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Israel Boosting Golan Heights Forces in Response to Rising ISIS Threats

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ISIS Militants. Photo: Screenshot, Fox News Sunday.

The Israeli Army is boosting and regrouping its forces in the Golan Heights in light of ISIS terrorists overtaking more and more border areas, according to the London-based A-Sharq Al-Awsat and Lebanese media.

A senior Israeli officer said that the army has regrouped and reinforced its forces in the Golan Heights after three divisions of insurgents operating near the Israeli and Jordanian borders in the southern Golan recently declared their loyalty to ISIS, the pan-Arab newspaper said.

Militants with the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade of the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) were among those who recently switched allegiance to ISIS, according to Israel’s Ch. 2 News.

The senior officer said the IDF muscle-flexing was intended to deter ISIS from hostile moves towards Israel, and that any show of weakness in the face of the terrorist organization’s advances could cost the lives of Israeli civilians.

“Israel cannot stand by while red lines which endanger its security are being crossed,” Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon stated recently.

“This year, we find ourselves facing radical Islamic terrorism, which lurks in every Middle Eastern corner, seeking to destroy us only for who we are. The relentless terrorism is activated by cruel organizations which are not picky about their methods, and will do everything to try and sabotage our existence here in Israel.”

To that end, the Israeli army’s Combat Intelligence Collection Corps “Vulture” battalion held week-long maneuvers in the Golan Heights in late Nov., over concerns that Syria’s internal carnage could involve Israel.

The army, anxiously following events on the other side of the hostile border, held the exercise in light of six months of sporadic cross-border gunfire, mortar shelling and two foiled infiltrations by hostile aircraft – one an armed bomber on a run against rebel forces close to Israeli territory.

In a telephone call between Ya’alon and outgoing US Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel on Dec. 12th, the sides discussed “efforts by the United States and the coalition partners to counter the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and they reaffirmed the strength of the U.S.-Israel security relationship,” according to the Defense Department.

Meanwhile, Lebanon-based NOW Media recently reported that that country’s military forces are bracing for an ISIS onslaught via Mt. Qalamoun to attack units of the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terror group which are aligned with the forces of Syria’s Assad.

“Al-Nusra Front and ISIS’s plan warns of a black winter and bad days ahead in Baalbek and Hermel,” sources told the outlet, referring to two threatened border areas.

Both terrorist groups have clashed repeatedly in recent months, in attempts to wrestle control of the strategic hilltop which overlooks Lebanese territory, as well as in several other areas along the border between the two countries.

On Dec. 6th, Jordanian monarch King Abdullah told CBS News that battling the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and other terrorist groups is “our third world war.”

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  • Greater Israel belongs to the Jewish people under International Law!
    The Jewish People’s historical right to the land of Greater Israel had been recognized by the international community and upheld by the rule of public international law.
    Any view that contradicts this statement is pure distortion of the facts and history.
    Israel is not obliged to support the creation of an Arab state west of the Jordan river alongside Israel and it must not concede to any such arrangement or the security and survival of Israel will be compromised.
    The Oslo Agreements were made with a view to enhance “a just, lasting and comprehensive peace.” Yet, since their coming into effect the Middle East has witnessed not peace but violence of the worst kind in recent history. As of today the Oslo agreement is null and void. The Arab Palestinians have not lived up to any of the agreement. The Arab Palestinians promote, preach and teach their children and the masses to create terror, violence and suicide bombing. Their only goal is the destruction of the Jewish State, read the Palestinian and Hamas Charter.
    The establishment of the Palestinian Authority should serve as a “guide to the bewildered” of the grave risks posed by such an Arab State, which may eventually lead to the destruction of the Jewish State. Any land for peace compromise by Israel has made the situation worse. Sadly, appeasement and concessions by Israel only aggravated the situation and increased violence. Israel must stand its ground, resist unjust world pressure and protect its citizens at all costs. Any concessions by Israel will only make the situation worse and bring about more violence and death, as the past experience has proven.
    Under public international law, Israel is entitled to diligently encourage and promote close Jewish settlement of the land of Israel, thereby realizing the principles set out by the San Remo Treaty of 1920 and the League of Nations in the original Mandate document. In 1922 in violation of the treaty, the British gave away 80% of the land allocated to the Jewish people and gave it to the Arabs to set-up a state that never existed in history. (The British wanted to protect their oil interests).
    In addition at that time, the Allied powers also set up 21 Arab States and one Jewish State. If you questions Israel’s borders, you must question the 21 Arab States borders and Jordan.
    It is also important to address the expulsion of over a million Jewish people from the Arab countries and the confiscation of land owned by Jewish people in the Arab countries, totaling 120,000 sq. km. (4 times the size of Israel) valued at over 15 trillion dollars and other personal assets confiscated by the Arabs totaling over 990 billion dollars.
    The Jewish people resettled the million Jewish refugees from the Arab countries. It is about time the Arab countries who expelled the million Jewish people, must settle the Arab-Palestinian refugees once and for all without compromising Israel and bring about peace and tranquility to the region.
    Neither the U.N. nor any Country in the world has the authority to create a state or dissolve a state, (check the U.N. charter and international law.)
    A true peace will bring about an economic boom to the region of which the world has never seen before. It will raise the standard of living for all the people in the Middle East and accelerate peace and harmony.
    It will also divert the billions of dollars invested in war materials to be used to advance the economy, medical and social services and more.

  • No religion in the world promises its converts to occupy the land of the birth of their religion. The Muslims of India and other countries can also claim such legal/religious rights to occupy Saudi Arabia being the birth place of Islam. If Jews of the west had no land, then it does not mean that they should occupy the Arab land on some treaty etc. prepared and imposed by the west without the consent of the Arabs and drive them out and make them Red Indians in their own land. After creation of Israel on Arab lands, it is but natural that the Arabic Jews living in Arabia will naturally feel discriminated to move to Israel where they too are not allowed to hold any big political posts of President, Prime Minister and speaker of Knesset so much so even the Army Chief and the Israeli army are also white. Sorry for frank remarks.

    • E benAbuya

      Your argument rests on several false notions.

      1)Jewish identity is solely a religious one. Jews are now and have always been a separate “Nation” among all the other nations. Religion is only one thread in a huge tapestry. The distinction you’re attempting to draw is simply an expedient to support your Enabler/Co-Dependent delusions that somehow “The Jews Ate Their Homework.”
      When those, who cannot abide Jewish “otherness” or the idea of Jewish sovereignty anywhere, seek our destruction; “conversion” has never been sufficient. It is always Jewish Culture they seek to destroy. From Antiochus IV in the 2nd Century BCE to Spain in the 15th Century CE through the Shoah of the 20th. It is the entire purpose of your divinely mandated apartheid dhimmitude system.[]

      2)The Arabs are the indigenous people of the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean. The amount of evidence which refutes this is overwhelming. The links to “original source” documents alone is an encyclopedia. From the 13th Century BCE Merneptah stele, through the Annals of Sennacherib in the 7th Century BCE and on and on and on through Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Abbysaid, Ottoman and even 20th Century CE ARAB sources!(I’ll be more than happy to provide you a partial list.)
      Of these, two, are the most compelling. A)The Arabs cannot even pronounce the word “Palestine” as their native (indigenous) language, Arabic, lacks the labial plosive phoneme (the ‘P’ sound.) B)All of their family/clan names refer to someplace else []
      You may choose to flatter yourself that you are speaking “frank” truths. But to anyone with eyes and ears you are merely spouting convenient nonsense in a desperate attempt to sustain the Arab’s in their addiction to “The Jews Ate My Homework”
      Back into your brass bottle; you vile Jinn.

    • ‘no religion in the world promises its
      converts to occupy the place of the birth of their religion.’

      Thatmight be so for non-bible religions; but YHWH of the hebrews promised the place where Abraham wandered to his descendents( by Isaac). This book, the bible, is without error,and has a rule of interpretation, so by evidence and so far is superior to any other ( of the large religious books), e.g. the one called ‘recital’. This issue about which book is superior) needs to be addressed. ( the correct text of the hebrew bible is the masorretic; and Greek, the traditional text). Most or all the modern translations do not use the correct texts to translate.The KJV is translated from the correct manuscripts.

  • Richard Wahl

    God Bless the IDF and all the men and women serving in it. Hopefully they will keep the Golan Heights safe this holiday season.

  • arne normann one of your (israeli) generals once said: all arab men wants to die, we only have to help them. I do agree..

  • Arabs expelled the Jews from all their countries.
    The Jewish exodus from Arab lands refers to the 20th century expulsion or mass departure of Jews, primarily of Sephardi and Mizrahi background, from Arab and Islamic countries. The migration started in the late 19th century, but accelerated after the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. According to official Arab statistics, over 989,000 Jews were forced out of their homes in Arab countries from 1948 until the early 1970’s. Some 600,000 resettled in Israel, [1] leaving behind personal property valued today at more than $990 billion.[2][3] Jewish-owned real-estate left behind in Arab lands has been estimated at 120,000 square kilometers (four times the size of the State of Israel). Valued today at about 15 trillion dollars [4]
    Not abused? I feel like swearing here. you can bet your rear end they were abused.
    Patricia Metzger’s campaign to achieve justice sheds light on a little-discussed aspect of the Israeli-Arab conflict: In the wake of the War of Independence and the establishment of Israel, two major population movements took place in the Middle East. The one that is frequently mentioned is the Palestinian exodus, but at the same time almost one million Jews were forced to leave Arab countries where they had lived for hundreds of years. According to official Arab statistics, due to persecution, some 950,000 Jews left those countries from 1948 to the beginning of the 1970s, and about 600,000 of them were absorbed in Israel. For the sake of comparison, the United Nations data estimate the original population of Arab-Palestinian refugees at 580,000.
    Because we had no home for nearly two thousand years, Israel made itself independent of its Arab-British oppressors in 1948. In that year, another great Jewish Exodus occurred, leading to a large increase in the population of Israel and the decimation of some of the oldest Jewish communities on earth.

    Jews have lived in the countries now occupied by Arabs since the destruction of the first Temple in 586 B.C.E. Yet, the descendants of these original inhabitants of so many Middle Eastern lands were driven out of their ancestral homes by the religious bigotry and racial animosity of the Arab invaders.

    In 1945 there were more than 995,000 Jews living in Arabic speaking countries. Today, there are less than 8,000. Some Arab states like Libya are completely judenrein, i.e., cleansed of Jews, as the Arabs’ best friend, Hitler, liked to say.

    About 630,000 of these Jews were absorbed by Israel. Another 350,000 went to Europe, America or Australia. Evidently, then, the refugee problem in the Middle East consists of the failure of the Arab states to compensate these 986,000 for the property and assets they were forced to leave behind.

    Examples are Iraq, which once had a Jewish population of 95,000 and now only has less than one hundred Jews left. A good number of Jews left Egypt in 1948. Egypt is the country where Yasser Arafat was born (Arafat is an Egyptian. His real name is Husseinei). There were 79,000 Jews in Egypt in 1948. Yet, in connection with the Egyptian aggression of 1957, more than 26,200 Jews were forced to leave Egypt. Today, the Jewish community in Egypt amounts to only 200. These Jews left assets of $25 billion, for which they should now be compensated.

    There are no Jews in Algeria today. That country is also Judenrein. In 1948 there were 150,000 Jews in Algeria. In Morocco, which was the home of 296,000 Jews before 1948, there are today only 5,800 Jews. Similar decimation occurred in Syria, Tunisia, Yemen and other Arab states. The governments of the these countries forcibly expelled all Jews, who then increased the Israeli population. From the Arab point of view that was indeed as stupid a policy as the Arab incitement of the Russian population against the Jews in that country. That anti-Jewish campaign by the Arab agitators led to the arrival in Israel of over a million Russian Jews. Many of the Jews were engineers and scientists of the first order. This helped Israel a great deal. Now the Arabs are making life miserable for the Jews of France and Belgium. There are over 700,000 Jews in France. If the Arabs keep up their attacks on these European Jews then Israel will again absorb a large contingent of Jews forced to flee France (and Belgium).

    The Jewish exodus from the Arab lands was dramatic. Many Jews fled on foot while others were rescued by “Operation Magic Carpet.” This consisted of bringing 55,000 Yemeni Jews to Israel by plane.

    It is evident, therefore, that the “refugee problem” in Israel consists of the failure of the Arabs to pay compensation to the one million Jews who were driven out of their homelands by the Arab hate mongers.

    And There were riots prior to Israel existing. Simply wounding or killing Jews because there was a chance that Israel would exist.

    Go on . Tell me that 5 Times the land of Israel taken from Jews and 990 Billion dollars in personal assets and Jewish-owned real-estate left behind in Arab lands has been estimated at 120,000 square kilometers (four times the size of the State of Israel). Valued today at about 15 trillion dollars isn’t “Abusing ” them . Its just your regular old nationalizing right? No racial hatred at all I am sure. Not to mention they were productive citizens who had no interest in moving to Palestine or they would have already done so (and wouldn’t have been so bloody rich)
    “If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you’d best teach it to dance.” – George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

    • Barry Panensky

      Wonderful. Barry


    Note: All documents are referenced and all source material is readily available in the United Nations Archives
    Chronology of Events and Evidence
    For over 2,500 years, Jews resided in North Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf region in substantial numbers – fully 1,000 years before the advent of Islam. During the twentieth century, the uprooting of up to one million Jews from their ancient Jewish communities in ten Arab countries did not occur by happenstance.
    State-sanctioned repressive measures, coupled often with violence and repression, precipitated the Jewish refugee problem in the Middle East.

    There is ample evidence that points to collusion, a shared pattern of conduct amongst a number of Arab regimes that appeared intended to coerce Jews to leave, or to use them as weapons in the Arab world’s struggle against the State of Israel. This is evidenced from:
    (a) The drafting of a Law by the Political
    Committee of the Arab League that recommended a coordinated strategy of repressive measures against Jews;
    (b) strikingly similar legislation and discriminatory decrees, enacted by numerous Arab governments, that violated the fundamental rights and freedoms of Jews resident in Arab countries;
    (c) statements made by delegates of Arab countries at the U.N. during the debate on the ‘Partition Resolution’, representing a pattern of ominous threats made against Jews in Arab countries; and (d) newspaper reports from that period.
    This Chronology provides a small sample, and not an exhaustive survey, of such of events and evidence.
    * * * * *
    In 1947, the Political Committee of the Arab League (League of Arab States) drafted a law that was to govern the legal status of Jewish residents in all Arab League countries (See attached Exhibit E). Arab diplomats at the UN sought to attribute blame for any danger to Jews on the Arab “masses” – indeed, even
    to the UN itself – while, in fact, the Arab League was colluding to encourage state sanctioned discrimination against Jews in all of its member states – at the time, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, and Yemen.

    This Draft Law of the Arab League provided that “…all Jews – with the exception of citizens of non-Arab countries – were to be considered members of the Jewish ‘minority state of Palestine,’; that their bank accounts would be frozen and used to finance resistance to ‘Zionist ambitions in Palestine; Jews believed to
    be active Zionists would be interned as political prisoners and their assets confiscated; only Jews who accept active service in Arab armies or place themselves at the disposal of these armies would be considered ‘Arabs.'” 1
    From the sheer volume of subsequent state-sanctioned discriminatory measures, replicated in so many Arab countries and instituted in such a parallel fashion, one is drawn to the conclusion that such evidence suggests a common pattern of repressive measures, – indeed collusion – against Jews by Arab governments
    (See attached “State Sanctioned Persecution of Jews in Egypt {Exhibit K} and Iraq {Exhibit L}).
    1 Text of Law Drafted by Political Committee of Arab League (See attached Exhibit E)
    The following official statements demonstrate a pattern of ominously similar threats made against Jews in Arab countries:
    November 24, 1947
    In a key address to the Political Committee of the U.N. General Assembly on the morning of November 24, 1947, just five days before that body voted on the Partition plan for Palestine, Heykal Pasha, an Egyptian delegate, made the following statement:
    “The United Nations … should not lose sight of the fact that the proposed solution might endanger a million Jews living in the Muslim countries. … If the United Nations decided to partition Palestine they might be responsible for very grave disorders and for the massacre of a large number of Jews.”2
    November 24, 1947
    In an afternoon session of the Political Committee of the U.N. General Assembly on November 24, 1947, the Palestinian delegate to the UN, Jamal Husseini, representing the Arab Higher Committee of Palestine to the UN General Assembly, made the following threat:
    “It should be remembered that there were as many Jews in the Arab world as there are in Palestine whose positions might become very precarious.”3
    November 28, 1947
    Iraq’s Foreign Minister Fadil Jamali, at the 126th Plenary Meeting of the UN General Assembly stated:
    “Not only the uprising of the Arabs in Palestine is to be expected but the masses in the Arab world cannot be restrained. The Arab-Jewish relationship in the Arab world will greatly deteriorate.”4
    January 19, 1948
    A memorandum was submitted to the U.N. Economic and Social Council by the World Jewish Congress, warning ECOSOC that “all Jews residing in the Near and Middle East face extreme and imminent danger.” The memorandum referred to the Text of Law Drafted by Political Committee of [the] Arab League (See attached Exhibit E) which was already adopted by Egypt, Saudi Arabia
    and Iraq. This law recommended discriminatory treatment against Jewish residents in all Arab League countries. The Memorandum went on to report on recent incidents of violence and other anti-Jewish measures in a variety of Arab countries. Due to the “extreme urgency” of this matter, the WJC requested that this matter be placed on “the agenda of the forthcoming” meeting of the
    U.N. Economic and Social Council.
    2 U.N. General Assembly, Second Session, Official Records, Ad Hoc Committee on the Palestinian Question, Summary Record of the Thirteenth Meeting, Lake Success, N.Y., November 24, 1947 (A/AC.14/SR.30). This comment was made at 10:30 am.
    3 U.N. General Assembly, Second Session, Official Records, Ad Hoc Committee on the Palestinian Question, Summary Record of the Thirty-First Meeting, Lake Success, N.Y., November 24, 2947 (A/AC.14/SR.31) This
    comment was made at 2:30 pm.
    4 U.N. General Assembly, Second Session, Official Records, Verbatim Record of the 126th Plenary Meeting, November 28, 1947, p. 1391.
    February 16, 1948
    A second Memorandum was submitted by the World Jewish Congress to the ECOSOC President, citing cases of serious violence, economic discrimination and “anti-Jewish excesses” that had occurred in Syria. Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and Bahrain, urging the Council “to take up the situation of these Jewish populations as a matter of immediate international concern.”5
    March 5, 1948
    Item 37 on the agenda of the UN Economic and Social Council, supported by Document E/710
    (See attached Exhibit J) was to deal with the “extreme and imminent danger” to Jews in Arab countries. The Council’s President, Dr. Charles H. Malik (Lebanon), utilized a procedural maneuver that resulted in the matter never being addressed.
    March 11, 1948
    When the Council was ready to resume its deliberations, Mr. Katz-Suchy (Poland) requested that the matter of Document E/710 (See attached Exhibit J: The World Jewish Congress Memorandum that alluded to “The extreme and imminent danger to Jews residing in the near and Middle East) be
    reconsidered. He charged that “agreement had been reached among the five major Powers not to discuss document E/710″ and argued that “usual” Council procedure was not followed. Mr. Kaminsky (Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic) declared that “he could not condone a practice whereby items on the agenda were allowed to disappear from the agenda.” A resolution
    recommending that this matter be discussed in full at the next Council meeting (July 1948) was adopted by a vote of 15 – 1. The lone dissenting vote was cast by the representative of Lebanon who stated that the resolution “was tantamount to prejudging the issue.”
    May 16, 1948
    A New York Times article reported on Law drafted by the Political Committee of the Arab League and revealed some of its provisions:
    “It [the law] provides that beginning on an unspecified date all Jews except citizens of non-Arab states, would be considered “members of the Jewish minority state of Palestine.”
    Their bank accounts would be frozen and used to finance resistance to “Zionist ambitions in Palestine.” Jews believed to be active Zionists would be interned and their assets confiscated.”6
    June 21, 1948
    The Council referred this matter back to the NGO Committee of ECOSOC which met and reviewed document E/710 (i.e. The World Jewish Congress Memorandum that alluded to “The extreme and imminent danger to Jews residing in the near and Middle East). A resolution “concluded that it should not make specific recommendations regarding the substance of the consultation (WJC Memorandum) unless specifically requested by Council” 7. This circuitous
    ‘buck passing’ ensured that the matter was never addressed.
    5 Report on the Activities of the Political Department (November 15, 1947 – May 15, 1948)
    6 New York Times May 16, 1948 “Jews in Grave Danger in All Muslim Lands, Nine hundred thousand in Africa and Asia face wrath of their foes.” by Mallory Browne.
    7 Report on the Council NGO Committee (Item 31) (E/940) August 9, 1948

    Exhibit E
    Text of Law drafted by Political Committee of Arab League

    1. Beginning with November 28, 1947, all Jewish citizens of (Name of Arab Country) will be considered as members of the Jewish minority State of Palestine and will have to register with the authorities of the region wherein they reside, giving their names, the exact number of members in their families, their addresses, the names of their banks and the amounts of their deposits in these banks. This formality is to be accomplished within seven days.

    2. Beginning with (November 28, 1947), bank accounts of Jews will be frozen. These funds will be utilized in part or in full to finance the movement of resistance to Zionist ambitions in Palestine.

    3. Beginning with (November 28, 1947), only Jews who are subjects of foreign countries will be considered as “neutrals”. These will be compelled either to return to their countries, with a minimum of delay, or be considered as Arabs and obliged to accept active service with the Arab army.

    4. Jews who accept active service in Arab armies or place themselves at the disposal of those armies, will be considered as “Arabs”.

    5. Every Jew whose activities reveal that he is an active Zionist will be considered as a political prisoner and will be interned in places specifically designated for that purpose by police authorities or by the Government. His financial resources, instead of being frozen, will be confiscated.

    6. Any Jew who will be able to prove that his activities are anti-Zionist will be free to act as he likes, provided that he declares his readiness to join the Arab armies.

    7. The foregoing (para.6) does not mean that those Jews will not be submitted to paragraphs 1 and 2 of this law.

  • This ISIS or whatever name it has now is somehow not fitting within the Middle East map. They are against every one and nobody knows where they get the money from but they are getting stronger every day.

  • Valery

    there are no good and bad terrorists. The government was short-sighted when hoped that the Free Syrian Army will be the fight against Assad – and only. Now we have to strengthen the border in the Golan. Another question: who were treated in Israeli hospitals, which wounded fighters? – Probably the same people who now sided with the jihadists

  • Al-Nusra and ISIS

    “For they eat the bread of wickedness
    and drink the wine of violence”
    (Proverbs, 4:17)

    • Paul

      Still waiting for justice for the sinking of USS Liberty by the Israel. Unfortunately Israel loves playing the persecution card. They have displaced an entire nation and still have the audacity to claim that they are being wronged. Using their logic there would be complete global anarchy if we all started to lay claim to the countries of our ancestors. As the Nazis propaganda tactic was ,the greater the lie the more believable.

  • Re: Israel – To whom it may concern in Europe, Asia, the US and elsewhere:

    We are tired of hearing that withdrawal from Judea and Samaria will bring peace. We know and you know that it would bring another Gaza. So stop saying it and promoting this fallacy. Past experience has proven that concessions, appeasement and land for peace only increased terror, violence and more conflict.

    We are tired of hearing that land beyond the Green Line is ‘Arab-Palestinian land’. The Green Line is simply an armistice line that has no political significance. You know this too. The San Remo Treaty of 1920 Granted the Mandate for Palestine to the Jewish people, the same Allied powers also established 21 Arab States and one Jewish State – The Arabs are not willing to give up any part of the 21 Arab States and the Jews are not willing to give up any part of the Jewish State.

    We are tired of hearing about the “Arab-Palestinian people.” They are no different from the Arabs of Syria or Egypt, from which most of their ancestors migrated in the last 150 years or so. There is no Palestinian language or religion, and until very recently they considered themselves simply ‘Arabs’. Their culture is almost entirely defined by their opposition to the Jewish state. Teaching hate and terror to their children. There never was an Arab-Palestinian State or people in History. The Arab Palestinians have a State in Jordan which is 80% of the land originally allocated to the Jewish people under the San Remo Treaty of 1920.

    We are tired of hearing that “the Arab-Palestinians deserve a state.” We are indigenous here, not them, and their behavior entitles them more to a trial at The Hague than to a state. The Arab Palestinians have a State it is called Jordan which was carved out of Jewish allocated land in 1922.

    And they certainly don’t deserve our state, which is the only state they want. They already took 80% of Jewish allocated land which is Jordan. Israel also gave them the Gaza Strip.

    We are tired of hearing about ‘The Occupation’. As Minister Naftali Bennett said the other day, you can’t be an occupier in your own land. The Arabs are the occupiers, Greater Israel has been a Jewish state for 4,000 years even if it was temporarily conquered and occupied by various nations over the centuries.

    We are tired of hearing that “settlements are illegal under international law.” They are not. The San Remo Treaty of 1920 explicitly stated that Jewish people can reside anywhere in the Mandate for Palestine, those terms are set in perpetuity.

    We are tired of hearing that “settlement construction is an obstacle to peace.” Arab rejectionism and terrorism and suicide bombing is the reason there is no peace. When the Arab-Palestinians teach and preach hate, terror and destruction to their children, this is definitely not a road to peace and coexistence.

    By the way, we are pro-peace. We are just not pro-suicide and self destruction.

    We are tired of hearing about the 5 million (or whatever ridiculous number there are alleged to be) ‘Arab-Palestinian refugees’ or the ‘Arab-Palestinian Diaspora’. There were about 600,000 Arabs that left their homes in 1948, mostly of their own volition, more or less at the same time as the over 980,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries, of which the Arabs confiscated their homes and assets. We resettled ours with limited land and resources — resettle yours, the 21 Arab states have more land and resources. The Arab dis-information must be ignored.

    We are tired of hearing anything from anyone associated with the U.N. The U.N. is a parasitic and criminal enterprise dominated by our mortal enemies. The U.N. cannot create states, it can only recommend and so can other nations only recommend and not create a state that never existed before in history. If they want an Arab-Palestinian state, it already exists, it is Jordan which has taken 80% of Jewish allocated land.

    We are tired of stupid post-colonialist rhetoric. We are not ‘colonists’ and Arabs do not have the right to murder us in the name of ‘resistance’ or beheading Jewish Rabbi’s in Jerusalem’s Har Nof Synagogue. Talking this way reveals you as moral imbeciles. They train their children to be suicide bombers. The Arabs are the colonialists.

    You can not recognize a state and people that never existed and that has no borders, no single government, and no economy. They are not trusted by Arab states either.

    We know we can not depend on any kind of security guarantee from anyone except the Israel Defense Forces. So stop being insulted because we do not trust you. And do not ask us to give up any nuclear weapons we might or might not have or any other method and technology that could help protect us.

    We know that the left-wing parties in Israel are bankrupt of ideas. We are not going to vote for them, no matter how much you would like us to. So do not bother trying to influence our election. We will only vote for a government that protects its people and cares about the Jewish heritage, more than it cares for world opinion.

    Don’t believe what you read in Ha’aretz newspaper, they represent a minority that has no allegiance to the Jewish heritage.

    Jerusalem, undivided, is the capital of the state of Israel. Get used to it, because you can’t change it, the Jewish temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem.


    Ordinary Israelis who care about their heritage.

    Posted by: Draiman