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July 31, 2014 4:50 am

The UN’s Tunnel Vision

avatar by Albert Wachtel

IDF soldiers discover a terror tunnel. Photo: IDF.

The “offensive tunnels,” through which Gaza terrorists crept into Israel eight years ago, killed two of Gilad Shalit ‘s comrades, wounded two others and kidnapped him are at long last being destroyed – at the expense of the lives of many Israeli soldiers. But in the course of that action, Hamas terrorists have continued to infiltrate Israel, intent on killing and kidnapping IDF soldiers and civilians. Some of the terrorists have been killed. The rest have scurried back into their tunnels.

Meanwhile the well-intended but tunnel visioned and the morally blind have been screaming for Israel and Egypt to open Gaza to the world by both sea and land immediately. That would be a modern version of the Trojan Horse story. Troy, thinking the Greeks had sailed away, dragged the hollow statue of a horse in which the Greeks were hiding into their city. If Israel were to cave into the demands of the uninformed and cynical moral degenerates and opened the world to Hamas at once, it would have a vastly armed equivalent of the Trojan Horse under it. That mistake will not be made. The tunnels are being destroyed.

But there is another problem about those tunnels. With or without terrorist intent involved, those routes of ingress into Israel exist in violation of international law. They violate the borders of a sovereign state. Even only as such, they must be destroyed, and legitimate international organizations are obliged to demand and support that process. The UN General Assembly, rendered worse than useless – overtly destructive – by misguided sympathy and the coordinated efforts of the 57 member Organization of Islamic Cooperation that openly pursues injustice, will not acknowledge that fact.

Israel must demand conformation with international law. The UN is morally obliged to help. Not only has UNRWA – the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees,which is charged with helping Gazans – failed to realize that Hamas was storing rockets in at least three of its locations, but a booby trapped Hamas tunnel has just been discovered on UNRWA’s premises. That discovery will lead to its destruction, but already it has cost three Israeli lives. It is the obligation of the United Nations to obey and administer international law.  It must help Israel destroy those murderous and illegal tunnels, eating up the roots of a possible settlement between Israel and the Palestinians like gophers in an assailed backyard.

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