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February 4, 2014 12:07 am

Why is Facebook Enabling Anti-Semites?

avatar by Dexter Van Zile

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An anti-Semitic Facebook post. Photo: Screenshot.

Father Coughlin is alive and well. He resides in an underground bunker he shares with Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh. The trio works for Mark Zuckerberg, responding to complaints about anti-Semitism on Facebook.

When the three aren’t doing their job (which is most of the time), they’re collaborating on a “new and revised” edition of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. They’re shopping it around and are having a tough time finding a publisher. Pluto Press said no and it’s not looking too good even at Pilgrim Press, so the troika is thinking of going the self-publishing route.

What I just told you is a big fat lie (or actually a whole bunch of them), but it’s still the best I can do to explain why Facebook does such a terrible job dealing with anti-Semitism on its website.

Here’s what happens:

Anonymous (and sometimes not-so-anonymous) lunatics post hateful pro-Nazi and anti-Semitic stuff on Facebook.

People dutifully complain about the stuff they see.

Facebook responds by telling people that the imagery does not violate the company’s community standards, (which includes bans on hate speech and the promotion of violence).

Who at Facebook sends out these messages? Really!

If it isn’t the trio of Coughlin, Ford, and Lindbergh, then maybe Facebook has farmed out the job of enforcing its community standards to Islamists in Pakistan or Iran. Or maybe they’ve contracted with a joint venture that includes the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda.

A while back, somebody from Bulgaria posted an image of a group of Nazi soldiers in the middle of massacring a group of Polish civilians. Underneath the photo the Bulgarian Facebook user photoshopped the Nike Swoosh with the trademark phrase, “Just Do It.”

After I saw the image, I clicked the proper buttons to tell the good folks at Facebook that the image needed to be taken down. I figured Facebook would take it down immediately, but instead, I got a message back from Facebook that said that the image “doesn’t violate our Community Standards.”

Being an Internet activist without peer (I work for CAMERA, mind you!), I wasn’t going to take no for an answer so I did the next necessary thing: I blogged about it!

And then I got really serious and reached out to the folks at Nike and said something like, “Um, folks, somebody is using your trademark to promote Nazism.”

That seemed to work. (I can’t take all the credit, because I’m sure that it occurred to other people that Nike wouldn’t want their trademark used in such a manner.)

In any event, the image eventually came down and the user’s account was deleted from Facebook.

Huzzah! The good guys won! And a huge victory it was! Antisemitism was forever banned from the pages of Facebook!

But alas, the battle continues.

Recently, my correspondents have alerted me to another page on Facebook. The end of the URL includes the phrase “The Truth About Jews” and the page itself promotes Blood Libels against the Jewish people.

It’s titled “Jewish ritual murder.”

The page has all the stuff you’d expect on an anti-Semitic Facebook page. It has 248 “Likes” and includes anti-Jewish libels from all over the world. The page includes a disclaimer that is simply bizarre: “Comments that are offensive, obscene, vulgar, irrelevant to this page or classified as spam will be removed.” The entire page is offensive and obscene. And the page, which has been in existence since March 2012, is an exercise in vulgar anti-Semitism.

Yes, people have complained about the page. And yes, Facebook has responded with messages indicating that the page does not violate the company’s community standards.

Will the page eventually be removed? Probably. But why doesn’t Facebook delete this stuff when first apprised of its presence on their website?

Why should it take any more than one complaint for Facebook to do the right thing?

Dexter Van Zile is Christian Media Analyst for the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting (CAMERA).

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  • Hamanhanger

    ASH — How exactly would you describe what is happening in the UK and in most of western Europe? That pig you refer to might help win a struggle against Islam taking over, and against exactly what Robin Rosenblatt was warning about. If thousands of people in Europe started to adopt pigs as pets, walk with them on a leash, have them in sight constantly, it would certainly help!
    I read and reread Robin’s comment several times — I fail to see where the “hate filled absolutely wrong filth” is. Because she says there is a culture war between islam ands the West? You do not think the imposition of Sharia Law is a culture war? Or do you think she is being hateful because she thinks the events and trends of the past few years (the last two and the terror events reinforce her forecast tremendously!) will lead to a civil war in the UK? Excuyse me, you are the dusgusyingly ghatefilul one — and an idiotic hater, at that!

  • Hannah

    P.S. I would like to start a class action suit!

  • Hannah

    What is even more horrible is that there isn’t a single active pro Israel commentator whose account hasn’t been suspended for NO REASON.

  • Marc Bernstein


    • Thank you for your Courage:

      America’s future:
      The UK and Europe will fall to Islam and large parts of East and North Africa entering into a New Islamic Dark Ages.

      The UK is being taken over by Islam. England future is bleak if they are lucky they are headed toward a Civil War, but a Civil War against Islam that they just might lose. They will become another Islamic slave state, with young English and American girls sold and bought as Islamic Sex slaves.

    • We are in a World wide Islamic Cultural War or 1400-year-old Jihad and we are losing.

      We each see a different parts of it in the world and if you put all the violent parts together it adds up to only one cause: a 1400 year old Islamic Cultural War. It is the same as that joke of four blind men touching the elephant.

      The names of the Arabs and Muslim Terrorists change but the behavior has been always the same for the last 1400 years.

      It is not about land, rights or settlements, water or being politically left or right. If it were it would have been solved long ago. It has not.

      It is Cultural War that means Islamic Culture must destroy Western Culture or Western Culture must destroy Islamic Culture. It is a Cultural Genocidal War, just like the American/Indian wars. This time we are the Indians.

      Muslims have been fighting each other and others for 1400 years or more. There is no reason that it will stop now. If we want peace we must change Islamic Culture.

      The book “Culture and Conflict”, explains it clearly. It shows that current cultural conditions in the Arab Middle East will not support internal development, advancement or peace until there is a major cultural change. “It is critical that we understand our enemy. That is step one in every conflict,” RR. Philip Carl Salzman, INSB # 978-1-59102-587-0.



  • gigi

    Please help me to take this person out of Facebook!!
    she write antisemitic comments!

    Lisa Tchektchou comment under the french singer Patrick bruel ON “Live Nation LA ” !!! it is offending!! and antisemitic!! I Am really chock!

    She wrote 4 comments!!!
    Lisa Tchektchou
    patrik bruel quelle horreur ce mec prosionniste sans talent quil ce suicide…..

    Lisa Tchektchou
    berk ca me degoute aller tpus chanter pour enrichir israel avec sionniste et participer financierement au massacre des palestinien

    Lisa Tchektchou
    Pro sioniste

    Lisa Tchektchou Quel pros ionisé ce mec assassin d enfants palestinien !!!! vas te suicider !!!! A boycoytter

    Tranlating here for you

    Lisa Tchektchou
    patrik bruel how horrible this guy prosionniste without this talent that he suicide …..

    Lisa Tchektchou
    ugh ca disgusted me go tpus sing to enrich israel sionary and participate financially with the massacre of Palestinian

    Lisa Tchektchou
    Zionist pro

    Lisa Tchektchou What ionized pros this guy assassin Palestinian children !!!! go kill yourself !!!! A boycoytter

    This is not acceptable!! please take her out!

  • I am not Semite that I know of although my 6th cousin the 16th president of the united states did have an old testament name, I am very concerned about the seemingly repeating of history. Have we not learned by now that having a scapegoat is too easy? What is difficult is the overwhelming truth that we are all a part of this world and as members are responsible for all that happens in this world and all that happens to any of our brothers and sisters. Our actions are what shapes this amazing creation. If you are anti Semite you are shirking your responsibility as a human being. The same goes for anti-Muslim, anti- Christian (remember, never forget, Christ was a Semite) and anti-LBGT. The united states of America was founded on the principle “All Men are Created Equal” by men, Although even though i wasnt there i am leaned towards the certainty our founding fathers were including women because most of them were married and knew the consequences of not including them. Anti- Semitism needs too stop now, if not here somewhere… Soon

  • Leora Zalik

    Complained twice. A number of my friends complained as well. After we all received the standard reply, I alerted the Anti Defamation League. They are taking it very seriously and I expect they will be successful. Unfortunately it’s taking time and hard work.

    The bottom line is that FB standards need to be rewritten so that they include the perpetration of hatred through images and clear falsehoods. Unless this happens there will another page to fight with them about after this one is gone, and another after that, ad infinitum.

  • TD W

    My question is “how do we counter the Hatred Lies and Bigotry of Jews and Israel (ie Zionism) on FB, Youtube, … et. al.?”

    It seems rampant, ubiquitous, and pandemic. Everywhere I surf, I stumble over those Vicious Idiots and Their Vemon. I recently tried to reason with logic with one of “Them” and I was told to “F-off” … so much for reason and logic. I wish I was Superman so that I’d KICK Their Hatred Into Never Never Land !

    • Marc Bernstein

      Castrate Mark Zuckerberg!!!

  • Mickey Oberman

    Facebook and many others call it freedom of the press.

    What is needed is freedom from the press. The ever opressive press.

  • It is not ok. to give persons they wait for the next Shoah a forum Mr.Zuckerberg. You should know that!

    • Marc Bernstein

      Mark Zuckerberg is a kapo!

  • You Tube is even worse. Way worse. Rife with Jew haters. They REALLY don’t care.

    • Emanuel

      YouTube is different, FaceBook is being used to communicate specific messages and to orchestrate terror activities and hate groups. Videos and comments sections are not the same as providing an open database and communications infrastructure for terror and refusing specifically Jewish requests to cease and desist. FaceBook treats Jews differently, other pages have been removed for violations of terms of service but when it comes to Jews they do nothing.

  • Emanuel

    There has been a movement to remove the “f Israel page” for some time now, FaceBook’s PR agency is Outcast agency in San Francisco and they have not replied to any emails from me or calls. Since I found out about this reality I have seen Zuckerberg as a disgusting loser for playing the “lonely geek” and not supporting his heritage on his own network where jihadis share intelligence daily and hate of Jews and Israel are welcome. Not to mention the total lack of accountability for their PR agent. There is a group and a petition “remove the f Israel page” that has more info on this classless situation.

  • Robert Douglas

    Instead of giving attention to the anti Semitic gutter, Jews might do well in cleaning up their outrageous acts of ripping off the gentiles. For example, consider the Holocaust Museum which touts its “national status” although the Holocaust has little to do with country. We did not do the Holocaust. It did not happen on our soil. It did not even happen to Americans. It did happen to people who would one day come to USA, grow wealthy and put a muscle of money around our government and with that power send our young men off to kill Arabs for Isral.== The Holocaust receives 40 million a year with its National Status, handed to it by Clinton when he got into trouble with Monica and needed the Jewish media to defend him. Wonder now about anti semitism.

    • Marc Bernstein

      Please take down this comment by a hater of Jews from facebook

    • Marc Bernstein

      Pure anti-Jewish hatred by a troll!

    • Marc Bernstein

      To Robert Douglas: Drop Dead you wicked troll!

    • Ariel


      I simply hope that you and all the other antisemites 1 day get to meet Hitler and hang out with him and the SS men for all eternity!

  • Malcolm Jackson

    At least with these anti-semitic pages on FB it allows whoever may look on these pages to have a good idea of who is posting this crap. What worries me is that if you succeed in banning anti semitic pages from FB you will stop the world wide fight back against the criminal cult of Islam. I detest and abhor this evil cult of perverts that is Islam, and spend an hour or so posting information that I have found out about Islam on FB. As you know,there are many groups world wide who recognise the evils of Islam and post on FB. Without FB we would not know that the world is wakeing up to and beginning the fight back against Islam. If you get censorship on FB we may not be able to post about Islam and the misery and suffering that it causes world wide.

  • Steph

    Personally, there have been a few occasions when I wold have sworn that FB has been bought out by that muzzie cult.

  • Saidi




    • Len Abenstein

      You don’t have to be Jewish is the old phrase. I am & I would react the same if it were any peoples that were treated in this way. Being Jewish just gives me an extra incentive because it cuts me to the core. Mr Zuckerberg as a man of the world should show not his religion but his humanity & take a strong position against this crap!

      Len Abenstein

      • KaCol

        Very well said!

      • Ariel

        Mark Zuckerber is clearly “jewish” in name only. He is not a real Jew. There are many self loathing Jews out there, he is 1 of them!

        • Ariel

          Sorry – Zuckerberg

    • Marc Bernstein

      Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t care less about Jews or Anti semitism. He is a total glib piece of crap!

  • Ross Yerkes

    Well, please explain why this special hatred of Jews. There must be a reason. The Torah explains it in Deuteronomy 28:15-68. What other explanation is there?

    • TD W

      Excellent Lecture By Dr. Henry Abramson About The History Of Antisemitism:

    • Sylvie

      never mind asking others for an explanation of anti Semitism, start by looking into your own heart. Look at your own dark side, and if you see any prejudice or hatred there, begin by letting go of that.

  • Michael

    Zadimel, I think that’s it exactly. Facebook really, really doesn’t care. Given Mark Zuckerberg’s vapid sense of identification with the Jewish people, I would think the “message” (actually, the lack thereof) filters from the top down.

  • VG

    Do they know that Facebook’s founder is Jewish? And why hasn’t Zuckerberg done something about it. At least he could speak up and denounce these groups.

    • Mel

      Being born into The Tribe does not alone make one Jewish Behind all the hype, you may find Facebook is A$$book!

  • zadimel

    I don’t think facebook management gives a rat’s ass for such disgusting,reprehensible crap on its website,so long as it makes money for them.

  • carol

    Thank you for pursuing this with Facebook and Nike.

    Shame on them. I’m so angry, I wish Facebook would just come down. It was, is and will continue to be abused in continually worse ways.

  • Dave

    If nipples are more offensive than nazis, you’re on Facebook.

  • Gitta Zarum

    I’ve twice complained about this site and received the standard reply – and I’ve now given feedback that I’m disgusted with these replies.

    • Ariel

      it’s very simple, boycot Facebook if you are Jewish!


    DIDN’T KNOW ANY OF THE PEOPLE MENTIONED WERE ANTI-ARAB [who constitute 80% of the world’s Semites].

  • Jill Schaeffer

    Why? Why? Because it’s easy, that’s why. If there were even the slightest push back, sustained for longer than a hiccup, Facebook would have to find another pocket of peace in which to feel smug.