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April 2, 2014 11:42 am

Leading Manhattan Congregation Vows to Pull Support for Israel Parade Unless ‘Anti-Israel’ Groups Are Barred From Participating

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The Safra Synagogue in New York City. Photo: Wikipedia.

A leading Manhattan rabbi, representing some of the largest Sephardic communities in New York City, on Wednesday threatened to pull his support from the annual Celebrate Israel Parade, on June 1, unless the parade organizers bar “anti-Israel” groups from participating this year.

In a letter seen by The Algemeiner,  Rabbi Elie Abadie, M.D., spiritual leader of four Manhattan Sephardic institutions, the Edmond J. Safra Synagogue, the Moise Safra  Community Center, the Magen David Congregation of Manhattan and the Sephardic Academy of Manhattan, addressed his concerns to the leaders of New York’s Jewish Community Relations Council, the JCRC, which organizes the parade and has insisted in letters that its “open tent” policy is to encourage all Jewish groups to be involved.

In the letter, Rabbi Abadie said he raised the same concerns in an email to the JCRC two years ago about including in the parade any Jewish group that promotes any type of boycott, divestment or sanctions, BDS, of Israel:

“That email regarded the inclusion of BDS supporters in the Celebrate Israel Parade,” the rabbi wrote on Wednesday. “We had our meetings and I understood the difficulty of excluding them then. As things have progressed, the situation has worsened regarding these Jewish groups that support BDS.”

The rabbi wrote, “We must not condone their actions, let alone allow anti-Israel groups to march under the banner of a legitimate group Celebrating Israel. The only thing they will want to celebrate is the demise of the State of Israel.”

“As a friend and admirer of your selfless devotion and dedication to Israel and the Jewish People, I urge you to disqualify these groups from ever marching in the Celebrate Israel Parade. Nothing less is acceptable.”

While other individuals and Israel advocates have spoken up about certain groups participating in the parade, most vociferously, activist Richard Allen of JCC Watch, Rabbi Abadie is believed to be the first community leader to threaten to withdraw the support of major institutions, in this case, four of them. He also wields influence over other New York congregations that would normally participate in the parade.

In his letter on Wednesday, the rabbi said, “Unless and until you assure me that the BDS supporting groups will not be marching in the Parade, I will pull our support from marching and will not be renewing our contract for a float this year.”

“Furthermore, I will be urging every Rabbi and leader of every Sephardic organization (as well as many others) in our community including Yeshivah of Flatbush, Magen David Yeshiva, Hillel Yeshiva, Barkai Yeshiva, Gesher Yehuda and several others to pull their support from the Parade as well.”

In his letter, the rabbi wrote of the evidence of the “anti-Israel” credentials of the boycott supporting groups, and called them out by name:

“It has been proven by the distinguished Alan Dershowitz and many others who investigated these groups, which include the New Israel Fund, J Street and others, that many of these ‘Jewish groups’ are financed by anti-Semites, Anti-Israel and Jew haters,” the rabbi said. “Their sole mission is to delegitimize and demonize the State of Israel until its extinction.”

“I am sure I do not need to bring to you the many sources that have already proven the true colors of these groups. Their disguise of being legitimate ‘Pro-Israel Jewish Groups’ has been already discovered and revealed as false, and as enemies of the State of Israel. These are the same groups who continue to accuse Israel of being an Apartheid State and a human rights violator, likening Israel to Nazi Germany. They are the ones who supported and celebrated the Goldstone Report, falsely accusing Israel of war crimes.”

He concluded, “I hope this unfortunate issue will be resolved quickly, thereby clearing a path so we can march and really Celebrate Israel.”

In a copy of his original letter, sent two years ago, the rabbi wrote, “My research regarding the NIF, the Israeli Knesset and news articles have already proven that the NIF has funded NGOs that have tried to delegitimize Israel and supported anti-Israel organizations. They have urged for boycotting Israel and its products and called for sanctions against Israel.”

“I would be very disturbed to see the NIF marching in the Salute to Israel Parade, a march and a day to show our support for Israel and not to delegitimize it.”

In an email about the boycott groups expected to be involved in the parade, JCC Watch listed the groups and described how they promote boycotts and divestments of Israel:

“Despite New Israel Fund‘s stated opposition to Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), their continued funding of these groups shows their actions are not in line with their statements.”

“For instance, five grantees of the New Israel Fund (MachsomWatchCoalition of Women for Peace,Women Against Violence, Social TV, and Mossawa) signed a letter to the Norwegian Government Pension Fund, urging it to divest from Israel.”

Partners for Progressive Israel (also known as Meretz USA) prominently displays on its website, under the heading ‘boycott these Settlement products sold in the U.S.,’ a list of Israeli products that it wants Jews to boycott.  These products include Ahava cosmetics, SodaStream products, and wine from nine Israeli vineyards.”

“The chair of B’Tselem’s board, Oren Yiftachel, has publicly called for ‘effective sanctions’ against Israel. B’Tselem is a major grantee of the New Israel Fund.”

B’Tselem produced the Video that was shown at the infamous ‘Israel Apartheid 2012’ events held at Universities and Colleges worldwide.”

Allen wrote, “While the JCRC runs the parade, the UJA-Federation has effective control over the JCRC, as they appoint Board members as a right and contribute the major portion of JCRC funding,” as he urged pro-Israel Jews to protest the inclusion of these groups at a rally on April 8.

Also on Wednesday the Zionist Organization of America announced that it “strongly opposes the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC)/NY Federation for granting permission to groups that promote boycotts of Israeli companies in Judea/Samaria to march in the Israel Day Parade.”

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said, “The larger BDS movement is dedicated to Israel’s elimination. It is not a movement that merely criticizes particular Israeli policies. Especially when the larger BDS movement has gained ground, it is irresponsible and wrong for the JCRC to give legitimacy to Jewish organizations that support BDS with regard to Judea/Samaria.”

JCRC officials did not immediately provide comment on the letter.

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  • Should we expect the KKK to turn up at a service for the loss of a Jew or a Black person!

  • yoelarry

    Kudos to Rabbi Abadie. I encourage all to join his brave example and refuse to participate in any event that enables the pathological Golums who are committing fratricide against fellow Jews by siding with those intent on our destruction. They must be named, shamed, and shunned as outcasts. This is no longer about open discussion or differing views. This is about our 2000 year struggle for Jewish survival. By ‘accommodating’ their repugnant views we only hurt ourselves. And that’s against Jewish Law.

  • esther noodelman

    It looks as if Rabbi Abadie has finally had the courage to come out and say what most Jews devoted to Israel feel and express our outrage at the enemy within in a very simple straightforward mmanner,without malice..just stating the facts that continue to eat away at most Israel loving supporters. He has the courage to say what most of us feel…THE EMPEROR IS NAKED,,THE EMPEROR IS WEARING NO CLOTHES..Let’s call a spade a spade.We are all busting and don’t know what to do.Maybe this will give us courage to confront our leadership as well.
    We must react instead of wringing our hands.

  • Bernard Macy

    Yasher Koach, Rabbi Abadie!

  • Bs”d

    Rabbi Abadie has taken a courageous stand and I hope the majority of the marchers follow suit. Then the organizers will be left with noone but themselves and the BDS marchers and the Neturei Karta protestors! Then the organizers will try to bring everyone under the same umbrella so what you have left for your Israel Parade are anti zionists who lie and call themselves pro Israel under the same tent with anti zonists who are at least honest and who like to ally themselves with true anti zionists like our “friends” in Iran. The only problem is that Neturei Karta will insist on a Mechitza. But that would be fine with Muslims since they feel that women should not exist…so the Neturei Karta would invite their Iranians friends under the big tent with them. Then the Israel Parade organizers might just as well change the name to be the Palestinian Day Parade with separate seating to accommodate the Sharia requirements of the new members under their large tent.

  • Jerry Cahn

    Rabbi Abadie. Excellent! and Thank you. You’re truly a leader… let’s see now how many others in leadership roles show the wisdom and courage you have with this stand!

  • Yale

    Yashar Koah, Rabbi Abadie.

    I hope you get to enter your float in the parade and use that opportunity to call attention to how Sephardi communities were treated in the Muslim world and how the Muslim world drove out essentially all Sephardi Jews.

    This piece of the Middle East puzzle has long been missing and needs to be brought to public attention. That Muslims are now doing the same thing to Christians should be sufficient for any fair-minded person to realize that the problem comes from the Muslim side and that any effort to bring peace to the region must focus on getting the Muslims to accept that non-Muslims are also human beings.

  • Alan R Naftalis

    These BDS groups have only 1 goal: the desruction of the State of Israel. They are by their very nature propagandists for the anti-Israel group, groups which call terrorist attacks “resistence”. The iadea of applying the term Nazi to Israel is not only absurd but intended to be hurtfull. The4 salute to Israel Parade is about support for Israel and pride for what it stands for. I wi=onder where these BDS supporters are on Syria’s death toll of over 150,000, the Russian pressure on Ukraine, etc They always seem silent on all other nations. To me this singukar hate campaign is pure anti-Semitism.

  • shalom

    to call members of jstreet or the new israel fund anitsemites is plain stupidity of simply wickedness.
    to say that these groups what the demise of the jewish state, that they want the destruction of israel is simply
    a distortion of reality. i would suggest that most of those writing in who are supporting the rabbis stand are not aware of the stands on various issues concerning israel of these two groups and are not aware to what extent they and their members are supportive of many aspects of israel life and culture. The issue is not blacn and white good guys and bad guys. this approach of limitng the tent only to thse who agree with you is detrimental and a serious danger to the State of Israel
    and the support that it needs from the jewish community.
    Dont forgot the terrible tragedies that occurred in the past because of the ZEALOTS

    • Sydell Gross

      what zealots are you referring to?

    • Bs”d


      Just like the “peace” process is precisely the opposite, these groups, like your name is sheker. Sheker ayn bo Raglayim. Yet you have no qualms calling names (zealots) to anyone that exposes your deceipt or the deceipt of those groups who deceptively call themselves peaceful and pro Israel while empowering Israel’s enemies.

      J Street is a front for Obama the master of deceipt. Just watch Glenn Beck with a bad case of nausea listening to Obama praise Obamacare.
      Shalom, shalom veayn Shalom.

  • Barry K.

    Thank you Rabbi Elie Abadie.

  • נפתלי

    כל הכבוד

  • Why don’t they hold their own parade. It can be called the Destroy Israel Day Parade and they can have it on Quds Day with the rest of the Jew haters. Next Neturi Karta will ask to march in the parade led by the traitor William Mordechai Weberman

    • Michael Garfinkel

      Certainly there are more than enough Jewish traitors these days to fill the Fifth Avenue parade route.

      • true. You don’t hear of Black attorneys defended KKK scum but there are plenty of Jews willing to defend Jew hating Islamic terrorists

    • esther noodelman

      I agree totally that we don’t need self haters adding to world condemnation of Jews.

      Good for you ,Rabbi Abadie..We need more courageous Rabbis like you in this sea of Anti-Semitism.Our Jews are so far gone,they can’t even tell the difference with pro-Israel and anti-Israel Jews.Nobody can harm you more than the enemy within.
      Kol Hakavod.
      I noticed that in the Hilklel in my area that the Rabbi is very frum ,but only background other words,he talks when he is approached.he is not very visible.We are not talking about preaching,but wouldn’t it be nice if the young Rabbi walked around and said hello to people and intrioduced himself in a personal,non aggressive way.Are we so laid back that we are afraid of being TOO JEWISH ?
      Maybe we need more Abadie types to take a stand,
      Enough is Enough!

  • Saidi




  • Mara Cohen

    Good. Tolerance for stupidity and BS tends to get get Jews killed, and I for one, have no desire to see any of my Relatives killed. Sephardi/Mizrahi Folks know precisely what is in store for our Families and Co-Religionists, should these self-haters actually get their way, and Israel be destroyed. Rabbi Abadie, thank you!

  • Every respectable Jewish group should also endorse the ultimatum. Just asking, is the Rabbi really an M.D. [Medical Doctor in the USA, Managing Director in the UK]

  • Al Goldgram

    I wholeheartedly support the exclusion of these destructive groups from the Celebrate Israel parade.
    My concern,however,is that they may hold a demonstration.
    If that were to occur, they would actually receive more attention and recognition than as a participant.

  • Helen Woodbury

    Kol Hakavod for standing up to these phonies who demand admission into the “big tent” but once inside slam Israel and claim immunity from criticism. They need to be exposed for the phonies they are. The Rabbi rightly points out that they are NOT pro-Israel, let them have the courage of their convictions to state upfront who they are and what they represent, rather than attracting people through ruse and deceit!

    They don’t deserve a place at the table no less to march in “solidarity” with Israel when their primary goal is to see Israel’s unraveling- end this cynical charade!!!

  • bernhard lazarus



    • Alexi

      Thank You. Haven’t heard that one in a long time. It’s as true today as the day it was spoken!

  • I think I’ll become Sephardi,just joking.Where are the Young Israel ou and many of the orthodox Jewish Schools? Maybe they wouldn’t have the problem of wanting to invite Rashid Khalidi to their schools if they set boundaries and BDS supporters should be the first.Congratulations to Rabbi Elie Abadie for having common sense and being a true Rabbi.He obviously realizes to be called a Rabbi is more then just a title.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    The issue of leftist Jews who have gone over to the enemy, and who labor, directly or otherwise to facilitate a second holocaust, has become very worrisome.

    Here we see some push back, finally.

    Let’s hope this is just the beginning.

  • tannin

    let the self-aggrandizing misguided naïve fools have their own parade……

  • Harvey

    At long last ! We are slowly beginning to wake up to this terrible enemy within .
    Better not to hold a parade than have one solitary anti Israel activist marching alongside .
    This Trojan Horse is the antisemites stealth weapon of choice and is gratefully used to help delegitimise and ultimately destroy Israel .

    The antisemite knows that in order to do this he must separate Israel from the Jewish Diaspora and to effect that split he must divide the community . This is what is happening with the likes of JStreet , NIF , betselem etc .

    No more Big Tent . Clear guide lines . With these Ashamed Jews inside there will be no tent in a few years . Stand for Israel . Sweep the Jewish quislings aside before it is too late

    I’m from the UK . We have the same problem here in Yachad . They applied to join Zionist Federation but were declined . Now do the same in the USA
    Cut the cancer before it kills the body

  • rozanne polansky

    Kol Hakavod. It is time for Jews to band together against those who want to destroy us.

  • Let’s all go to New York for the parade and support of Israel. Buy Israel products. Give them as gifts! These scumbags make up lies about Israel. AHAVA Israel and the Israelis . Shalom to the supporters

  • Arthur L Alexander

    Rabbi Abade is a hero. He exposes those self hating Jews with clear and uncontroverted facts. Why is it that it seems to be easier to convince non-Jews that BDS is pure hatred if the Jewish people and Israel, than to educate those ignorant self hating Jews about who they are, from whence they came, and their purpose on this earth.

  • kern

    Please inform us where and at what time on April 8th the protest against the inclusion of the anti-Semitic self haters in the Israel Day parade will be staged. I will make every effort to be there.

    The sick individuals who hate themselves and their own people have the right to freedom of speech. They do not have the right to insinuate themselves into a pro-Israel celebration in order to cloak their goals and spread their poison.

    These spawn of the Jew hater Soros disgust many of us, and their participation in the Israel Day Parade will fulfill their purpose of seeing it shrivel and die.

    It is long past the time when the cowardly leaders of the mainstream Jewish community should have faced up to these quislings in our midst.

  • m_

    Self-hating Jewish haters of Israel should be barred. They are enemies of the Jewish people. Innocent dupes of anti-Semites among the Jewish people must also be barred. Hopefully they will come to see the error of their ways and return to the true values of Jews throughout the ages.

  • Anthony dayton

    A note of support for the intelligence and courage of Rabbi Abadie

  • dante benedetti

    important step. bds advocates, wearing many disguises, try to make it appear that they support Israel, like many others and are worthy of support. they insinuate themselves into the mainstream Jewish community only to subvert its support for Jews and the Jewish State. they are a loathsome and dangerous rabble and they have no right to a place at a rally or a parade or a demonstration on behalf of Israel.

    where hatred, hostility and belligerence are openly proclaimed, there, they have a place.

  • Debra Michels

    It reminds me of the Weimar Republic – how it did silence Hitler for awhile, but – not for long enough!

    Democracies have to know when to assert themselves and say “no” to people whose attitudes and behaviors endanger the practice of democracy.

  • Debra Michels

    I think what the rabbi has to say is so important. I think it is of crucial importance to acknowledge that Israel can’t make peace on its own, with the Palestinians. That is a Muslim and Palestinian responsibility that no one else can exercise but them. And we should tell the world that – not to blame the Israelis for attitudes and behaviors emanating out of the Muslim world, that no one can change, but Muslims. In fact, to even go further – to point out that just as the Christian world – at least Catholicism and Lutherans – have had to change the ways in which they interpret their Scriptures, so too do the Muslims need to change how the Koran tells them we Jews are “the offspring of pigs and monkeys” and makes it okay for them to wage war upon all infidels until we are all conquered… If Christianity can change, then so can Islam.

    I am reminded of how Gandhi – as passionate and committed as he was to Home Rule for Indians and to getting the British to leave – was nonetheless very careful not to tear down the British during World War II. He made his followers wait, and then continued to work for his cause, because he didn’t want to weaken Great Britain in their hour of trial and need.

    I think peace activists and other critics of Israel should exercise the same compassion and be as trustworthy as Gandhi was. Maybe doing smaller things – making sure Israeli soldiers do not indulge in acts or attitudes of contempt or arrogance, or in activities that will make them feel badly ashamed or guilty – could be something we could do in the meantime – until Islam is ready to acknowledge the value and worth to Allah, of Jews and Christians, until Islam can make peace with infidels.

    Seeing pictures of Abbas and the Arab League – saying “no” to Israel as a Jewish state just as the Muslim world has said all throughout the 20th century – dismayed me, but also fascinated me because of how stubborn and persistent their anti-Israeli attitudes have been, for so many years. Maybe we can communicate to people how very difficult it has been and still is, for Israel to create peace among neighbors who are so committed to war, until they have subdued all the “infidels” to their religion.

    • Frank

      Debra Michels raises an important point: Can Islam change to accept the legitimacy of other faiths. If not, then the rest of humankind must reach the unwelcome conclusion and act on that. If yes, then how does one bring that change about?

  • Yeshayahu Hollander

    Israel Thanks Rabbi Abadie.

  • Kerry M. Berger

    I don’t believe that inclusion of J Street is detrimental to Israel. That group is pro-Israel, but they also have a realistic understanding that current Israeli policy that subjugates Palestinians and is building on their territory is not in the best interests of a two-state peace settlement or agreement. I find the comments here opposing J Street far more pernicious than any alleged claim that J Street is antisemitic or packed with self-hating Jews. That’s complete and utter rubbish.

    • Yale

      I don’t doubt that there are people in J Street who think they’re pro-Israel. The real issue is whether the people who pull its strings are, and what that group actually does, and here the answer is clearly no.

      J Street was established to support the Obama policy in the Middle East and is thus not a lobby but a front group, like those we should remember from 1930s Germany and the Soviet Union. The introduction of front groups is a danger to America regardless of what policies they advocate since they are a step toward the “1984”-style government Obama seems to favor (why else use the “Big Brother” poster in his campaign?)

      All Jews, whether they favor the Left’s concept of peace or that of the Right should shun J Street. It is a threat to both us and the US.

    • Sydell Gross

      Arabs could have built a State since 1948 but they led by their corrupt inept leaders declared war on Israel.lAND IS NOT THE ISSUE-THE EXISTANCE OF ISRAEL IS AT STAKE.

      J Street and others of their ilk hopefully will be reading the Haggada at Passover and perhaps reflect on our past history. Perhaps they will realize the importance of Jews where ever they live in this world of ours to support the right of Israel to exist unconditionally .
      J Street under its current policy should not be allowed to march in the parade.

  • martin

    Rabbi Abadie is right!..Kick the despicable traitors out.they are an insult to Judaism.

  • hophmi

    Let him stay home. He clearly cares about his right wing politics more than Jewish unity. It’s a shame Algemeiner gave ths story a platform.

  • Sydell Gross

    kudos to the rabbi!
    Why would anyone even consider allowing these anti Israel groups to march in the parade which celebrates Istael?

  • Charlie Anteby

    Rabbi Abadie is a wonderful man. I applaud his efforts and thank him for his attempts to inject some common sense into this process. As we know, common sense is not so common anymore.

  • howard brown

    Finally the masks are being exposed! Everyone who shares this concern should view the movie J Street Challenge (

  • Steven Kalka

    Any Jew who supports BDS should organize a separate event, preferably a protest. A parade is too joyous for them.

  • David z

    R. Abadi,
    Thank you for standing up , speaking out and recognizing this demonizing of Israel and the Jewish people .

  • BH in Iowa

    No Israel Fund’s message is poison in the US and they know it. They can only get attention by hijacking a pro-Israel event.

  • citizenstat

    I cannot believe this Kafkaesque nonsense! The idea is a CELEBRATION of Israel, not a denigration; to show our solidarity with Israel, not criticism, for G-d’s sake! The JCRC would be doing the equivalent of permitting “Orangemen” (Irish Protestant, pro-British Empire partisans) to march in the St. Patrick’s Day parade), or the Kukluxers to advertise their agenda at a NAACP function! Has NYC lost its mind? I despair!!

  • Georgette

    Rabbi Abadie has made the decision that should be so obvious to every organization who wants a safe and secure Israel. Any organization that walks alongside those that seek Israel’s destruction, like the New Israel Fund, are accomplices to the anti-Israel agenda. Rabbi Abadie, you are the moral compass in leadership that we need, because so many leaders of Jewish organizations, remain misguided.

  • yussie

    About time jewa stood up for jews and oppose those who seek our destruction..Congrats to this courageous Rabbi..Do not be silent against these misguided groups.NEVER AGAIN!!

  • Alan+

    Rabbi Elie Abadie has reason on his side! The very name “Celebrate Israel” argues for the exclusion of those who seek to undermine the Jewish people and the Jewish state. The NIFers, J St types, Hdsers, and assorted false friends sponsor numerous hate fests, and do not need the annual parade in NYC as an additional theatre.

  • Robert B Geller

    Finally, there are some New York Jews who will stand up for Israel, though will probably be forced to forfeit their subcriptions to the New York Times.

  • David

    Yasher Koach to Rabbi Abadie.

    For many years, my family has attended and participated in the Israel Day Parade.

    We are not Sephardim, but we are Zionists and I have two children in Israel, one presently serving in the IDF.

    I will urge my family and all of my friends not to attend the Parade if Rabbi Abadie’s request is not granted. This is not a matter of gays or lesbians participating in a parade, this is a matter of allowing anti-Semites to openly participate. They are no different than if the Neturei Karta or the Iranian government requested permission to march.

    The Israeli Day Parade is to celebrate Israel and for Jews and non-Jews who support Israel to stand up and show their support. Let the anti-Semites have their own parade in the East Village with their fellow liberal supporters.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    I saw an awful video put out by b’tselem accusing Israel of apartheid, and I knew right then their true colors. These groups are funded by enemies of Israel and present themselves as pro Israel to the gullible. The JCRC had better listen up. The vast majority of Jews will not participate with these stinkers.

  • Mari Wolk

    Bravo. Well done Rabbi. Now everyone should get on-board.

  • Hector F. Mejia

    Well done Rabbi Elie Abadie, I support the request to bar anti-Israel organizations 100% from the parade –

  • BuckDePublick

    Not only should those self-hating, leftist lunatic losers be barred–but they should be used to wipe the pavement!

  • Bella

    Good onya rabbi. That’s Australian for ‘Good on you’.

    Rabbi Obadie is courageous – but his move should not have taken courage.
    It’s the other way around – it takes great chutzpah (?’courage’) to appear in a Support Israel march when your group supports anti-Israel organizations.
    This sort of ‘courage’ reminds me of Winston Churchill’s comment which is something like ‘the people who feed the crocodile hope it will eat them last.’ ..just ask Lev Davidovich Bronshtein (better known as Trotzky) and numerous other Jews who fought for an organization only to be regarded as ‘the bloody Jew’ in the end.

    ‘Liberal minded’ bleeding hearts with limited understanding of context, hoping to help Palestinians by undermining Israel need to understand that the best way to help Palestinians is by strengthening Israel in the hope that one day Palestinian leadership will emerge capable of running a Pal state and that neighbouring Middle Eastern countries recognize Israel and provide human rights to their Palestinians….I dream on…but for anti-Israelis… them’s the facts…

  • rick K

    It is incomprehensible how an organization like UJA allows the Jew haters to be seen and heard and have an official forum. Have we lost our minds? By allowing them to march it will effectively give them legitimacy.

  • BlueShadowII

    Why am I reminded of sheep refusing to come to dinner if wolves are invited?

    How can one be a BDS supporter in any way and still expect to be considered a Jew?

  • Lenny HAT

    Keep up the good work, Rabbi Abadie!

  • Steve Hemmat

    Such “open tent” policies erode communal support for Israel and the Jewish people. If CRCs and Jewish Federations have no principles, they stand for nothing and deserve no support from the Jewish community. These policies also enable brazen enemies of Israel to infiltrate the planning for pro-Israel events and assure that disruptions will occur. Rabbi Abadie is doing the right thing. Hazak U’Baruch!

  • Albert Cohen

    Rabbi Abadie Has to be commended for his courage and foresight on this important issue.
    Everyone who is admirer of Israel thanks the Rabbi.
    Let us all once for all expose all Israel haters among them many self hating Jews .

    • Sharon M

      Well done!! Its about time someone stood up to these self-hating jews and traitors and have them kicked out of the jewish community and out of Israel, with NO permission to enter!!

    • Chernasky

      A laudable decision.Ttime is past due for Amcha to vomit out this impurity.

    • Liliane Abergel

      I agree all heartedly with you! We need more Ravs like Rav Abadie. I’m sure that the Sepharadic Community of Brooklyn will follow his example and if they don’t I’ll want to know why? It is a heartbreak to read about Jews who hate themselves so much that they would destroy Israel to appease the World! Their ancestors must turn over in their graves! I hope they haunt their dreams ….

    • Steve Butman


  • yoelarry

    As more and more American Jewish Communities continue their pathological inclusion and embracing of secular-leftist fratricidal groups such as J Street and New Israel Fund I find myself retreating further and further away from desiring any personal connections to the Jewish Community. I consider this fratricidal-suicidal phenomenon to be nothing less than a spiritual impurity of the Soul. As such it should behoove those with any Ahavah Yisroel to avoid these people much as if they were afflicted with the Biblical disease Leprosy, Tzaras.
    Until these sick individuals return to their senses I will have nothing to do with them. We should understand that like Tzaras this malady is contagious. By tolerating these lepers we not only strengthen and enable them but worse, legitimize their disease.

    • Chernasky

      These lepers should do tshuva, jif no, then they should be totally excluded from Kalal Yisroel.

    • m_

      I still try to communicate my views and information about NGO Monitor to members of my family, my brothers and sister who have embraced anti-Israel ideology or to one degree or another have embraced our enemies. I’m not ready to consider them dead, I still love them. I do not believe they and others like them should be able to take part in the Support for Israel parade though. I still maintain the hope that many of these dupes of our enemies will rejoin the Jewish people. May they be blessed.

      • yoelarry

        You may ‘love them’ but they’re spilling Jewish blood. They are drilling holes in the life boat of the Jewish People. They must be shown ‘tough love’ by turning our backs and shunning them as if they had joined Hamas or Hezbollah. Actually they’re more dangerous since they are destroying us from within. No other people would tolerate fratricide.

  • Bill Stein

    They need to be barred period you can’t mainline anti Israel groups it goes against the celebration of Israel

  • Moshe

    Kudos Rabbi! Why didn’t someone think of this earlier?