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March 7, 2014 11:43 am

Officials: Global Anti-Israel Boycott Movement Has Failed

avatar by Gidon Ben-zvi

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A Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) protest against Israel in Melbourne, Australia, on June 5, 2010. Credit: Mohamed Ouda via Wikimedia Commons.

Senior Israeli government officials recently asserted that despite calls for the boycotting of Israel in Europe and the United States, investment rates, exports and the Jewish state’s hi-tech industry have been unaffected, Israeli daily Ma’ariv reported on Thursday.

Furthermore, the international anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement has suffered a number of setbacks over the last few weeks, Ma’ariv said.

Europe’s largest student organization announced this week that it opposes the boycotting of any Israeli products, including those produced in disputed territories situated over the Green Line.

Other blows to the global effort to delegitimize Israel include the England’s Supreme Court ruling a few weeks ago that the economic activity of businesses located over the Green Line does not violate international law. A court in France issued a similar ruling and at the same time, two European Union leaders – German Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Parliament President Martin Schulz – announced their opposition to the boycott of Israel.

Israeli political insiders also note that even the normally hostile Norwegian government had a change of heart following the recent election of a more pro-Israel administration that is not fixated on the so-called “Palestinian issue,” Ma’ariv said.

As a result of these developments, senior Israeli officials reject the gloom-and-doom predictions that Israel is on its way to becoming a global pariah, like South Africa in the 1980s.

The government sources told Ma’ariv that in the case of Apartheid South Africa, as well as Iran more recently, the United Nations Security Council played a pivotal role in isolating these countries. However, in the case of Israel, “The U.S. will never allow it to be boycotted by the U.N. Security Council.”

Some analysts have predicted that if the talks currently taking place between Israel and the Palestinian Authority fail to deliver peace, calls to punish Israel economically and diplomatically may intensify.

Still, Israeli government officials appear to be unconcerned by such worst-case scenarios, Ma’ariv reported.

“We have been dealing with this phenomenon for over a decade,” said one source. “There are many activities that we conduct all over the world that the general public does not know about. Israeli embassies track the activities of these [BDS] organizations. We frequently frustrate their planned provocations through our contacts across various university campuses [and] local Jewish communities… This is all part of our long-term strategic plan of action.”

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  • Dian Kjaergaard

    “The U.S. will never allow it to be boycotted by the U.N. Security Council.” – I’m not so sure about that, especially if the trigger would be “failure of the talks led by John Kerry”.

  • Carol

    BDS = BS

  • Beatrix

    Many people don’t realize that having failed to destroy Israel on the battlefield, BDS intends to destroy her through the marketplace. Israel is known as the “start up” nation which has attracted many hi tech firms and successful business partners because of her electronic ingenuity and economic savvy. BDS is trying to destroy Israel by turning her into a Mideastern Detroit.

    Perhaps if the left didn’t see today’s issues in terms of 1960s apartheid and racism, they could see that the Palestinians under Arafat and Abbas are the agents refusing peace, and maybe they’d turn to younger Palestinian leadership that felt differently.

    • Dian Kjaergaard

      Actually, Beatrix, destruction on the marketplace is not primary to BDS – the propaganda war – deligitimization – is central. So your attention to the “apartheid” issue is extremely relevant!

    • Kris Kristian

      I wish you would be right.
      Problem is that the younger Muslims/Arabs are taught to hate Israel and Jews. No matter what.

      As Golda Meir said. When they learn to love their children more than they hate us, then there will be peace.

      But they teach hatred.
      With this in their heads, can there ever be peace,/
      I certainly hope and pray that the world will wake up and support Israel and Jews, knowing that the Muslim children are brain washed to hate.

    • Monza, I do strongly bleveie that the government of Israel needs to create and maintain an active PR program, highlighting the good things about Israel, the harmonious relationships among the diverse people within Israel, the help that they provide to the Palestinians, etc.As far as the mainstream media goes though, they will not report on those types of stories with anything positive about Israel, nor will they report on the attacks on Israel without putting in some little statements about the mistreatment of the Palestinians within that same article, some little something to make it clear that Israel is at fault. I’ve watched the BBC reporting and CNN closely for content and tone. Some witch of a reporter from the BBC was caught filming just one tiny area of in Lebanon, trying to claim total destruction by the IDF of the area. A blogger from Lebanon put out a video showing her distortion, showing the rest of the area unharmed, and only a tiny part damaged at all. She lied, distorted why? Reuters with its photo shopped, altered pictures! It is disgusting and vile. What on earth explains this distortion? Tiny, tiny Israel, worse than the horrible, brutal dictatorships around the world? This focus on Israel is, in my opinion, a sickness of evil.

  • judorebbe

    Maybe the immediate financial impact of BDS has failed, but the unspoken objective of BDS certainly has not failed. Jew hatred (aka anti Israel sentiment) continues to accelerate worldwide.

    • No problems Jews lived under the same condition for at least 2000 years. Got used to it, and it made them stronger,also trained them to develop certain skills, to use the situations for their advantage. All the manipulations and hopes to harm the Jews will be in wain…!!!

    • Dian Kjaergaard

      You’ve hit the nail on the head, Judorebbe. It’s important for us to keep an eye on both the success and failures of the BDS movement and related activities – and deal appropriately with both!