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November 20, 2014 12:13 pm

New Scandal Envelops UNRWA as Employees Praise Jerusalem Synagogue Atrocity

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UNRWA school director Naief al-Hattab, who openly praised this week's terrorist attack in Jerusalem, pictured with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in Gaza. Photo:

Among the many Palestinians who openly celebrated Tuesday’s terrorist atrocity at a synagogue in Jerusalem, during which four worshippers and a police officer were brutally murdered, were several employees of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA.)

UNRWA is a body devoted solely to Palestinian refugees from the 1948 war as well as their descendants who, unlike the children of refugees in other conflict situations, legally inherit refugee status. Among its responsibilities is the education of Palestinian children, often taught by local teachers who have no incentive to keep their political beliefs – however extreme – outside of the classroom.

Popular Jewish blogger Elder of Ziyon has amassed evidence of UNRWA employees lauding the Jerusalem attack, among them Maha al Mosa, an UNRWA teacher in Syria who prayed for the two terrorists to be accepted in “paradise” as “martyrs,” Ibrahim Hajjar, another teacher based in Hebron, who published a poem praising the terrorists, and another Syrian-based teacher who, using a pseudonym, posted a celebratory picture of Adolf Hitler on his Facebook page.

The latest outrage centers on Naief al-Hattab, school director of UNRWA’s Zaitoun Elementary School Boys “B” and former school headmaster of Shijia Elementary School Boys “A” for Refugees. Writing on his Facebook page, al-Hattab congratulated the terrorists on their “wonderful revenge.” Al-Hattab, who shook hands with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon on his visit to Gaza in October, has previously posted inflammatory statements and images, among them one of a young child brandishing a sub-machine gun. It is not clear whether this child is related to al-Hattab, or whether he attends the Zaitoun Elementary School which al-Hattab runs.

The Zaitoun school complex caters for boys and girls separately. As this report from UNRWA reveals, the girls school was completed in 2012 with “funding from the United States of America.”

The UN Security Council yesterday condemned the Jerusalem atrocity as a “despicable terrorist attack.” On the ground, however, it is clear that many of the international organization’s employees have a very different interpretation of Tuesday’s slaughter, and are not afraid to say so.

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  • Joseph

    I wrote the following:

    Dear Member of Congress,

    The above linked news stories demonstrate that many UNRWA principals and teachers praised last week’s brutal attack on simple Jews at prayer, and glorify and encourage terrorism against Jews. It is shocking that the Unites States hands $248 million to UNRWA every single year(!). I write to urge Congress to end our funding of this entity, or at the very least, threaten that continued funding hinges on an immediate end to the incitement toward terror perpetuated by many UNRWA employees.

    Thank you,

  • Shimon Felix

    UNWRA is not only a farce – perpetuating the phony “refugee” status of the Palestinians for generations simply as pawns to get at Israel – it is also a racist, anti-Semitic body which must be closed down. Ironically, both UNRWA and the UN are guilty off racism and assisting in racist Islamic imperialism. Fight racism – support Israel against the terrorists!

  • I think if there is ware no hell and every one can be a super power if some one has powerfull wapon you must no t use that sort you will be defeated for more than 100 or must use trees animals or soil water turn them into monster or solderes .you don’t believe it ask banda former president

  • Udi

    dont tell us that evidence has been discovered. Give up links to the evidence so that we can prove this to others.

  • Carol J Brooner

    Defund and dismantle the UN. Immediately.
    This is despicable, and from cowards.
    Do whatever you have to do Israel, to protect your people.
    Most in America, stand with you.
    GOD will repay, vengeance is His.
    Our prayers are with you.
    I stand with Israel.

  • Mette

    It is time to stop UNWRA altogether.

    It is not fair to use so much resources on the so called palestinians compared to real refugees – which they are not, if you use the rules applied to other people in the world.

    The palestinian leaders who have skimmed the “aid” for decades and live in luxury can give that back to their poor population.

  • Robby

    The US should have cut funding the UNRWA years ago.

  • Erik

    Maybe the UN Human Rights Council can investigate it.. Nah, they’d rather spend all their time condemning Israel, and completely ignore Rwanda/N.Korea/China atrocities.

    U.N. is a joke.

  • Lynne T

    New. It’s not new. It’s a continuing situation since UNRWA was first created.

  • Aviva Roth

    How in the world can decency prevail, when this arm of the UN is legitimized but Israel is demonized.

    • Aviva……So well put. I could not find the words to reply to this. It all makes me sick. Thank you for posting.

  • Pierre Elie Mamou

    UNRWA is coherent with its activity (shooting rockets agaisnt Israel)

  • Lauren Goldman

    Any guesses on how the rockets found in the UNRWA schools this summer got there? I doubt that the UN was totally unaware of them. It probably turned a blind eye, since it has become nothing more than a front organization for the arab world.

    Now is the time for Israel to deal with terrorists the way it should have all along. Anyone caught in the act of terrorism (throwing rocks at cars on the highways, for example) should be shot dead on the spot, regardless of age or gender. Should they be apprehended after the fact, if a court finds them guilty, they should receive a life sentence without the possibility of parole, in strict isolation.

  • Cymbalak

    You state above that there are 43 comments-where are the other 41?

  • James

    It is disgusting to see how anybody can take pleasure in the cowardly slaughter which took place in that synagogue. Why can the world not see what is really going on in this part of the world, why do people seem to have been infected with the Bully Boy syndrome
    My thoughts as always are with the families of those murdered, and the Jewish people of Israel

  • According to my friend and colleague, Azmi, who is a devout Muslim, the Prophet, in the hadith, specifically condemned attacks of anyone praying in a “house of God” or holding a “holy book”. The murderers and their supporters are thus guilty of violating a basic tenet of Islam.

    • This is only true (with restrictions) for Jews and Christians. Hindus, Buddhists and all other kuffar are given no respect at all in Islam and killed wherever you find them. Jews and Christians can only safeguard their holy places in Islamic countries by paying the jizya tax, without which churches, shrines etc., may be destroyed with impunity and their worshippers killed (unless they convert. Some of the things being done by ISIS today and, indeed, in this terrorist attack do contravene shari’a law. But the attack on the synagogue can be sanctioned (a) by saying this was on Muslim land which Jews had desecrated and stolen (b) by arguing that the Jews had not paid a penny of jizya and were, therefore, subject to the death penalty (except that they should have been offered the choice to convert first) and (b) that, under Islamic law, a Muslim may not be brought to trial for killing a non-Muslim.

  • jack cowan

    PS………let’s be realistic…..we will never be the world’s sweethearts, no matter how just our cause or our gifts to medicine, science, engineering, etc……Charity begins at home!

  • jack cowan

    The latest killings in Jerusalem are despicable….BUT….isn’t it time to cut free the arabs and draw “red lines” for borders? Principles be damned now; life is more precious than death! we have a “no win no win” situation…..let the arabs have their pieces of desert and see what type of Garden of Eden or Hell they make of their state.

    • BonniePrinceCharlie

      The Arabs don’t want their pieces of desert. They want OUR piece of desert.

    • Joe
    • Linda Golden

      Wasn’t that pretty much what happened in Gaza? The Israeli’s pulled out, leaving homes, businesses, green houses etc., and instead of building on that to create a place where people could live, work and raise and educate their children, they completely destroyed everything. No Palestinian, or Muslim for that matter, will be satisfied until there is no Israel, and the land is Judenfrei …Israel , and the Jews have given the world far more than the world has given us. Time to call it what it is on a global scale…Jew hatred.

      • Miller

        Yes, you are completely right about the Muslims / Arabs. Israel is a leader in technology, medical services and products, science, agriculture, but
        not terrorism or apartheid. The Holy Scriptures clearly show Israel will be protected by Almighty God thus existing until the end of time!

    • Nina

      @jack cowan The Arabs turned down every peace negotiation to date. They have Gaza which Ariel Sharon ‘ethnically cleansed’ in 2005 and forcibly removed about 10,000 Jews residing there. Jordan (aka Transjordan) is according to the British Mandate of 1918, was their land and remains mostly Palestinian. These people don’t want a two state solution. They want ALL of Israel and the leaders who they ‘democratically elected’ (Hamas) has it clearly outlined in their charter the destruction of Israel and all Jewish people worldwide. Make no mistake, the Israeli Arabs are much better off in Israel than any other country in ME.

  • David Goshen

    It is obviously now clear to the Secretary General of the UN Bank E Mun that all his employees at UNRA in Gaza ar members of Hamas and receive their instructions from Hamas.Hamas would not agree to any employee of UNRA not being a member of Hamas.In view of the UN condemnation of the murders the staff’s praise of the murders should result in Bank E Mun firing these workers.If he tries to do that he will discover that the UN gives huge sums to UNRA but the people who decide what happens in Gaza are Hamas!If he really wants to bring about the reconstruction of Gaza he should make it clear to Hamas that he decides and put people in charge who are in no way connected with Hamas.The behavoir of the staff of UNRA should make Bank E Mun’s very careful what evidence they
    get when investigations are being carried out into hostilities in Gaza and damage to UNRA facilities.

  • Edward Brynes

    The UN will probably assert that its employees have a right of free expression as long as they are not speaking in their professional capacity. This would at least be the situation is they were employed as educators in a US public school.

  • Kris Kristian

    Time for Israel to stop employing Arabs.
    And that is not racist.
    It is to protect the lives Israelis from these savage bastards.
    It is impossible to know who is your friend. They are so brain washed. That is, if they have a brain.

    Now, in Cape Town the Imams have said that Israel destroyed mosques. I have not read about any mosques being destroyed. That is why the Palestinians took revenge.
    What is worse, there are some Jews who are against Israel and they have written to the press about their support for the PA.

  • David Hersch

    It is time Israel and Egypt cease to allow UN personnel into Gaza.

  • Sonia Willats

    This report is in sync with the UNRWA schools allowing rockets to be fired from their grounds or entrances to their buildings; then calling foul when Israel retaliates by bombing the site of origin of the rockets… It is meant to taunt; to be unjust. They revel in death and slaughter.

    THE BIG NEWS WAS THE UN VOTING UNANIMOUSLY TO CONDEMN THE KILLINGS YESTERDAY. That was totally uncharacteristic, in that sense shocking.

    Overall the UN and UNHCR and UNRWA are a total farce, as we well know. Hillel Neurer is a hero of note. We should all try to support UNWatch as much as possible.

  • James

    I always wondered if I would know evil if it stared me in the face. It is now clear that evil lives among us. Those who praise the murder of innocents are the evil among us.

  • steven L

    Mass of “psychotic” individuals resulting from many decades of genocidal brainwashing financially supported by the EU, USA and partially by US Jews and Israel.

  • Marvin Bash

    The identified employees should be fired for their prejudice and hypocrisy in working for a humanitarian

  • erica


    • Cymbalak

      wtf- what’s that?

  • TheAZCowBoy

    Jews ‘reap what they sow,’ any questions?”

    The Synogogue massacres were a ‘walk-in-the-park’ compared with the Aztec blood lust Jews massacre of over 2,000 Palestinians (580 of them babies!)in Gaza, of recent date.

    After experiencng the Gaza massacres by many of the UNRWA people who were also murdered, maimed and savaged by US bombs in the hands of the Jewish bastards – what could they possibly regret in seeing Jews bleeding like stuck pigs?

    • BonniePrinceCharlie

      So no prejudice here, then.

    • Jens bollarod

      Lovely – you utter disgrace and uneducated, unthinking, unreasoning excuse for a human being.

    • anonymous

      Ignoring all of the other problems with your comment, according to your logic, we should be morally allowed to murder 6 million random germans, or perhaps a million russians, or a few hundred thousand arabs, or pretty much anyone from any group on earth in retaliation for when their distant ancestors killed us. But of course we can’t because that would be barbaric and cruel – two traits we do not share with our Arab neighbors.


      Blood Lust? What is in your schnapps cup? Among my co workers are Arabic Beduin Moslems who are on an equal footing. Ask about the lot of non Moslems in Saudia Arabia and Egypt ….! What will you do when the Sharia Modesty Patrols come armed to your locale? Those Christian sects with figures on crosses will be called idol worshipers and treated accordingly as with the statues in the ‘subcontinent’ not so very long ago. Who is your favorite negotiating partner? Al Qaida. Boko Haram, DA’AS-(ISIS), Taliban. Where are more victims of the atrocious Syrian conflicts being treated – Algeria & Egypt & Libya [combined] or Israel?

    • Nina

      You should live in Gaza…spoken like a real Jew hater.

  • Lynn K. Circle

    The United Nations, a democratic organization, is no dominated by tyrants, most of the antisemitic. As it now exists, the organization is a slap in the face to its founders, and the antithesis of what was originally intended.

    It is past time for the United States to leave the United Nations and the United Nations to leave the United States.

    • Laura


  • Rick

    God Bless Israel.

  • Sofia B

    Nothing new, UN is a wolf in sheep clothing, and really should be thrown out of New York City, US spending millions to support these despots.
    They never condemn North Korea, Russia taking over Ukraine, and other horrific going ons in the world.

    But if its Israel, its a free for all, and they are enjoying the hardship the Jewish People have.

    May they rot in hell.


  • UNRWA and US State Dept are equally antisemitic.

  • kathleen politzer

    i wish president obama would say
    something anything the innocent people murder
    some even us citizen .

  • art

    This is not a scandal it is typical unwra policy. unwra has done more than any other entity to guarantee that there will be no peace.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    These employees do not besmerch the UN. The exemplify the UN
    UT makes the UN immaterial to world order. I suggest that all support for the UN be stopped immediately.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Now you begin to understand why there can never be peace with the Arabs when they perpetuate their insane hatred from generation to generation all under the auspices of the UN.

    There are no refugee camps in Israel after taking in hundreds of thousands of Jews from Europe and the Arab countries who were robbed, raped, murdered and thrown out with just the clothing on their backs. Where are the Jewish refugees? There ain’t none Jew haters, just Arabs who hate and kept as refugees and fodder for the fight against Israel by the Arab leaders or should I say, lack of leaders.

    Israel is in a difficult position and the Arabs are emboldened by the European nations hatred of Jews and Israel.

    It’s too late to be nice. Israel has to be ruthless and nothing is better than Unit 101.”

    I heard that the Arabs found out that Wolf Blitzer is an Israeli asset. I hope it doesn’t put his life in danger.

  • aall

    UNRWA is a disgrace and should be dissolved.

    It is a very thin screen behind which terrorism is promoted.

    Their game has been played long enough and they never fooled anyone .

    • anonymous

      But that is the truly unfortunate thing: I’m from Berkeley, California and believe me when I say they fool just about everyone there.

  • ira

    for class

  • HaroldT38

    What a deafening silence from Obama on this scandal.

  • Noellsq

    I feel that it is time for the US to leave or stop supporting the UN. Who in their right mind would have a committee on women’s rights with Muslim countries as major members. Most of the sanctions are against Israel.

  • David

    My son Moshe told me that UNRWA employees are encouraged to live in so-called “East Jerusalem”. He also told me that speaking to at least one of the employees was as bad if not worse than speaking with a Palestinians. That anti-semitism seemed to be a sine qua non for working for UNRWA.

  • Sholom-Hillel

    Mainstream media: nothing to see here. Move along.

  • Bernard Ross

    US and UN fund jew killers

  • art frank

    They are all savages, whether employed by the un or hamas.

  • nelson marans

    UNRWA and Hamas are synonymous. American taxpayers are funding a terror organization under the auspices of the UN

  • Karla Petermann

    They can pray all they want, but it is not paradise where they have gone. And the UN is by their actions going to the same place.

  • Do you want to know what terror is?
    Ask the Englishmen who witnessed the bombing of London by the Germans V2 missiles during World War 2. The English and the Americans responded by sending thousands of bombers on a daily basis and turned German cities into rubble and killing over million civilians in order to save their own people. How many American lives were saved when the United States dropped an Atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    How about the IRA terrorizing and killing the British indiscriminately. The British responded to the IRA terrorist activities with extreme force for over 50 years, world opinion be dammed.
    The Israeli government is under the same predicament. They have an obligation to protect its population and bring security to its people, anything less is a dereliction of duty.

    “There is an attitude [among the government of Israel] of servitude to world opinion to the detriment of self-preservation! This attitude was witnessed by the world during the many wars with the Arabs, when Arab soldiers were shooting and shelling from inside their mosques and the Israeli army was ordered not to shoot back because the politicians were more concerned about world opinion. This immoral policy caused many more Jewish soldiers to, unnecessarily, lose their lives! (This is precisely why those fighters went to the mosques to begin with; they appreciated the Israeli government’s slavish reliance on world opinion.)” The very same attitude is used by Hamas utilizing Hospitals and Mosques as launching sites of missile and other terrorist activities, utilizing children as human shields.
    It is time for Israel to shed this chip on their shoulder of pacifying world opinion and fight with everything they have, no holds barred and the hell with world opinion, the world at large and especially the great powers who have oil interests in the Arab world will criticize Israel no matter what action they take.

    • Nina

      Well said!

  • Irwin Graulich

    Israel should bomb the Zaitoun Elementary School in the Middle of the night and destroy everything including the books, computers, teachers’ notes, etc. Nothing should remain of that evil institution.

  • Eileen Vicente

    It’s business as usual. I think the UN has outwarn it’s usefullness. Perhaps we need an organization with fresh ideas and new members. I think the UN is stale, and it’s members are lazy, useless, biased, spoil brats who need to be sent packing!

  • What is there to be expected from these arab-muslim operatives of the UNRWA?It’s just another proof of what their testimonies concerning Gaza events is worth. Nothing! All they give away is their biased lies,their anti-Israel hatepropaganda to incent more hatred. How can any legal body take their stories for truth? Their outspoken hatered for Israel exempts them from giving testimony about anything Israel ever did in Gaza.

  • Yael Berman

    What scandal? Nobody cares, and they´re gonna get away with it.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    It’s only a scandal if the UN is ashamed of it or if anything would come of it. Neither of those things are the case here.

    • saulyboysh

      The international communities unconditional support of Palestinian aspirations for statehood leaves them little incentive to moderate their violent/maximal aims- namely to become the darling of the Arab street by bringing the Jewish state to its knees.

      We already know very well just how little the world cares about the safety of its Jews, what is shocking is how willing the world is to encourage the Palestinians to use themselves as a suicidal weapons against Israel. None of them care a dam about palestinians least of all their arab/muslim brethren.

      The problem with appeasement and incitement of this type is that it is infectious, does any body think that the type of dysfunctional Islamist revisionist history recently displayed by Erdogan is an Isolated incident.

      This is the irony, it is the appeasement and tacit support of extremest foment against Israel that is contributing to the emboldening of Global Islamism.

      The Islamist narrative cannot be tamed and selectively applied to suit the wishful thinking of the naive west.

      The Irony is that when the cracks begin to widen and Europe wakes up to the mess that they helped to create in their own back yard – they will need to begin to take measures to protect their civilians. We will see quite how fast the Eurocrats can back peddle, obfuscate and attempt to create different classes of genocidal Islamists, all to no avail.

      Europe will attempt a measured response and will fail as the political right will fill the void and a backlash against Europe’s nearsighted policy will ensue. The fallout will include rampant discriminatory policies against Muslim citizens and would-be citizens.

      At this point agonising about how to balance security needs against the preservation of democratic freedoms will become a mainstay of the political discourse. In general they will fail -as Europe’s egalitarian multicultural veneer is paper thin, below the surface Europe is the same.

      At this point Israel’s flawed but robust balance of democratic freedoms against security concerns will be seen as moderate in comparison.

      The second Irony will be that the International Intelligence and security community will become increasingly reliant on best of breed security protocols and technology in the defence against homegrown terrorist threat – guess who they will turn to.

    • Carl

      Exactly. I’m sure many, many UN officials are equally celebrating this atrocity.

    • Aaron