alone, the child would have been cured in Gaza. Obviously, he could not and did not.

  • Best wishes for this infant to heal and grow up healthy with a love for Israel.

    • She will go home, healed, only to be fed a steady diet of hate, incitement, Islamic supremacy, curricula that forces children to believe that they must conquer Israel and destroy her people, land and religion and then replace it with theirs. She will likely work to propagandize against Israel. lie about its history and people and boycott and sanction its economy. She will repeat the lie that Israel is an Apartheid state while her leaders maintain the worst forms of oppression and Apartheid against non-Muslims and anyone wanting freedom from Islamic tyranny. In short, it is touching but it is not likely that much good will come of yet another example of kindness and extending the olive branch by Israel to a despicable, hateful bunch of terrorists. The Obama administration would approve and then work to shrink Israel, with their pro-Islamic socialist president working for the interests of the savages rather than the civilized.

  • This is a sad story……first of all, well wishes to the little patient. And now to how things really are.
    Jewish doctors were always very famous for their knowledge and there are recorded events where the patient dies and the Jewish doctor was accused of deliberately murdering the patient. So one should not be surprised (if something happens to the toddler) that there might be similar accusations.
    But most disturbingly, in Islam teaching and lore, whatever good deed Jews will do to Muslims, it is something preordained by God and the Jews have no saying in it, almost a Balak story in reverse……so they are not going to thank us, but God. In both ways we stand to lose in their eyes, but thanks God, we know we stand to win in our eyes and in our God’s eyes.

  • In the twisted vision of Amaleq this must be some kind of “. . .washing”
    um..m..m..m… . .Let’s see. . . .
    Gemillus Chesed Washing?
    B’tselem elohim washing?
    Tzedek washing?
    Rachmones washing?

    No. . . .

    Got it!

    I’s a deliberate humiliating provocation. How dare Israel remind Hamas that if they spend all their money on terror tunnels and rocket launching soccer pitches they don’t have the wherewithal to treat their einiklach for a tummy ache. Outrageous! Call the UNHRC immediately! This must move to the very top of their permanent agenda.

    • Just wait. Hamas will blame Israel for the fact that the hospitals in Gaza are inferior to Israeli hospitals and exume the child’s body seven years later to prove that she was the victim of some nefarious Israeli plot against Gaza in the first place. (I have read elsewhere that the infant is already clinically dead.)

      • The truth is, her grandfather, like all those with hate in their heart, is brain dead. All the children of Palestine are brain dead because their parents and grandparents have nourished their souls with hate – hate for Jews, hate for Israelis, hate for the West. It is they, not the West, who have to change if there is to be any hope for peace.

      • If she is brain dead then they can use her as a human shield in the next round of their terrorist war – shielding, protecting and camouflaging the terrorists with children and women upfront to gain sympathy from a world open to their human sacrifices for the sake of an evil cause/religion.

        The “Pals” will exhume the young girl’s body in a few years and plant plutonium on her just as they did with Arafat to demonize Israel and justify yet another Intifada. Arafat died from AIDS or syphilis and his “widow” lives in Parisian luxury on the hundreds of millions from European and world charity that could have built many hospitals in Gaza for the people instead of going to the bank accounts of greedy thugs and terrorists.

  • I hope this embarrasses him and brings his downfall. Such a two faced hypocrite.

  • Гость

    Why Hamas killers are so stupid to wait until the condition of the child becomes so serious that they can not treat the patient by themselves and need Israel assistance? And what about paying the hospital? And tomorrow they’ll come to the same hospital with a bomb in the pocket.

  • This, of course, isn’t the first time a Palestinian child’s been treated…and with rare exception, if at all…and cured in Israel. Does Israel do it because it’s good publicity? Does Israel do it because, indeed, it is part of the Jewish ethic of “saving one life is saving the world.” But, the genuinely amazing thing about it is that Israel’s detractors from London to Gaza to Oslo and elsewhere won’t recognize the good that is done. They’d destroy every Jewish child if they could to give the land back to the Palestinians. They couldn’t care any less at the danger that terrorism against Israel is to every Israeli child. These people are genuinely evil. It’s very hard to care much about their children.

    • They all point to Israel and accuse her of evil. This way, they can feel their words of bigotry and their acts of hate and violence are justified. For Europeans, it is the same. They labor to portray Israel as an evil entity in an effort to erase their guilt for hosting the mass slaughter of Jews during WW II. latching on to the Palestinan cause was the perfect opportunity to make Israel into a devil, while pretending their interest in the cause was for human rights. Sure it was!

    • yes Avrumeleh, “the one who saves one soul saves a whole world” This is our strength, we choose life

    • Indeed. No doubt Israelis are imbibed – since birth – upon the ten commandments. So saving others is no surprise. What’s surprising is the western media that’s is blind to what Israeli charitable acts and are ignored. But if a small act of kindness comes from Muslims, the western media magnifies it to a Himalayas if it were a tiny hillock. Although I have not heard a charitable act coming from Muslims to non-Muslims over the last 1430 years. Never. Never Ever. The only act of kindness they deliver is a horrible coup de grace.

    • but we will because it’s what we do

  • Israel, of course, has done the right thing. Don’t do this? Then we’re nothing. Am yisrael chai.

  • Wish we could hear more about these stories, especially in Australia may start to make more people realise how good Israel actually is, it truly is a shining light in a very dark part of the world.

  • It won’t stop the savages from hating Jews. She’ll grow up to be a hater too.

  • G-d bless the State of Israel, a moral and sacred country, State, which is morally righteous and deserving of all of the blessings of G-d’s love. May the Palestinians realize, finally, how we value life, no matter whose life is in jeopardy. There are tears streaming down my face as I write this. Howard A. Levin, USA Citizen and son of Israel

  • Funny how able the Israelis become when there is a need for it. Wonder what song this Hamas person will be singing????

  • We wish the little one well.

  • What a bunch of idiots!
    So if she dies in Israel it will be Israel’s fault!
    “Whoever wants to defeat and destroy the People of Israel has the halakhic standing of Amaleq, with all that it entails”
    Psaq Halakhah by Rabbi Dov Lior
    And, when it comes to Amaleq, age has no bearing.
    They murder us and want to destroy us: let them and their children die.

  • I doubt I’ll ever see this story in the New York Times!!!

  • We must do it
    Without any doubt
    Because we are Jews.
    Because we are the people of the Bible
    Doctor Claude Salama
    (French/Israeli Doctor Medicine)

    • Great logic – not!
      If the little girl dies, then it will be Israel’s fault – read ‘those filthy Jews’ fault’.
      Then these pond scum will attack & try & kill as many Israeli’s as they possibly can.
      What relationship does light have with darkness?
      By showing such benevolence to sworn enemies over the past 65 years, has that done anything to dim their absolute hatred of Israel?
      Doing feel good things doesn’t change anything. These Fakestinians have an absolute hatred of Israel & anything Jewish.
      Being Mr Nice Guy isn’t going to change anything, in fact these scum laugh at Israel.
      Not so long ago some Fakestinian woman’s son was treated for a life threatening heart condition but she was quite happy for him to grow up & be a shahid that will blow up Jews – the very Jews who saved him!
      How do you reason or negotiate with ‘people’ like that?
      If these people were in power, do you think they would show any mercy to children?
      Remember the Fogel family? Danielle Shefi et al?
      Moslems are only supposed to show mercy to other moslems – not anyone else & as they mercifully blow each other up, their form of mercy probably leaves a lot to be desired.
      Christians have a scripture “What harmony is there between Christ & Belial?”
      Indeed. What harmony is there between Israel & Belial?

  • This is a great example to the world ….that’s why GOD has blessed Israel.

    A tremendous show of humanity by a great nation.


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