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November 24, 2013 11:33 am

The Nuclear Deal With Iran is a Foreign Policy Disaster

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President Obama addressing the nation about the Iran nuclear deal. Photo: White House.

“For the first time in nearly a decade we have halted parts of Iran’s nuclear program” announced a jubilant Barack Obama after the news of the just-signed Geneva six-month interim agreement with Iran.

But the American goal for the accord was that the Iranians not “advance their program” of building a uranium nuclear bomb (and perhaps a plutonium bomb too); the apparent deal exactly permits such advancement, plus sanctions relief to Tehran worth about US$9 billion.

This wretched deal offers one occasion when comparison with Neville Chamberlain in Munich in 1938 is valid. An overeager Western government, blind to the evil cunning of the regime it so much wants to work with, appeases it with concessions that will come back to haunt it. Geneva and Nov. 24 will be remembered along with Munich and Sep. 29.

Barack Obama has made many foreign policy errors in the past five years, but this is the first to rank as a disaster. Along with the health care law, it is one of his worst-ever steps. John Kerry is a too-eager puppy looking for a deal at any price.

With the U.S. government forfeiting its leadership role, the Israelis, Saudis, and perhaps others are left to cope with a bad situation made worse. War has now become a much more likely prospect. Shame on we Americans for re-electing Barack Obama.

This article was originally published by the National Review Online.

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  • Allen Donow

    There are many mission critical tasks in a plan that would provide Iran with a nuclear bomb that can be used as a weapon. Each of them are important to the success of the mission. It appears that Iran has succeeded in its knowledge and its actual facilities for generating the nuclear materials for the bomb. This may have been their priority up to now. Learning how to assemble such materials into a bomb and its delivery become just as critical now. Iran has now been given 6 months to work on these other tasks with total freedom without being required to dismantle their current centrifuges.

    Practically speaking they can develop a high tech production environment and staff in this time frame to facilitate its mission. This project is not an easy one nor inexpensive. Many, many tasks are involved. I am also thinking of underground bunkers, missile defense systems for protecting its facilities, etc. And this 6 month period allows Iran to consolidate and evaluate its progress, especially with the influx of new cash and the reduction of sanctions, that the “deal” provides.

    The bottom line is that both Obama and Iran are jubilant over this “deal”. And Netanyahu and Israel are not. Obama is asking the world to trust Iran, and to trust him if Iran decides to break out. This is the ultimate abomination. Don’t do it.

  • Rudy Hoffmann

    THE DAY AFTER GENEVA : A poor palestinian who lives in the outskirts of Jericho urgently needs to meet a rich jew. So he walks all the way up to Jerusalem and goes straight to the Western Wall. As soon as he makes out a jewish man that seems wealthy enough to him he grasps out to his arm and: “Adoni, let’s make a good deal!”he says… “Be seder, OK what deal is it?” “Well, give me all your money sir!” …”All my money? But what do I back for it in return?” — ” Nothing, adoni, otherwise it isn’t a good deal!”

  • I suspect that Shimon Peres is advising Obama.

  • Sonia Willats

    And there will be a “deal at any price” PEACE DEAL forced on Israel by Kerry and Obama too…(may I be wrong!) I would tend to believe it is already sitting in Obama’s top left hand draw, and -if not – in the top right.. He has proved again and again that he has no care for innocent civilian Syrians; never mind the Israelis! I don’t believe Obama has America’s back, never mind Israel’s.

  • Harrison

    The newly proposed policy with Iran is a step towards better relations with the Middle East for the US. To continue to demonize Iran and blindly assume that they’re the worst thing to ever happen to the US, and that every action they’ll take will be with the intent to destroy the West is ridiculous. It’s not like the US can just walk over to Iran and destroy all their nuclear facilities without facing any catastrophic consequences; the only viable solution to this conflict is to take the baby steps needed to a peaceful Iran.

  • Munich gave the British and French a year to prepare. Comparison of Brit munitions manufacturing for ’37, ’38, ’39 illustrate this. Yes the betrayal of the Czechs was cretinous but Benes had previously refused Soviet troops entrance into the Czechoslvakian republic. Hitler’s own generals were in contact with British.

    War with Iran will not be a Grenada, Mali or even an Israeli Six Day wonder…it will be prolonged, the ends will be exponential as participants join and this will not stop others, ie N. Korea , from exploring nuclear possibilities. All parties are aware of these consequences.

    Daniel Pipes thesis on the surface makes sense but leaves out the Chinese, Russians and even the Indians as players in a game where they could quickly see nuclear missile armed Iran as intolerable.

    American leadership so it appears will be seen in the Pacific Rim. War to date has been averted but war in the ME is to be left to those living there. No one will attack Israel not over the Palestinians. A nuclear Israel attacking Iran in a pre-emptive war will not happen. Netanahu knows this. War in the Lebanon, Gaza, South-Western Syria are probabilities as buffers
    with willing collaborates-allies in the Christians, Druze and Saudi-subsidized Sunni.

    But this is the ME, where tribalism, religion and a power vacuum create their own dynamics.

  • Wallace Edward Brand

    “If you want Israel, you can keep Israel.”

    Wish I had said that.

  • the ayatollas of iran are steeped in the tradition of the Koran.they have outsmarted Obama & Kerry.The leaders of America are no longer trustworthy.The American Red Indian has been puported to have said “white man speaks with forked tongue” the Obama administration proves this.No wonder Hillary Clinton resigned ,she wanted no part of this duplicity of Obama

  • Master Adrian

    Well, if the “deal” is read carefully, and I seriously suggest to do so, and then with the original document and not the reworded press-statements and or non-conference statements by non-parties to the conference (……), everyone can see and read that the Iranians are NOT increasing the number of their nuclear plants, that NO new nuclear plants will be opened, that the already functioning nuclear plants will NOT receive new material to upgrade, that AIEA-inspectors have access to ALL nuclear facilities in Iran, that the moment Iran does not comply with ANY request or demand from the AIEA-inspectors the “deal” will be ended, and full sanctions implemented, and perhaps most importantly, the “deal” is not a full agreement between parties concerned! It is a temporary agreement, and is followed up with additional talks to reach a full agreement!

    Comparing this “deal” with what Chamberlain “achieved” pre-WW2 is, in my opinion, showing ignorance, even a good part of stupidity and refusal to see something positive in what could have been a start of WW3 when and if there had not been reached a solution!

    Iran has the acknowledgement of being entitled to nuclear power (which it already should have had due to the fact that it signed the international relevant treaty on prevention of distribution and development of military nuclear power, a treaty by the way that Israel has refused to sign for whatever unknown reason), the world including Israel has the assurance that AIEA is actually inspecting and reporting, and that already high-leveled material will be removed from Iran!

    And talks are still going on, better then firing rockets at each other I think!

    Or not?

    • Emanuel

      Master Adrian,
      What many have complained about and I feel rightly so is the deal only deals with Iran’s civilian nuclear power facilities it makes no mention of any secret military nuclear weapons facilities and we all know they exist otherwise we wouldn’t be negotiating a peace deal to prevent nuclear war. It is a deal-breaker, couple that with releasing $9B of frozen Iranian funds and the fact that Khomeini hasn’t changed his opinion on the West one iota in 34 years and I think a 5 year old would understand we have a problem. This deal puts all the control in the hands of the Iranians by not acknowledging the realities of secret clandestine weapons facilities which have been used by every country pretty much. What will Obama say? He will say: “But I didn’t know!” for only the six millionth time and of course he didn’t “know” they were speaking “off the record” when they told him. At this point I trust Irans’ government more than Obama at least they are predictable and we can fathom the kinds of trouble they can cause us.

  • I agree. But his opponent offered a 19th century view of human rights, a blatantly self-serving agenda, and an arrogance that would do a third world dictator proud. If the Republican Party ever disavows its lunatic fringe leaders, and starts promoting rational and reasonable candidates, then people will pay attention, and not vote for a truly reprehensible president. In 2012 there was no choice, and I could not vote for either.

    • Allen Donow

      It appears you are trying to justify yourself. You did not oppose Obama. So you blame Romney for not giving you a better choice. How about taking responsibility. You say his views are 19th century and he is arrogant, so for those reasons, you feel justifed in having Iran closing in on getting a nuclear bomb to as they say “wipe Israel off the map”. There is a better choice in life, other than blaming others. I hope you find it.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Obama sold out Israel!

  • Kenneth D Hegler

    Comparisons with Munich and the puppy looking for his master’s approval are not lost.

    Obama’s foreign policy is a disaster indeed.

    What will it take for the US, and her close allies, to realize the error of her/their ways?

    One cannot concede to the wolf in Iranian clothing! Not now, not ever.

  • David

    Obama’s overwhelming support in the American Jewish community well tracks with the percentage of assimilated and/or intermarried Jews whose interest in Israel is problematical. It is reminiscent of large number of Hellenized Jews during the time of the Maccabees. The terrible reality is that as President, Obama is unlikely to support Israel like Johnson and Nixon did in ’67 and ’73 respectively.

    Israel and Klal Yisroel are in Big Trouble!