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December 8, 2013 3:30 am

Days After Defending Star of David Pig, Roger Waters Laments ‘Power’ of ‘Jewish Lobby,’ Compares Israeli Policy to Nazis

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Roger Waters. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Just days after defending his use of an inflatable pig emblazoned with a Star of David as a concert prop, rock star Roger Waters lamented the “power” of “the Jewish lobby,” and compared Israeli government policy to that of the Nazis, in an interview with CounterPunch magazine.

In the interview conducted by anti-Israel activist, Frank Barat, the former Pink Floyd bassist was frank about his opinions on Jews and Israel.

Asked why he was the only high profile celebrity to have joined the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, Waters explained that it was because people fear “the Jewish lobby.”

“This has been a very hard sell particularly where I live in the United States of America,” he said. “The Jewish lobby is extraordinary powerful here and particularly in the industry that I work in, the music industry and in rock’n roll as they say. I promise you, naming no names, I’ve spoken to people who are terrified that if they stand shoulder to shoulder with me they are going to get f*****.”

Accusing Israel of all manner of heinous crimes, Waters went on to draw parallels between Israeli policy and Nazi genocide.

“The situation in Israel/Palestine, with the occupation, the ethnic cleansing and the systematic racist apartheid Israeli regime is unacceptable,” he said.

Referring to Israel’s “right wing rabbinate,” Waters said “they believe that everybody that is not a Jew is only on earth to serve them and they believe that the Indigenous people of the region that they kicked off the land in 1948 and have continued to kick off the land ever since are sub-human. The parallels with what went on in the 30’s in Germany are so crushingly obvious that it doesn’t surprise me that the movement that both you and I are involved in is growing every day.”

Waters also described Israel’s concern over Iran’s nuclear program as a “diversionary tactic,” and claimed that Israel has never desired to make peace with the Arabs. “They’ve always had the Ben Gurion agenda of kicking all the Arabs out of the country and becoming greater Israel,” he said.

Waters said that he had been invited to preform in Israel by a top Israeli promoter, and admitted to having sent a letter to pop icon, Cindy Lauper, requesting that she cancel an upcoming performance in Israel.

“You know that Shuki Weiss (preeminent Israeli promoter) was offering me a hundred thousand people at hundred dollars a ticket a few months ago to come and play in Tel Aviv! ‘Hang on, that’s 10 million dollars’, how could they offer it to me?! And I thought Shuki are you f****** deaf or just dumb?! I am part of the BDS movement, I’m not going anywhere in Israel, for any money, all I would be doing would be legitimizing the policies of the government,” he said.

In July this year, Waters caused a stir when it was revealed that an inflatable pig released as a concert prop at his performances featured a Star of David. At the time, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish human rights group, described Waters as “an open hater of Jews.”

Responding to his latest remarks, Rabbi Cooper again described Waters as a “bigot.”

“We raised the alarm when Waters put a Star of David on a pig during his European tour. Now with this interview he confirms his status as one of the most virulent haters of the Jewish state. Apartheid, racist, murderers compared to Nazis,” Cooper said in an email to The Algemeiner.

“The Wiesenthal Center calls on his peers in the entertainment world to condemn him and to show through their continued visits to Israel that they share our contempt for this bigot,” he added.

Last week, following the conclusion of his three-year world tour for “The Wall,” Waters addressed the criticism he had faced over the use of the Star of David pig at his concerts.

“I worry about it every day. It’s a huge concern to me that I would be considered to be a bully,” Waters said about the accusations.

“Since then, because of the complaints from some of the Jewish community, we’ve added a crucifix and star-crescent,” he added.

In August, Waters’ active promotion of the anti-Israel boycott promoted a sharp response from Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli whose image was being used in his concert performances.

“Roger Waters, you should remove my picture from videos at your concerts. If you’re going to boycott, then go all the way,” she tweeted.

According to the United States Department of State, “Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis,” is considered anti-Semitic.

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  • TB Evans

    Boycott Israel Mr. Waters? I guess all those intel-pentium chips running the computers,etc., in your show will have to go. Oh, and don’t forget to toss your cell phone, any data sticks that you use. And better toss the play stations and Xboxes your kids play with too. Shall I go on? Wanker.

    • Silk

      What’s your point? That they were created by Jews? Ha! More like stole ideas from gentiles and market it them as their own. Thereby stealing and coming to the conclusion that Jews are only good at marketing not inventing! Wanker!

  • Don Ahrens

    Boycotting Israel is fine if the facts lead you to do so. For a multitude of reasons, I do not give Disney, Monsanto, Bayer, Coke, Nestle, Dupont, Cargill, ADM, Tyson, Kraft, Microsoft/Syngenta and a whole bunch of other multinationals my money either. I strongly support voting with your pocketbooks to affect positive changes to our world. In fact, I carry a list of companies to boycott when I shop.

    However, affixing a Magen David Star on the pig is a blatant hate crime and he should be arrested for a hate crime. There is no other way to interpret and define this kind of expression. In following Roger Waters over the decades and assessing his quotes and stances, a vial condescending antagonistic propensity to portray others in a poisonous hateful light is the dominant pattern over time.

    This is the essence of his personality: I’m always right and your wrong, I justify myself at the expense of invalidating others. Really, can you recall RW ever giving accolades of praise or are your memories of him primarily invalidating others to make himself look good?

    • Heather Wahlquist

      Is placing a PEACE SIGN on that same pig -A hate crime, too? The cliche “People are only responsible for what they mean, not how others interpret it…” applies to you and everyone else on here against Waters’ message of peace. Weird how you can twist sh’t and not know you did.

  • Floyd Fan

    ad hominem is all this crowd’s got?
    No data? No facts to refute Waters’ points?
    No references?

    Here’s the definition: Attacking your opponent’s character or personal traits in an attempt to undermine their argument.

    • Thomas Williams

      Quite right.

      Waters says very plainly and honestly that he is against the policies of Israel. This article actually quotes that. That doesn’t mean he’s anti Jewish in the same way that disagreeing with America’s foreign policy doesn’t make you anti-christian.

      And the Star of David isn’t the only symbol on the pig. It represents attachment to dogmatic belief systems, just like the Dollar sign, the Shell logo and the Hammer and Sickle which also feature on the pig.

      Waters work is universally about humans all being equal, and about the folly of creating barriers based on race, colour or religion. If you view this incident devoid of all context then it, like anything else, can be twisted to mean whatever you like. But you should pay more attention than that.

      Whether you like his personality and work or not, calling out decent people like Waters for anti-Semitism without checking (and even perhaps misrepresenting) the facts undermines the seriousness of the issue when it happens for real.

      Anti-Semitism, or even racial hatred and profiling generally is a huge problem, and Waters is a prominent ambassador for bringing the issue to people’s attention. In case you hadn’t noticed, that’s exactly what The Wall stage show is about.

      Pay a little more attention.

      • Heather Wahlquist

        Let me sum up all that: The Wall is Waters’ theme. Bring em down, peace and togetherness *NOT* war and separateness

  • BuckDePublick

    Waters’ utterances are just more effluent from another leftist Jew-hater of the “wealthy entertainer” breed. Waters, Sarandon et al.–who deftly combine a willful and flagrant disregard of facts with visceral hatred of Jews–make fine companions to self-haters like Chomsky and Lerner.

  • A. Alshaya

    I have family in Syria and where is Roger Waters? Does he really think Israel is a nazi state and has no opinion on Syria? How can I get celebrities to march out for a cause where thousands of my people are really being tortured and killed?

    Yes, it is clear Waters hates Jews but I think he hates Arabs too, just less so.

  • Sky

    Everyone should read Tomis Kapitan’s chapter in “Philosophical Perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”.

    There are parallels one could draw from Zionism to Nazism. That’s simply philosophical fact. If you look at the situation in the middle east with absolutely zero bias, and do not slant or misconstrue facts in your favour, there is obvious ethnic cleansing and questionable methods in place.

    This coming from a Jew who studies law and philosophy. I acknowledge that parallels exist, and I hope that the Jewish community will as well.

    • Kevin

      Where is your proof of ethnic cleansing? You are a typical lefty who makes allegations with no back up of facts

  • Jenny P

    I think Roger Waters is a dispicable human being. We make up less than one tenth of a percent of world population and we Jewish people yield so much power?! Yeah, right…

  • dr.music

    This is the TRUTH…..It seems…..islam is very bad
    for humans….like small pox was…. islam is actually mohammad’s madness being
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    • Steve Butman

      Your comments are completely out of place here!

      • Ben

        Agree Steve. This is not a forum to hate on other religions. And having said that, I think to say Roger Waters is an anti-Semite is a gross understatement.

  • Lynne T

    In a way, this Counterpunch piece is pretty funny. It both makes out Waters as a nut among Tier 1 celebs for his fervent campaigning, where other bigger name celebs who are truly committed toward humanitarian works are not joining him on the “Demonize Israel and Beatify the Palestinians” campaign and it makes out those who share his fanaticism to be of markedly lesser celebrity.

    • bee

      How can you lie to the world and hide the fact that you did perform in Israel 7 years ago? And may I remind you that you were already involved deeply with your anti Israel/ anti Jewish propaganda when you were there…….. Ask yourself who the real pig is?????????

    • Deep Purple

      Considering how popular antisemitism is in the world and specially in Europe,
      Sending across a gigantic pig with a huge jewish star,
      is simply an act of shameless self promotion.
      Hail Waters

  • Shmuel M

    I never could understand why a person who is talented in one area (assuming that Mr. Waters is talented) is assumed to be an expert in others – that includes people who are musicians, artists, scientists or have achievements in any other field. That is no reason for anyone to seek or value their opinion in matters of which they know nothing (if not less). While entitled to his opinion, and we all know to which anatomical feature opinions are compared, they have no more value than mine or anyone elses’. I will defend to the death his right to state his opinion, despite the fact that I have idea whatsoever why it should be should be newsworthy.

    • Steve Butman


  • dr.music

    Hey Roger……The movie CAPTAIN PHILIP has been renamed ” PLANET OF THE APES 111 They Speak !!!”.
    Question to all muslims…..all muslims….and Our sweet misguided Roger waters….
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    WE ARE WAITING………… give us the word or write his name…..hint hint…..starts with M .

    What is the number 1 problem on our planet ?
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    It seems……Putin is the man…….. i feel Putin will rescue this planet from the morass it is in right now.
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    Let’s see…… Are there good muslems? Yes, there are millions upon millions of them in the ground right now.

    As a certain filthy Bavarian corporal (may his name be blotted
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  • dr.music

    Hey you Roger Waters….have you read the evil koran ?
    Hey you Roger Waters…. have you not heard about the pedo Mo ?
    Hey you Roger Waters…. haven’t you heard that the whole world will be muslim and music will die ….
    Roger who will break down the islam wall and set the muslims free ???

    • SWP

      Although waters is a creep, you too are an equally racist creep.

      • dr.music

        look dude….islam is nonsense….can’t you see it ? everybody can see it ….why can’t you ?
        It’s a fact….while everyone prays muslims bray.

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  • Shmuel Solomon

    Not a big surprise. Great Britain, especially when Waters was growing-up, is still a bastian of anti-semitism. Not to mention the guilt the British carry for their treatment of European Jews before and after WWII right up to the establishment of the modern day State of Israel.Just the comparison of Israel to the German Nazi Party of old tells me he has long been a viral Jew-hater.
    He has allowed himself to fall into the petro-dollar funded, Pro-Palestinian Propaganda machine, along with many other liberal elites. He has the money and the recognition to affect people all around the world and help feed anti-semitism. A power trip? Money hungry?
    Just another hater.

    • frankmaddox

      Mr. Solomon, You have your history all wrong. The largest group for the Jews throughout the world stopped Jews from getting into the west and the UK because they wanted to have Jews dying at the hands of the Germans so they could have a seat at the table after the war… to get their state of Israel. Mr. Wise who became the first president of Israel said unless Jews go to Palestine we will stop them from leaving Europe and Germany! Get your history right sir. A great book about this subject is called, “Perfidy.”

      • Wolff Bachner

        The first President of Israel was Chaim Azriel Weizmann. The only person named Wise from that era who had a major involvement in the plight of the Jewish people was Rabbi Stephan Wise. He was the leading American Rabbi of his era, and a rabid opponent of the Zionist movement and the reestablishment of the state of Israel.

        Wise all used all of his influence and his powerful connections to convince Roosevelt not to allow European Jews to come to the USA before and during WWII. Many of us consider him a Kapo with Jewish blood on his hands.

        Your grasp of history is infantile and offensive. You are not speaking the truth. You are paraphrasing the Doctoral dissertation of Abu Mazin aka Abbas, who financed the Munich Olympic massacre of the Israeli Olympic team in 1972.

        His dissertation denied the Holocaust and claimed that a group of Jewish leaders in Europe negotiated with Hitler to kill off a few hundred thousand poor Jews as a means to pressure the world into reestablishing Israel.

        Not only is the claim a racist, Jew hating lie promoted by a man who has devoted his life to killing Jews, it is simply not part of real world history.

        The claim that Israel was reestablished to compensate the Jews of Europe for the Holocaust is utter nonsense. The Jewish people have closed each Passover Seder with “Next Year In Jerusalem for over 1900 years.

        Zionism didn’t begin after WWII. The movement to return to Israel began in the last 25 years of the 19th century.

        And I would also remind the liars and the ignorant that the Jewish people have never left the land of Israel in the first place. Even when Rome enslaved or killed hundreds of thousands of Jews after 72 CE, the Jewish people remained in Israel.

        There has been a continuous, uninterrupted Jewish population in Israel for 3200 years. The Jewish people have also been the majority in Jerusalem since the first official census in 1852.

        Finally, almost a million Jews lived in the Middle East when the Arab nations expelled them all in 1948, stealing 11 trillion dollars in Jewish assets in 2015 dollars.

        Inventing a laughable fantasy that somehow six million Jews jump out of airplanes on May 15, 1948 and parachuted into Israel is simply moronic. We have been in our homeland and our capital has been Jerusalem for three millennium.

        Am Yisrael Chai.

  • Rotem

    Waters has become comfortable DUMB!
    F#CK him!

  • Mike

    I’m noticing a lot of insults and a lot of indignation, but not one of you has refuted, point by point, any of his accusations. Not even the author of this commentary made the effort to do that.

    • Beatrix

      In 1947, the UN divided the territory of Palestine (formerly Israel) into two nations: Jewish, who called their nation Israel, and Arab, who went to war and lost to Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. Israel won the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967 from Jordan and Egypt. At first Israel legally built in the West Bank then offered these areas to the Arab Palestinians for a homeland, with Israeli land thrown in to compensate for the settlements. The Arabs have rejected all offers. They want Israel. The allegations of mistreatment stem from Israel’s attempts to protect itself from intifadas and suicide bombers.

    • Vox

      Because they can’t deny the truth they can only continue their lies, name calling, deflecting. The only thing I find offensive about Waters using an inflatable pig with a star of david on it is that’s incredibly insulting to pigs to associate them with jews.

    • dr.music

      But what about islam ? This current nuisance will we ever get rid of ? Will we be taking / carrying this crap called islam into outer space too? Space exploration is useless to an idiot and it’s not in the co-ran so out with it and let’s burn it with a mob …then what ? Humanity does not mean more humans it means right humans….so when will we take the call on the muslim infestation of our planet ? What are we going to do? muslims are unnecessary….their carbon footprint is costing us trillions in cash and millions in lives…..why cannot we fumigate islam first then look for stuff outside our house?

      All this has to happen….till there are even 2 muslims there will be blood. Blood always flows where the muslim goes…it’s a fact….it’s the islam scene….let them do it ….it’s their scene…. let them do it …better them than us…
      islam is a freak-show…thank god for television…imagine living amongst muslims …even as muslims….if islam wasn’t there it would of course be the ideal but right now at 2 billion the further away they are the better for us….I’m cool with islam fighting islam…it’s better for us. Who cares !! According to me it should be encouraged with kind words and high level explosives. Freaks freaking out on each other is a distant spectator sport….I’m cool with that. There is no other option for them or us. Let them continue.Look guys…..All this has to happen….till there are even 2 muslims there will be blood. Blood always flows where the muslim goes…it’s a fact….it’s the islam scene….let them do it ….it’s their scene…. let them do it …better them than us…
      islam is a freak-show…thank god for television…imagine living amongst muslims …even as muslims….if islam wasn’t there it would of course be the ideal but right now at 2 billion the further away they are the better for us….I’m cool with islam fighting islam…it’s better for us. Who cares !! According to me it should be encouraged with kind words and high level explosives. Freaks freaking out on each other is a distant spectator sport….I’m cool with that. There is no other option for them or us. Let them continue.

      muslims can be told absolutely any yarn or anything stupid and they have to just believe it …they just have to. The very fact that they think moronmomad was a great great guy and should be followed proves the fact that muslims are made absolute idiots by even more stupid islam….Dumbness is the muslim scene. Muslims cannot question older idiotic bearded muslims or any muslim talking to him about the fictitious and completely fabricated greatness of muslims or the fabricated greatness of this crap called islam. As a muslim you just can’t think this pure crap called islam is pure crap. Muslims are totally screwed….no wonder they want to kill themselves…..a muslim is a wretched being who is not allowed to be an indivisualistic human in a wretched cult with no real escape…death is better for a muslim…this is a fact !!! Ignorance is happiness is their reality but for a mozzy factually ignorance is misery….he cannot by this pure crap called islam admit the to the obvious latter he just has to believe the former. It’s deadly. A case study in mass madness. Fantastic….whatever…..this pure crap called islam shouldn’t be around. Period. Why is this pure crap called islam allowed in a democratic environment? This pure crap called islam should be banned outright and the sooner the better. Democracy has to get more pro active. This pure crap called islam should be taken to court everyday some way or the other. This pure crap called islam will not be tolerated by any human rights court. No chance.
      if saudi arabia did not exist suddenly ………… if islamic hotspots were suddenly ………. if suddenly mosques became dangerous place to be in ……………. suddenly it should be dangerous to be muslim……. suddenly co-ran burning should come into fashion……. all this lovely wishfullll thinking……….:)
      They’ve done Afghanistan…Indonesia….Malaysia…trying Burma …trying India….trying America….trying Europe…why not….islam has massacred more humans than most pan-endemics and natural causes put together. islam is the most hostile and murderous of all threats to us humans. In just 1400 years islam has wiped out more cultures and peoples than any other virus or bacteria or non-muslim humans. islam is the slaughter champion of the world. This slaughter by islam is still going on non-stop. This slaughter will slaughter us too. We are only waiting for it to happen and islam is laughing at us. islam will rule the world….Dystopia is coming for our children.
      you know saudi arabia wasn’t muslim till the muslims came and occupied it by force…this islam crap should be ejected from wherever it is on the planet before it’s too late….the planet is begging us to.

    • June Grant

      Refute his accusations? I believe I did

  • Just don’t leave this has-been alone with children, he seems to have joined the Aisha-lovers mob who’s motto is: get there before the hair.

    • dr.music

      Rita… you’re right….Only brainless brainwashed savages think that the sexes shouldn’t mix.
      Societal idiot savages that forbid the sexes from mixing are actually making monsters of the males. Savages multiplication is on .
      must be shed for bad seeds but they must be crocodile tears. It is bad
      evolution to keep defective genes in the human pool. It is ecologically a grave
      mistake on our part as a small part of the planet whole to keep bad genetics
      alive ….. the carbon footprint of these human looking very dangerous
      human-speaking monkeys that we keep discovering daily is enormous. It is bad
      evolution to let bad seed breed.

      All the money that is
      used to keep bad seeds alive is wasted money and time that should go into
      ecological and societal betterment uses…..humane-ity should have a limit. We
      are the minds of this planet. We have to let these bad seeds get out of our
      genetic mainstream……savage behavior is a sign of a sick mind. We have to face the fact that for a sick mind there is medically no hope….it must stop breathing.
      A savage is a non-productive scab for the planet. Bad mental genetics are destructive
      socially hence a threat to society and other productive members of the planet
      organism. We have to somehow or the other get rid of them because they are a
      threat to our mother. Mother Earth. Their carbon exchange has to stop. Their
      only contribution is being future oil if need be. Tears must be
      shed for bad seeds but they must be crocodile tears. Let us practice. That is
      our humane-ity.Sob sob sob….ok change the channel now….We have to convince them they are better off dead for their mother.Bad seeds are Mother Nature’s misfortune. Hence our fault. So let us start righting wrongs by rightly cleansing this over populated with too many savages but still wonderful planet. Its like a savages epidemic is on globally. Strange. In the mean time lets string-up these total idiots.

  • Dan

    Roger Waters is my hero

  • Liar!!!you were in Israel in 2006!!!!

  • iche


  • June Grant

    Where does Roger Waters get his so-called facts causing his explosions of ire against Israel and the Jews? His ignorance of the true meaning of “apartheid’ would be ridiculous if it wasn’t so sad. Its misuse also downplays the real suffering of Africans before Mandela.
    Of course he couldn’t think up a more cruel epithet to apply to Israel than Nazism. What is troubling about such nonsense is how willing Waters and other useful idiots accept egregious definitions without either questioning their veracity, or visiting Israel to see for themselves how totally ridiculous their accusations are.

  • montlasky

    To Roger the Pig Lodger

    A classic greeting that may have been in Shakepeare’s repertoire: Cush mier in tochas!

  • Well, well, well, hey guys and gals, screaming dire insults at Roger Waters, and wishing him all kinds of harm, I notice, quite a few of the names? Is that right or is that what you think, you should say, what about the power, of reasoned and intelligent argument? Maybe, the message had so much truth, that all you could respond with, was insult threats and wishing Roger, dead. Floyd, were a great band and talented, are you in denial of that ? Makes me wonder what kind of minds we are dealing with and in truth, putting things like that in the media or in this medium, is a little irrational, wouldn’t you think guys?
    I know that the middle eastern people are lets say passionate and emotional, cutting off heads, eating hearts, and thinking that because one religious book or other condones, such actions and behaviour then that is fine, because this person called God or Allah, has told us, it is right and proper. I think some of you, are in for the biggest surprise of your lives, when your dead. It is only a shame, you cannot see it whilst you are still breathing.
    Killing and harming others, has it’s root cause in frustration, and ignorance, with a large piece of retardiness attached to it. There are two pieces of intelligent thought that we should think about more often, jaw, jaw, is better than war, war, and he who has no sin, throw the first stone?
    Mahatma Ghandi, never preached violence as a panacea for the ills of colonialism, and yes, some one shot him. Now I ask you this, who’s words lasted over time, the gunshot or the peaceful words spoken by a peaceful man?
    I want the Israeli’s to re think their political strategy, and their connection to the wider world, stop using the very unsavoury methods they use, too conquer a land. And re-enter the worlds humanity, is that too much too ask?
    You think the Jews, are on the receiving end of unfair and biased opinion and world views? Try being black or a muslim for a year, or a catholic, or a christian in the middle east wow. Personally, I am glad I am Irish, what a lovely pleasant country and people, when viewed to the other actors, around the world, makes me want too sing Oh Danny boy to you all.
    I am afraid Mr Waters, has a point, and screaming and threatening, will not change alter or ameliorate that. Isn’t it a case of, don’t like the message, Hey, lets shoot the messenger. The age old cry of history.
    You may run, you may hide, you may threaten, or bluster, but the argument will still persist, so what are the answers?
    You know, and I know, more importantly, the world knows and eventually, you will see and I, how this ends and I don’t think it is going to be very pleasant, for a couple of billion people. That is what you are bringing on yourself and the world. But, you care not one jot or wit and more importantly, you never have.

    • Beatrix

      I’m part Irish and I can tell you that you’re completely ignorant of the whole situation in Israel and the Mideast. Let us hear from you again when you come down to earth.

    • Ben

      Dunham… your Irish/Jew-hating bias is showing, though I’m sure you can’t see it. No problem, we do.

    • Bram Stroker

      well said mo chara

    • Rami

      You forget Irish people killing each other for being Catholics or protestants?
      People has short and selective memory.

  • It is obvious that Roger Waters mother took too much LSD while he was in the womb.

  • Tessie M

    Thank you Bar Refaeli, why is ms. Lauper silent.? Shame on her

  • Elijah

    Isn’t ‘Waters’ the translation of “pisher?”

  • Susan

    Perverted thinking in which the most humane state in the Middle East is compared to the most immoral, corrupt and evil people that ever existed on earth. Hove you ever read a book Mr.Waters? How much are the Arabs paying you!

  • Steve Loeb

    Waters has become the town clown
    No one in the contemporary music community cares what he thinks.

    In fact, most just want to keep a distance from him …


  • Horatio

    How about comparing this has-been noise-maker to the bastardized get of Herr Goebbels.

  • Beatrix

    First you love the songs and then you love the memories that the songs evoke, but you can never love pop songs again the way you loved them at first. The next generation is curious and may even like some of the music , but no self respecting teenager loves mommy and daddy and granddaddy’s music. They have their own songs.

    When a pop singer is over, he’s over. Even the concerts are about an audiences memories, not about the singer. When you can’t do anything except sing other people’s songs, what do you do? You’re a has been and you know it and you hate a people who have endured for thousands of years and will probably endure until the end of time. It explains this guy, it explains England, and it even explains Hitler worried about the demise of his non-existent Aryan race,

  • Harvey

    Israel haters and especially the BDS tendency go to great lengths to dissociate from antisemites . They are careful to restate time and again they are antizionist only . Waters has obviously failed to read the script . He is an absolute gift . Rather than trying to silence him , he should be given enough rope to hang himself and in turn the BDS . He’s a gift from heaven . We need to capitalise on his race hate .

  • Richard Ambrose

    The Wall is 30 years old. He hasnt come our with anything since. I wouldnt go see this non creative poser if u paid me 10 million dollars. He hasnt grown up and he probably is still mad at his daddy.

    • Phill Wilkas

      Non creative poser? Seriously, I’ve read some stupid stuff on this page but that one is the best.. look up pink floyd.

      His daddy who died fighting nazi germany in the 2nd world war when he was too young to remember him, yeah I’d guess that would leave you pretty angry.

      As for him not releasing anything since the wall, check out amused to death which may educate you a little as to why he takes the stance he does.. he isn’t anti jew he just hates injustice like the rest of the civilised world.

      • SWP

        He is certainly creative, and is drug induced music was quite good. He is also quite creative with his classic anti Semitic canards, lies and distortions. Not saying Israel is perfect either, by the way.. But, if Waters really hates injustice, he should worry about Palestinians that are murdered by other Palestinians because they are trying to work with peace loving Israel for a solution. But they want to push Israel and all Jews into the sea. As apparently does the ignoramus Waters.

  • Jay

    By being so fixated on this idiot we are providing him with a pulpit to preach his views.

    I suggest that we simply stop mentioning his name. This will remove the one thing that he values most, PUBLICITY.

  • Robin A. Dubner

    Waters is just another prick in the wall

  • Shalom-Hillel

    It’s clear he has chosen to believe the worst lying propaganda about Israel and Jews, but that does not exonerate him. Every individual who chooses to believe this type of racist propaganda has made a clear choice to support bigotry and anti-Semitism in its modern form.
    Anti-Semitism needs to really be understood by Jews. It is a circular system. If you fight people like Waters he claims the “powerful Jewish lobby” is out to get him for speaking the truth. If Jews say nothing the anti-Semitic outrages grow larger.

    I am very glad to see that people are calling this guy out for what he is. One fact I have noticed is that England, and Roger Waters is English, is awash in hatred for Israel. From everything I have seen and read, it has become the norm there. Their elites and media push it hard. The BBC demonizes Israel. Groups like the English Defence League and some Christian groups are defenders of Israel, and the media over there portray them as extremists.

    • tamar

      well said.

  • Avrumeleh

    Roger Water’s biggest problem is his utter arrogance. He’s completely made up his mind about Israel and nothing…nothing…can alter it, much less change it. When you read his “explanations” about how horrible the “Jewish Lobby” is and how terrible Israel is, they don’t even smack of the truth…he’s a fraud and, frankly, an old-fashioned anti-Semite. He’s even resorted to the old, “some of my best friends are Jewish,” ploy and doesn’t know how pathetic that sounds.

  • Arei

    nazis find it difficult to stay in their roach filled sewer holes

  • schm0e

    I love good music and it’s not for no reason that Pink Floyd is one of the top grossing acts of all time, and that Dark Side of the Moon was the top selling album of all time from its release until Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” overtook it.

    I never cease to be amazed how much artistic talent can be possessed by a willful idiot. I suppose it’s an occupational hazard for an artist, who dwells in unmapped territory by definition, to lose his way. And for a songwriter as successful as Waters has been to presume that his opinions are important.

    It also is a source of continued wonder to me that people have a seemingly pathological hatred for Jews. I notice that hatred is always rooted in ignorance.

    I do not need to buy any more Pink Floyd records, thankfully. I suppose I wouldn’t if I did.

    At any rate, Pink Floyd was more than just Roger Waters — it was a group that was far more than the sum of its parts as was handily demonstrated by the relative failures of most of the solo efforts of its members. Waters draws crowds now because it is understood that he will play Pink Floyd’s songs.

    I’m Catholic. For my part, I’m sick and tired of people putting down “the Jews”. I trust that if Mr. Waters’ father or mother had a number tattooed on their wrists, he might not be such a bigoted nitwit.

  • Plain Talk

    Expanding on settlements in the disputed territories while negotiating peace with the Palestinians gives fodder to antisemites like Rogers to spew their hatred. Settlement expansion should be halted immediately. It has such a negative impact on Israel’s image around the world. Period!

    • Lynne T

      Yes, settlement building does give fodder to the likes of Roger Waters, but they will find it anyway as virtually all of the BDS crowd are “one staters” who figure the Jews can just go back to Poland or move to California, to quote the late Helen Thomas. Bear in mind that when Bibi froze settlement expansion for 10 months, Abbas found other excuses not to negotiate and the cultivation of hatred and demands for the release of murderers continued.

      One question not to be overlooked about settlement buiding is where it is going on. My understanding is that it is confined to blocks that Arafat conceded under Oslo. If true, then arguably, what Bibi is doing is saying to Abbas, “get serious about a two-state solution or we’ll just carry on building per the agreement Arafat signed and then promptly set about sabotaging”

    • Jaime Vergara

      I am a proud Catholic and not a Jew, but I have no problem recognizing a bigoted, ignorant, arrogant anti-semite! Listen well to Waters’ words, it is no longer Zionists he’s against, he just despises “dem Jooz.”

      To willingly ignore both history and the present, bespeaks of a mind to whom the truth is far too inconvenient and incompatible with one’s prejudices.

      I like Pink Floyd as a band, and I greatly admire Roger Waters’ contributions as a member of that band, that however does not obligate me in any way to defend his crass open bigotry. On the contrary, while he has every right to his opinions – however hateful some may perceive them – outside of his expertise he’s nothing but an absolute ZERO and his words on such matters are meaningless. Why is the media bothering to report his hate. Would anybody give a fig, if an absolute unknown like me would tomorrow come out with some crazy anti-Chinese statement for example?

      Why is this buffon even given a podium to spill his venom? Outside of his past glory in the music world he is as much of a nobody as I (except for his money, of course!).

    • Rami

      Glorifying murderors and saying no Jew will live in Palestine (which includes Israel) is a greae basis for negatiations. Anyway Jerusalem was liberated in 1967 from occupyer Jordan.

  • Rudy Hoffmann

    Absolutely true, all of your comments! I join in with you. Unfortunately in my childhood I happened to buy their music, never would I aigain!!! Waters is maybe not smart enough to know the real story, maybe drugs etc cracked his insights. I would not like to be as famous as him and be such a nutcracker!


    I wonder who in his right mind would pay attention to the brayings of the so called “Celebrities”

    Save for very few and notable exceptions which could be counted on the fingers of just ONE hand and and come out with fingers uncounted, the ignorance, bias and stupidity
    of most Hollywood actors is impressive and lets not get into that of the garbage called “music” and “art” nowadays…
    Therefore, the opinion of this “gentleman” I wouldn’t use to wipe my behind as it may offend it….

    • Alison Weston

      Love your comment – it never ceases to amaze me that the the opinions of the likes of this musician(??) are sought and quoted – who the heck are they!

  • art frank

    He’s a scumbag Jew hater. Trash like him have been around since the creation of the church. Who cares what the low life says. He’s a nothing. Why are we paying attention to him?

  • Mari Wolk

    He stinks without Pink Floyd any way. He’s a tired, brainwashed old man. I hope he meets the devil soon.

  • Stormin’Norm

    How does one answer this story without using the most profane of language???

    !!@#$%%%%^&&&***()(^%$$##@#@@…and F— him all the way to the bank…that Shtik drek!!!


  • Jill Maleson

    This pig blames the “Jewish Lobby” for his inability to convince other performers to join him boycotting Israel. Perhaps the real reason is they don’t share his hatred of Jews.
    What a loser.
    God bless and protect Israel and Jews every where.

  • Neil Horlock

    Don’t worry yourselves about these two parrots. Ignorance always displays itself when bully’s, bigots, and racists like this open their pie hole. Israel will be around long after they kick the bucket.

  • Bernard Ross

    I long to open a newspaper and read how roger walters was attacked by muggers on a city street and permanently crippled plus enduring a life of severe pain. One can only dream.

  • M.A. Kinamohn

    Now I realize why I never could stand pink Floyd and this cowardly bigot! His ilk would still sell out the west to hitler!

  • Charles David Edinger

    Mr. Waters reinforces the generally known wisdom that musical talent (which I’ve never regarded Waters or Pink Floyd as possessing in excess) and creativity do not necessarily correlate with general intelligence or political astuteness. In short, Roger Waters gives evidence of being an ignorant, stupid, racist fool, whose statements would have more appropriately been made from the inside of a bedsheet or under a swastika flag. Why anyone cares what Roger Waters thinks about the situation in the Middle East, about which he appears to know nothing, is a mystery.

    As to Waters’ musical accomplishments, he has been performing unimpressive, 30+ year old acid rock repeatedly for the last 20-years. Waters is an oldies act that never was very impressive when he was first performing it for stoned potheads who are now still living in their parents’ basements. Why any Jew or supporter of Israel, or anyone with actual musical taste would want to experience Waters’ act for free is a rhetorical question. None of those groups mentioned above should ever consider paying to watch Waters and his flying barnyard animals. As for “pigs,” Roger Waters is one, which he confirms every time he press agent gets him airtime for one of his silly rants. CDE

    • CSBG

      Well said. Why he gets any press , especially, in the Israeli press, is beyond me.
      Compare him, his lack of talent and creativity and limited thinking abilities to Kissin.
      Kissin is a giant, a true legendary talent and musician, who understands what it is to live under totalitarianism. LIsten to him perform. and read what he said about becoming an Israeli citizen. It isn’t always true that Classical Musicians are equally brilliant as a musician and as a thinker outside of music.
      If Waters , actually, was a fine musician , he wouldn’t have time, or need , for spewing this uninformed hate. He would be studying, practicing, teaching, not creating
      scandalous tricks for press.

    • Graham

      And what have you done that’s so special in your life?

  • Arch Stanton

    He doesn’t know anything about Jews, Arabs, Israel or Nazis.
    That much I do know.

  • Ironic that people can make these type of comments about Jews and are celebrated by “anti-racists” who would cry bloody murder if it was any other group disparaged.

    What a bigoted person this is.

    • mark_

      Yes he certainly is a bigot. The whole divestment movement is led by bigots who are certainly anti-Semitic. I hope people will wake up and boycott Roger Waters who is an anti-Semite and a racist bigot who hates Jews. He is disgusting and a pathetic human being on the same level as a common Nazi.

    • mark_

      Roger Waters is nothing but a pig.



    It is outrageous that Jewish Organizations like the UJA-Federation of NY fund efforts that invite Roger Waters & Alice Walker to the 92Street Y in NYC.

    It is time the UJA-Fed NY clean its house of BDS enablers .

    The UJA-Federation Invites groups that call for a Boycott of Israeli companies to march in the Israel Day Parade in NYC.

    Where is Jewish Leadership?



      Jewish “leadership” is irrelevant…

      If 80% of the American Jews elected the Muslim we have
      at the White House just because he was the Presidential
      choice of their genetically affiliated DEMOCRAP party
      and still had the chrome plated brass balls of reelecting him, please do not even mention Jewish “leadership”, more servile than the abjected media…

    • Robert Weisberg

      Thanks again, Richard Allen.

  • lol

    “MONEY, IT’S A CRIME!!” (lyrics by the late Roger Waters).

    Yeah, especially if you give HIM any!!

  • Steve Marks

    This ” pig” is disgusting. Thankfully I never bought his music and never will. I’d throw his work in the trash if I owned any of it.
    What an a hole
    I wish you bad things roger

  • Sandy Brown

    Sad that he is such a pig himself!