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December 10, 2014 12:38 pm

British Reporter: Palestinians Prevented Israeli Medic From Aiding PA Official and Convicted Terrorist Ziad Abu Ein

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Palestinians blocked an Israeli medic from assisting PA official Ziad Abu Ein after he furiously confronted Israeli officers. Photo: Twitter

A British television news reporter has revealed that Palestinian demonstrators near the West Bank village of Turmusaya prevented an Israeli medic from providing aid to a Palestinian Authority official who collapsed after he shoved and verbally abused Israeli officers on the scene.

In a live report for the UK’s Sky News broadcaster, Middle East correspondent Tom Rayner reported that Ziad Abu Ein, a convicted terrorist who was appointed by the PA to organize campaigns against Jewish settlements in the West Bank, was lying on the ground “unconscious” after the clash – although separate footage shot by Kremlin broadcaster RT displayed Abu Ein conscious and sitting up after his altercation with the IDF officers.

“When he’s on the floor, an Israeli medic does come up to him, she tries to clear an area around him, but Palestinians pick him up and take him straight to a vehicle,” Rayner said, in footage viewed by The Algemeiner. The medic was “not able to deliver any first aid,” Rayner continued, and Abu Ein was “declared dead when he got to a hospital in Ramallah.”

As The Algemeiner reported today, Rayner had earlier said on Twitter that “When Abu Ein is unconscious on ground, Israel medic attempts to assist, asks crowd to make space, Palestinians rush him to a vehicle instead.” Rayner also reported that Abu Ein repeatedly asked the Israeli officer he clashed with for his name, calling him a “dog.”

As a result of Abu Ein’s death, the PA announced that it was suspending security cooperation with Israel. PA President Mahmoud Abbas lauded Abu Ein as a “martyr,” while PA official Hanan Ashrawi accused Israel of having carried out an “extrajudicial killing.”

Another reporter on the scene, Roi Sharon of Israel’s Channel 1o broadcaster, described the demonstration as “low key.” Abu Ein, he said, collapsed some five minutes after his confrontation with the Israeli Border Police, and was pronounced dead an hour later. Sharon also said that Palestinian claims that Abu Ein had been choked and attacked with a rifle butt were false.

Abu Ein’s death marks the second time in less than a month that the PA has accused Israel of murdering a Palestinian without establishing the facts. In November, the PA accused “six Jewish men” of having lynched a Palestinian bus driver in eastern Jerusalem. An autopsy ruled out “foul play” as the cause of the death, concluding that the driver likely committed suicide.

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  • Dan

    I am getting the Algemeiner Report via my PC, via Yahoo! mail, using Internet Explorer (very recent version) and Windows 8.1. For the last few days (3-4) when I try to access ANY article, while reading the blog from my email, it starts to indicate it is going to the website “madmini” but then the screen generates an ominous red background (?an indication/trademark of hacking?)and there is a full screen warning saying that I can’t go on, that there is the determined danger that the Algemeiner website will result in my personal and financial information being misused and abused. Has your system been hacked?

  • Nielsen

    There is a good reason why the ratio between Jews and Arabs is put at 1:1000 when prisoners are exchanged, above Arab comments prove it’s true!

  • steven L

    The Western mass media systematically adopt the Muslim version in any event that finds IL blameless! Here is a case in point.
    Mass media in an open war against IL.

    • Steven, If you’re talking about the US.I’m ashame to say that I have to agree with you, America is no longer a godly nation, as you can see,we’re a nation under God’s divine judgment.. Where good is called evil and evil good..

  • shura

    When I was a child growing up in the US I was taught by my family, my culture, and state funded public school to honor and sympathize with world’s Jews. In school we read the Diary of Anne Frank and Eli Wiesel’s Night. We watched Spielberg’s The Last Days. My family, like so many other gentile Americans, made donations to the National Holocaust Museum, located prominantly in Wasington DC on our National Mall. Like so many others who visited the museum, I wept. A deep horror at those inhuman atrocities committed by Germany against her Jewish citizens is deeply ingrained in most Americans. Likewise a great respect for those Jews who survived the horrors. We are taught that the Holocaust is the single worst event in modern human history, and the Jews, by virtue of the unimaginable brutality they have endured, should be defended at great cost. And then I read through these comments. And I wonder.

    • Wonder about what? Whether to condemn an entire people because you find the anonymous comments of a few people who or may not be Jewish offensive?

    • Rachamim Dwek

      What do you wonder? Do you wonder why Palestinians refuse to allow us to treat an injured man and then make up stories accusing us of murdering the man? We do not need your belie and we do not need your crap about how your family pitied Jews. People like you are disgusting, equating comments on a newspaper article with casting doubt about Jewish victimhoo in the Holocaust. Worry about your self.

    • Albert Reingewirtz

      I was reading and waiting for the exact garbage this post ends with. That is the format declared best to attack the Jewish state of Israel. You are a great member of the anti- Semitic left following the “advise” of the party.

    • Norman

      What you saw was a continuation of the hostility and intolerance against Jews. Abu Ein was not a healthy man as his arteries were found to be blocked but he still was full of venom and hostility as he was when he helped murder two Jewish kids years ago. He intentionally created the theater of a demonstration that led to his death. The police officer would have had to have a thumb 12″ long if one was to believe he choked him. There is nothing much to wonder about in challenging what you learned in previous years.

    • Linda Carraway

      I no longer wonder. Having spent time both in Gaza and the West Bank, I know that I have been lied to both by Israel and by my own country, the US. I supported Israel fully until the 1980s when chinks in its hasbara started to become public– like Ariel Sharon’s massacre at Shatila and Sabra refugee camps in Lebanon.
      Then came the maps of Israeli land grabs in the West Bank. Then came the “death” (by accident, of course) of American volunteer Rachel Corrie in Gaza. The last horror finally got me up off my “wondering” butt and I took trips to the Occupied Territories right after “Cast Lead” and in 2011. I no longer “wonder”.

  • Arthur Toporovsky

    Years of eating Mossad-trained fatty foods finally took their toll.

    • citizenstat

      Funnee!! Nobody seems to have gotten it.

  • dan Guralnek

    I am sure there are plenty of elderly people waiting to die and be made martyrs. what do you call this kind of act? Geronticide or Senicide ?

    • Mohammed

      The core of the issue is an illegal jewish entity built on occupied territory. To solve the issue in the levant, is to reverse the occupation and the dissolution of socalled israel. Until then, murder and hatred will continue against an occupied nation.

      • Conrad Nadell

        There is nothing illegal about Israel or its villages in the “West Bank”. What is illegal is Arab violence due to incitement and a corrupt leadership that robs its people and feeds them lies about the Jews and Israel to take their attention away from how the Palestinian people are making the leaders millionaires.

      • Israel has proven it over and over to the educated and the ignorant ,that Jews have lived in Isreal for over 5000 years !
        Islam is an infancy cult that has no claim at all to any land that Isreal has .
        But when your only education comes from a myopic book written by a pedophile murderer, what can you expect.
        Again there is no triage for STUPIDITY !

      • Ezra

        Really Mohammed? Really? How deep do you have to dog in Israel to find artifacts from the ancient Palest in in society? Oh yeah…. No such thing. There is absolutely no Arab or Islamic claim to this land. None. Zero. The temple predated the existence of mosques by 1000 years. The reason you can not get the occupiers out is that you have mistaken the original inhabitants with the occupiers. No Arab claim of any sort.

        • Ezra


      • Rachamim Dwek

        Yeah because Jews living in Judaea is just so evil, right? You need to actually learn the history before running your mouth. Jews are the indigenous people of Judaea. To suggest that Jews have no right to live on their indigenous land makes you incredibly ignorant.

      • Dima

        So called Syria and Lebanon, so called Jordan with so called Iraq are also a remnants of Ottoman Empire – an artificial states

      • Susan

        So you’re saying the core issue is a fantasy? Good, glad we cleared that up. Because, as all the world’s educated & informed people know, there is no illegal Jewish [sic] entity anywhere. There is, however, Israel. Which is not going anywhere. Choke on it,along with the rest of your lies & hatred.

      • Norman

        Israel is the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people. It is the Arabs who do not belong there.
        Arabs came when the Jews developed industry and agricultural operations. The Arabs were nomadic and belong in Arabia.

      • sodi

        you need to learn your own Koran…Koranic verses provided states that Allah gave the Holy Land to the sons of Israel until the Day of Judgment (Surah Al-Ma’ida, verse 21), and the other (Surah Al-Shara’a, verse 59) says that the land was bequeathed to the Jews.

      • Linda Golden

        You are an uniformed idiot…I guess you think Jesus was born in Sweden. The Jews have been on the land and if the land for thousands of years. Long after the Hittites, Phoenicians , Jenusites who are no more , they still survive and prosper. You should turn your hatred in those who deserve it. Your dictators who have kept you ignorant and in bondage.peple who think it is better to kill Than educate and give your children love are the ones doomed to disappear.

    • Timoth Benton

      No, I just call it insane stupidity.

    • Crusty

      55 isn’t elderly

  • John

    He came with others in a violent ‘protest’ to steal Jewish land. He attacked soldiers in the hope of a reaction that would be filmed and sent around the world. But it backfired on him, and his rage killed him. The Muslims are made mad by their death cult ‘religion’. He was a terrorist, a murderer, a thief, a liar and a chancer. Only evil people will miss him.

    • Jennifer Rowan-Henry

      Steal Jewish land? That’s a pathetic claim, considering the Israelis are building settlements on west bank land (within the Green Line) as fast as they can scrape up the raw materials. I suggest you read a little unbiased history of the region before you make absurd claims like this. One cannot blame the Palestinians for an abiding rage against this imbalance of power. Death cult religion? There are certainly terrorists within Islam, but it is completely unfair to label the religion this way.

      • Daniel

        Repeating stereotypes does not help. And repeating some infamous lies a 10.000 times does not help either. They won’t be true. You seem to be a bit brainwashed.

      • John is correct with his statement. During the time of Christ, the whole of Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish people. It is in that area where the Temple of Solomon was built. Now, the area where their temple was built is now occupied by the mosque of the Muslims. The muslims now are the illegal occupants of the West bank and also of Gaza. Try to read history and you will come to know that all the lands occupied by the Palestinians today are legally, historically the lands of Israel which was divinely given to Abraham and his descendants.

      • Susan

        I suggest YOU read some unbiased history, Israel stole *nothing* – or, if she did,then Jordan stole FIVE TIMES as much – and yet no one says anything. Why is that?

    • Well spoken, every single word! His HATE-SPEECH and abnormal excitement (led to his heart attack) and killed him! Might we speak of “Punishment”?
      I leave it up to the viewer!

  • Pamela Levene

    Sherifa Zuhur. You speak of eye witnesses but surely more accurate is the film footage? Ziad Abu Ein is to be seen orchestrating and encouraging the “demonstration” to be violent. This was no peaceful protest, and his use of terminology such as “dog” was clearly part of his incitement plan. It is indeed a sad irony that he succeeded so well. By his death, he gave the perfect tool to Mahmud Abbas to wield it as yet another reason to incite hatred between Israelis and Palestinians.

    By the way, when Abu Ein was man-handled into the ambulance, preventing the Israeli medic from treating him on the spot, it was clear that none of his people was concerned with giving him medical attention. He was obviously having a heart attack. If he had been reacting to the tear gas then those around him would have been affected too.

    • Timoth Benton

      Sadly the fools in Gaza and the West Bank will not bother with video evidence and the idiots in Europe will not either. And if they do, they will claim it has been altered by Zionist.

    • IsraHell

      Israeli soldiers have spoken out on your nastiness, and the fact that there have been lines of Palestinian civilians whom can’t get past a “check point ” in order to get medical aid, soldier’s have been reported to follow stupid hate orders like this everywhere while they lock palestinians in a small policed area, and the fact that they kidnap children and why? Probably because Israel is the largest organ donor in the world ,making tons of money besides US tax dollars of unwilling US citizens

      • Mister B

        Does your tinfoil hat overheat your brain? Sure sounds like it.

      • Susan

        Such nonsense. Israel treats even *terrorists*, & their children – don;t keep peddling the lies of “cant get through a checkpoint”; those checkpoints take a LOT LESS time than American airport security – needed, I might add, because of people like you. Or,at least, people you are supporting.

        Oh, just saw the “organ donor” lie. Never mind – I didn’t realize you were *that* *crazy* of a liar!

  • Hashem, provides justice in many ways, I sincerely hope his river of honey does not flow and his virgins, get mixed up with sturgeons !!
    One can not fix Stupid !
    Shalom, and rejoice in G_ds vengeance !



    • John Doe

      Your post is so smart, so you can get a degree of a “Wiseguy”…

    • Pierre Elie Mamou

      mr Randy D Miller
      and your american english is perfect!!

    • Gilman T Tobin

      Don’t get what you mean, Mr. Miller. Suicide how? Thanks for any info.

    • Dear Sir, one Yiddish word no actually two apply to you, ” Goyish Schmuck” enjoy your .00000015 seconds of Fame, amongst your friends I am quite sure you are a ” Legand in your own mind” .
      If not already a supporter, athletic, of the Taliban ! You should join Burka of the month club, I am an American Jew, proud of my contribution and my family’s, to making this country strong ( under sane management ) paying taxs, also I am a Zionist Jew, proud of Isreal, proud of its people, and so very proud there is an Isreal !
      Without it, you would probably enjoy having a woman walk 3 steps behind you.
      We are a free ? Republic here, and definitely a free Democracy in Israel !
      SHALOM YOU !

    • Baba

      Not sure I understand your post. Are you accusing Israelis of kidnapping children to sell off body parts? Or are you saying that Israel sells body parts, period? May ISIS is really Israelis dressed like Muslims? Maybe Iran only want nuclear power to roast marshmallows? If you are, you are not only certifiable but totally delusional and ignorant. You must stop reading the Muslim propaganda that is laced with so many fabrications and delusional rhetoric that they will soon be made into a new book called “Palestinian Fairy Tales – Lies of the Diseased Mind”.

      If you are not saying this, then I retract my statement. Right now, I will believe what I have written. I truly pity you. Brainwashing is a terrible thing to do to someone. It takes their independence and originality as a human being and turns them into puppets or machines that spout someone else’s opinion that has been carved into their brain.

    • Baba

      Sir, to put it bluntly, you are an arse!



    • A sheep always knows when a ASS,is in a pen.
      Sissies, I think not .
      Enjoy your ignorance it suits you well.
      Isreal will survive, Israelis will prevail, Islam will one day implode, or who knows it might even glow, if viewed from a space station.
      Move to Iran, or another stupid radical Islamic state, who knows they may let you become a human bomb ! Messuge !!!

  • Abu Bakr

    He was a martyr for the cause, who says that there is no justice hahaha

    • Timoth Benton

      For what cause? Stupidity?

  • Lauren Goldman

    The world media will never allow the video, of what actually happened, to be made public. However, they will no doubt play up the lies and hyperbole from the ‘palestinians’ and never mention the attempted aid from the Israeli medic, which was blocked by the ‘palestinians’.

    Look, the world will condemn Israel, no matter what it does, so it is time to take off the kid gloves and use anything and everything necessary to protect itself and its citizens. Specifically, Jews. Arab-Israelis preaching hatred of Israel and terrorist acts need to be stripped of their citizenship and expelled from Israel. No other country would put up with the crap that Israel has. Terrorists need to be put down like the mad animals they are.

    • shura

      Put them down like mad animals? Listen to yourself. This is why the people of the world are beginning to suspect the Israelis of that particular sort of desensitized brutality we once saw in Nazi Germany, apartheid South Africa, and the US antebellum south. That’s the people, mind you. Not their governments, which, against all reason and to their own detriment, continue to support and bankroll the Israeli war machine, its illegal and immoral settlements, and state led oppression while you pound your chests and cry, “Woe is me, the whole world condemns us!” You’re not the victims anymore. You’re the tyrants.

      • And you are obviously self important enough to be both judge and jury, aren’t you?

      • Susan

        You have it backwards, of course. It’s only that Israel is constantly falsely accused of such ridiculous crimes that the people – not the governments, mind you – are beginning to think “May as well be hung for a lion as a lamb,” & they are agitating to actually *do8 what they are accused of, in order to save themselves from people like YOU who will ensure that they die, because of the terrorism you support with your lies.

      • Dante

        It is ridicolous to compare Israel to Apartheid South Africa or even Nazi Germany. More than 20% of the Iraeli citizens (!) are Arabs, and they have all thr civil rights which even Arabs in Arab countries lack.

      • Jennifer

        How can you compare harsh remarks by frustrated Jewish people to violent incitement by the “leaders” of the Palestinians? Jews have had a presence in the land of Israel long before there was any “Palestinian people.” The British called the people living in that land “Jewish Palestinians” and “Arab Palestinians.” Israel’s actions are less illegal than the US building in Washington D.C. After all, the “Indians” did have a claim to that land. You can’t select a small slice of history and pretend there was nothing before that time and start screaming foul. Learn the whole history. Jews have been there for thousands of years.

      • Norman

        Obviously you are oblivious to the horrors taking place in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Hamas and a few other Muslim countries where the government murders dozens of people every day. You show your own bigotry and stupidity. Besides I think Allah loves Israel more than the Islamic dictatorships that preach intolerance and love death more than life.

  • kay

    his bad temper killed him

  • VictorMc

    What a story….one down, zillions, and years to go until these neanderthals get some brains.

    • Mister B

      Please – the proper term is Paleostinians.

  • larry butchins

    Are we sure he’s actually dead? He may be miraculously resurrected at some time in the future.

  • David Goshen

    It is time to make all licenses to demonstrate conditional on their being peaceful and should the degenerate into violance or the conditions of the license like wanting to plant olive trees be introduced ,the demonstration should be stopped.

  • Reform School

    Acceptance of Jewish medical aid violates Sharia law. The res

    • Reform School

      Acceptance of Jewish medical aid violates Sharia law— Atheists worldwide worship the ground covering Muslims.

      • Timoth Benton

        Atheist do not realize that these very people they worship, if they ever took over the area, the first they would kill would be atheist and then people they consider as idol worshippers.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    Dont waste time trying to convince a jury that is tainted with prejudice. President Obama said today that coming out with the torture report of the senate committee investigation will help show that we are a moral people. That is BS. The world does not understand anything about morality and the Arabs least of all. Fight them fire with fire. This goody two shoes approach makes them laugh and see you as a pushover weakling. The man is dead. Hurray!!

  • Joy D. Brower

    When Arafat died of AIDS, his Fakestinian colleagues started accusing Israel of poisoning him (and most of the gullible Gazans believed that nonsense!) – and the lies & deceit on behalf of the PA & its big brother, Hamas, continues unabated. Most (but not all) of Israeli and Gazan Arabs have real attitude and, frankly, can NEVER be trusted to stick to ANY peace treaty. Better to treat them like animals in the zoo – with a certain amount of kindess, but wary every minute of every encounter!

  • Otto Waldmann

    Self confessed murderers and murder intent palestinians are thriving on martyrdom and premeditate a vast variety of situations, from large Gaza offensive to minor village incidents, all aimed fueling a vast PR war campaign at whet ought to be revealed as the occupying Zionist terror system.
    Judging by the usefully idiotic international reactions, up to traditionally respectable democracies, Sweden, England, France etc., the strategy is working. Fear combined with intellectual cowardice/impotence play into the hands of these base criminals who are, in fact, an active segment of a much larger international plot of overtaking and destroying through a well organised jihad the very systems now defending them. Idiots who make themselves useful onto their own demise. Would Israel allow these evil creeps to prevail, at least in her own G-d Given land !!!!! It does not look like it, and shkoyach to the Land of Zion.

    By the way, this devout antisemitic criminal WANTED to end up this way; a favour was provided.

  • Margarita

    Now the story sounds right. I was wondering about it. Thank you for your professionalism.

  • aall55

    Israel needs to toughen up . Its kindness is perceived as weakness .


      Why was this savage bastard released, from prison after the murdered 2 boys.?
      Time for Israel to introduce the death penalty for terrorists who murder Israelis
      Israel should ask the citizens if the Israelis approve of the death penalty.
      Too many PA murderers are getting away with murder. They are then swapped for an Israeli, and then they carry on with their terrorism.
      Abbas should have been arrested and hanged for his financing the murder of Israeli athletes in the 1972 Munich Olympics.
      Why is that bastard allowed to get away with murder?

      • steven L

        Must have been due to pressure from the IL left who believes in redemption of people whose brain has been reduced to ashes from reading too much Qur’an and dreaming to much of virgins.

    • Israel = Nazis what you expect only blood lies

      • Timoth Benton

        That tired old garbage. Last I checked Israel has a large population of Arabs that are equal citizens with the Jews. You stupid Muslims are confused, how many Jews are in Gaza and if this was the case, then why did the Muslims try to kill all the Jews all over the Arab world in the 1950’s. The only Nazi’s are the Muslims, they are the ones that idolize the Jerusalem Mufti who served with Hitler and still buy Hitler’s book Mein Kampf

      • steven L

        In the last 24hrs, it was reported by BBC that the IDF had attacked or molested this terrorist!!!!

        The Nazi were “friends” of the Muslims!!!! So if the Jews are Nazi, why are you not friends with the Jews! Because the Jews are NOT NAZI!

  • Bernard Ross

    another terrorist bites the dust, hallelujah

  • Khalidi

    Who cares how he died? He’s a dead terrorist killer now and the Palestinians will lie about the cause of death anyway.

  • Sherifa Zuhur

    You should include in your report the other reported facts and testimonies of eyewitnesses to keep from misleading your readers. Fact: Abu Ein was part of an unarmed demonstration on village land with tree saplings to plant. It was foolish of Israeli soldiers and border policemen to tear gas and physically attack demonstrators who posed no threat to anyone. What danger did they pose to anyone? On tape, Israeli soldiers are seen throwing an old man to the ground twice prior to attacking Abu Ein. An eyewitness stated he was grabbed in the throat (the photo circulated worldwide) by a border policemen, then punched in the throat and hit in the chest by two additional police. He collapsed. HIs statement before dying is on record. Really, you think he cannot called the man who killed him a “dog”? Is namecalling the issue here? This was a Palestinian minister and important leader of Fatah’s council, an individual providing service to the Abbas government which has pursued the two state solution and decried those Palestinians who prefer jihad and violence. As for the comments. Israelis do not protect free speech by applauding the killing of anyone at a demonstration.

    • Sara Springer

      You should write a book of fairy tales. You’re good at it.
      Don’t bother responding. No one is interested.

    • jay

      You mean a terrorist.

    • mbrjosephs

      Sherifa….You Arabs happily and purposely kidnapped 3 innocent yeshiva high school student and then murdered them? You Arabs got a bus driver who had driven yeshiva high school students to and from school for years and knew them personally to one day enter the yeshiva several years ago and gun down as many kids as he could before he was taken down? You Arabs had men who worked in a Jerusalem hotel for years assassinate a retired Israeli official many years ago? And you have the nerve to post such a statement as you did above. And how about those two boys (one of them was named Mandel) ten or fifteen years ago who were ditching school one day, investigating the wadi near their homes, their heads were so badly smashed by one our your Arab brethren that their dental records were needed to tell the boys apart. Or the Fogel family whose throats were slashed in their own home by teenage Arabs, including a 3 year old and a 4 month old baby? Or the many bus bombings and cafe bombings. It just kills you that we put up a fence and you can’t kill us as easily any more, doesn’t it. So you dug hundreds of tunnels to kidnap and murder as many Jews as possible, building them under our babies’ ganim (kindergartens). But your plans were foiled when you kidnapped our teenage boys this summer…too bad, isn’t it? So you’ve been driving cars into crowds and killing innocent people and stabbing innocent people in the Old City in Jerusalem and murdering innocent men who were praying in Har Nof. This is NOT your country. Israel belongs to the JEWS…you are only guests in OUR country. And most of you are very nasty guests at that. If you don’t like it here, get the hell out. Go to Jordan that was created out of thin air in 1929 for YOU! Go to any one of the many Arab countries in the M.E. We don’t want you here because you refuse to live in peace with us. A very kind man created a wondeful opportunity for your people to earn a descent wage in the SodaStream factory until your stupid friends ruined all of that with their BDS and the factory had to move and the Arabs lost their great jobs. Stop crying your crocodile tears and shut the hell up!!!

    • Juicy

      Blah Blah Blah

    • Vivarto

      Look, this is as simple as this:
      Jews and Muhammadan Arabs cannot share this tiny piece of land.
      Fortunately for the Muhammadans they already STOLE enough land from other nations, and destroyed enough of other nations and civilizations.
      They can get off Jewish land.

    • AbrahamA

      i think you are being mislead and are trying to mislead the readers. The news reporter is not a Jew and he clearly says he pushed a soldier. Let’s see what happens if this happened in any of the Arab controlled territories or countries. You talk about fairness here but Arabs kicked out more than 850000 Jews from their land in the 50’s and robbed the of their houses and wealth but know one cares nor did any of those Jews sat around and waiting for a handout. Talk about fairness, Israel is the only land in the Middle East where Christians and Muslims can pray and live peacefully. Arabs even serve in the Israeli military. Let’s see how many Jews serve in any of the Arab army. Back to the topic, The man you are defending mentioned to a Al-Arabia reporter prior to his protest “I am going to humiliate Israel today”. I guess God was not on his side today for that.

    • Shane Hathaway

      No matter who or what this man was he was firstly a human being. How can Israel claim to be about peace while celebrating and laughing at his death. No very Christian.

      • Bill Poser

        In the Mishna we are instructed: “If a man comes to kill you, rise up early and kill him first.”

        • Gilman T Tobin

          When we came to the commandment “Thou should not kill” my father, an ex-police officer, added, “unless they’re tying to kill you.”

      • Gilman T Tobin

        We will not be martyrs…Christian or otherwise. Stay alive.

      • Shane, we cannot afford to be Christians in the Middle East based on the colossal drop in population Christians have suffered at the hands of their neighbors over the last few decades. How much longer will it be when the Jews are the only non Muslims left in the area?

      • Shelly

        Shane, no Israeli is celebrating and laughing about his death. We never do that. If you would come and see what is happening yourself you would see that Israelis never celebrate death and in cases such as these they investigate to see what happened, and if any soldier acted improperly he is punished. When Arab terrorists kill Jews the Arabs in Israel do openly celebrate in the streets every Jew that is killed, and openly praise the terrorist, considering him a hero.

      • Susan

        If he was ‘firstly a human being’ he should have acted like it. It is *very easy* to claim to be about peace *&* celebrate the death of someone who REPRESENTED WAR. See how that works? And no,Israel is not interested in being Xian. You can go off & do that all by yourself.

      • Dante

        So do the Palestinians, at least many of them. They cheer when Israelis are killed. Moreover, these Israelis don’t need to spread hatred against Arabs or have killed some of them, it is enough to be Jewish.
        Additionally, it is ridicolous to accuse Jews and Muslims (what most Israelis actually are) of not behaving Christian, particularly in the light that even Christians seldom do.

      • Norman

        Israelis did not celebrate his death or laugh about it and he was not very Christian, nor did he care about Christians. Many Christians have been attacked and kicked out of Muslim occupied territory.

    • If and when you come out of your parallel universe, you may see reality as it is, and you will regret having exposed yourself as a peddler of lies no informed person believes anymore.

    • msr

      LOL,good riddance to bad rubbish 🙂

    • Isobel

      Clearly the demonstration wasn’t that peaceful – in fact it was an attempted land grab. The photo does NOT show him grabbed by the throat, neither is there any evidence except Palestinian “eyewitnesses” of him being choked, punched or hit with a rifle butt, despite the many cameramen attending this “peaceful demonstration” that was obviously intended to be anything but.
      The man was a convicted murderer, a terrorist in the Revolutionary Council, who only escaped his life sentence in one of Israel’s misguided “prisoner swaps” 3 years after he was extradited from the US and convicted of the murder of two Jews.
      Finally he’s served his sentence.

    • Conan T.

      Don’t forget to mention that he was a convicted terrorist who murdered two Israeli teenagers… Also, how is it that the guy dies of a heart attack way after a confrontation anywhere close to being the soldier’s fault? If he has a heart condition he shouldn’t be in stressful situations AND not getting into any physical confrontation… If the Israeli soldiers are so evil then just stay away.

      He was just a terrorist, nothing more AND was killed in the car on the way to the hospital, quite obvious unless you are a pal’s fan boy/girl


      Every word you write is a lie, just like your dearly beloved terrorist murderer, Abbas
      That savage was a murderer of 2 Israeli boys.
      He should have been shot when he was caught.
      Israel is too weak with the PA murderers.

    • Tony Riley

      The “old man” can be clearly seen attacking an IDF soldier with a flagpole. What would Hamas do if someone tried that in Gaza?

      Also, Ziad Abu Ein had more blood on his hands than anybody there yesterday – he blew up 2 Israeli boys in Tiberias in 1979.

    • Helena

      An important leader of the Fatah Council? Yes, an ex-terrorist (we hope) who is very important because he was a terrorist and in jail in Israel for killing two teenagers. Certainly in Palestinian eyes, very important!

    • Itsik

      “Really, you think he cannot called the man who killed him a “dog”? Is namecalling the issue here? This was a Palestinian minister and important leader of Fatah’s council, an individual providing service to the Abbas government”

      And he provided the service they were after didn’t he?
      Funny how you ignore the point here that the medic was not allowed to attend him.
      I’ve seen the footage and frankly a man with such health issues should not be charging at border police with other crowd in a violent manner but rather attend a peaceful demonstration, like the name suggests, peacefully.
      Might want to try that some time.
      But I guess for you the Palestinians can do no wrong.
      Do you excuse their acts like you would excuse children’s actions?
      There’s a name for that you know…

    • An Israeli citizen

      We did not applaud the death of a demonstrator, we applaud the death of a terrorist who killed 2 young boys who did nothing to him or to the Palestinians and was released in the notorious prisoners exchange. Exchanges that terrorists make to release other terrorists.
      Plus, even if he was assaulted(measures to disperse demonstration are legal, and they came to close to a military base and did not back away after warnings), he did not die from the assault, he died from the great amount of stress in the protest. A man with heart problem does not do anything stressful, and demonstrating is. Israel did not kill him, he killed himself by risking his own life.
      About your “Abbas decries terror acts” – that is a lie. He only condemned the Har Nof Synagogue Attack after Kerry forced him to, after he did that he sent condolence letters to the parents of the attackers for their deaths. Fatah posted in its Facebook and quickly deleted that they praise the “Car terror” and other Palestinians should do that to. Fatah is not good, it is just better than Hamas, that is all. Also, he was not a minister, he was only in charge on the settlements, after he died, he was promoted to minister so that Pallywood will have something to show the world.

    • Lynne T

      He was a Hamasnik who murdered two, maimed a few dozen others and was released in a prisoner swap. Prior to this “demonstration” he was boasting that he planned on embarassing Israel and may have died of a heart attack that was partially the result of the application of an inhaler by one of his entourage members.

      And while nobody is all that saddened by his death, it was not his “free speech” that caused the disorder.

    • You Moron

      He was an important leader you say? he was also a convicted terrorist murderer!! he also provoked the “attack” and theres no one to blame but himself

    • Facts are determined by 2 or more witnesses and the accounts are in agreement. One person can say anything. Thus what you state as fact is suspect. Why did you not include the photo you declare was circulated worldwide? It must be verified it was not tampered with. I do not state this to demean you but to say one must be SURE of the FACTS before confidently asserting something that may indeed not be true. Personal feelings and emotions must be set aside in the quest for truth.

      • Dante

        Facts are determined by what really happened. A single person can tell anything but so can two or more, especially if they don’t tell it independently.
        Humans use to lie, and especially do Jew-haters.

    • Alon

      I’m sorry Sherifa but after watching the Video more than once you are the one misleading; the Border Patrol officer didn’t touch Abu Ein until Abu Ein pushed him-FACT!
      And in any case this is NOT about who is right or wrong this is about the Palestinians rejecting the aid of an Israeli medical staff, also shown clearly in the video…
      Also, as per Palestinian news, Abu Ein has had more than a few medical problems, especially heart problems, and the cause of death was a heart attack.
      So where exactly is an Israeli Border officer to blame? Or is the fact that its Israel enough for you to just blame…

    • miriam

      The demonstration had been coordinated with Israeli authorities and when protesters attempted to violate the agreed location of the demonstration scuffles broke out and tear gas apparently had to be used. This is standard procedure in such demonstrations and every participant knew that.

      Video footage shows the elderly man you mention hitting Israeli forces with the flag pole he was holding and consequently having it removed from his hands. He continued physically engaging the forces.

      Abu Ein was not a Minister.

    • David

      If it is facts that you are claiming you want posted ten lets add some facts.
      1 Israel like many other countries have a law against an authorized gatherings, Get a permit and you can protest, don’t and you are breaking the law.
      2 There is nothing harmless in planting trees in the west bank of Israel, since the Israeli law is not enforced, rather the Jordanian law, it states that land that is barren can be claimed by the state but land that is planted and cared for is the property of the planter, so the real reason for the planting was to steel land from the Israeli government.
      3 It always amuses me when only the shot that makes the Israeli solder look bad is published, lets look at the physical provocation that happened moments before and the solder was trying to hold him down and calm him, rather then provoke him.
      4 Minister ? one needs a government a country and a nation for that and their is non of the above just a group of fanatics that only agree on one thing “kill Jews”.
      5 We applaud the death of a terrorist, a wolf in sheep clothing is still a wolf.

    • Gilman T Tobin

      My goodness, you could teach at Berkeley. Scary. Do you think IS rightious? Just curious.

  • Freedom of Speech Limitations
    If you are in a theater and you yell fire, when there is no fire and cause injuries to the audience at large by your yelling fire you have forfeited you right to free speech.
    The same applies to anyone who promotes violence, incites the public to violence and sedition, Uses his freedom of speech to promote treason against the State.
    Israel has bent over backward in protecting the right to free speech.
    It is time for Israel to go on the offensive and utilize its laws to prosecute those who abuse their right to free speech, that right has its limitations.
    We must hold Arab-Palestinians accountable for teaching hate, honoring terrorist and celebrating terror attacks.
    Any capitulation or concessions to Arab-Palestinians demands breeds greater outrageous demands and more violence.
    Israel’s P.M. should tell them – if you are not with us to protect our people at all costs – you are against us and you are contributing to the continued violence.
    YJ Draiman

    • Bernard Kupferschmid

      I am in full agreement with what you express!

    • Here in the United States of America, Free speech doesn’t mean we have the right to insult or cause violence when we speak. The right is to communicate a feeling or a thought about any subject that doesn’t violate a person/s while doing so.

    • Rick

      Agreed in spirit. As long as conflicts continue “politically”, justice will not prevail. However, where will you find an open honest court to try the Arab-Palestinians hateful acts, and openly spoken hatred? You will not find it. The only thing understood by these people is hatred, murder and violence. The one left standing is the one who prevails.
      I say, “the heck with the open court”. Fight back with all of your might to preserve the State of Israel….God’s Land.


      A Sheik was preaching in the Al Aqsa mosque, shouting that every Jew must be killed.
      That man should have been arrested and given a life sentence with out any chance of him being released in a prisoner swap.
      He should serve his sentence in solidary confinement so that he cannot carry on preaching murder and hatred in prison
      He is inciting hatred and telling his followers to murder Jews.

    • Lars-Toralf STorstrand

      Absolutely in Agreement.

    • Vivarto

      No it is not about controlling speech.
      It is about Muhammadanism.
      Freedom and Muhammadanism are incompatible. A free society can easily contain 0.1% Muhammedan population without loosing freedom. While 1% is the absolute maximum. Anything beyond that, results in loss of freedom. It is like with AIDS, in the beginning, in it’s dormant stage the virus in harmless.

  • Lynne T

    Interesting, and not surprising this was a Sky News reporter rather than Al BBC.

    A report I heard this morning on the Al CBC suggested that cause of death may have been related to tear gas rather than physical contact, but Mudar Zahran is also reporting that Abu Ein had been bragging about causing a commotion intended to embarass Israel.