Spanish Journalist in Gaza: Hamas Launched Rockets From Press Hotel

August 12, 2014 1:35 pm 25 comments
Freelance Spanish journalist Fernando Gutiérrez. Photo: Twitter / Fernando Gutiérrez.

Freelance Spanish journalist Fernando Gutiérrez. Photo: Twitter / Fernando Gutiérrez.

Freelance Spanish journalist Fernando Gutiérrez said on Twitter Hamas was launching rockets from the press hotel, in Gaza.

In Spanish, Gutiérrez, who is writing for Melilla Hoytweeted, “On Saturday, 9th of August, Hamas launched a battery of rockets from the press hotel. What was their intent? To provoke Israel to kill us?#SaveGazaFromHamas.”

The journalist later said he recorded audio of the rockets being launched.

On Twitter, Gutiérrez told followers that he went to Gaza to see the facts for himself.

In another popular tweet in Spanish, Gutiérrez said, “I would be lying if I told you I saw signs of apartheid in Israel. But I’m not going to lie,” posting a photo of an Arab IDF soldier kissing his mother, wearing a hijab, on the cheek.

Freelance Spanish journalist Fernando Gutiérrez telling followers on Twitter that it would be lie to say there were signs of apartheid in Israel. Photo: Twitter / Fernando Gutiérrez.

Freelance Spanish journalist Fernando Gutiérrez telling followers on Twitter that it would be lie to say there were signs of apartheid in Israel. Photo: Twitter / Fernando Gutiérrez.

In Spain, amid reports of ISIS militants coming into the country, where they are using Facebook to recruit, the country is split over Israel.

Many Spaniards are following the lead of actors Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, who published a widely read Op-Ed, condemning Israel for the Gazan death toll rather than acknowledge the belligerence of Hamas that has drawn Israel into war.

In Spain, ETA, the long-running terror movement from the northern Basque Country, has now been decimated by Spanish police and political will. The group’s violent acts to withdraw from Spain had split families and led to the killing of many political leaders and bystanders from its waves of bombings and assassinations, all of which were routinely condemned by the government.

But rather than draw that corollary to their public opinions about Israel, many in Spain, which is estimated to have just 13,000 to 40,000 Jews out of a population of 47 million people, insist on siding with Hamas in Gaza.


  • I still don’t understand many Spanish people. The Moorescos, are Moslems that converted from fear of the Inquisition, and, as previously mentioned, Jews that remained and over the years become part of the Catholic majority. That’s obvious.

    What is not obvious is that from some Moslems Spain is a land called al-Anadalus from which they were gradually removed by Chrisians during a Reconquista tha began in 715 CE and ended in 1492 CE.

    I guess they will be calling up memories of El Cid to save their national honor, if not their land.

  • As an Australian (non-jewish) tourist arriving on a cruise ship in October, I am very unhappy with the whole Spanish Govt and what I am reading about what appears to be the majority of Spanish peoples disgusting attitude to Israel, and their obvious support for Palestine/Hamas Islamic peoples! Wish we were able to cancel Spain completely off our agenda. Wake up Spain, you are on the Islamic radar to be “conquered” once again.

  • The problem with Europe, in general, and Spain, in particular, is that antisemitism is imbued in the population, it is a kind of endemic disease… It´s like the HIV virus, it hides for some years but suddenly it reappears with devastating effects…

  • The problem with Europe, in general, and Spain, in particular, is that anti-semitism is imbued in the population, it is a kind of endemic desease… It´s like the HIV virus, it hides for some years but suddenly it reappears with devastating effects…

  • Lauren Goldman

    Last week, there was a video taken from a journalist from India’s hotel room showing Hamas assembling and firing a rocket in the yard of the hotel. And another of a French journalist on a residential street at night. While the journalist was speaking on-camera, he ducked because a rocket was launched from somewhere in the houses behind him. Of course, the world media don’t broadcast these reports.

    • You know why they do not show theses journalist cause they r telling the truth
      Nobody wants for this to be shown cause they want to blame all civilians death on the israelies but it is the Hamas that r killing there own people but to add to the French journalist the rockets were going off by the UN building how come they aren’t coming out saying anything instead we r being blamed for war crimes lets see what about Assad how many people did he kill I do not see anyone protesting in the streets of Europe or USA or going after him for war crimes and what about the Taliban what about ISIS who are killing Christians. the son of one of the Hamas leaders said on national television and wrote a book moshab Hassan yousef that during the war Hamas killed there own people so that they can blame Israel wake up world we r not the killers as a matter of fact israel sent pamphlets to tell the people to leave the area so that they could blow up the tunnels
      By the way how come Hamas never gave his people shelters to be in like the israeli do cause the cement they received by the israeli was supposed to be used to build schools homes not tunnels to for the intention to kill innocent people the fanatics only know hatred why don’t you show those small kids a good life instead of putting guns in these kids hands and teaching them hatred or becoming sucide bombers what kind of parents are you
      By the way shame on Penelope Cruz singers like Rihanna Selma Gomez and the rest of you go educate yourself go see what really goes on in israel and gaza even the civilians have spoken up on israel tv covering there faces telling the truth how they are used as shields by Hamas , why they cover there faces otherwise they would be shot for talking against Hamas

  • Muslims want to take back Israel first and then Spain. The Spanish may eventually be defending ng their own country from a Hama’s like group based in Morocco.

  • Few and far between do we see articles in our press which even admit that Rockets are flying into Israel, its always Israel’s response, the lies and misinformation shown on our screens, is beyond belief, the propaganda is intense, its a breath of fresh air when someone is brave enough to tell the truth, about Hamas use of Schools, Hospitals, and even close to U.N buildings to fire their Rockets, with the intention of civilian casualties to feed their lies.

  • Howie Subnick

    You can’t beat Hollywood for having the DUMBEST MORONS ON EARTH! I cannot believe people actually listen to so called actors, who know nothing, absolutelly nothing about what is going on in and around Gaza. In a very short time, very short, the IDF will turn Gaza into a parking lot only to be used by the ASSHOLES in Hollywood! LOSERS, LOSERS, LOSERS! The name that fits the Hollywood crowd! GO IDF AND FINISH THE JOB THAT THOSE TERRORIST BASTARDS STARTED! GOD BLESS ISRAEL!

  • I hope the SPANIARD commenter is right. The few times Ive been to Spain, I must say that to me most of the Spanish ‘looked Jewish’ and the ones who didnt, turned out to be Israelis. But that may be illusion. Or simply another of my delusions. I wonder what the Spanish ‘left’ is saying, if anything, about Guiterrez….

    • The left in Spain (and the Right either) is NOT saying anything about @dote82 (Fernando Gutierrez on twitter). I’m proud to say that I’m an spanish jewish and Fernando is my friend. I hope he’s coming back Melilla safe.

    • Many Spaniards, about 20%, have Jewish ancestry. That’s why many Spaniards ‘look Jewish’. When I was spending my holidays in Israel, most Israelis thought I was Israeli or Jewish and spoke to me in Hebrew. I hope you enjoyed in my beautiful country, just as I enjoyed in the great country Israel is.

  • to his great credit, in a profession of lazy, ignorant, sanctimonious, corrupt conformists, there are some honest people; Fernando Gutierrez is one of the few.

    about spain and spanish hatred for the Jews and Israel:
    Given that the spanish public is so determined to venomously condemn the Jews for defending themselves and to support the genocidal program of hamas, one wonders when the sons of the barbarians who murdered, tortured, plundered, and expelled the Jews from spain (stealing their land and most of their possessions) are going to go back whence their ancestors came AND RESTORE THE JEWS TO SPAIN! the spanish have no shame. before they even contemplate a condemnation of the Jews they should atone for the monstrous crimes that THEY committed against the Jews.

  • corey new york

    Where is Judy Rudoren? Why is she not reporting this? Oh yeah, she works for the NY Times; sorry.

  • This journalist deserves admiration for his physical courage and his professional ethic. Most journalists reporting from Gaza (or any other Arab society) comply with the government in power, or else accept the consequences: his passport may be withdrawn, he may be sent to jail or killed. The least he/she can expect is to be denied entrance to the place and do his job.
    The fact that this journalist reveals is well known but needs to be documented as clearly as possible. The more often it is repeated, the better the western public will undertand what Hamas’ideology leads to: a moral scandal.

  • I find it interesting that European and Indian journalists have reported this but I’ve heard nothing from US or British Journos…this is insane, Al-Queda to ISIS are evil but Hamas are just freedom fighters.
    SPANIARD thank you for saying that, it’s good to know Spain is not so left as one may think :)

    • Sonia Willats

      We watched a youtube discussion on this latest operation (Tsuk Eitan) in the UK parliament. EVERY SINGLE MP WHO SPOKE CONDEMNED ISRAEL, TO A MAN! No doubt they follow the lead of the journalists in UK who are largely misleading the world due to their ‘liberal’ bias. The ‘liberal’ left should take care that it does not go so far left THAT IT BECOMES FACIST, which is what Hamas is! It calls for the destruction of the Jewish state? IS THERE ANY PLACE ON EARTH THAT EXTREME ISLAM WOULD BE HAPPY FOR JEWS TO LIVE??

  • You say that many in Spain support Hamas. That’s not true! The right-wing overwhelmingly supports Israel. The left-wing is equating Israel with Hamas terrorists, but not defending Hamas. Bardem and Cruz are hated by a big part of the Spanish society due to their views. Members of the Bardem family, for example, have supported ETA’s terrorist prisoners. Please guys tell the truth, as you’re a very good newspaper.

    • Spaniard- Muchas Gracias!

      • True, the current Right in Spain is more pro-Israel than the Left, which should not lead us to forget the troops that Franco provided to Hitler (la Division Azul), and the decisive help given to Franco by Hitler during Franco’s fight against the Spanish Left. Fortunately, there is a notable exception on the Left in Spain today, the journalist Pilar Rahola, self-identified Left, and vocally pro-Israel and anti-Hamas. Google her name and you’ll find some of her articles in English and Spanish.

        • Franco is history Spaniards are not proud about. Today’s right-wing has nothing to do with Francoism, fortunately. When Pilar Rahola opens her mouth to talk about Israel or Islam, she’s great. But when she opens her mouth to talk about other issues she makes me want to vomit. But anyway, it’s great there are friends of Israel in Spain.

          • You say that “Today’s right-wing has nothing to do with Francoism, fortunately.”
            If my sources are correct, the Right in Spain today opposes too much inquiry into mass executions by Franco forces, for the sake of “reconciliation”. True, the Civil War ended 75 years ago, but issues related to it are not quite dead.
            What makes you “want to vomit” in Pilar Rahola’s statements on questions other than Israel ? I’m curious.

  • As a Spaniard, I am proud of honest journalists like him. Long live Israel!

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    The rest of the European Press was of course cheering as the rockets flew at Israel.

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