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July 21, 2014 2:44 pm

Jewish Owned Stores Burned to the Ground, Synagogue Firebombed in ‘Paris Intifada’ (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

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A Jewish-owned pharmacy was burned to a shell. Photo: Algemeiner.

For the second straight day on Sunday anti-Jewish rioters defied a protest ban in Paris to rampage in the predominantly Jewish suburb of Sarcelles in what one police official called the “Paris Intifada.”

Hundreds of mostly Arab and North African youths marched through the streets wielding bars and clubs while shouting, “Death to Israel.”

The neighborhood’s main kosher grocery Naouri was burned to a shell as was a local Jewish owned pharmacy. The nearby synagogue in Garges was firebombed, but little damage was done.

Riot police attempted to disperse protesters and block access to another synagogue in Sarcelles and a few dozen Jewish vigilantes gathered nearby.

Journalists were assaulted and some police officers were injured by the rioters, France’s Le Figaro reported.

“I live in Garges, near the synagogue, but I’m afraid to go home,” a young woman told the newspaper.

Kosher deli Naouri was shuttered on Monday after being burned on Sunday. Photo: Algemeiner.

“We are seeing real scenes of urban guerrilla warfare,” Thierry Maze, a local law enforcement officer, told Le Figaro.

Multiple Jewish individuals living in the neighborhood, which was compared by one to Brooklyn’s Borough Park for the density of its Jewish population, told The Algemeiner that they feared leaving their homes.

Sunday’s violence came on the heels of a similar event on Saturday in which 3000 people gathered near the Gare Du Nord train station and began marching up Barbes Boulevard. 14 policemen were injured and 38 arrests were made in the incident.

Last Sunday, an anti-Israel demonstration at Paris’s Bastille Square quickly turned violent with protesters seeking out and attacking Jewish targets and screaming “death to the Jews” and “Hitler was right” according to community newspaper, JSS News.

“Over the last few days in France are we seeing the beginning of a French Kristallnacht?” French Jewish artist and activist Ron Agam asked, in an interview with The Algemeiner about the violence.

In a Facebook post on Monday, France’s former chief rabbi Gilles Berheim called on the French government “not to tolerate this kind of behavior.”

“I watched from Israel with great concern and fear the violence that took place in Paris, in Barbes on Saturday and on Sunday in Sarcelles,” he wrote. “While the pretext for these demonstrations was support of Gaza, they are actually anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic demonstrations. This is unspeakable.”

A Jewish owned store in Sarcelles was boarded up a day after the riots. Photo: Algemeiner.

Rabbi Levy Djian, a French Jewish activist living in New York told The Algemeiner that the series of riots show “we are entering a new era of real fear for the Jewish community of France.”

“Last week, in Paris, synagogues were attacked in broad daylight,” Djian said. “In Nice demonstrators screamed: ‘We are all Mohamed Merah’s!’ Then there were the riots in Barbes (Paris’s 18th district) yesterday, and there were the violent demonstrations in Sarcelles on Sunday.”

“The fact that the Muslims feel free to act against the police and the government is very alarming because who knows what will happen tomorrow? Many are talking about going to Israel but this can not be the solution to this problem. There are still many Jewish communities in France and it is imperative that they should be safe and feel totally secure.”

Roger Cukierman, President of the Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France (CRIF), the representative body of French Jewry, warned that further violence could force the community to leave the country.

“This new anti-Semitism can lead to the departure of all the Jews,” he said, in an interview with Le Monde Juif. “If Sharia becomes their state religion and we let ourselves be invaded by people who do not respect the government.”

“When a demonstration is prohibited it should not happen,” he said.

Two more demonstrations have been planned for Wednesday and Saturday, according to local media reports.

Watch a video of the aftermath of the riots below:

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  • Fred weiser

    France has let so many Muslims in that it will no longer be a christian country in twenty years time. We all know what happens to Jews in Muslim countries. They have to pay special taxes, and are put down by social indignities. No, you can’t fight this,especially when a government refuses to admit that there is a problem.

    Its time for France’s Jews to leave.

  • Shoshana

    Every time I see someone post that this is about religion I shake my head at the ignorance. “Jew” is not a religion; it is a person. Of the 13 million (roughly) Jews in the world, only a fraction of us are religious. Neither are we a “race” because we have Jews from all ethnic backgrounds.

    Fascism and radicalism have nothing to do with anything but a demented, evil parasitic desire to dominate the world. Of course people are pro-Palestinian regardless of the terrorism many of them applaud – they don’t like the gas prices as they are. The Arab countries own most of the oil. It’s greed. Everything always boils down to money.

    Every government that has an ounce of humanity has an obligation to protect its citizens – France is failing. The UK is failing. The USA is failing. Germany is failing. Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan – ALL FAILURES! The UN is a a group of bigots who have nothing better to do than play god. Nothing good has been accomplished since they came into being.

    Hamas is a terrorist organization bent on murder which just happens to claim their god told them it is ok. The KKK is the same thing, leaning on Christianity. THE CHURCH has committed more crimes against humanity and has murdered more Jews than any organization. That is not about religion. It’s about taxes, money, sex, drugs and narcissism.

    When those who seek to live peacefully are attacked, they have every right to stop the peace long enough to save their lives.

    French apologetics in this are as credible as the Pope – zero. I see very clearly who is evil verses those who are protecting themselves, whatever race, creed or nationality. And stop saying because we do not live there we don’t understand the truth. Stop saying because we are not French we don’t get it. EVIL IS EVIL and COWARDLY GOVERNMENTS ARE COWARDLY GOVERNMENTS. The fact that people who are not the aggressors or the victims choose this venue to make this all about them is nauseating. You are just as intolerable as the violence you care to so artistically use for your 15 minutes of blog fame in a venue that won’t remember you 2 minutes from now. But we will remember the victims and their murderers. And we will work together to demand justice. History has shown us time and time again that when the egomaniacs get too arrogant about it, a bullet comes from nowhere and paints a wall with the same color blood we all have – red.

    I love being Jewish and I refuse to bow to anyone because of threats. And if that threat comes to my door, it better be ready for an aggressive response. If it doesn’t, I continue to live in peace.

    • tammy godfrey

      Well Said! AMEN!!!! <3

    • Dr. Jack

      I have experienced the Nazis and the Communists, and I saw Jews supporting the Reds!!

      I now live in North America and it is frightening to realize how many American Jews, some very wealthy, support Obama and his minions.

      They still invite him in their homes and raise money for him.

      As it appears, the old theory of the “death wish” is still present amongst us!!

      • Dr. Jack… are clueless…the fact that you think supporting Obama is a problem..shows just how little you understand about what is going on….you just perpetuate the hate.

        • Jill

          Obama is a friend of and supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.
          Hillary’s assistant is from a Muslim Brotherhood family. The DOJ is saturated with MB.

          Obama is the hater and the American people have let him carry out his plans.

      • Randy

        Dr. Jack, if only people seen and tasted the horror you went through then i believe they will have your mind set. if they at least look into their history of how their fathers, mothers, grandparents stories then they will understand that supporting a party just because your mindset is to be accepted in your circle of friends is the only way then another hitler shall rise again. What is happening in France can easily happen in America. Scary but Germany and France history is not so different than America before hitler and now islam.

    • Yonatan Rocha

      Shoshana: You missed the point here. When someone says this terror activity is religious they are correct. They are speaking about the true motivations of the rioters, who are motivated by their interpretation of Islam.

    • Deborah Lurie Edery

      Brilliant, Shoshana. It is now 2016 and things are getting worse. You touched on every point and your perceptive analysis of the unfolding tragedies in France and throughout the formerly civilized world are so true. I cannot understand why many American and even Israeli Jews are blind to our vulnerability and support those who would annihilate us given the chance. It seems that bleeding heart liberals are willing to stab themselves.

      • Tatiana M.

        You, guys, just do not understand, that this is the end of Europe. Everything that happens to Jews, happens to all other people, just 10 years later. Palestinian trucks were plowing bus stops with innocent people in Israel, France blamed the Jews. Now it is their turn. The only problem: Yassir Arafat stated, that the main weapon of Arabs is wombs of their women. While I am writing this text these machine guns of wombs already shoot out quite few boys, who in 14-17 years armed with Kalashnikov or just stones will go to destroy and kill.They do not know anything else, because raised mostly by pushed to animal stupidity by Sharia law women. Muslim women are the root of this tragedy. Dependent, narrow minded, illiterate, limited in ability to get proper schooling and life experience, they produce animals incapable to compete and unemployable in contemporary society. Muslim women’s sons spend first five-eight years of their life with stupid immature and illiterate creatures, who are mostly forbidden to talk to men, to travel, to go to school, to work. They do not have their own money and depend on their husbands. Their idea of reality is distorted and undeveloped. They can not raise normal children. Just crazy bearded hooligans with the brains of 9-year old, meat for Jihad.

    • Mr. Cash

      In the USA the gov’t is not the final protector of the people, the people are. Our second amendment reads that in order for there to be security in a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Our founders understood that the gov’t could not and in some cases would not protect us and it was up to us to protect ourselves.

    • Dev Gold

      My husband and I for the millionth time discussed what is it with the world hating Jews!! I will just never get it. I know this sounds arrogant however let’s see the world survive without our doctors, lawyers, musicians, writers, researchers… get the idea. Your article was beautifully written and I thank you.

    • JoJo

      Please do not confuse being pro Palestinian with being anti Israeli or anti semitic. These people are not pro Palestinian. If they were, they would stand up for Palestinians when others do them an injustice and not just Israelis. And they don’t. They don’t give it a moment’s notice.

    • I could not have said it better!

      French and other Europeans — remember! When they will get rid of Jews, they will come for you!

      Jews of Europe — protect yourself. Your government will not and your neighbours are complicit.

      God be with you

    • Tatiana M.

      I totally disagree that Church killed more Jews than any other organization. You forgot Nazi Party. More than 6 million Jews just in a few years. Church was not that powerful, did not have machine guns and gas chambers, and did not have death concentration camps in Europe, surrounded by antisemitic Poles and Ukrainians.
      Actually Stalin planned the same action. Only his death on the day of Purim of 1953 stopped mass extermination of Jews. Everything was ready, including trains to Siberia, barracks. Majority of Jews already were fired from their jobs. Famous Jewish writers, poets, actors were arrested and executed. I just wondering, whom would be American Communist Jews blaming for this another Holocaust? Communist Party?

  • Joseph
  • David

    Hello everyone,
    I’m a French atheist (like most of French peopleà and I would like to give you some extra informations about what happens in France objectivly.
    I don’t take advantage of any camp or nation and I only try to give you another perspective and another report of what happens.
    Sorry for my bad english.

    Since the beginning of the events in Gaza, many demonstrations in support of Palestinian people took places in all cities in France. No huge problems has been deplored. They have been all peaceful except in Paris on Sunday the 13rd of July.
    This day, there were confrontations between the LDJ (“Ligue de défense juive” : Jewish extremist group well-known in France for figh against Jewish issues and use violence) and Pro-Palestinian extremists (same violence used).
    This day, Palestinians extremists were more numerous than Jews and Jews had to take refuge in a synagogue under the cover of French police. The clash continued between police and pro-Palestinian and one synagogue was damaged.

    In this video you can see on the first part LDJ try to fight vs Pro-Palestinian. Now I don’t understand why people say that French police forces protect pro-palestinians. It seems to me that it’s rather the opposite or I don’t see the same scene as you… Even the 2 groups want to fight.
    Altough this is what this article calls a civil war… to me it looks like a street fight with people without respect for street furniture. Degradation of the synagogue took place after this fight.

    In any case, the demonstrations for support gaza were subsequently prohibited in Paris (and Paris only) to avoid overflow. France does not want to see the Israeli-Palestinian conflict be exported in France (even though this is unfortunately the case)
    We had enough war on our land, but this, only people who have seen the scar of wars can understand…

    In this article, they talk about the second demonstration who took place the 20th of July consisted only of extremist who were there to “battle it out” (it was not allowed).
    I find this article very far and particularly subjective of what really happened. There are always “breakers” in every demonstrations and in this one, no more than usually (but of course they focus Jew shop because this give them reason to break)

    Last point for those who give advice for Jews in France to go away, maybe if they still remain in France for so long it may be possible that they find an interest and enjoy their life here (even Israël give them money to come to Israël).
    Because after all, in France, we first born French and it doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc.
    This is what we call a secular (?) state.
    Don’t forget that France are the third state in the world for number of jew people.

    My 2 cents

    • hello
      • Cheri

        Thank you for the important extra information.

    • Robert Kessler


      Thank you for your insight. The French should be very proud that they consider all immigrants to be French. Unfortunately, some of the immigrants don’t want to be French. Don’t mistake YOUR multicultural acceptance for THEIRS. They don’t.

      It has only taken 70 years since WWII for mobs once again to roam the streets of Europe chanting “Death to the Jews”. So the question is, are France’s Jews French enough for you to risk your life to defend them? Or are they on their own again?

      And once they are gone, it’s just you and the Muslims.

      • GoingKnightly

        Hear, Hear! That is the future for all and any who don’t see the threat that these kinds of violent barbarian hold, before it is too late.

      • Walter Smith

        The French are risking losing their French Citizens to Israel to appease their new moslem ‘citizens’. Jews are vital to French culture and economy, they contribute in myriad ways. Whereas the moslems do nothing but riot and demand concessions to them. Wake up France, do you want to exchange your Jews for a bunch of moslems?

    • Jesse

      i don’t think there was ever a Muslim shop or mosque targeted. The article just points out that the Muslim rioters or what ever you want to call them take it too far and destroy Jewish shops and places of worship which do not represent or stand behind the ldj.

    • Tatiana M.

      This is what you think. French Muslim think that they are Muslims first. They will never integrate into French life, like they can not integrate into British or American life. Due to Sharia law, their mothers are extremely different than French or British, or American women. With very few exceptions they are deprived of normal communication, normal education, and normal life experience, which develops thinking process and speech. Their boys, who are raised by undeveloped mentally women grew mentally undeveloped themselves and become intellectually and developmentally challenged, and unemployable. When can only master murder, which is Muslim tradition for centuries.

  • Moshe

    What the Turks failed to achieve in Europe in 1529 with their siege of Vienna, the Muslims have now succeeded with their birthrate and stop-at-nothing militancy. The west has yet to learn the full extent of this menace, When they do, it will be too late. Paris is the new Baghdad. The Jews are always first, the French, English and Germans are next. Wake up and stop them now.

  • barouch bin chiam

    I urge every jew to retaliate by burning down 3 mosques and killing 3 Muslims for the destruction of each jewish site. Purely be smart about it though and use the violence against the Jewish people as a defense to protect you and your family’s in self defense claims. I call on every jew to pick up a gun as if it were 1948 all over again.

    • Robert Kessler

      I am a Jew. I repudiate this post and call out Barouch as a hate-filled idiot, who represents no one but himself.

    • Randy

      I’m a Jew and i agree with barouch to fight back and disagree with Robert. Jews like Robert are the type that marched off to concentration camps without a fight only to die in the millions. History teaches you only the fighters survive and not soft minded Ostrich that have their head buried in the ground and scream “it’s a dream, this is not happening, why is this muslim guy shooting me and my family?” Robert, the idiot, I call you out; go back to sleep and dont bother the people whom are awake and live in reality!”

  • Debi

    An eye for an Eye will only leave the world blind!!! I will never understand this war .. Jesus IS Jewish, they love him..yet, hate the rest! GET OVER IT!!! A religion does not make a person .. I’m sick and tired of all the hate … Try a little tolerance, a little love and treat others as you’d like to be treated .. and stop this nonsense!! The Jewish religion has been around for over 5,000 years .. The Christian religion 2014.
    Come on … Give peace a chance!!! 🙂

    • Randy

      Debi, all you say is nice and comforting. But you forget that islam does not tolerate other religions and is threatened by it. islamic leaders and imams are preaching hate without limit from any government. unfortunately, all i see is a huge religious war that has islam fighting everyone else and the countries of the west keep giving them weapons and tactical training that will only be turned against our children.

  • I have no idea what the gun laws are in France. But every Jew ought to acquire and carry a firearem to protect themselves if the police or Army are unable or select not to put an end to this. One would think the French would be monitoring the internet to see who is fomenting this and as a minimum would be using water cannons to disperse crowds.

    • Randy

      James, the french dont let their citizens carry guns for protection. Europe is an anti-gun caulter that is a safe haven for islamic terror and until they dont change the gun laws over their to similar gun laws such as the laws in America then they will never know safety. unfortunately the left in America want to destroy the safety of Americans, by brainwashing Americans thru the media, that guns are the problem and not islam!

  • “”We are seeing real scenes of urban guerrilla warfare,” Thierry Maze, a local law enforcement officer, told Le Figaro.”

    Since when is a pogrom considered “guerrilla warfare”?

  • David

    While I don’t think it’s a great idea to stay where you are being attacked, what are they really supposed to do? If the Jews leave all of Europe, they will need somewhere to go. Israel is not very big and the settlement issue is not dying down. If they were to move, they’d have to kick someone out of where they are and that will cause another conflict. The implications of leaving are not good as that will set the standard that Jews will be willing to move if harassed enough. I think the governments in these countries need to do a better job of protecting ALL of their citizens.

    • nate spiewak


  • Jthan

    Now you Euros know why we allow guns in homes in the U.S.A. If someone would come to my house and try to lynch me because I’m am Israeli Jew then I would be in my full Constitutional rights to blow them to pieces. There in France they are helpless.

    • Eric

      Yes, I call it my anti-pogrom insurance. I have 3 insurance policies: Sig 9mm, M1911 .45ACP and Marlin 795 .22LR.

  • Mark goldstein

    Round up all the Muslims and deport them to Gaza where they can be human cannon fodder for Hamas. The police in france better get with the program and protect their citizens all of them.

    • Jason Lewis

      Anytime someone writes “Round up all the (fill in the blank)” such as in the comments it is as despicable and ignorant as the folks they are angry at. But sure, peace in the Middle East can still happen. Idiots.

  • tim foal

    out here in montana if they tried that you start shooting real bullets and it stops in its tracks.

    France has to realize if they don’t stop it in its infant stages they will lose control.

    Shoot to kill and all will be still

  • JBT

    Round up the Bastards that are responsible for the riots!!

  • JBT

    Time to clean up France…Send the Muslims back….same in the UK..USA & Canada!!!! People are blind… they are populating these countries …so they can take over!!!!

  • elle

    To leave France or any other country because of antisemitism is to give in to antisemitism. We must fight antisemites wherever they are through government initiatives at all levels. Why aren’t the demonststors in these illegal demonstrations being arrested? Even deported?

    • Gabriel Lampert

      Seriously? So the Jews who left Germany in the 30’s were cowards?

      • Susan

        The Jews in Germany were up against the government; supposedly, the French government is AGAINST this sort of thing – that’s a crucial difference.

    • I agree, and I believe every Jew should invest in pocket pepper spray in case of random attack.

      • Lillian Tobin

        When a crazed knife-wielding mob, carrying bats and iron pipes comes after you, pepper spray might prove a bit inadequate! While the French government might be opposed to these violent de-monstrations and attacks, fact is, that anti-Semitism remains very prevalent in this country of liberte, equalite and fraternite. Despite being occupied by Germany, the French police rounded up their Jewish countrymen for transport to the exter-mination camps in 1942. France is now the unhappy host country to about 5 million Muslims! Pay back times??? The way of the Lord is inscrutable.

  • If France cannot or will not protect the Jewish people.Can there be a fund set up to get them the out of there.I just find it so unbelievable that other people can take it upon themselves to be able to harm others.This must be stopped now!I am not against people demonstrating peacefully in an area that is not disrupting other people peoples lives.I think the PRESIDENT of the U.S and others should be condemning these tyrants now!If not they should be ashamed to not do or say anything.I ask everyone to pray for there safety and God to protect them and Israel.France man-up and protect your citizens!!!!

  • Jill Melanie

    Every time an angry mob turns violent against Jews, they just make the case for a strong Israel. Protest against Jews, Jews emigrate to Israel, Israel defends itself against the haters and, of course, as a result, there are causalties.
    What part of this equation don’t these protester’s ‘get’?

  • Julien K

    As a french person living in Paris (neither muslim nor jewish, atheist), i would like to underline a few points :

    French people, politicians and media indeed are more pro-palestinian than in many other western countries.

    On the last week-end, about 60 demonstrations supporting Gaza people took place in France. 58 of them were peaceful.

    Of, course things went wrong in Paris. Among a vast number of participants, there were a few hundreds extremists, rioters that had an intolerable behaviour. They of course deserve punishment … AND very few people are supporting / excusing them in the population. People were shocked to see such things happen in their country …

    To make it brief :
    France does not have a problem with jewishes ;
    France DOES have a problem with young, violent and radicalized muslims coming from its suburbs, (and our government indeed made an error and understimated the problem).

    • anonymous

      We don’t need your witness, M.T. You are a part of the anti-Jewish scum and a LIAR, a well-hiden antisemite. That’s all.

    • J in NYC

      Vel’ d’Hiv is all I have to say to you. Everyone knows that the French have a long history, past and present of being amongst the most antisemitic countries in Europe, at this point in time probably more so than Germany, Austria, etc. You are fooling no one.

      • Robert Kessler

        You have no right to say that. It is also foolish.

    • ADAM Q

      france seems to be a muslim country , and once the jews have rightly left , the muslims will have to fight someone else and blame someone else for their own ignorance and stupity.. then it will have to be the Christians .. then where will this end !!!! civil war

    • sunny frowein

      IF France does not do something NOW, while the Jews are the target, when the extremists are done with the Jews, who will be next. The answer: Anyone else who does not practice Sharia Law!!! That’s YOU!!!!! They are thing over France as well as invidiously doing the same in many other countries.

      Where is the beautiful French Culture, the love of arts and good food and wines? It will all soon be forgotten. You will loose your country, your culture and YES, even your LIVES.

      STOP THE MUSLIM EXTREMISTS NOW – or else pay the big price.

  • emlev

    Will France ever gain moral clarity? It seems not, so why should Jews stay? There are far better places for us to live. I am eternally grateful that my grandparents came to the US in the very early 1900s.

  • Stephen Louis James Gilinsky

    France has a terrible history . Dreyfus , Vichy Goverment .The cause is Socialism . And a Goverment that will not protect all its Citizens .
    Its Down to one simple Fact . Religion teaches people to hate . We are not born with a Religion we adopt it .
    France is a Digrace , a society which allows and encourages
    such behaviour . But not lets forget their history .

  • Jews defending themselves are not vigilantes.

    • Jews are always to blame for something, didn’t you get the memo?

    • NorskeDiv

      Freelancers said it best, “Didn’t you get the memo?” Just read Mondoweiss!

      The JDF “provoked” the demonstrators into an attack. The poor Palestinian demonstrators then had no choice but to attack them, attack the riot police and burn a few cars. Jews need to learn to stand there silently and take the attacks. Self defence, let alone prepared self defence, just shows Jews are not trusting of the noble Palestinians.

  • Moshe

    European countries still do not understand what happens, Israel is the military fortress of the western front in front of Islamic extremism. If Israel falls, all the Islamic fanaticism will be directed to the next destination …… Europe.

    • sam

      You are so right, Moshe. The ironic thing is that if Israel were to give the Palestinians their own state and not remain to protect them, the following week they would be over-run by extremests and look identical to syria, Iraq…

    • Robert Kessler

      Well said.

  • Vladimir

    Its hard for people to understand but nothing happening for no reason.

    listen to this lecture (and yes its a bit long) for me it was eye opening experience.

  • Saufsoldat

    After the Saturday always comes the Sunday

  • Karen SINAI

    Jew come home. After WWII 11 million Germans ere expelled from European countries who knew fully well the threat that lie ahead. Europe will do that again after the moslems turn on them. We cannot wait that long.

  • Karen SINAI

    Jew come home. After WWII 11 million ethnic Germans were expelled from those European countries who understood not to trust them as a people. Europe will do that again after WWIII but we cannot wait that long.

  • Michael Fox

    France is destined to become the first Islamic state in Europe. The french birth rate and the Muslim birthrate indicate that in 20 years, Christians will be the minority.

    Paris will resemble Gaza and this price France will pay for its anti-Semitism.

  • TNS

    I have an older cousin who lives in France, who survived WWII, but the rest of her immediate family was killed. Anyways, she told me that there were no majority Jewish suburbs in or around Paris. Even Le Marais is way less Jewish than it used to be. She was shocked to see majority Jewish areas in Montreal – Hampstead and Cote-St-Luc (where I live), 97% and 90%, respectively.

    I’m not that familiar with Paris, and I’ve never heard of Sarcelles. I’m more familiar with the east side of the city, where I usually stay and where people I know live: Pantin, Lilas, Vincennes, Nogent-sur-Marne, etc. When I was there in 2004, there was ethnic strife in Saint-Denis.

  • Inetfraud

    Political correctness aside: the Muslims have made themselves so unwelcome by their behavior throughout the entire western world. The problem is profoundly compounded by the silence of the ‘decent’ Muslim citizens. The future of Muslims is looking more & more bleak by the day. They’re outnumbered gravely throughout the world and patience from China to London has grown as thin as rice paper. Frightening to think of what one potential future may be realized. Multiculturism is successful in the US, Canada….but Muslims obviously cannot be a part of it. They’re bringing this on themselves. In the meantime: French Jews—Aliyah is the answer!!!

    • Robert Kessler

      Good Muslims, by their silence, make themselves irrelevant.

  • mr. H

    I don’t know what to say exactly. I am disheartened. I wll try. Growing up hearing from older people, the events of the 20th Century, and now hearing this ,. Das Reich went to France, and the world was embroiled in war and hate. The silence, the blame , and placing all on the victims is bit pathological. Read today too, of The Gaza,and the wording on paper makes the all of this sickening. To say that only some of the opponents of Israel are responsible is wrong. To permit crime is being an accomplice.

  • Larry A Singleton

    Is this “the beginning of a French Kristallnacht?”

    You’re goddamned right it is.

    Look at how the British gave Muslims a pass to murder and hopefully defeat the Jews prior to their Independence. Read Joan Peters From Time Immemorial.

    We’re seeing the same kind of pro-Muslim anti-Jew appeasement here in France. The same loser Nazi appeasing country it always has been. This shouldn’t have even been allowed to even start.

    And the world is sitting idly by while Christians are slaughtered and ethnically cleansed out of “Muslim” countries like Iraq. Not One Single Word from rags like the NY York Times. The biggest, most biased, Jew-Hating newspaper in the world.

  • Karen

    This is horrible. but please inform your readers that Krystlnacht was government-sponsored terrorism against Jews while this is a rogue group that the police/government are fighting, however ineptly.

    There is a difference.

    • Larry A Singleton

      Yeah, it sure looks like the government fell all over itself to prevent this from happening.

    • Jenny

      While this crapola is still happening and the military hasn’t been called, it’s state sponsored until they do something to stop it!Kick the Muslims out of your country unless you want this every day for the rest of your lives because they hate not just the Jews, but everyone NOT Muslim.

    • No there is not. Any government impotent or unwilling to protect the citizens is complicit in the crime. French government is as guilty today, as it was during WWII.

  • Reform School

    Jews who prefer living like big fish in a small ponds, rather than small fish in big ponds, risk becoming gefilte fish in ground horseradish.

    • James

      Any society that supports the failure of freedoms, as did the Nazis is far more dangerous than what is occurring in France.
      However, when contrasted against the gains by Le Pen in French elections anxiety should rightly be high.
      Do these thugs form part of her supportive cohort?
      When combined with Putin’s aggression the future looks dark for Europe’s Jews indeed.
      The only response has to be consistent, firm and resolute to combat this demise of humane civility and the slow slide to evil.

    • Robert Kessler


    • Fred weiser

      Well said..

  • There is no future for Jews in France. It is time for French Jews to make Aliyah.

    • mr. H

      Right you are

    • Nathanel Barbosa

      France is doomed. the muslims are taking over the country. when all jews were not there to be found anymore,frenches will regret bitterly. gone will be all the culture and light we bring as people to all nations.

  • aall55

    once the Jews are gone , these Muslims who know well they just can act anyway they like with no punishment, will impose the sharia law and be in charge.

    • mr. H

      Welcome to plan A of the agenda.

  • art

    where are Obama/Kerry Hillary to condemn this anti Jewish attack? Where is amnesty international or hrw?? I guess it is OK to re enact Kyrstallnacht

  • carol

    The Jews of France need arms. They cannot depend upon the police for protection.

  • anon

    Are the French police actively trying to find and punish the perpetrators? Haven’t heard anything. Wasn’t it the wise sage, Homer Simpson, who called the French “surrender monkeys”?

  • Steven Kalka

    This conflict in the Gaza is a test to see who Israel’s friends are. Im sorry, but France failed miserably.

    • James

      While French authorities may have failed to respond adequately the real failure is in the culture of the rioters.

    • yehuda

      Steven, I could not agree more with you. This is what happened during the times of Queen Esther when the Jew-haters heard about the Haman’s plan everyone was able to see who their enemies were. Then when Mordechai came to power, they knew who to kill. The same will be before Moshiach comes- those who hate us are showing themselves and we will know who to kill.

  • obey psalm & torat patience leave upon him

  • A local rabbit

    I live in Canada. There has been absolutely no reporting of this new Kristallnacht. I guarantee, that if it had been Jews attacking Muslims, it would have been all over the Canadian media.

    In Canada, Jews have been attacked during pro-Arab/Muslim demonstrations while police watch.

    While pro-Arab demonstrations are allowed to continue without hindrance, pro-Isreal demonstrations are repeatedly harried by pro-Arab/Muslim demonstrators and their fellow travellers, and the police habitually blame “both sides”.

  • martin

    why don’t the police start to shoot these terrorist send an example

  • Makava

    Actually its not true, countries without Jews do not prosper, they soon turn into hellholes, their economies don’t thrive, they all become like Nigeria and Gaza, no good survives, Like the Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah once the piety of Jewish people leave a country, the country goes into dramatic decline economically, sustainability drops off and morality collapses, its a phenomenon that can be seen world wide, throughout Africa, Asia and the middle east.

    Even Spain has started to realise they need the Jews to come back, but Jews must never return to these countries, they must abandon Europe and leave, starting over in prospering Jewish communities is not as hard as people think and if we all make an effort it can be done, leave now while you all still can as the day is coming when you will all deeply regret the decision to dig in and remain in these awful Jew hating countries.

    • Phil Flossman

      Oliver Cromwell realized that Jews contributed to a countries economy and invited many to settle in England in the 1650’s. Throughout British history Jews have loaned money for business enterprise and Aaron even financed the building of cathedrals and monasteries.

      However today I believe that Jews who suffer persecution outside Israel should band together and fight back against antisemitism clearly showing the culprits to the media / authorities, assuming their sympathetic.

      It would be a shame lose Jewish communities in Europe and elsewhere due to the legacy of hitler etc and it’s important that they learn from history and stand their ground today.

      • TNS

        Muslims are taking over some parts of Europe and brainwashing local native populations, hence Jews not welcome. This does not occur much in North America, though not unheard of.

      • Inetfraud

        We are standing our ground…in our homeland. And Europeans are trashing us across all media outlets. Sorry, but karma is a bitch. Europe had its time in the sun. Those days are rapidly coming to a close. It’s time for Jews to think about ourselves and ourselves only.

    • Lauren Goldman

      If one doesn’t want to have to keep moving, making Aliyah seems the way to go. At the end of the day, Israel is the only country which will not turn on us. I wouldn’t count on long term peace in America. I live in San Francisco, and old-fashioned anti-Semitism is reasserting its presence. It never went away, it has been resting, just below the surface. As soon as finances allow, I am going to make Aliyah.

      • I wish I could say not in America.I think anyone who chooses to live by the laws of God or any one who wants to keep the Constitution and keep are freedom will be under attack.WE our now a country divided more then ever.How does it go now? good is evil and bad is good.But I will stay and defend G-d and my country.God bless Israel and America!

      • Chaim Adelman

        Israel turned on the residents of Gush Katif, kicking them out. They effectively let terrorism reign by caving in to pressure and leaving Gaza 9 years ago and now rockets are flying and soldiers and citizens are dying. In whom are you putting your trust?

      • Lillian Tobin

        Congratulations, Laura Goldman! You are a very intelligent girl! Jews in America should not feel too complacent – America has its own sins vs. Jews to atone for. REMEMBER THE ST.LOUIS – a ship leaving Germany carrying about 900 men, women and children, kicked out by the Nazis and looking desperate for safe haven after Cuba reneged and barred entry (a corrupt official taking 500.- dollars per head from them!) Revered President Roosevelt would not admit them and the Coast Guard was sent out to guard the Florida coast to make sure Jews don’t jump ship and try to swim ashore. Some tried to commit suicide. Roosevelt was focusing on the fight to come in Europe and knew that our country did not want the Jewish refugees, decent, educated and law-abiding people who would have been a boon to America. The population did not care about saving Jews. America was isolationist and quite anti-Semitic. But now, America is paying for its own sins – grappling with millions of illegal immigrants, some of whom have imported drugs and crime.

  • Phil Flossman

    Ask yourself why this group wasn’t peacefully protesting against Israels retaliatory bombing in Gaza like so many thousands across the world on Saturday.

    Why are Paris Jews again being targeted in their own community by what appears to be a mainly Muslim mob, when they clearly have no connection with Israel.

    This mob was prevented from legally marching because they had already attacked an occupied synagogue the previous week.

    The Paris police must do a lot more to prevent events like this reoccurring, it has echoes of the “1938 Kristallnacht” and leaves me appalled. )o:

    • Okey

      It was not Israeli “retaliatory bombing.”
      It was an Israeli effort to stop the aggressors’war against Israeli civilians.
      There is a difference.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Don’t worry, John Kerry will of course demand the Jews show restraint.

    • Simon

      The French government along with much of Europe let these people in.
      What did you think was going to happen?

      • Aimee

        I remember very well when the French were resisting letting all of these North Agricans/Muslims in. They were pressured by the liberals In the American press and throughout Europe, as well as the UN, to let them in, as everyone was screaming racism. Now you see what happens as a result of political correctness.

  • Eric R

    Why isn’t Israel quietly putting undercover IDF in the streets to open fire on these Nazis?

    • Jeremy Swanson

      I don’t think they have the man-power to be honest. I would volunteer for wonderful glorious Israel but I am too old now.

      • Eric R

        I think the IDF could spare 100 or so soldiers under cover to defend these neighborhoods.

      • Bob Rabinoff

        You could go volunteer in a non-combat position; check with your local Israeli consulate or embassy.

    • Steve

      Great idea. Hope they do.

    • Dana

      France cannot tolerate either having IDF soldiers acting to protect French citizens OR having Muslim mobs roaming and destroying at will.

      Sooner or later, the French government will have to call out its own troops to put down what amounts to an insurrection. I suspect that will become bloody and the race war will be on in Europe.

    • Lillian Tobin

      If they did, the whole world would scream, excoriate Israel, jail them as murderers and take them to the International Court for crimes against humanity. What needs to be done is for Jewish people to unite, including people of good will, and support Israel with all their might. Israel needs help to win the public relations war to counter the lies and distortions that have been so well financed and so expertly distributed around the world. Especially, on college campuses, overrun with Muslim extremists, buttressed by ultra-liberal professors, and winning over a naive, misinformed student body. That’s a dangerous situation!

  • Beatrix

    Are you sure it’s just Muslims? In America, it’s not.

    • Emanuel

      I don’t care who it is or where they are from, if it is 25% of Muslims fine and if not then whoever it is wherever they are, hate doesn’t discriminate, it’s an equal opportunity destroyer and it destroys every society except ours.

      • Ruth Redfern

        Well said. Unfortunately, the unruly are frightening to those who are law abiding. The government needs to do its job!

  • Zionist Lion

    Rabbi Levy Djian said “…Many are talking about going to Israel but this can not be the solution to this problem…”

    REALLY Rabbi? Why is this NOT the solution? Do you not see the writing on the wall??? Israel is the HOME OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE, FIGHT FOR HER!

    • Nelson M.

      By doing so, abandoning the foreign country it’s actually damaging to Israel!

    • Jeremy Swanson