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August 29, 2014 5:22 pm

‘Jewish Ritual Murder’ Page Removed, Then Restored by Facebook Within 24 Hours

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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The "Jewish Ritual Murder" Facebook page. Photo: Screenshot.

A Facebook page entitled “Jewish Ritual Murder” was taken town and then reactivated within a 24-hour period after the social media giant reconsidered its decision that it violated their community standards, The Algemeiner has learned.

Dexter Van Zile, an analyst for media watchdog CAMERA, reported that he had been notified by Facebook that the page had been removed on Thursday, after a long campaign by Jewish activists and groups.

“Facebook Removes Antisemitic page. Life’s little victories,” Van Zile tweeted at 10:44 a.m.

But on Friday, The Algemeiner received multiple reports of Facebook users who had complained about the page, being informed that it was now back up.

“We revised our decision on your report of Jewish ritual murder,” a message sent to the users read. “Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards… We reviewed the Page you reported for containing hate speech or symbols and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.”

At the time of publication the page in question, which was created in 2012, had 662 “likes,” though it does appear to have been updated since February 2014.

The page is replete with absurd claims of Jewish brutality. “For most of history, belief in Jewish ritual murder was acceptable and widely accepted. Naturally, the Jews aren’t the only group who have practiced (and might still practice) ritual murder,” reads the most recent post.

On its community standards page, under the header “Hate Speech,” the social media giant claims that,“Facebook does not permit hate speech, but distinguishes between serious and humorous speech. While we encourage you to challenge ideas, institutions, events, and practices, we do not permit individuals or groups to attack others based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition.”

In February, Jewish human rights group, the Anti-Defamation League, said Facebook’s assertion that the page doesn’t violate their Community Standards is an “unacceptable excuse,” and called for it to be removed immediately.

“The ‘Jewish Ritual Murder’ page on Facebook perpetuates age-old anti-Semitic propaganda, and it should be removed immediately. It is profoundly offensive, has no socially redeeming value, and adds nothing to any legitimate marketplace of ideas,” Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, said. “This page targets all Jews, and Facebook’s position that it technically does not violate their Community Standards because it does not target individuals is an unacceptable excuse.  We do not believe that Facebook intends to send a message that they are insensitive to the enormous harm the blood libel has caused throughout Jewish history, and the easiest way for them to make that clear would be to exercise the discretion they certainly have to remove the page.”

Facebook, which was created by Jewish entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, has been accused in the past of  allowing anti-Semitism to flourish on its pages. Last September, Algemeiner blogger David Fischler said he was “flabbergasted” when he reported a page that portrayed “all of the anti-Semitic greatest hits,” and was similarly told that Facebook’s community standards were not violated.

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  • LJ

    After reading the majority of comments on this article I am reminded that this is most certainly Lucifer’s era. Deception and ignorance are the accepted philosophies du jour. Just pretend evil doesn’t exist, or simply believe the offenders when they tell you as much. Sweep everything under the rug; everything will get better.

    And the West wonders why it is in its death throes.

    I suggest you all stop lying to yourselves. Accept reality. Pry yourselves away from the buttons and levers of your own destruction. Stop welcoming this evil into your lives.

    Those who must continuously promulgate the idea that they are somehow “God’s chosen people” are deceivers. For if they were as they [falsely] state, their deeds would speak for them. Conversely, their deeds speak exactly the opposite.

    You have all been deceived. Please wake up.

  • Robert

    The blood libel is a lie. As such, it is not protected by the First Amendment, and can be criminalized. The same applies to Holocaust denial. Both constitute hate speech and both are lies. There is nothing to debate here. Both can be legally banned. Maybe a nice lawsuit against Facebook will change their mind.

  • KevinM

    So after reporting this racist trash to facebook and getting a form letter “this doesn’t violate our standards” excuse I have to wonder. Is it that they didn’t bother to look at the page at all or are they just ignorant of how disgusting and destructive this lie has proven throughout history?

  • mr. H

    “Sensationalism, Not truth sells papers.” is something I heard a long time ago.

  • All Readers should go to Facebook and remove their page!

    • Blair

      I do not believe for one second that the Jewish religion teaches to murder Christians! That is as bogus as the Muslim religion supposedly teaching that! This is nothing but events in history blown way out of proportion for propaganda! How stupid are people today? I mean really? You idiots are really falling for some outrageous crap! This is also to distract you from what is really going on in the world! Instead of falling for stupid crap like this you idiots need to focus on your children’s futures before we get our liberty completely ripped away from us. We have idiots saying our constitution is outdated! We have bureaucrats collecting private conversations to have blackmail on everyone! Wake up and get out of la la land before it is too late!

  • Renee

    just start a facebook page called Muslim Ritual Murder..mmm…where should we begin? with the mass masscare of thousands by forward 1500 years and there is still muslim mass massacre going on–ISIS,Boko Harum, to name just 2!!!

    • Renee

      and then lets see how long it takes for Facebook to remove the page when confronted with the anger of the Muslim community.

  • Allyson Rowen Taylor

    Zuckerberg and his ilk in dire try support groups like ISIS for allowing this hatred and lies to be perpetrated.

  • Marta Ribenboim

    this page is liar, fake and slanderous. Anti-Semitic author. Do not believe anything that is posted on it

  • Sofia B

    It’s disgusting that this ritual murders by the Jewish people to continue – and Facebook allowing such violence and lies is unbelievable.
    Such an incident happened in Miami Beach a number of years ago, I was a volunteer at the Holocaust Memorial, on a Sunday, Passover/Easter – when across the street, stood a man who had a big placard with children’s faces – saying these children were killed and the blood used for Passover. I called the Police and had him removed from the street – I am not Jewish, but I feel this has gone far enough to hurt the Jewish People and all people for continuing this ugly message.
    Sofia B

  • fanya vasilevsky

    If the face book continues to post such an anti-Semitic page we need to boycott it. Imagine if every Jew stops using face book!

  • Nordicelt

    I see no reason that Facebook should delete “Jewish ritual murders” from it’s site. I mean, why should the history Jews & Judaism be exempted from examination.And how would any Jew, today know whether or not that allegations concerning the subject of Jewish ritual murders were true or not. After all, Jews have been tried in various courts of law, in various times & various places & found guilty of murdering Christian children, in order to get there blood to put in their Passover bread, so how can today’s Jews say that it never happened? After all, if it is permissible to discuss Christians burning ‘witches’ at the stake, or Muslims doing ‘honor killings’, why should Jews, & Jews alone, me shielded from any light being shed on the ‘dark side’ of their history,.? Why indeed,.?

    • KevinM

      Great idea. Why don’t we seriously consider the evil of witches too? After all people were found guilty of witch craft in courts all over the world. Witches practiced human sacrafice and used the fat of babies in their evil magic. If that sounds stupid to you then take the hint you racist moron.

  • E benAbuya

    FaceBook also took down the FB wall for “PreOccupied Territories” considering it “too controversial” (it is a satire/humor site) The underlying blog can be found here
    And funny! Oy!
    I recommend all to subscribe. A great antidote to reading the usual run of articles and comments.
    Has also resurfaced on FB as “End the PreOccupation”

  • Facebook must be hard up for money or Mr. Zuckerberg likes stirring the pot of hatred for Jews. Amazes me, since he himself is a Jew!

  • Christine Rundqvist

    I’m astonished to see Facebook acting so bad and let false accusations florish without taking them away! Shameful and disguisting.

  • Monty Pogoda


  • aall55

    where are the comments ? I never , ever get them !

  • Scott

    Why do I believe that new billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is trying to be the new self hating Jew, taking over the mantle from the aging old billionaire self hating Jew George Soros?

    What convoluted psychology has caused these otherwise extremely bright individuals to have no moral compass? It would be interesting to hear from someone with a professional background.

  • Stories like this confirm my distaste for “social media” as a resource. Critical thinking, lacking in almost every area of education, combined with the authority of outlets such as Facebook, does far greater harm than it intends. Years ago I taught public speaking to postdoc fellows and one of the first things I told them was that the podium was their authority. That is, simply by standing in front of an audience, they had established a position for themselves. The internet is a far stronger podium and therefore must be used with care. Social Media does not do that.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    You don’t complain. You take direct action. You find out where Facebook is attack them and force them to remove this anti-Jew page.

    you can’t rely on Zuckerberg. He said “I’m no longer a Jew.”

    I used to be a hunchback.

    Jews stop being so weak and hated and start being strong. You can have all the money in the world and it means nothing. Hasn’t our history proven that.

    Jews need a strong leader not these wealthy make believe leaders who are worthless. Give me a Jabotinsky, a Begin, a Netanyaou, a Rabbi Kahane but we need someone now that we are being targeted all over the world.

    When a synagogue full of Jews is blown up will that get your attention?

  • Priscilla Morly

    Perhaps Zuckerberg is a Non-Jew Jew. For those who may not know what that is you can find out in, “Why The Jews” written by Dennis Prager and Joseph Telushkin. Not an easy read if you’re a Jewish Jew. Would facebook allow pictures of Mohammed in a demeaning way which I believe is illegal to Islam and for which at least one high profiled person was murdered for putting Mohammed in a cartoon. That would let us know if Zuckerberg is a Jew or a Non-Jew. American Non-Jews are as deadly to Israel as Radical Muslims are.

  • Elliot Miller

    If that does not offend Facebook’s standards I can’t imagine that anything would.

  • Facebook is very biased in its decision making, pro islam and Anti-Semetic and anything non muslim.

  • David Antipodes

    So you in American la-la land are shocked!, shocked and supposed to stop in mid-mouthful of your Sunday faux-bacon sushi canape? Better to smother Facebook’s site–and the evil Facebook itself– in ridicule, with satanic recipes for using derivative ingredients of those ritual killinngs, cartooning how absurd the premise is. Ridicule is power. As we say here in bushfire country, you don’t fight fire with fire: use WATER.

  • Dear Algemeiner,
    it seems to me that this is not a joke. The blood libel was one of the main justifications for German antisemitism that directly led to the tacit support of the Holocaust by the majority of Germans. Can Facebook not, at least in Germany, be taken to court on that account for hate Propaganda (Volksverhetzung, § 130, German Criminal Code)?
    Thomas Gatter

  • Monty Lasovsky

    Facebook have reached a point where they consider themselves invulnerable to any criticism. They are a world “government” in waiting. So they believe. They are setting a standard on morals and moral behaviour, by the volume of people who support Facebook. A dangerous precedent indeed!!

  • David Levy

    Time for a class action against facebook for race hate and defamation. Where is AIPAC on this?

  • Nitsevet

    “Facebook does not permit hate speech” ? That’s new !!!

  • Bernard

    maybe all “facebookers” should bombard Mr Zuckerberg and company with enough volume of objections to this poisonous garbage so as to cause a stoppage/blockage of the website?

  • Sonia Willats

    If their standards are not violated, as they claim, their standards are ‘pretty damned low.’ How many lives have already been shed because of this absurd blood libel, over the centuries? I SUGGEST THAT ALL JEWS BE URGED TO BOYCOTT FACEBOOK.

    The irony is that Judaism if the most moral social system in the world, setting aside ‘religion.’ It is pedantic about meat, because “the life is in the blood.” Judaism, as a social system, is pedantic about scales and measures and fair trade, yet Jews are constantly accused of unfair play! Jews are instructed to be ‘kind to strangers.’ I see them caring for their enemies at every turn.


  • Florence

    Looks like Zuckerberg forgot his roots. His grandparents for sure are rolling over in their graves. And so are the 6M who died for him and his family. Shame on you Zuckerberg.

  • rjohnston


  • Zal Lazkow

    Jewish founder of Facebook doesn’t care. Ignorant Bastard.
    I think ZUCKERBERG, A JEW, hates his own nationality/religion.
    anti-Semites were hired without knowing, and there are employees who themselves believe in these lies as facts.

  • Kerry Berger

    There is nothing humorous about hate speech. This is the point I find Facebook to be totally revolting when it comes to refusing to remove antisemitic sites and postings. Despicable.

  • aall55

    why did Zukerberg bothered to belong to the Jewish fraternity AEPI while in college in Harvard ?

  • Cynthia Hutchinson

    Facebook also refused to take down a Jewish PalestiniE hate page for the same reasons. You can target a post but not a page. I see that both sides still have Facebook hate pages.

  • Mickey Oberman

    One of the number of reasons I refuse to join that antisocial medium.

    Mickey Oberman

  • Alan Levy

    Facebook should be ashamed.
    For as many people that I know I would encourage cutting off all further contact with his hate fiiled, vitriolic Internet site.

    • Marc Bernstein


  • Shame on you Mark Zuckerberg and your Face Book conglomerate too. All the money in the world cannot obliterate your guilty conscience for betraying your own people and heritage. Why print obvious lies and broadcast them on Facebook. If your mother has not already done so, then another mother will say so publicly. Shame on you, Mark Zuckerberg. Your luck and fortune will only take you so far. G-d is in control, always.

  • Professor Ariel Toaff, the son of a rabbi, wrote a horrible book accusing Jews of using the blood of children to make matzos.

  • Jesse

    It is a terrible sign of American politically correct absolutely unconscionable idiocy, that allows this megacorp run by a Jewish man to incredibly adhere to a policy which allows for Neo Nazis to openly spout, spread, and provide a community outlet for genocidal anti Semitic hatred on Facebook, and won’t allow a woman’s nipple nor vagina to be shown in photos. Calling for the death of the Jewish people is fine Mark, and falls within your community standards? What kind of perverted self hatred, ignorance masquerading as tolerance, dangerously fascistic leaning propensity has Facebook chosen? And why? Free the nipple. Ban the Hate.

  • Anthony dayton

    Why wouldn’t a group of savvy people put up a Facebook page maligning whomever is behind the Jewish Ritual Murder Page. Or choose any group and create something similar. Then we can see whether or not it violates Facebook’s Community Standards.

  • Facebook and many so called reputable media outlets will publish wilful lies blood labeled myths insults and do not care if hurts Jews.
    They are only sensitive and respectful towards Muslims, if they insult Mohamed or the Koran the journalist and the editor even the country is threaten with death to their families and bombs to their institutions. It’s time to lobby !

  • This is totally unacceptable .
    Is there no legal action that can be taken against Facebook ?

  • Mark Z

    The ADL should sue Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg.

  • Richard Finn


  • Hillel

    Clearly Zuckerberg doesn’t want appear biased towards his Jewish roots. It may affect his bottom line and hang the rest of us. A bit like the capos who assisted the nazis and their collaborators so they may be spared. Curious how many Jews haven’t learned from history.

  • Carl

    Try writing about the Muslim blood lust that requires them to kill to satiate their god allah. There’s quite a bit more truth to that, but it wouldn’t last two minutes on Facebook.

  • Bernard Ross

    facebook is guilty of blood libels that incite anti semitism, pogroms and genocide. Facebook executives are guilty of inciting to genocide and should be brought to Israel and hung like eichmann (or the next best thing)

  • Ricardo

    Why don’t we post some TRUE Muslim murder information in the same format, including citations of Koran & Hadith justifying such bloody acts? It would be educational to see just how long such postings remained up.

  • Enezio E. de Almeida Filho

    I gave up reporting those hatred pages to Facebook.

  • Why has not Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director sued Facebook for anti Semitism and Hate Speech?

    When contacting Facebook staff telling them that a page is anti Semite. Their response is that they don’t understand what is wrong with the page. This has been going on for many years. Saying that the Mark Zuckerberg, the leftist Jew, does not know this is going on and allowing it just plane naïve.

  • Emanuel

    Mark Zuckerberg is Jewish like the President is Black, lead from behind, forget your roots no respect for anything kind of liberal delusional idiot.

  • nelson marans

    As one of the few individuals who is not on Facebook nor intend to be on that commercialized and unfortunately profitable media organization, I am appalled that it would allow any contributor to make such a false and inflammatory story. If attacks on Jews could be traced to this entry, I would hope that a multimillion if not billion dollar law suit would be filed against this corporation and a similar size judgment rendered as a lesson.


  • Golum

    What the hell does it take to violate Facebook’s Standards???….Obviously it has NO Standards!

    I always felt Zuckerberg was a schmuck…this goes to prove it!

    • Marc Bernstein

      MARK ZUCKERBERG IS A NAZI IN false JEWISH CLOTHES! My name is Marc Bernstein,and as the grandson of Cantor Akiva Bernstein,late Cantor at Beth Tzedec Synagogue in Toronto and as the son of former Famous Players Theatres President Jack Bernstein of Toronto,I know that my late father would be outraged at Mark Zuckerberg’s cowardly anti-semitism! Mr Zuckerberg,you have betrayed traditional Jewish tradition! You are not only a SCHMUCK,but a MOMSER!!

  • Myron Slater

    As of this date, I am discontinuing Facebook for not removing that post!! For a Jewish owner to allow such anti-Semitism, is unacceptable!!

  • Dr. Steven Goldenberg

    For Facebook to condone and even worse, spread the old antisemetic “blood libel” just shows that being a well known social website doesn’t equate with havingintelligent content. I found this shocking and most disappointing!

  • harri

    so does FB permit pages indicating islam / moslem ritual murder / genital mutilation / beheading???? if not they need to be slapped with a hate speech / discrimination law suit; where is Dershowitz?

  • Lucille Kaplan

    I wish I could say these developments were unbelievable, but they are part of a well known pattern, at social media sites, that is now nearly impossible to escape. Last week, I received an explicit and very personal death threat, on Facebook, after I very benignly expressed support there, with other Jews who had developed a solidarity campaign in support of the Yazidis, who have been struggling to survive ISIS’s genocidal campaign against them in Iraq. I opted not to notify Facebook of the death threat because I actually feared that given its bizarre posting rules, it would end up shutting down the Facebook Jewish/Yazidi solidarity group, instead of investigating the posting activities of the Facebook member who was issuing me the death threat. I opted, instead, to report the death threat to the FBI. While I heartily recommend this direction, in such circumstances, I fear it won’t be too long before FBI decides that it is perfectly OK for Jewish American citizens to receive death threats on Facebook, so long as Facebook thinks this is a perfectly acceptable use of its platform.

  • BlueShadowII

    Facebook violates my standards. How do I best close my account and let the maximum number of people know why?

  • Zuckerberg is an antisemitic Jew. That is why this page is on Facebook.

  • Gerd Kaluski

    Mark Zuckerberg should be ashamed of himself for allowing garbage about “Jewish Ritual Murder” appear on Facebook. This kind of propaganda has been used over centuries to incite hate against Jews. I should know because most of my relatives in Poland died in Nazi death camps during World War Two. I was lucky. I am a a Holocaust Survivor and escaped from Germany in March 1939. I suggest that people who use Facebook boycott and no longer use it.
    Gerd Kaluski

  • Robert

    I’m in Facebook jail for 30 days again for posting a comment on a friends post. It simply stated that all muslims lie to non-muslims. They claim this violated their community standards.

  • That’s it for me. Bye-bye Facebook. No big loss.

  • Today I complained to Facebook about a video that showed a cat being tormented by a group of people who laughed while doing this. The told me that this did not violate their standards. This means animal abuse is okay with Facebook. Seems to me their standards are pretty damn low.

    It does not surprise me their are are anti-Semitic as well.

    Jim McKellips
    Near Lynchburg VA USA

  • Yochanan Lavie

    Zuckerberg is Schmuckerberg.